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Cherri Noirson, District 7 POV

I woke up with a start. I suddenly caught my breath and I instantly looked around. I was in my old room that I stayed in when I was in the Capitol. I was wearing a big white robe, and I could feel the heat of the sun as it poured through the huge window. I looked down at my burns, and I frowned slightly. My burns were still there, but they didn't look as bad as before, and they didn't hurt at all.

I sat up straight against the bed frame, and I instantly turned to the right because something caught my eye. My mentor Rhett was sitting on a wooden stool about ten feet away from my bed. She had her brown hair back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a light green sundress with brown sandals. She was smiling at me, and I felt a little uncomfortable.

"What are you doing here?" I asked quietly.

"Just waiting for you to wake up." Rhett said plainly.

"Why?" I ask confused.

"I just wanted to congratulate you for winning." Rhett says. "And I also wanted to say I'm sorry. No one should ever have to go through something like that."

"You're right." I say. "They shouldn't have to, but you have and now so have I. And it will continue to happen every year."

"You're right." Rhett says as she stands up. She then walks to my bedside and smiles even brighter at me. "It's tougher at the start, but it will get better. It's like a scar. At first the scar hurts, and it will cause pain, but soon over time it won't hurt anymore. You'll always remember though, and that's something I wish wasn't true."

I don't reply. I just turn my head and look out the window. I knew I would always remember the things that happened, but I needed to learn not to think about them all the time. All those tributes were dead, and there was nothing I could do to bring them back. I then proceeded to turn my head again, and I looked at Rhett.

"Let's go get you ready now." Rhett suddenly says with a slight smile. "You have one final interview tonight, and we need you to look your best."

"The interview is where we watch the recaps of the games, right?" I ask.

"Yes." Rhett says. "Just smile and nod, and try your best not to cry or anything. This will be very hard, but I believe in you. You're strong Cherri, and I know you always will be."

"Thanks." I say back. "Okay let's go get ready then."

I slowly walked up onto the stage. The applause of the crowd was incredibly loud, and the bright lights were making me light headed a little. I waved to the crowd, and I even blew a kiss to them. Some crazy people started freaking out when I blew the kiss, but I ignored them. I was dressed in a long russet brown dress with an emerald embedded in the chest area. I was wearing light green high heels, and my blonde hair was curled.

I sat down on the big blue victor's armchair, and after about a minute the crowd finally shut up. Donner Blitz then proceeded to ask me lots of questions, and I answered them with the best of my ability. Donner started asking about my family, but I avoided talking about them. I had dodged a bullet.

It was finally time. It was now time to watch the recaps of the games. This was the longest part of the interview, and was apparently the hardest part for the victor. My eyes turned to the big screen that happened to be to my left. The Capitol seal was shown first, and the anthem played. They then proceeded to play the video that they played at the reapings every year.

The reapings were the first things that were shown. I watch as Raphony volunteered, and I watched as the girl from District three walked up to the stage slowly. She looked utterly terrified. I then watched the reaping from District ten, and it was hard to look at the girl because I had killed her. The last reaping they showed before mine was District eleven's reaping. I tried my best not to look away, but it was just so hard. They then showed my reapings, and I felt a little weird watching myself on the screen.

The next thing they showed was the chariot rides. District one was sparkling with colorful diamonds, and District four looked like the literally came from the ocean. I looked at my hideous costume, and I noticed that they had cut out the part where I had flipped the audience off. I laughed a little to myself at the thought. District twelve was completely naked and covered in coal dust. I guess I didn't notice them before.

The days where we trained were next. The audience seemed to like this part because they didn't know what happened in training. This part was all new to them. They showed alliances forming, and all the enemies' people were making with each other. It mostly showed the time where Grace and I had spent together, and I tried my best not to cry. This was the hard part that Rhett was talking about.

The interviews were the things they showed next. Most of the interviews were only shown briefly, but they showed six of them in full. The first showed Raphony's interview in full, then the boy from District three's interview. They also showed the girl from District three singing her lullaby. They then showed the girl from District four's interview, and then Damian's interview. I started to silently sob as they played Grace's interview, and after hers they showed mine. The interviews finally ended, and I knew what was coming next.

The scenery suddenly changed, and I was now looking at the golden cornucopia. I watched as all twenty-four of us rose into the arena. The countdown began, and we all looked scared to death. They showed everyone's face up close, and they zoomed in on my face the longest. The countdown was now almost over, and I suddenly felt the same way I did back at that precise moment. My breathing stopped for a second, and I could feel my heart beating fast.

The countdown soon ended, and I watched as all of us ran towards the cornucopia. I watches a bunch of people escape, but not everyone was so lucky. I watched in horror as Raphony stabbed the District six boy in the chest. The boy from District five then got an arrow in the throat, and the girl from District one was harshly killing the boy from District ten with her whip and dagger.

I then watched as the girl from District two fought with the girl from District eleven. They were throwing daggers at each other, and right before the girl escaped the boy from District nine showed up. I watched as they poisoned her and stabbed her until she died. I didn't know what it felt like to be stabbed, or what it felt like to be poisoned. I didn't want to know though.

The hardest part was when Raphony stabbed my District partner Jacko. He was first stabbed in the waist, and then in the stomach. He then collapsed to the ground dead, and the Careers had all gathered together. Five bodies were lying on the ground, and there was so much blood. I honestly wanted to throw up.

They then showed all the tributes after the bloodbath, and they showed what we were all doing. They showed Grace and I silently walking through the forest, and then they showed the girls from Districts five and ten watching the stars together. They showed the pair from District three walking by the ocean, and then they showed all the Careers celebrating when their kills appeared in the sky. The District one girl was so overjoyed that she had started singing the anthem.

They showed Grace and I talking again as we made our way to the mountain. Watching Grace and I together mad me sad knowing that she was now dead, but I refrained myself from crying. They then showed a long fight scene between the Careers from District four, and Damian along with the District twelve tributes. No one killed each other, but it was close. The girl from District six was then shown hiding from the girls from Districts five and ten. I shuffled a little in my seat, and I knew that all these tributes were going to die soon.

The blizzard then started happening, and I remembered this part of the games. The blizzard made it hard for Grace and I to climb the mountain. The girls from Districts five and ten were shown again, and the lovers from District eight were then shown as they ran away from an out of control fire. The four tributes ended up together safely, except the girl from District ten who got a bad burn on her leg.

I watched with wide eyes as I witnessed another fight scene. The girl from District eight had gotten a poison dart in the back of her neck, and her District partner about lost it once she died. The girl from District one and the boy from District nine then appeared from out of the woods. Another fight ensued resulting with the boy from District nine getting bludgeoned to death with a mace to his head.

The recaps had been going on for about thirty minutes now, and it felt like forever. They showed Grace and I finally finding water, and then they showed Damian having an awkward tickle fight with the boy from District twelve. That was something that actually made me laugh a little. I then watched the District six girl fall victim to some tracker jackers, and big green warts had popped up all over her body. I instantly threw up in my mouth as they zoomed in on her face.

They then proceeded to show lots of conversations between the tributes. It was kind of boring, but it was kind of sweet at the same time. They then showed something that made my eyes widen. The pair from District twelve and Damian had gotten a sponsor gift, and then they all took their clothes completely off. Some of the girls in the audience started screaming like crazy at this part, and I only sighed to myself as I sunk down into the chair.

The next scene was something I hadn't expected. They then showed another big fight in the snow valley, and it was a long fight scene. Raphony was fighting with the girl from District five and the boy from District ten. The scene ended with the District two girl as she boiled alive in the boiling lake. Her screams echoed in my ears, and her skin was going red. The scene then ended with her floating body as it caught on fire.

The next scene was with Raphony and the girl from District five. The girl was hiding in a peach tree, and Raphony had found a way to lite the tree on fire. Another fight ensued between them, and it ended with the girl from District five getting her legs cut off with a flaming sword. I watched in sadness as it showed the girl crawling her way to the peach tree without any legs. She soon collapsed and died just underneath the peach tree.

I was starting to get tired, but I kept watching with interest. I didn't enjoy watching the games, but I couldn't seem to look away. The girl from District twelve then killed some muttation, but she was soon electrocuted and she plopped down to the ground dead. The boy from District twelve seemed to take it hard, but he and Damian soon left her body.

The blood rain was the next thing they showed. Nothing really happened in this scene except for all the tributes taking shelter. The ones who were in the rain had collapsed from exhaustion, and Grace and I had run out of the cave because of the stupid mole muttations. I remembered that day clearly, but I wanted to get it out of my head as soon as possible.

I then started to cry again as Grace told me about her father. It was something I had forgotten, but now I remembered the story clearly. The muttations then made an appearance as the Careers dealt with a huge polar bear. The boy from District eight was then killed as pink colored birds skewered his throat. Blood and pink feathers were flying everywhere, any my stomach started to do front-flips.

The boy from District two had an encounter with the girl from District ten, but neither of them killed each other. The pair from District three were shown again as they ran into the Careers from District four. An intense chase scene broke out, and it soon ended once they had reached a dead end on the glacier they were on.

Another epic fight happened, and I watched with interest as the four tributes brawled. It was the girls against the boys. The girls wrestled around with each other with the girl from District three getting stabbed in the side. I then watched as the boy from District three slammed the District four boy's head into an ice rock. He then proceeded to drown him and his cannon was soon heard. I guess the District three boy really had killed the District four boy. The girl from District four started crying over the boy, but she soon left the area.

Donner Blitz then paused the recaps for a moment and asked me a few more questions. Answering the questions was a bit harder this time, but I still kept cool and collected. Donner soon finished his questions, and then we all turned our attentions back to the big screen as the recaps began playing again.

We were now half way done with the recaps, and it seemed like it a good two hours had passed by. The next thing they showed was Grace and I finally making it to the top of the mountain, and seeing Grace still made me sad. I don't know how much more of this I could take. They then showed the girl from District ten singing some crazy messed up song, and then they showed the Careers as they started to make their way up the mountain.

The pair from District three were shown next, and all they were doing was resting and talking about how people changed in the arena. They were sure right about that because I think I had changed a lot. They then showed Damian and his partner raiding the Career camp, and then it showed the girl from District four stealing an axe from the girl from District ten while she was sleeping.

The next scene must have been really popular because the audience started cheering very loudly. I watched as the Careers spotted Grace and I, and then a chase ensued. I watched as Grace flew down the mountainside without me, and as two of the Careers followed her. They showed my fight with Raphony in full, and then they showed Grace climbing a tree. Grace had started screaming, and then the avalanche had finally started. I watched as the boy from District two was killed in the avalanche, and how Grace pushed the District one girl into the snow below. This was the part where Grace and I got separated, and that was one of the hardest times that I went through in the arena.

The girl from District ten seemed to have gone even crazier, and the pair from District three were in the snow valley wandering around. The next thing I watched was interesting. The girl from District one set the Career camp on fire, and she quickly fled into the forest. Raphony woke up about five minutes later and he seemed outraged. It was actually funny to see Raphony in such a fit. They then showed Damian and his two allies talk and get naked again as they swam through the same underwater tunnel. Some of the girls in the audience screamed when they zoomed up on Damian.

Grace was the next person to appear on the screen. She was walking through the dark woods by herself, and she seemed cold and scared. I didn't enjoy watching this, but it was kind of interesting to see what she had been doing when we were separated for a while. They then showed the girl from District one running through the wasteland, and lightning almost kept on hitting her, but it never did.

The next scene was of the pair from District three. They were in the woods by themselves talking, and the girl's wound had only seemed to get worse. The boy had run to the cornucopia to get supplies, but he was frustrated once he realized that they had all been burned. He then later returned to find his partner dying. He sang the lullaby that she had sung during her interview, and then the girl died. The boy had a breakdown, but he soon left her body. I could hear some people in the audience crying, and I felt like crying with them.

The girl from District ten was shown again, and apparently she was a crowd favorite. They showed her being taunted by some jabberjays, and she was screaming and running in every direction. I actually felt worse that I was the one that took her life. They then showed another fight scene. The girl from District one had ambushed Damian and his allies, but it didn't work as planned for her. A flash bomb soon blinded her, and then the girl from District four speared her in the heart. The girl then died as her body hit the ground.

The scenes kept going and going, and I didn't know how much more of this I could handle. They showed Grace wandering by herself again, and then they showed the girl from District ten as she took shelter in the cornucopia. They then showed something I didn't expect. Damian and the girl from District four were kissing, and the crowd seemed to go crazy. I guess they were in love or something, but that didn't explain Damian's behavior towards the girl later in the games.

They then showed some more parts that seemed dull and boring. They showed how I had seen some sort of ghost of Jacko. I clearly remembered that day, and it felt very haunting. The same thing happened to the boy from District three, the boy from District twelve, and at last Raphony. What was the point of that? Was it to scare us or something? I didn't really care anymore.

The next scene was of me as I got my first and only sponsor gift. I watched my facial expression as I found some cherries and my special blade inside. They then showed the boy from District three getting chased by some penguin muttations, and finally they showed the girl from District four stabbing the boy from District twelve in the back. I guess that was why Damian seemed to hate the girl.

The next scene was both a happy and a sad scene. The sad part was when the girl from District ten was chasing Grace in the shallow end of the ocean. I watched them fight for a while before I suddenly made an appearance and killed the girl by slicing her throat open. The happy part was when Grace and I were reunited together. I felt happy for a second, but then sad again as it showed the girl from District ten die in the bloody water. Some people in the crowd were crying, and I honestly thought they were getting annoying.

The next scene was quite boring actually. It just showed the remaining tributes resting and talking, and then it showed our reactions to hearing the news of a feast. It showed us talk again and it seemed that everyone had started making his or her way to the cornucopia. I started to get a bad feeling in my gut, and I knew why. The feast scene was coming up next.

The feast was then shown in full, and I felt sick to my stomach. They showed Raphony flip over the metallic table, and then they showed Damian fighting with the girl from District four. They then showed Raphony chase the boy from District three until he decided to come back to the cornucopia. It showed me screaming as I ran to help Grace, but it was too late. I watched again as Grace was stabbed in the chest by Raphony. I started crying again as I watched myself comfort Grace as she died in my arms.

I finally stopped crying as I watched the next scene. It showed the entire arena flooding, and all the snow had disappeared. It showed all five of us as we made our way to the mountain. It got so deep that all of us had to start swimming near the end. The scene ended with the boy from District three jumping out of the trees and into the water.

They showed Damian and Raphony fight, and it showed the other three of us make our way up the mountain. Damian had pushed Raphony into the water, and he made a run for it. It then cut to the part where the yeti had crashed through the ice wall and grabbed Raphony. It showed Raphony getting slammed against the wall multiple times before he finally died. The scene ended with me bolting away from everyone.

The next thing they showed was Damian and the yeti running down the mountain. It showed Damian finally kill the yeti with all the bombs he had. They then showed the fight between the boy from District three and I. The scene then ended with me snapping the boy's neck and fleeing back into the cave. The girl from District four seemed sad about his death for some reason.

They then showed the girl from District four make her way to the cliff of outstretched rock where I would soon fight her. They then showed the fight between Damian and I, and I could feel my burns start to hurt once I saw myself being engulfed in flames. It then showed me cutting off Damian's hand, and then finally killing him when I brought my axe down on his head.

The next scene was sort of just a filler, and it showed both the girl from District four and I getting ready for our big fight. Donner Blitz had paused the recaps again and asked me some questions about how I felt during that moment. After I had answered all his questions again, he finally began playing the recaps again. This was going to be the final scene.

The scene began with the two of us staring at the sun, and then the two of us talked for a little bit before we started fighting. It showed the entire scene, and it was like I was reliving it. The time had come, and it showed me stab the girl multiple times before I finally stabbed her in the forehead killing her. The cannon echoed loudly, and then it showed me being lifted into the hovercraft. The recaps then ended finally, and the crowd started roaring with delight.

Every Hunger Games had a story, and this year it had been about a great friendship between Grace and I. I felt kind of sad about it, but I didn't show my feelings. The interview soon ended, and President Bluethorn then crowned me the victor. I felt overjoyed, but I also felt sorrow.

After the interview had ended, I went back to my room in the training center, and I instantly fell asleep. I had a terrible nightmare about the games, and I woke up multiple times during the night. I didn't care now though about the nightmare. All I cared about right now was that in the morning I would be going home.

The train was going so fast, but it felt so smooth. The train hardly made a sound, but I could hear a low buzzing noise. I looked around the train cart and saw many things. I saw different kinds of wine, biscuits, candy, and other types of food as well. I looked up at the giant crystal chandelier that hung high from the ceiling. It seemed to sparkle when the sunlight hit it.

I then looked at the windows. I slowly got up from the chair I was sitting in, and I slowly walked over to the nearest window. I closed my eyes for a second before I opened them again. I stopped at the window and I took a deep breath. I had been riding the train for so long now, and I was almost certain we were in District seven now.

I then proceeded to look out the window, and my heart filled with joy. I saw many trees, and huge mountains were placed in the background. It seemed that it was now the middle of spring, and it was actually my favorite time of year. We then went past a little lake, and I instantly thought of Jacko. I remembered how he said he liked lakes.

I looked backwards to see both my mentor and my escort sitting down. My escort Woody was eating some last minute snacks before the train stopped, and it looked more like he was stuffing his face. My mentor Rhett on the other hand was just sitting down peacefully with her hands in her lap. She was smiling at me, and I couldn't help but to smile back.

I turned back around and noticed some small cabins. We were now almost at the train station. The train started to slow down, and I felt pure happiness flow through my body. I was almost home now, and I was really excited. I then saw the train station come into view, and the train soon stopped completely. This was it. It was now time to see everyone.

I turned around again and I walked towards the big train doors that I would soon walk through. Woody and Rhett both got up and walked to the doors with me. We all soon stopped walking once we were all standing behind the big wooded train cart doors. Rhett and Woody were behind me, and Rhett gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

The train cart doors then opened, and a loud applause soon echoed in my ears. I stepped out into the train yard, and I smiled and waved at all the people that were cheering my name. I then saw Blear, Razz, and his whole family smiling at me. I smiled back brightly, but then they suddenly seemed to part away from each other.

Standing behind them was my family. I hadn't seen my family in so long, and a smile had etched itself onto my face. I was so happy in this moment right now, and as I rushed over to my family I felt like this feeling of love and happiness could last forever. I was finally home.

End of Chapter 44

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District 1

-Raphony Timplesmet (killed when the yeti muttation slammed his head against the wall multiple times)

-Tetra Merribrown (blinded by a flash bomb and then speared through the heart by Aeriel)

District 2

-Barndo Deletush (killed in an avalanche)

-Millicent Sanrain (blade thrown into back by Chaelleigh and then thrown into boiling lake by Iris where she boiled alive)

District 3

-Luca Vassera (killed by Cherri when she snapped his neck)

-Rwanda Cattlecope (died from her infected wound)

District 4

-Pivon Ghoown (killed by Luca by getting head smashed against a ice rock and then drowned in a pond)

-Aeriel Pavorotti (killed by Cherri with a dagger to the forehead/brain)

District 5

-Wattson Draindrop (killed by Barndo by arrow through neck)

-Chaelleigh Surgelect (killed by Raphony who cut off her legs and then died from loss of blood)

District 6

-Kriston Heslop (killed by Raphony by sword through the stomach)

-Sarahna Arleston (killed by tracker jackers)

District 7

-Jacko Fernas (killed by Raphony by sword through the stomach and side)

-Cherri Noirson (VICTOR)

District 8

-Kitt Lonell (killed by pink colored birds who skewered his throat until they killed him)

-Auburn Orttos (killed by Spade with a poison dart in the back of her neck)

District 9

-Spade Winvester (killed by Kitt by getting a mace to the head)

-Grace Jaelson (killed by Raphony after he corned her in the cornucopia and stabbed her in the chest with her own blade)

District 10

-Denvin Surices (killed by Tetra by knife attached to her whip which slit his throat)

-Iris Matthews (killed by Cherri when Cherri sliced her throat open with a blade)

District 11

-Damian Platurkk (killed by Cherri when she hit him in the top of his head with her axe)

-Sonny Mauver (killed by Millicent by poison knifes which made her heart stop)

District 12

-Andrew Truarkk (stabbed in the back by Aeriel)

-Sapphire Luvally (electrocuted to death when she raised her blade up to the sky in the electricity filled wasteland.)

Raphony Timplesmet-His family was really surprised when he was killed. They thought it was very unfair that he was killed by a muttation. They felt sad for a while, but they soon found comfort and found a way to live their lives again.

Tetra Merribrown-Her mother Silver was very disappointed in her daughter when she died, but she was also very sad and cried for a week straight after her daughter died. Her boyfriend Spartus soon went missing, and her best friend Glammar got back together with her ex-boyfriend Cider to find comfort.

Barndo Deletush-His father was soon found dead because he apparently had too many drinks after his son died-His two best friends went into kind of a shocked state after Barndo died, but they eventually got over it.

Millicent Sanrain-Her parents cried for many weeks. They had lost their only child in the Hunger Games. They eventually went on with their lives. They had a baby girl 4 years later and named her Millie after her sister.

Luca Vassera-His sister Valentina was sent to live with her Aunt Geira where she was treated horrible...Valentina was then taken from her aunt because her aunt was so abusive...She was sent to live in an orphanage.

Rwanda Cattlecope-Her family was very sad that they lost their child and sister...They eventually got over it though and they built a little memorial to her in their backyard to remember her.

Pivon Ghoown-His parents didn't think much of his death...but they were still sad...His girlfriend Dianna was the only one who seemed most affected by pivon's death...She soon volunteered for the 168th Hunger Games to avenge her boyfriends death, but she was killed in the final ten.

Aeriel Pavorotti-Her parents were completely unaffected by her death...They were kind of sad, but Serrena could tell they really didn't care-Serrena went into a great depression, but she soon found comfort once she left home away from her parents.

Wattson Draindrop-His father overdosed on morphling after Wattson died, and he was soon found dead in his house. Wattson's mom kept to herself after Wattson and her husband died.

Chaelleigh Surgelect-Her family seemed very affected by her death-Her brother Connar built a memorial to her by the peach tree they used to go to together.

Kriston Heslop-His sisters all went crazy after he died after he promised them he would win-They hated that he was the first one to die-They all are now avox's because they started attacking some peace keepers.

Sarahna Arleston-His mother was murdered by her ex husband because he blamed her for Sarahna's death. He then refused to take the rest of the kids, and they were all sent to live in an orphanage.

Jacko Fernas-his family was very sad that he died...His little brother Faron built a little memorial to him next to a lake because he knew he loved lakes.

Cherri Noirson-She won the Hunger Games-She went on the victory tour 6 months later even though it was very hard-she helped mentor many tributes over the next 8 years, but all of them had died in the games-She married Blear during the events of the 172nd Hunger Games. They live in in a small cottage in the forest, and her family lives in the victors village.

Kitt Lonell-His family was very sad that he died-His school built a memorial to Him and Auburn in the school like all the other tribute before them.

Auburn Orttos-Her mother suffered from dizzy spells the rest of her life-and soon died six years later during the events of the 173rd Hunger games when one of her cousins' child went into the Hunger Games and died.

Spade Winvester-His family was actually very sad about his death even though they acted like the hated him. They went on with their lives.

Grace Jaelson-Her family was very sad about her death...They received many grains and oils, and also food from Cherri-Her little brother Webber went swimming with Cherri a lot, and they became best friends even though their ages were so far apart.

Denvin Surices-His family was sort of relieved that he died because he had always caused so much trouble, but they were still very sad. The peacekeepers all threw a party when he died.

Iris Matthews-Her friend Cecil carried on the tradition of looking at the stars, and she always pretend that Iris was there with her-her grandparents were very sad-and her grandmother soon died from a stroke during the events of the 169th Hunger Games.

Damian Platurkk-His family was also very sad about his death-They had now lost 2 children to the Hunger Games-His best friend Jaran was also very sad about his death-Re refused to talk about Damian, and he was only angered when someone brought Damian up in a conversation.

Sonny Mauver-Her father soon stopped abusing her mother, and they came together as a family when Sonny died. Her little brother Din never had to go into the hunger games and he always told stories of Sonny his big sister.

Andrew Truarkk-His family went into a frenzy when he died-They hated the girl from District four when she killed their only son and brother-They went on with their lives though, and his sisters all kept the memory of Andrew alive by always talking about him.

Sapphire Luvally-Her family was so sad when she died-they went on with their lives though-and her parents soon got divorced because Sapphire apparently was the thin string keeping their marriage together.

End of "Winter Horror Land: The 167th Annual Hunger Games"