Ello peoples, I promised to write a fic for Michlon about Damien. He isn't the Anti-Christ just a regular OC that I created a long time ago. He's the only thing I own besides the whole Black family. I hope you enjoy this fic. There's a part 2 that I'm already working own.

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"Let me out!" A girl with long dirty blond hair cried. Clear tears welled up at the corners of her brown eyes, "Please, let me out." She breathed as she banged pathetically on whatever was next to her. She was on her knees, panting harshly as she pounded furiously on the surface. She slid down to the hard floor, curling up into a ball. Her name was Arabella Victoria Black. She was an eighth grader that had recently developed a phobia of enclosed spaces over the last few weeks. She was being held in a janitor's closet, the darkness was suffocating and there was little room to move around.

This by far was the longest her tormentors had locked her into a tight space. To whom she referred was the infamous Craig Tucker and Eric Cartman. Arabella's breathing grew harsh! Where were they, why weren't they snickering and letting her out? Surely those two hadn't left her in here, it had been hours. She laughed a wheezy laugh, those two just decided to take their antics a step further they really hadn't left her. Had they? She shook her head, ridding her ridiculous thoughts! They would let her out any minute now.

She waited...

And she waited...

And waited...

In her space she could hear the shrill cry of the school bell. She could visualize hundreds of kids talking loudly while walking to their destinations, leaving. Leaving school. They were leaving her. Then she would be alone until whoever opened the door whether it is next morning, or a month later when they found her rotting body. She shuddered, curling deeper into herself. Arabella closed her eyes only to re-open them when she heard a rapid knocking sound.

"Bella," Craig greeted (Arabella figured it was Craig from the nasally quality of the voice.) "Cartman and I have decided to let you go—" Arabella perked up. Eric and Craig were fucking bastards, but they wouldn't go so far as to lock her in, and keep her in here until whenever. "On Monday. That is if we remember! Have a good weekend, Bella." Arabella heard Cartman's sharp cackle and Craig's raspy chuckle. She didn't believe them until she heard the distinct sound of retreating footsteps. They were really leaving her! Her heart thudded painfully against her chest.

She attacked on what she assumed was the door with her fists. "Come back, and open this damned door! This isn't funny let me out! Craig, Cartman, I know you hear me! Get me out of here! Rapid tears began to fall, as she grew more frantic. They couldn't leave her! "Let me out!" Arabella's voice cracked. Eventually she tired out and had run out of obscenities and various forms of pleading. Arabella slumped back to her original position. Her face completely wet. She felt a horrible mix of hopelessness, defeat, and pity. Pity for herself.

She didn't bother to take notice when she heard a small creak from the door. Arabella assumed it was Craig and Cartman back to taunt her. She kept her face to her knees, her pink lips pressed into a thin line. The door moaned before it was swung open. Arabella squinted through the sudden flood of lightening. It took her eyes a minute to adjust to the light. Arabella was quick on her feet, her world spun, as did she. She was a little wobbly from the sudden movement. Arabella took a hesitant step forward out of the closet, afraid that her bullies would abruptly appear and push her back in.

Her brown eyes immediately locked onto bored, hooded grey eyes. It only took her a second to register it was her older brother by five minutes, Damien. Arabella couldn't hold her older brother's intense stare for more than a few seconds. Her eyes darted to the school's checkered tile floor. She brought a hand up to her face to wipe away a few stray tears, and any evidence that she had been crying. However, Damien took a stride toward her catching her hand in his, while lifting her chin up with the other.

Her brother wasn't big on showing emotion. Actually, the only way you could tell that he was feeling any type of emotion was by peering into his eyes. His eyes were the windows to his soul. "What happened, and I'm only going to ask once." Arabella felt more tears well up at her brother's question. She absolutely hated that she couldn't hide anything from him.

"Craig Tucker and Eric Cartman." She murmured. Arabella felt her brother's grip tighten significantly. She held back a gasp when she saw the way her brother's pale face contorted. He was wearing a lopsided grin that showed off his sharp canine teeth, and his eyes! Oh, dear Gods! His eyes! Arabella resisted the urge to tremble. He was angry—no—he was beyond angry and passed furious. Damien reminded Arabella of rattlesnake. Figuratively, her brother's tail was making a loud racket, and whoever was making him like this was about to go down.

"Don't do anything stupid Damien. It isn't worth it." Arabella pleaded. The bloodlust in Damien's eyes vanished as if it was never there. He refocused on her.

"They made you cry Bella, that's not acceptable."

"Acceptable?" Arabella scoffed, "I'm a big girl now. I can't rely on my big, bad brother to save me all the time. Besides, I only cried and they just locked me in the closet. It's not the worst thing they've ever done to me." Arabella said the last part to herself not realizing what she had just admitted.

"Repeat that." Damien commanded, his previous expression returning quickly.

"I'm not! It's no big deal!" Arabella protested.

"Arabella Victoria Black you will tell me what those two fuckers," She flinched as he spat the word, "have been doing to you. So, help me." Damien threatened.

"No, Damien! I can take care of myself...I-I-I don't need you. I CAN take care of myself." Arabella wrenched out of Damien's grasp. She spared him a glance before she ran through the hallways to the exit. Arabella believed her own words. Damii needed to understand that he wasn't going to always be there for her. It was about time she learned how to defend herself. Arabella was determined; she could get by just fine without Damien. She could.

Arabella missed the ominous, almost sinister air that surrounded her brother. If she had seen it she would've known that she just signed Craig and Eric off to their death.

Damien H. Black was a simple boy with simple wants and needs. He went to school and got average grades, it wasn't that he wasn't a smart boy. No, in fact he was brilliant, but he didn't want to waste the effort. Damien also was what you could call apathetic, but a little more than that. He kept a tight lid on his emotions; very rarely did he bother to show them. However, there was one person that could make his control slip with a snap. Her name was Arabella Black. His younger sister.

He loved her with every fiber of his being, and was extremely protective over her. There were very few people that he entrusted his little sister with. In Damien's eyes Arabella was his most precious person. She was to good for the simple-minded vermin at the school, and most of the people that inhabited the world. So, when he had found his little sister locked in the closet, crying her eyes out, his perfect control had slipped. For a mere second he felt a murderous rage encompass him, and the very monster he carefully kept sealed broke free. Eric Cartman and Craig were going to pay, heavily.

"Don't do anything stupid Damien. It's not worth it." Bella's sweet voice managed to cute through his anger and subdued the beast. Damien shook off her words, though. His sister didn't know what she was talking about. He wasn't going to do anything stupid, and whatever he did wouldn't be classified as stupid.

"They made you cry Bella, that isn't acceptable."

"Acceptable? I'm a big girl now! I can't rely on my big, bad brother to save me all the time. Besides, I only cried and they just locked me in the closet. It's not the worst they've ever done to me." Yet again the beast roared within him and screamed for vengeance. Damien, however, needed to make sure he heard correctly before he released the beast.

"Repeat that."

"I'm not! It's no big deal." Bella insisted as if he was going to wave it off. How stupid did she think he was when she had said that? Did she not think that he couldn't see behind her "tough" facade?

"Arabella Victoria Black, you will tell me what those two fuckers have been doing to you. So, help me." He struggled to not let his temper fly off the handle. He needed to know what had been happening before he did anything.

"No, Damien! I can take care of myself," Damien saw Arabella's lapse of weakness. She didn't believe her own words. "...I-I-I don't need you. I can take care of myself. That momentary stutter just solidified what Damien thought. His grip on Bella loosened, and he let her run. When she turned to see him, Damien had seen everything he needed. He watched her retreating form until it disappeared. As soon as Arabella was gone, the beast was finally free to do as it wanted. It consumed him, already whispering delightful plans in his ear and he listened avidly.

Damien lay in his room playing with a baseball. His room wasn't anything special. There was no color or posters on his white walls. No books or even a computer. Absolutely nothing that defined his nature. There was just a queen-sized bed, a closet, and two black nightstands. A very plain room. He enjoyed it. When everything was like he wanted it to be, he could think freely. Tonight he needed to formulate a foolproof plan. He didn't want his plan to be traced back to him or his family. Yet it had to be absolutely memorable—never forgotten by the victims. There were so many options, but which one would be the most effective?

Damien had a limited number of resources and a time frame that he could work with. This following weekend was the only weekend that he could work with, but that would mean his plan would be half-baked. Damien growled lowly. He hated plans that were like that. It meant that there was room for error, mistakes, and Damien couldn't afford for such things. He squeezed the ball in his hand. This was difficult. Why couldn't he think of something that would work? Why wasn't anything coming to him? Perhaps, he needed to be inspired. Yes, that was it.

Damien got up from his dark blue comforter going to his family's living room. He was glad to see no one was there. He crouched down to the wooden cabinet underneath their flat screen. Damien was lucky that his family owned a pretty extensive scary movie collection; they had everything from Alfred Hitchcocks' Psycho to Rob Zombie's House of 1000 corpses. Damien were looking for two particular movies both of them spine-tingling in their own ways. Those movies were SAW and Halloween. Damien wanted to combine the work of a horrific vigilante and a person that was pure evil. A grueling task, but for Arabella he would undergo anything.

Fours hours later Damien was tired, but satisfied. He laid his back against the leather sofa. Mad laughter erupted from his mouth, and he clutched the sides of his stomach continuing his laughter as if someone had told him a hilarious joke. Just as the laughter appeared it was gone, once again leaving a stoic Damien. He had come up with the perfect plan. It was all going to come together on Sunday, a holy day. How ironic! The monster within him purred in contentment. When Sunday came he would imprint an everlasting message.

'Don't mess with his sister.'

Damien got up from his seat turning off all the lights easily blending in with the dark.

Damien rolled off his bed falling to the floor with a thump. He glared at his alarm that had been screeching a few seconds earlier. It was to damn early in the morning, but he had to get up to put his plan into action. Sometimes, he hated the shit he went through for Arabella, but a brother had to do what a brother had to do. He pushed himself off the floor quickly getting dressed. He grabbed his Android off his nightstand, all ready to exit his bedroom for the day. He took a quick trip downstairs heading into the kitchen for breakfast.

He was surprised to see Arabella sitting on the granite counter eating cereal, "Why are you up?"

Arabella yelped, her eyes wide as she stared at her brother in shock. "Don't scare me like that." She sat her green bowl down onto the counter. "Anyways, I was hungry so, I ate. Easy peasy."

"It's four in the morning."

"And? You're up at four in the morning. Why are you up this early dressed in that?" Arabella motioned to his clothes, "Mighty suspicious, Damii."

"I'm going out." Damien replied nonchalantly.

"Did you tell Daddy or Dad? It's dark out there you know. Child molesters might be lurking out there waiting for a fresh piece of ass. Then you'll be a child prostitute with a pimp and everything. You'll be wearing short-shorts till you die from every STD possible! With your looks it could happen!" Arabella dramatized.

"That will never happen Bella. Now, you can stop your worrying and get your ass to bed. I don't want to have to do anything drastic when I come back and see that you're still awake."

"Humph, I don't believe you."

"We shall see then."

Damien went to the pantry grabbing a packet of Poptarts before leaving the house. Arabella groaned. She threw her soggy cereal into the sink with a slam. She turned off the kitchen lights heading back to her room. Damning her brother and his stupid persuasive skills.