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President Bluethorn POV

I sat down on my blue armchair and exhaled deeply. It had been such a long and frustrating day. Night was now hovering in the sky, but I could still hear the sounds of the city roaring in my ears.

I suddenly sat up straight in my chair once I realized the workday wasn't completely over yet. The head Gamemaker burst through my big wooden doors and was carrying many files in his neatly cleaned hands. I could feel a rush of excitement beating in my chest as I realized what time it was.

"Good evening President Bluethorn." The head Gamemaker greeted me. I wasn't too fond of keeping track of everyone's names, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to know this guys name.

"Good evening." I say back as I smile and pull my armchair closer to my desk. The head Gamemaker stops walking and I quickly wipe of some dust from my desk before he places the big stack of files neatly in front of my hands. My eyes widen in excitement as I realize that these are the files of every tribute participating in this years' games.

"The tributes I assume?" I ask him as I smile at him. He smiles back and gracefully nods his head. My whole body seems to react in excitement. My arms start shaking a little and my heart continues to beat faster and faster. I look down at the files and then back up again.

"If you would be so kind to leave me." I say gently.

"Of course President Bluethorn." The head Gamemaker says. "I need to finish up some last adjustments to the arena anyways. You're just going to love it."

"You better hope I do." I say back loudly as I put on another smile. The head Gamemaker smiles back and opens the big wooden doors before he disappears behind them. I instantly look back down at the files and open the one on the very top. I silently ready the first sentence to myself.

This Year's Tributes

District 1

-Raphony Timplesmet (Male) (18)

-Tetra Merribrown (Female) (18)

District 2

-Barndo Deletush (Male) (14)

-Millicent Sanrain (Female) (16)

District 3

-Luca Vassera (Male) (15)

-Rwanda Cattlecope (Female) (14)

District 4

-Pivon Ghoown (Male) (17)

-Aeriel Pavorotti (Female) (15)

District 5

-Wattson Draindrop (Male) (13)

-Chaelleigh Surgelect (Female) (16)

District 6

-Kriston Heslop (Male) (13)

-Sarahna Arleston (Female) (15)

District 7

-Jacko Fernas (Male) (12)

-Cherri Noirson (Female) (17)

District 8

-Kitt Lonell (Male) (17)

-Auburn Orttos (Female) (17)

District 9

-Spade Winvester (Male) (18)

-Grace Jaelson (Female) (12)

District 10

-Denvin Surices (Male) (15)

-Iris Matthews (Female) (18)

District 11

-Damian Platurkk (Male) (18)

-Sonny Mauver (Female) (18)

District 12

-Andrew Truarkk (Male) (17)

-Sapphire Luvally (Female) (13)

I finish reading all the names and another smile creeps its way onto my face. I continue to search through all the other files and read information about all the tributes participating in this years' games.

"What an interesting batch." I say out loud as I turn my armchair around and look out the window of my mansion. The city lights were amazing. These Games were going to be amazing.

End of Chapter 1

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