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Pairings: Chad/Harry

Warnings: Hilarity, Urahara's inventions (they need warnings cause they sometimes explode), cuteness, yelling, neko antics, and a lemon written by Otaku. Thank you Otaku!

-Line Break-

Chapter 7

The days pasted slowly for Harry as he waited for the others to return. At first, he tried to find a way to open the Gate and sneak into the Soul Society, but he had soon found out that only Urahara could open it. After pouting for a few days, he decided to stay with the mad scientist, and help out around the shop and lab, then wait in an empty apartment for his human to return. After spending so much time together with the crazy older blonde, Harry began to think of him as an older brother and vice versa.

The wizard-turned-neko was sweeping the front side walk one morning when a loud boom rattled the entire shop and smoke emitted from the direction of Urahara's lab filling the shop. Harry and the other workers at the shop startled and exchanged looks, before running towards the back to see what happened.

Harry stood waiting with Tessai, Jinta and Ururu as smoke bellowed out from the doorway. Suddenly, Urahara burst through the doorway grinning like a loon and holding up a strange blue metal-like collar with a bell shaped device and tiny red lights that flashed.

"I have done it!" Urahara exclaimed, before pouncing on Harry and forcing the collar around his neck, fastening it quickly before Harry could do anything. "There! Perfect fit."

"What the fuck Kisuke-nii-san!" Harry shouted, grabbing hold of Urahara by the collar of his shirt and shaking him. "Your lab just blew up, you wanker, and all you could is put some strange contraption around my neck that could explode!"

His answer was a maniacal grin. "It works! Harry, we can understand you now."

"What? Wait, I'm speaking normally?" Harry asked, before grinning and hugging the crazy blond tightly. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, nii-san!"

"You're welcome, otouto." Urahara replied hugging the neko back, who had begun crying. "Now, now. Calm down, Hari."

"Sorry." Harry sniffled, wiping his eyes. "It's just that, this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me."

"It's okay." Urahara chuckled, ruffling the teen's hair.

"Oh!" Harry exclaimed, eyes widening in realization and remembrance. "What blew up in your lab?"

"Hehe." Urahara rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before replying. "I bumped into one of my more unstable vials when running out to show you the translator."

"Are you okay?" Harry asked checking Urahara over like a mother hen.

"Yeah." Urahara answered in amusement. "I also came to tell you that the others will be arriving soon."

"WHAT!" Harry exclaimed. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER!"

"You didn't let me." Urahara trying to remove the ringing from his ears.

"Grrr." Harry growled. "I'm still pissed at Chad! When I get my claws on him!" The neko trailed off, making violent gestures with his hands.

Oh dear. Urahara thought, watching the fuming kitten in slight apprehension. I don't know whether to pity Chad or laugh. Both?

-Time Skip to when Ichigo and the others return. (I don't know how they returned in the show so they get back the same way they went in)-

When the Gate closed behind the tired teens, they were greeted by an oddly nervous Urahara, whose smile was slightly forced to them.

"Welcome back everyone!" Urahara said, sweating nervously.

"Are you alright, Kisuke?" Yoruichi asked, raising an eyebrow at the panicking blonde.

"I just wanted to warn Chad-san tha~" Urahara started to reply before he was interrupted by an angry blur that tackled Chad to the floor.

He cut himself off to turn and yell at his defeated assistant. "Tessai! I thought you had a hold of him!"

The taller of the two bowed and cried anime tears. "I'm sorry sir, he got away from me." Tessai wailed, showing off slightly bloodied arms.

Urahara groaned and started to mutter under his breath as another confrontation was happening.

"Chad, you idiot! What the bloody hell were you thinking? Leaving me behind like that!" Harry exclaimed angrily, shaking the dazed Chad as he continued to rant. "I don't care if you were trying to protect me! You could have been hurt, or worse, killed! And I wouldn't have been there to help!"

"Sorry." Chad replied shamefully, ducking his head down.

"I forgive you, you great big idiot." Harry sighed, pulling Chad down and kissing him, before pulling back and telling the stunned boy, "I-I love you, Yasutora Sado and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you when I wasn't there to help you."

Then the neko began to drag the stunned giant toward his room, yelling to Urahara as he went, "Nii-san! No one had better disturb us for the rest of today!"

Urahara and the others watched them leave, stunned and wide eyed before Ichigo slumped and handed Uryu 400 yen, grumbling and glaring at the smirking Quincy. Urahara raised an eyebrow at the substitute reaper.

"Wait, was Hari-san speaking?" Ichigo asked. (Otaku: And he's not slow? Right. Midnight: Yeah you would think he would be more surprised though.)

"Yes, I finished the translator right before you arrived." Urahara replied.

"Cool," Orihime said, before asking. "Who do you think tops? Hari or Chad?"

The others face faulted at the ditsy red heads' question.

-Line break-

(Lemon you can skip if you want)

Hari pulled Chad onto the bed with him, flipping their positions so that Hari was then straddling the Mexican's hips. "Chad." The neko whimpered, tears welling up at the corners of his eyes. "You haven't said anything, Chad. You love me, don't you?"

The other softened, a gentle smile appearing on his lips as he cradled the Wizard's face. "Of course." The words vibrated through his chest. "I love you Poteru Hari. I have for a long while." Then their positions were reversed, Chad on top as he leaned down to capture Hari's lips in a sweet kiss.

It was clumsy at first, neither having a very experienced love life. But inexperience gave way for enthusiasm as Hari wrapped slim arms around Chad's neck, bringing their bodies closer.

"N-nyah!" Hari was the first to cry out, their kiss breaking as their bodies ground together, cocks meeting for the first time behind thin clothes. The neko arched sharply off the bed, a wet spot appearing in the front of his sleek kimono. "Ch-chad." He whimpered shrilly.

The giant in question was in a lustful daze, the image Hari was making, was not helping his self-control at all. The white kimono fell seductively off ivory shoulders, a pink blush spreading through the smallers' body making him wonder where else the blush appeared. Those green eyes were hooded and smoky as the neko's voice whimpered in desire.

Hari felt a small, "Meow." Escape him as he felt Chad's heated gaze on his body, that one eye looking at him with so much lust, it was a wonder why his body wasn't on fire yet.

Then they were moving, Chad helping the struggling cat boy out of his suddenly restraining clothing until he was finally naked. "Ch-chad." The boy stuttered out, hands moving to cover his chest as a black tail hid his lower parts. "Don't- Don't look." He whimpered, suddenly ashamed of his body, because there was no way someone like Chad would like a scarred freak like him.

His thoughts were darkening, body turning cold until a wet cavern enveloped his half hardened erection. "N-nyah!" He cried out, hips trying to catapult off the bed as large and dark hands held him down. "Chad!" He wailed, claws digging into the bed.

The Giant hummed, making Hari cry out sharply, his mind in a pleasured daze. All he could feel was a sucking force and a wet tongue licking at his erection. Then, when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, his cock was finally free of that sensual heat. "Don't hide yourself from me, Hari." Chad rumbled, his voice like an earthquake. "I love. Every. Part. Of. You." And on those pauses, hand caressed the causes of his fears, those scars that he hid so viciously.

So, as Chad's teeth bit down into scarred skin, Hari cried. He cried in happiness, he cried in sorrow, and he cried in acceptance. For he finally found someone who would accept all of him.

"Turn around, on your hands and knees." Immediately, Hari turned himself over, arse in the air and tail curled enticingly around Chad's wrist. A pillow was pushed under his head, making it so he was comfortable enough for what was next.

"Hari... I love you." Large hands spread his cheeks, a small rosebud of a hole plain as day against his skin. A yelp escaped pink lips, his hips jerking automatically when something warm and wet lapped against his puckered entrance.

"N-nyah!" He nearly screamed, strong hands holding him steady and a sleek tongue working at his hole. It felt foreign, it felt intruding- especially when it was pushing itself in right now- but it felt... right somehow.

"Chad. Chad. Chad. Chad." His lover, his friend, his Savior. Fingers were at his lips, an order coming from the top. "Suck." Hari moaned at the commanding tone, scrambling to do as told. Fingers were slicked, the saliva dripping from the neko's face and coating those appendages. Chad almost groaned aloud at the look he was getting from his submissive.

"Enough." The voice, still commanding, was gruff and full of lust. Hari halted abruptly, squirming and whimpering loudly in anticipation. "Please Chad! Please? Hurry!" Hari had no clue what he was begging for, but he knew what he wanted was something only Chad could give him.

A chuckle vibrated from his almost-lover, a soft smile on his face. "Patience Hari." But right now, the Wizard had next to none. He was hot, desperate, and that hand around his cock didn't help when it was stopping him from cumming.

He felt slick fingers brush against his pouting entrance, pressing- pressing- then one finger popped inside him, he let out a startled 'meow'. It slid against his inner walls, the finger well lubed with saliva. "Ah- ah- ah." Every breath he took, the finger- still foreign to him- thrust in and out.

In- out. "Two more- Hari?" Chad asked unnecessarily. Hari paid him no mind, burying his face into the pillow and biting the sheet when another finger was slipped inside of him, stretching his tight virgin hole. "N-ngh!" The third followed soon after. "H-Hurts."

Chad paused for a moment, mumbling something inarticulate, before changing the angle of his fingers. The short, blunt nails scrapping against his walls, as if looking for something. Then, as if struck, Hari screamed- tail shooting into the air as Chad pressed up against something that made his eyes blur.

"Ah! A-Again!" He demanded harshly, hips grinding into the sheets as Chad slowed his movements, left hand stroking and fisting the leaking cock in his hold. "N-nya!" Those wicked fingers were pulled out, leaving Hari feeling both empty and dissatisfied.

"Don't worry Hari." Chad whispered softly, stripping out of his clothes and showing off a rather- the Wizard felt a crimson blush stain his cheeks- large... eh hem. "I'm not finished, not for a long shot."

His dick, about nine inches long and the girth of- um. Well, let's just say it's big. Pre-cum dripping from its tip, the shaft enshrouded by dark black public hair. "Ch-Chad?" Hari mewed, tail wrapping around the impressive length and pulling. This time Chad couldn't hold back the groan, moving forward to position the crown of his head against the winking hole.

"I'm pushing now." Making Hari whimper, feeling that long, hard member work its way into him, stretching his hole to the extreme. He felt Chad stop, waiting for him to adjust to his size. "I'm sorry." His lover muttered against his hair, gently stroking the neko's cock back to hardness.

Hari whimpered, pain arching his back until he was nearly one with the mattress. Chad sighed softly and pulled back, not letting the tip come out, before rocking forward. Every little thrust pushing his cock deeper into Hari's wet and hot cavern.

Said neko was trying to relax, eyes tearing up as he bit the comforter, not wanting to break the skin of his lips.

Finally, Chad was all the way in, the little blood from the small rip allowing further lubrication. It was silent, all except Chad's and Hari's panting. One from intense pleasure, the other from intense pain.

Hari exhaled, body relaxing further when there was no other movement from Chad. Experimentally, Hari moved, circling his hips then gasping as his prostrate was skimmed over. "Ch-Chad? Move?" His answer was loving stock to his hardened cock, before Chad pulled back, then thrust forward- earning a loud moan from Hari.

"N-nyah!" Hari cried out with a shrill 'mew' when Chad gave another sharp thrust, his eyes widening with delight when he hit that spot again.

"Bl-bloody wanker." The neko hissed, meeting his human with each hard thrust, head tossed back and lips captured in a smoldering kiss. Hari was the one to break it, mouth gasping for air and eyes closing shut.

Neither was going to last too long. It was as if all the restrained pleasure and passion was happening at this one time.

"Pl-please Chad? Now?"

Chad growled, face matted with sweat and exertion as he bit the junction of Hari's shoulder, shuddering when he came. But still, he moved, working his hips and fisting Hari's cock until the kitten let out a loud, 'Nyah!'

Slowly, they both sunk into the bed, exhausted.

-line break-

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