This entry in the DC Earth Pi universe is written by Grendle1853 and Betaed by DaisyJane, so enjoy!

In a town in the middle of the United States sits Dr. Erdel's poorly funded lab. Dr. Erdel himself rushes around it fiddling with exposed circuit boards as well as dials and other doodads. The aged experimental physicist who stands around six feet tall, though slightly stooped, has dark brown skin, a shaved head, and a gray goatee and is running around in comfortable clothes and a well worn lab coat.

"Lets see if test number 589 will work," he says to no one in particular.

The door to his lab opens and a young woman with long dark hair, similar coloring and facial features to the good doctor enters. She looks at him and shakes her head, "I thought we agreed that you would take a break to eat after test 585, Dad."

The elderly man looks over at her, smiles, and says, "This test will really only take a minute Shelly."

Shelly sighs and takes a seat on a nearby stool. "Alright," she acquiesces knowing he isn't going to stop anyway.

The Doctor screws back on a couple of panels and asks, "Do you want to know what I think the problem has been?"

"That your transporter has been vaporizing the cans of beans instead of transporting them?" she surmises with a small smile.

"Well, yes, but I believe I know what has been the reason for that occurance. I believe the distance I've been sending the cans has been too small, and the excess energy has... well... destroyed the beans," he explains.

"So you are going to turn down the power?" his daughter suggests.

"No," Erdel scoffs, "I'm going to increase the distance of course."

Shelly raises an eyebrow at that. "How far are you going to try to send it?" she asks with open curiosity.

Her dad looks over at her, smiles, and says, "How does Mars sound?"

"Mars? You haven't been able to Star Trek beam a can four feet but you think you can send it to another planet? Dad I love you but I think I know why your having a hard time getting funding," she states skeptically.

"Listen, with my current equipment I can't lower the energy and still bend space enough for transportation, so my only choice is to increase the distance. The increase in distance is...significant I'll admit but I think it will give me my first successful teleportation," he explains.

"Alright old man, wow me," she says sardonically.

Dr. Erdel sighs at her obvious low expectations and finishes calibrating his instruments, then puts a can of beans in the middle of a flat metal platform. That done he gets a good distance away and sits in a chair next to his daughter, flips a few switches and pulls a leaver. Around the lab machines hum and come to life, lights go on and off, and the flat platform beneath the can of beans begins to glow. After a brief flicker of darkness over the platform all the machinery calms down again and the can of beans is magically gone.

"That was certainly different," Shelly says.

"Yes. There was no blinding light and no smell of ionized metal and beans in the air," he says happily.

"Is there any way to be sure it worked?" she asks.

"We could bring it back," the good doctor suggests.

"You can do that?" she asks again with a raised eyebrow.

"One way to find out!" the scientist exuberantly exclaims before flipping a serious of dials back the other way, then hitting a few switches and pulling the lever again. Once again the platform glows and there is a brief flicker of darkness.

Once the darkness clears Dr. Erdel and his daughter look up to see something amazing standing on the experimental transporter. The sight on the platform is not just a simple can of beans but a green humanoid who stands almost seven feet tall. Its head is long and reaches up into a pointed end at the top, the face on it consisting of two bright red eyes and an almost human mouth. Its arms are long and end in hands with three long fingers and one thumb. The two legs supporting the creature are long as well and end in toeless feet. The thing's torso consists of wide shoulders, a muscular looking chest, and a rather flat stomach. The only clothing the green man wears is a pair of red straps which cross across his chest and form an X and what look to be dark blue shorts. And in the creature's hand it holds the can of beans.

As the scientist and his daughter stand there frozen in shock, the tall green man looks around surprised but calm. When he finally catches sight of the two humans, he begins to speak, and while the words coming out of his mouth sound like an alien foreign language to them, in their minds they hear a strong male voice translating.

"Um...hello," the green man says, "I am J'onn J'onzz, last of the people of Mars." He holds up the can of beans and asks, "Is this yours?"

Dr. Erdel gets up and begins slowly walking to the alien before him, but before he can cover half the distance a look of pain crosses his face and he clutches his chest as he falls to the floor.

"Dad!" Shelly shouts finally shaken out of her shock. Ignoring the seven foot alien in the room she runs to the still form of her father on the ground. She shakes him trying to rouse him before feeling for his pulse then, not finding one, then pulling out her phone.

J'onn steps down from the platform and walks towards the humans with worry in his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asks.

"What's wrong is that I think my dad is having a heart attack!" she continues hitting the same four buttons on her phone before screaming, "Why isn't this working!"

The Martian leans down and looks into Shelly's eyes, getting her attention. "What can we do for him?"

"We need to get him to a hospital, and we need to do it now," she answers.

J'onn reaches down and gently and easily lifts the fallen Doctor. "Lead the way," he tells her.

Ignoring the strangeness of the situation Shelly leads the tall green man out of the lab, through the rest of the building, and out to her car. As she fumbles with her keys she says, "The hospital is miles away, we'll never make it there in time."

In response J'onn takes hold of her waist, drawing her to him, and before her eyes he easily lifts them all into the night sky. She looks around her in pure wonderment as the Martian quickly and impossibly flies all three of them a hundred feet into the air. "You must guide me," J'onn tells her, getting Shelly's attention.

"That way, look for a big white building," she directs.

The green man from Mars nods and begins flying at great speed in the direction she

points. In seconds, the two land in front of the hospital, greatly surprising several people standing outside.

"Help, my dad's dying!" Shelly shouts at a nurse as J'onn lowers him to the ground.

The nurse runs inside and soon comes out with two orderlies wheeling a stretcher, who soon have her father on it and are charging inside at full speed as the nurse leads his daughter in. As Shelly walks in behind her father she looks back to see that the Martian has gone. She quickly shakes her confusion off and follows the nurse.

As the doctors struggle to save Dr. Erdel, J'onn floats high in the still air over the hospital. He looks around at the unfamiliar architecture and vegetation of the town, as well as at the funny looking aliens running about within it. So strange, he thinks to himself. I wonder where I am now.

Closing his eyes J'onn instead reaches out with his mind. His mind's eye brushes through the surface thoughts of a few people in the town below him. He sees a few dreams of sleeping children, feels the intense feelings of a couple making love, picks up a large amount of lazy, random thoughts from those people watching something called television and one mind filled with panic and fear. He focuses on that mind and flies to it as quickly as he can.

In under a minute he gets to his destination, a quiet and empty parking lot. There three large and muscular men circle around a much smaller guy. The poor fellow is holding his nose, which is currently dripping blood as he walks backwards with his hands in the air. "Please...please don't hit me again. I didn't mean to start any trouble," the smaller man says.

"You should have thought about that before you called the cops!" one of the larger men shouts back. "Because of you, I can't go back to my own damn house and that bitch gets to keep everything thats mine!"

"I'm sorry!" the other man shouts, his back hitting a parked car.

"Not yet you're not, but you're gonna be!" the brute shouts while cocking back his hand.

Before the man delivers the blow J'onn lands behind the three attackers and says, "You have no right to harm this man, leave now and without violence."

The three men turn and are shocked to see the tall green alien standing there. "What the Hell are you?" the one who talked before asks.

"My name is J'onn J'onzz," he answers calmly.

"Really? Boys why don't you teach this freak why he shouldn't stick his nose...or a... ugly face where it doesn't belong!" the leader says.

The two other men glance at each other before one of them steps forward, pulls back his arm, and swings at J'onn's face with all his might. The Martian doesn't dodge, he doesn't wince, he doesn't even turn his head. He just takes it on the chin and lets the man hit him with full force. A second later his foolish attacker is on the ground cradling his broken hand. His partner, seeing this, pulls out a knife and attacks the green man with that instead of his bare fist. J'onn grabs his thrusting arm and uses it to spin the man head over feet to fall back first on to the ground.

The Martian looks up and sees the final aggressor holding a straight razor to the smaller man's throat and using him as a human shield. "You stay back freak or I'll cut this punk!" he shouts.

J'onn looks at him for a second, then the alien turns transparent and sinks into the ground. The brute looks around in a state of panic, keeping the blade at his hostage's throat.

"Don't even think about trying anything freak! I'll do it, I'll kill this punk!" he shouts at the empty air.

Behind the knife wielding man and his victim J'onn raises up from the ground and turns solid. Then he grabs hold of the man's arm (the one holding the knife) and pulls it painfully away from his victim's throat. Once the small man is free J'onn delivers a light tap to the back of the last brute's head, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

"There, you are safe now," J'onn tells the small man.

The little guy takes one look at J'onn, then turns tail and runs away in fright. The green man looks at the man's retreating form and says, "Hmm, he seems to have been frightened by my appearance."

J'onn looks behind him and sees his reflection in the car's mirror. He looks up and sees a billboard advertising a local men's clothing store. As he stares at it his appearance and form begins to shift and change until he stands there in the shape of a tall human with dark skin dressed in a pair of jeans and red shirt, looking eerily similar to the model on the billboard. He looks at his new face in the mirror before saying, "This will do for now." Then he turns around and walks into the night.

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