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Big Brother's Love

Chapter Two

Sweet Revenge

Craig groaned as he came into consciousness. The first thing he recognized was that it was dark where ever he was. The second and third thing he was realized that there was a big shadowy mass next to him (breathing!) and he was bound tightly by his wrists. He laid back on what he assumed was a wall trying to shift through his memory and figure out how he had ended up in this situation.

All he remembered was the freaky girl's brother coming to his house with Cartman in tow under the premise of an invitational sleepover. He had agreed thinking he needed some entertainment. Then when they were a considerable distance away from his house... nothing. After that it was just blank. It scared Craig that the sudden lack of memory wasn't a regular its-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue kinda thing. No, it was more like a big blackout. He could make no sense of it.

"I see that you're awake, good. I thought I had used too much." A raspy, monotonous voice cut through his thoughts.

Light flooded Craig's eyes as a light bulb flickered on. The source of light swung lazily until it stopped under one person. This person was sitting lazily in a simple wooden chair; his arms and legs were crossed as his hooded grey eyes were trained on Craig.

"You're that freak's brother aren't you? What did you do to me?" Craig fired off clearly hostile.

The person across from him glared sharply. Craig recoiled back. Death, Craig actually saw his immediate death from that glare. Craig dropped his eyes to floor. He only dared to peek up when the boy spoke once again, "I assume you mean to ask if I'm Arabella's brother. Then yes, I am her brother. My name is Damien. What did I do to you? I knocked you out and chained you up."


Craig shivered as Damien laughed hollowly. "Revenge for hurting my sister. I love Arabella a lot you see and I hate it when she gets hurt. Also, I wanted to play game, to win a prize of sorts."


"Mmhm." Damien said nothing more. He got up from his seat. Craig pressed himself to the wall, his eyes glued to the other boy. Damien looked at Craig, amusement clear in his eyes but he didn't approach him. Instead he crouched down in front of what he had dubbed a shadowy mass earlier. He was surprised to find out the shadowy mass was Cartman. In a quick motion Damien's hand slapped Cartman's cheek with a resounding sound.

Cartman yelped. He pulled himself upright glaring harshly at the source of his pain. "Who the fuck are you?" Cartman spat after a few seconds of indignant silence.

"Your worst nightmare. It will be beneficial if you kept your mouth shut. I don't feel particularly generous today." Damien said as he stood back up. He strode over to his chair, resuming his previous position.

"Ok, both of you are awake. Goo-" Damien was interrupted by Cartman, who stared at Craig in disbelief.

"Craig, what the fuck is happening? How did we get here? Why are we here and who the fuck is he?"

Craig's eyes darted to Damien's face. He tried to gauge his reaction to these questions, but he was unreadable until he focused on Craig. "Go ahead and tell him." He permitted.

Craig nodded, "Cartman, that is Arabella's twin brother Damien and he wants to get revenge and play a game. At the end of the game he gets a prize."

Cartman looked like he was processing the information before he laughed. He actually laughed! Craig's tongue darted out to wet his lips. Cartman maybe a fat, manipulative sonofabitch but he wasn't stupid by any means. Couldn't he sense that this boy was dangerous?

"This is the bitch's brother? Please, the bitch can barely stand five minutes a closet without crying her eyes out. Her parents and older brother are fucking homos. Is this supposed to be some sort of kinky shit? If the bitch can't do anything, I'm sure as hell her brother can't either." Cartman guffawed, smiling largely.

Craig turned toward Damien. A lopsided grin on his face. He got up from his seat, dragging the chair along the wooden floor creating a drawn out screech. Then Damien sat the chair in front of Cartman. He moved about the room, which Craig noticed was filled with useless junk and other miscellaneous objects. The only things that seemed remotely foreboding was the light bulb and the blue, locked cabinet. Craig watched as Damien took items out of the cabinet, placing them into a black bag. He only the bag when he sat back down in front of Cartman with the grin intact.

"I'm so happy," Damien, stressed, "that you want to play early Cartman." He leaned towards the fat boy's blue nightshirt. He wasted no time in pulling the shirt off and throwing it over his shoulder. Damien patted the fat boy's pale round stomach.

"We are going to play my favorite version of the Quiet Game. Unfortunately if you scream during this game, I cut deeper and make mistakes. Mistakes hurt, so let's try not to do that." Damien dug into his bag, which was previously sitting in his lap. He brought out four types of kitchen knifes and a large bottle of rubbing alcohol.

"Now let's see. What word shall I scribe?" He mocked thoughtfulness as he tapped a long and thin knife on his cheek.

"I know! You like calling my sister a bitch a lot; that most be your favorite word. Since you like using that term so much I figure it's a win-win situation carving it into your skin so you will never forget it and for me, well, I'm just doing what I do the best."

Craig was stunned, 'This guy is insane,' he thought. He briefly glanced at Cartman who was still putting on a brave front, but Craig could see the cracks in it. Cartman was breaking.

"Let's do this shall we!" Damien dropped to his knees in front of Cartman. The knife glinting as it slowly made circles around Cartman's stomach drawing small, ruby droplets. The fat boy whimpered and Damien paused for a second, "Where's that gusto I saw earlier? Did I really scare you that badly?"

Damien cocked his head to the left, "Huh?"

Cartman's mouth twisted into an ugly sneer but he kept quiet. Craig could see that he was fighting himself not to say something and provoke Damien.

"Guess it's all gone," Damien shrugged carelessly, "No matter. It's time to start." He said, as his knife stopped in the middle of Cartman's stomach, and then he plunged. Cartman screamed at the sudden burst of pain, tears stung at his eyes.

Craig watched Damien move the handle of the knife to left without any hesitation, "Oops." He said, "I made a mistake. Let's not do that again."

The redhead slid the knife down a few inches prompting more pitiful sounds from Cartman. Damien threw a disgusted look at fat boy unable to take any more of his sounds. The redhead boy took the knife out without some much as a blink. Cartman crumpled to his side, drawing his knees up to his bloodied area.

"Stop your crying. You're nothing but a schoolyard bully. When you don't have your mother, resources, or anything. You're nothing, but an overly emotional fat fuck." Damien snorted, flicking Cartman's blood to the ground, "I don't see why I went to so much trouble. I could've borrowed Jamie's scorpions for you."

Damien snorted yet again. He dropped the knife onto the floor. He grabbed his black bag off the wooden chair, digging through. This time he pulled out a crimson dagger. He made sure Craig's eyes were on him as he ran a finger along the fine edge. A thin line of red appeared. "Perfect," He purred.

He stuck his finger in his mouth calmly staring at Craig. There was nothing, but silence between the two aside from the occasional pained noises Cartman was giving off. When he was done, Damien pulled Craig up on his feet. He motioned to the chair. Craig sat down hesitantly.

"What are you going to do?"

Damien shrugged, "I'm going to mark you."

"M-m-mark me?" Craig stuttered.

Damien swiftly nodded, "I'm going to mark you as my own pet. To do whatever I please to. What's more humiliating then that?"

Craig shivered violently as Damien circled around him like a predator sizing up its prey. He would stop once or twice, but Craig had the feeling that Damien was only playing with him. He did stop in the back leaning in on his right side to whisper in his ear, "I don't normally give people a choice. However, you can have one. I treat all my toys nicely."

"I'm not a toy!" Craig objected. He maybe stuck in a practically helpless situation with a psycho teen holding him hostage, but he would be damned if he would be labeled as a mere toy.

"You're not a toy, huh? My mistake," Damien purred, "you, are a human puppet. I am your Puppeteer and I control all of your strings with or without your consent. A toy isn't nearly as interesting or does it have as many advantages as you do. So, you were correct. You are a puppet not a toy."

Craig shook his head. He refused to believe the words that Damien had said. He was his own being. Craig Tucker couldn't be controlled.

"Don't think so hard. Just accept it. " Damien said. The redhead had moved back in front of Craig with an expressionless face.

"I'm not a plaything and I won't accept it just like that!" Craig shouted. He didn't know where all of this confidence was coming from but it was giving him such a rush. He might die, strangely he couldn't find it in him to care, if he was going to die. He might as well with a few well-placed jabs.

"What's you're sister going to think, hm? She might be horrified to know that her brother is common criminal. So far you could be charge with kidnap, drugging, threatening bodily harm and following through. Let's not forget to add possible enslavement for me and incest for you with your sister." Craig smirked in spite himself when he saw momentary surprise cross Damien's face.

'Perfect,' He thought.

"You didn't thing I noticed, did you? Most brothers would beat people up for their sisters, but you go to such extremities. So, how does it feel? Do you get off when you think about your sister? Do want to kiss or fuck her senseless. How about blow you? She sucks on lollipops all day long. That bitch must be practicing just for you. We're all alone Damien. Tell me how much you want her pu- Craig didn't get to finish when he was slammed to the ground. Damien was on top off of him showing off a full smile. The knife was pressed closed to his jugular. Craig could feel blood drip down from where Damien was pressing so hard.

"My patience for you has dissipated and you've gone too far." Damien wrenched the knife away from Craig's neck. Craig watched as he kept his position on him as he twisted around to grab a large brown battle that read, "Rubbing Alcohol". He opened the bottle, holding his knife out. Damien proceeded pour copious amounts of the clear liquid onto the dagger. He admired his handiwork when it was absolutely coated. He kept the dagger in one hand as he tore Craig's shirt open with the other.

Craig lay there. He didn't dare to move. The confidence that he had before had all but left him. It would be best if didn't prompt any more rage from Damien. A blinding hot pain tore him his thoughts away. All he could think about was the pain. There was nothing more than that. Tears blurred at his vision, but he could see Damien's face as he repeatedly stabbed him.

His body no longer listened to any of his commands. He bucked wildly trying to throw Damien off him. He would do anything to stop the pain.

"That's right Craig. Scream for me. I want to hear it. SCREAM!" Damien's yell somehow managed to get to Craig through it all.

In the background he could hear a piercing cry. It took him seconds to realize that it was him. He was making that noise. He was making that deplorable noise. He tried to stop the noises, he really did, but Damien dug deeper. He couldn't possibly stop the cries.

The agony, God, he wanted it to stop so badly. He didn't think the ninth's ring of Hell had anything on what he was feeling right now.

"Come on. I want to hear more insults. You seemed to have plenty of them. Where are they now?" Damien taunted. He continued to carve out more.

He felt some sort of sick euphoria as he gazed upon the word now etched in Craig's stomach. The scarlet dribbles that made rivers down Craig's taut stomach fascinated him. The salt tears mixed sweat and snot created a whole new look for Craig… and the beautiful screams he had made sent shivers down his spine.

He had picked the right puppet. He adored his brand new prize.

"I'm done." Damien said in a sickly sweet voice, "I know you're going to love it. Puppet."

He got off of Craig whose screams had subsided into mere sobs and moans of pain. He dropped the bloodied dagger besides Craig's prone form. He surveyed his work one last time. "I'll be back." He said said as both a goodbye and a promise.

His revenge was done. At least his revenge on Cartman, Craig on the other-hand was another matter altogether.

Damien unlocked the door. He walked into his house silently, glad that everything had gone to plan. He had even beaten the clock by five minutes. He was good. He climbed the stairs, heading to his bedroom.

What he didn't expect was Arabella curled up into a ball, sleeping on his bed. After a minute of thought he had decided to wake her up. She opened her brown eyes halfway. She used one hand to wipe her one eyes, focusing on her brother.

"Why did you wake me up, Damii," She whined, "I was having this wonderful dream with Willy Wonka. You just had to ruin it."

"Yea. That doesn't explain why you are in my room."

Arabella pouted, "There was an invasion of Lamia in my room. I couldn't just sleep in there. They would eat me."

Damien looked at her, crossing his arms. Arabella held his gaze, "I'm not going back in my room. I'm staying here." She pushed some cover back, lying back down and covering herself.

Damien knew she would do that. Her sister had the stubbornness of a mule. He sighed to himself, "Fine, but move you're fat butt over."

Arabella rolled her eyes, but complied making room for her brother. Damien got in from behind. He turned on the other-side to face the wall while his sister faced the bedroom door. "I love you Damii." Arabella whispered after a few minutes.

Damien threw his arm around his sister's waist. He conveyed a clear message to her.

'I love you too.'