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The Great Escape

Chapter 34:

Paint a picture of the perfect place

They've got it better than when anyone's told ya,

I'll be the King of Hearts, you're the Queen of Spades

And we'll fight for you like we were soldiers

Everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going

Yeah, we're going down

~Sometime in the Future~

"Don't you dare tell me how to breath or I'll rip your throat out?" She snarled at her husband.

"Mio, sweetheart. Please calm down." The husband tried to appease.

"Aw… How sweet of you to call me sweetheart. It makes me want to dig my nails in the back of your neck. That would give me so much satisfaction." She replied sarcastically.

"Natsu, dear. I'd be happy to let you do that just to appease your pain right now. But I doubt Kyoko would feel quite good later if you do that."

"Well, Kyoko right now is in a lot of pain, Nii-san… It really hurts… Why are we suffering like this?! Help me, Nii-san! It really hurts…" Setsu begged him.

Kuon's heart was torn into shreds. Setsu might as well have killed him. He was totally and utterly helpless. He could only watch as his wife suffered in front of him. The accident at the stairwell wasn't enough? Now, he was as helpless as he did before while she suffered all the pain.

How many moments like this will he have to suffer?

~Back to Present Time~

It was one hot day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Tina and her new found love had tied the knot. Kyoko and Ren had witnessed their vows to each other. Tina wanted to give Kuon and Kyoko a part in the wedding but they had refused. They were honored to be offered to but they didn't want to mess up their already perfectly planned wedding and also they just wanted to enjoy the party. It was seldom that they could be themselves without feeling paranoid that somebody might recognize them and here was their chance to do just that.

It was a beautiful wedding. They tried to make it as small and intimate as they could but they just really had a lot of loved ones they wanted to share that moment with. The whole time that they were at Rio, they mostly spent it with Ricky and Kuon's parents who also attended the wedding but they could not stay for long because of their work. Both Kuon and Kyoko were very happy to spend time with them, even just for a little bit. Kuon was at peace and contented too as he got to know Ricky more and more and he was seeing a bit of Rick in him, especially the cheeky and straightforwardness part.

On their last day, the couple spent a day by themselves in the beautiful city and country. They went to the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer. They went hang gliding which they both really enjoyed and would love to do again. After that Kuon went Kite surfing. Since Kyoko was an amateur when it comes to surfing, Kuon advised her not to. Kyoko didn't push because she knew how overprotective her husband was. She just watched him do it and she enjoyed it very much. She could admire him and his body all she want.

When they arrived back in Japan, they were bombarded by all the articles and news that resulted from their little stunt of "promoting" Kyoko's debut movie. Some articles were speculating how Kyoko ended up with a movie debut with THE famous Tsuruga Ren and even got so close to the actor that he danced to a love song with her. But they had found out she was also from LME agency so that explains how she is close with Ren but they still speculated that that was the reason why she could have Tsuruga Ren as the Leading Man for her debut movie.

After that article, it was like a bomb exploded and everybody in Japan seemed to have an opinion of Kyoko for their number one bachelor. Several articles were published in speculating their relationship and her as a person and actress. They seem to have checked her page on LME's website to see her career history. They found out she was one of the girl in the curara commercial, the angel who turned evil in Fuwa's Prisoner PV, Mio in Dark Moon, Natsu in Box "R." They also found out she received a newcomer award for Japonet, number 3 in scariest villain for her Mio, number 4 in sexiest villain on the month of March, and finally nominated and won best supporting actress on Television Drama Awards. It was a very nice profile for someone who just started showbiz. They hadn't expected that so in the beginning of the article they were criticizing her, saying she may be using Ren to get publicity to further her career but if you balanced it with what she has already accomplished in the first two years of her career, it didn't look like she was behind Ren when he started, only minus all his accomplishments as a model.

Some of the fans though are being nasty on social media but to the surprise of Kyoko only because she was the only one who can't believe that people like her so much too that they would stand up for her. Some fans defended her that it's not the agency nor the president that decides the cast for movies. They also countered that she was pretty amazing in her Mio that made you have chills in your spine and gave you nightmares. Also in Box-R, her Natsu was so different from Mio but she still made you really hate her for being so cruel and admire her for being so fashionable and attractive.

Over all, it was pretty much what LME and the president had expected. They also put out an articles and little video interviews from Kyoko's fellow actors, co-workers and directors in the drama and movies she had worked with to help let the fans see who she really was.

"How does Kyoko normally act when she is off camera, Director Ogata?" the interviewer asked the princess-like director.

"Oh!" he exclaimed as he blushed slightly. "Kyoko-chan is really, very polite when she is not acting. She would bow really low and ask for forgiveness when I call for an NG even though it wasn't her fault. She is also very respectful even to the staff and crews. Most of all, she is very talented as an actress and a sweet girl."

"What can you say about Kyoko-chan, Director?" the interviewer asked the director of box-R.

"Kyoko-chan gave life to Natsu and made her real than I can ever imagine. Method actresses are really amazing and quite scary. Even I get scared of Natsu sometimes." He laughed nervously.

"She's very nice to the point of being naive sometimes that you can't really hate her when you see how good she is in acting." One of the comments from her friends on the article. Kanae had refused to be interviewed on camera.

"She acts a little weird sometimes but she is very respectful to anyone she meets. The only time I saw her not thinking about how someone is older and has much experience than her was when she scolded Tsuruga-san about his eating habits and his manager because he doesn't take care of his charge's meals properly. It was quite funny to see THE tsuruga Ren got scolded by a high school girl at that time." Momose Itsumi giggled at the memory.

"When I first met Kyoko-chan, she was very timid and still wasn't sure how to act Natsu at the time and I thought 'this is the girl who played Mio?' I didn't expect a normal and cute girl like her." One of the stars in Box-R commented.

Kyoko didn't realized that people do love her and appreciate her for who she was and admire her talent. Slowly but surely the people were getting curious and excited for her movie debut to finally see if those comments and praises for her were really true or if she was as talented as they said she was or to see if she was really qualified and fit to have Tsuruga Ren as her leading man.

Now, it was finally time for the Premiere of Ai Hime and a huge multitude was gathered outside the theater where a red carpet was rolled out for the stars to walk onto. All the people were very excited to finally see the whole movie. Kyoko was especially worried on how the people, the fans will take it. Were they going to be happy with her performance or will they hate her for not being good enough to act with Ren?

The paparazzi were having a field day because for the past months after the awards night, the two stars were very slippery that they couldn't get a hold of them. That made them even more curious after that article and picture of them dancing together got out. They want a confirmation but their talent agency has been very quiet about it. So here they were outside the theater, behind the tape along the red carpet with cameras and questions ready. They were sure the two of them would come together, since they already did just to promote this movie. And sure it was, they did come together. They were a little bit surprise though when the famous actor pulled up at the end of the red carpet in his own car. His own silver Porsche. He got out and went to the front passenger door and opened it. His partner for the night came out holding his offered hand. Ren wore a typical and almost ordinary black suit, white shirt and black slim tie but when Ren wore it, it didn't look ordinary at all. While the rising star beside him wore a white dress with quarter sleeves, V-neck and it has a slit that showed her thigh when she walked. Everybody paused as they admired the two very beautiful people… And the flash started going off to capture the moment. Then, they started to shout their questions all at once at them.

Ren held up his hand for them to calm down and he did it with such authority that everybody quieted down gradually until it was very you can hear a cricket chirping. Ren only had one reply for all their questions though.

"Let us came here what we came to do and see the very best given by everybody in this movie. If you still have any questions about our performances, our agencies has promised to answer all of them." After that, they went inside the theater and greeted friends, colleagues and coworkers.

After the movie premiere, everybody was in awe of their performance. IT was a spectacular movie. The director was good. The actors in it were very talented. The production quality was superb. Everything was just perfect. The people who watched it were sucked into their world and felt like they were living it with the characters. They forgot it was Tsuruga Ren and Kyoko acting those scenes. They were just Mao and Jinya. IT was worthy of a standing ovation when the credits started to roll.


Tokyo – Last night was a night to be remembered. Since the Televesion Award where Tsuruga Ren and Kyoko showed up, everyone was buzzing about Kyokyo and her possible relationship to the famous actor. Everyone also tried to get to know all about her and if she was good enough for Japan's number one most desirable man. It's not that easy to become his partner when the whole nation admires him so much. They also want someone who can go up to par with Tsuruga Ren. Last night was their premiere of the said actor and actress. People were curious and excited to see the verdict or the quality of the movie. I think most went to be proven right that she was not as talented as her agency wanted to portray but sadly, they were all proven wrong.

As I watched the movie, I didn't think of Tsuruga-san and Kyoko-san at all. I thought of Jinya and Mao and their love and their secret. That was how good they were. They were a perfect pair to play the characters. They brought the cute and romantic manga to the screen and breathed life into the story. You can feel the emotions from the two dimensional screen. We also got to see a different side of our Tsuruga Ren. We saw him act as playful and a little bit childish as we have never seen before. The love scene gave off pure and innocent love of the two characters.

Kyoko was amazing! Now, nobody can say that she can't go up to par with Tsuruga-san because she just did in that movie right there. All I can advice to all the fans is that, "GO WATCH THE MOVIE! NOW!" and all I can say to the people who criticized Kyoko without properly knowing her is, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

After that offers came flooding for Kyoko. Several scripts were for the two of them. Everyone was just clamoring in trying to get them and ride the excitement of the fans for the two actors. They were seeing the potential of this love pairing.

Throw it away

Forget yesterday

We'll make the great escape

We won't hear a word they say

They don't know us anyway

Watch it burn

Let it die

'Cause we are finally free tonight

"I think it's time to call the boss." Kyoko whispered to her husband as she felt his arms slid around her waist as she cooked their breakfast.

"Good morning to you too, beautiful." He showered her cheek and side of her neck with kisses. "Call him for what, babe?"

"I think I'm ready." She turned to him and he took this opportunity to get his good morning kiss. Kyoko moaned into the kiss.

It had been two years since the premiere of Kyoko's movie debut. Her coming of age grateful party with Maria was a very memorable one. The theme was fairyland and she was the fairy princess with her fairy prince Kuon. Kuu and Julie where the fairy king and queen and she was was spectacular and out of this world. Kyoko looked ethereal too and breathtaking.

Kyoko's career blew up after her movie debut and the two of them have built up a love team that everybody started to ship after they had watched the movie. Even hateful and jealous fans of Ren were slowly accepting her after that. They had also seen in many interviews with the two of them that she was really a nice, modest girl who was not out to get their number one bachelor out of the market. She had apologized and assured his fans that she was not going to take away their Tsuruga Ren but instead help them in seeing more of him and his many sides which they still haven't seen. Kyoko shared all kinds of stories that happened to them on set while filming or during break. Both Kyoko and the fans were enjoying it and Ren was really amazed at how Kyoko can change peoples hearts. He had seen it happen to her friends one by one. But this time it was on a large scale. How scary was that?

"Ready for what exactly, sweetheart?" Asking her curiously after his fogged brain cleared up from the good morning kiss. She pointed him to a box on the counter near them. He opened it and saw a white stick inside a ziplock. Kuon's eyes lit up in excitement and his heart started to beat faster. He picked it up as she finished cooking and was putting the dish on their plates.

"It says negative though." She whispered when she closed the distance to him and then she sounded excited as she said, "But it made me realized that I'm ready. So let's call the boss and execute our plan."

Their plan was to let the whole world know their story that they didn't want to deceive everybody but they weren't ready yet and the world was not ready for them too. But now both parties were finally ready. Kyoko's career took off. She was now where Ren was two years ago. She was of age and Ren's fans now love her like a sister for giving them the best gift ever: their beloved Ren and many sides of him. But… they would not use a normal way to reveal it though. They had thought of a plan to act out their love story from beginning to end. In a movie! They were going to call it, "THE GREAT ESCAPE" and in it was the nuclear bomb that was going to shake Japan (pun intended.) It was the greatest scandal in the history of Japanese showbiz and they had made the greatest escape from it. Choosing to reveal it of their own accord and who knew?

When it finally hit the theaters after one year of har work, everybody loved every single moment of that movie and was even inspired by the strength of the two and of their love which was fated since the very beginning. No matter how it happened in the middle, the end was still as beautiful as its beginning.

~To that Bright Future~

Kyoko, Mio, Natsu, Setsu and all of her, pushed one last time and in that beautiful moment when they heard the loud cry from the lungs of a newly born healthy baby…

Kyoko and Kuon fell in love again for the second time. And they named her, Aimi, a combination of "love" and "beautiful" but the people of japan calls her their one and only "Ai Hime!"


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