A/N: Okay guys, here is the first of 3 one-shots I'll be posting between now and Jan 20 when Six Months Home starts. They're not related to Remnants of Somalia, just me playing with Tiva :) Thanks and enjoy!

Ziva David could never have imagined a scenario outside of being undercover that would find her wrapped in her partner's arms. But it was dark, it was cold and they had not been adequately prepared to spend a night stuck in the middle of a forest because the truck ran out of gas. Tony stroked her shoulder with his thumb and Ziva gritted her teeth. She was going to kill McGee.

She shifted against him and Tony's grip on her tightened. Ziva rolled her eyes and elbowed him gently in the ribs - he was, after all, her only source of heat right now. "Do not get used to this," she warned her partner.

"What?" Tony asked innocently. "Beautiful girl. Small enclosed space. Body heat as the only way to stay warm. It doesn't get much better than this."

"No?" Ziva questioned, a sly smile Tony couldn't see creeping across her face. "Are you sure about that?" Before he could answer, Ziva turned and lifted her face to his, pressing her lips gently against his mouth. "How about now?"

A look of shock crossed Tony's face and he swallowed hard before letting his gaze drop to her face. "What was that for?"

Ziva shrugged. "I was just testing your declaration."

Tony nodded once, his eyes becoming fixed on her lips. This time when he spoke, Tony's voice was husky. "So...what would I have to do to get it repeated?"

Her eyes widened in surprise and in his face she saw an honesty they had not explored since their fight in the elevator about pretending. The rhythm of Ziva's heartbeat stumbled and she looked down at her lap before meeting his eyes again.

"I suppose," she said thoughtfully, "that you could just ask."

His expression changed and Ziva knew they were about to get in over their heads. Tony lifted a hand to her cheek and gently stroked the skin with his knuckles. "Kiss me again Ziva," he whispered, and like a magnet their faces drew close together until his lips met hers softly, then more firmly.

Years of longing, of wanting, of worrying, of jealousy and healing and hoping were poured into one single moment and when they pulled apart, it was barely an inch and only to catch their breath.

Tony looked into her eyes, his breath warm on her face. "Now what Ziva?"

Her smile was small but genuine. "Now it is time to stop pretending that we are only partners."

He buried his head in her neck and Ziva held him tightly. This was what he'd wanted since he saw her in Somalia, the chance they'd never taken. When Tony got control of his emotions, he tucked Ziva back against his side, wrapped his arms around her, and rested his cheek on her hair.

There didn't need to be a lot of words, because with Tony and Ziva, actions had always spoken so much louder.