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The Great Escape

Chapter 1:

We just now got the feeling that were meeting… For the first time…

Kyoko woke up and moaned wanting to sleep some more. When she shifted, her head exploded. "Aaahhh!" She groan in pain. She was wondering why she felt like her head was splitting in to two but she could not really think straight with her head in that state. She opened her eyes and it was so bright, she close it immediately and she felt cold. Ah! Geez, my head. And why is it so cold here?

Now, shading her eyes with her hand, she opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was an unfamiliar ceiling but it did not register in her mind until a few seconds later. What? She tried to sat up but her head exploded again and was pulsing in pain. She flopped back to the bed. Bed? I'm lying on a bed? In an unfamiliar room? Where am I? How did I get here? I can't even remember what happened yesterday. And this freaking head is killing me.

She turned her head slowly to her side. There was something yellow brightly shining with the effects of bright lights. She reached up to see what it was. When she touched it, she found out it was hair. Wow… It's so soft. She thought as she weaved her fingers in its silkiness. She froze as realization hit her because when there was hair, there was bound to be a head and a body. The hair moved and revealed a man's sleeping face, a very attractive and adorable sleeping face. Forgetting her headache, she brushed away the strands of hair covering parts of his face. As she got a good look on his face, her eyes widened. T-Ts-Tsuruga-san? I-is it really him? He's hair is gold and shining like a fairy… Her eyes started glazing in a daze but then snapped in the next second. But what is he doing here? And why is his hair shining gold blonde? Wai-wait, wait, WAIT! Why are we even doing sleeping in the same bed?

The man's eye's slowly opened revealing a captivating blue eyes meeting her surprised ones. Is he really Tsuruga-san? She asked herself again doubtfully as she stared at the blue-eyed, blonde haired man. He was still half asleep, so he just stared at her. But after a few minutes, his eyes showed that he was starting to realize what he was staring at. He reached out a hand, weaved it in her hair but it did not stay there as he ran it to her cheek and down her neck. Ren was now officially shocked because she was really there and not just his imagination. Well, he was happy to wake up to Kyoko, but the shock overpowered all other emotions. There was pure silence between them while they stared at each other's shocked faces. Ren, suddenly sat up but the world spun around and it felt like a volcano just erupted inside his head. "S***!"

He flopped back down to the bed just like Kyoko a few minutes ago. "Tsuruga-san are you ok- Aah!" She tried to asked him but her head was the same as his. She clutched her aching head. Ren closed his eyes as he adjusted to the pain in his head and seconds later, he looked around him slowly while still lying. They were lying in a bed with white sheets and fluffy white pillows. He turned away from Kyoko to look at were they were. He noticed immediately the small unfamiliar room. When he looked down to his side, the floor was a regular tatami. But there were a lot of big clear glasses with candles inside them and petals of roses spread around the floor. Where the hell are we? He thought while closing his eyes and slowly, really slowly rising up. He opened his eyes and the world did not spin but his head was still pounding.

He slowly shifted to his right and put his feet to the floor. The bed was only a foot high from the floor, it was just the mattress put on the floor. But as he took the white sheet blankets off of his waist and thigh, he was again surprised. He was butt and balls naked. He quickly covered himself with the white sheet. What the hell? He shouted in his head and felt it throbbed again. F*** this head! I can't think straight. But if I'm butt naked, Kyoko… He looked back to Kyoko and it was just as he dreaded. When he was about to get out of bed, he kind of pulled the blanket with him. Now, Kyoko's bare breasts were showing while she was shutting her eyes and clutching her head. He was now really shocked. What the f***ing hell happened? Am I dreaming? No, it's turning into a nightmare!

~1 day and 7 hours ago… At 12:00 AM on the 25th of December…~

"Happy 18th Birthday, Mogami-san!" Ren, for the second time, greeted her first after the clock stroke midnight. He smiled heavenly at her with a bouquet of 18 white and red roses. Kyoko froze by the brightness of his smile. She blinked once and twice before she could utter her thanks to him. She took the bouquet and smelled them and she flushed pink so cutely. It was her and Maria's grateful party again. Somehow it was becoming a tradition every year.

But a certain raven-haired lady broke their happy little bubble. "Kyoko! Happy Birthday!" Handing her gift in front of her. Kanae glanced at Ren and glared at him. He returned it with a smile. The president then got all of their attention when the choir sang that startling 'Happy Birthday' song. And the huge cake again was rolled in front of her. There was still a castle but not that huge anymore and it was fairy themed. There was a meadow with beautiful flowers in front of the castle and there were all kinds of small but still visible fairies here and there. Kyoko immediately went to la-la-land in front of everybody. Some were surprised on how she reacted but most were dazzled by her sparkly, glittery face of pure happiness.

Just then, she noticed near the entrance of the castle, a shiny golden blonde fairy with beautiful wings stood with a small girl with black pigtails. It looked like the fairy was taking the girl to the castle. "Corn!" She wiped a tear of happiness from her eye. She smiled a very lovely smile, that made everyone stopped and just stared at her.

~Back to present…~

Ren quickly covered Kyoko's breast with the blanket. Am I seriously f***ing dreaming? 'Cause there is no f***ing way how this happened. But the pounding in his head and the world spinning told him that he was not dreaming. He went back to sitting on the side of the bed and hung his head. "Tsuruga-san? Are you okay?" Kyoko asked.

How am I going to explain this to her? I don't even remember. I'm the worst guy in the world… He buried his face in his hands. "Tsuruga-san?" Kyoko asked getting worried by the minute when Ren still had not responded. How could I? How did this happened? "Tsuruga-san?" Kyoko called out again as she slowly sat up to check up on him. "Kyaah!" Ren's head snapped to Kyoko, ignoring the pain in his head. Her eyes were wide and she was covering her upper body with the blankets. Ren realized that Kyoko finally noticed that she was naked. She looked up at Ren and blushed red. He looked away while mumbling sorry to her.

He looked around him to find his clothes. Fortunately, an underwear and a pair of black pants were nearby. He was beginning to get used to the pounding of his head. He picked up his pants and underwear and got dressed quietly with his back to Kyoko. He slowly got up and looked around to find all of their clothes. As Ren walked around picking up clothes, he noticed a dress that was all white, something that looked like a white robe but the fabric was all lace and what looked like a white Obi (sash). He looked around him to look for more clothes. But he did not find any, except for her underwear and bra, which would have drove him crazy thinking that the girl he loved was half-lying frozen on the bed in front of him naked. But in their situation and the condition of his head, he was not in the mood for that. So Kyoko's clothes were only the white dress, lacy robe and an obi, and that triggered something in his mind. He looked at his left hand and saw what he dreaded the most (but would have made him the happiest man in the world if it were not for the strange situation they were in or if he only remembered) as everything fell into places inside his mind. You have got to be kidding me? He said wryly in his head.

Ren lowered himself and sat at the edge of the bed facing Kyoko and let out a draining sigh with a slight hint of surrender. She had her eyes tightly shut and her hands clutching the thin white sheet to her chest. He didn't want to scare her or anything but he felt that she needs to know the truth, which was clearly sparkling brightly on both of their left ring fingers like a neon sign saying 'Just married.' F***, how the hell did it even happened? Maybe this was just a prank from the president. He shook his head lightly. He wouldn't do this kind of prank just to get me and Kyoko together. This is just too much. It's way over the line. He looked back to the love of his life and thought that she had the right to know. So he cleared his dry throat and looked for the courage to tell her.

"Mogami-san." He started as calmly as he could. "Kyoko." Kyoko stiffened. He took a deep breath. Kyoko slowly opened her eyes and looked at him in the eyes which clearly showed confusion, fear and panic. "Don't panic, okay? I'm the same as you, I don't remember what the hell happened and I don't even know what date today is. And I know I may be the worst guy in the world right now, but I think…" He paused. "…I think we're married."

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