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Summary: What if Luffy never ate the Devil Fruit, and what if she never met the other Straw Hats, and came to Sabaody Archipelago alone?

A perfectly harmless trip to Sabaody Archipelago gets out of hand when one Monkey D. Luffy attracts the attention of a certain Surgeon of Death. What happens next is the last thing anyone expected.

Warning: Fem!Luffy Fanfic!

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Episode 1: A Very Interesting Situation!

Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 1: Human Auctioning House-

Monkey D Luffy sat on a wooden crate grumbling dejectedly about various things concerning how her day had gone. How she had gotten herself into this mess, she'd never know. But then again, she never understood how she got into the majority of disasters that she got into. She had just wanted to see Sabaody Park, maybe ride a few rides and swipe some poor fools food from right underneath their noses. Getting captured slave traders and put up for auctioning was not among the things on her to-do list today.

But when you thought about it, over all, a lot of the disasters she'd gotten herself into hadn't been entirely planned at that very moment in time. She'd just went and got herself involved without thinking. Such as the time when she wound up helping this princess and some of her friends save her country from this corrupt Shichibukai who was after some dangerous ancient taco...or was it steak...Great now she was hungry on top of being trapped in a prison cell full of various people, not all of which were human. But she was getting off topic.

There was also that time when she wound up tearing Enies Lobby apart in order to save a friend from getting killed. That one had been fun, and dangerous, but then so were all of her adventures. She gave up on trying to keep her thoughts on a single topic for longer then five seconds and just let her mind wander, absently staring at the gray brick wall across from where she was sitting.

Next to her, an old man with hair that had already faded from it's original color into white drank from a metal canister which smelled strongly of alcohol. He sighed as he finished the last of it before the Giant next to him spoke up,

"Old man, you sure are crazy you know that?" The old man chuckled slightly as he replied,

"Yes, yes. I may be. So how'd you get caught young lady?" he asked, directing the question at Luffy who continued to stare at the wall for a minute before finally realizing that she had been asked a question,

"Huh? Oh, how I got here? Well..."

(Flashback to an hour or so earlier)-

Luffy skipped about ecstatically, her long, jet-black hair waving about behind her, excited about her very first visit to Sabaody Archipelago. She was just so happy to have finally gotten to come here.

She wanted to go check out the amusement park so bad! It was supposed to be loads of fun, and the best part was that there was food there! Loads and loads of food! She was getting hungry just thinking about it.

She made off in a sprint to find the park, only to find out that she was now lost in the more dangerous groves on the tree island.

"Hey there pretty lady. What's a gal like you doin' in a place like this?" came the scratchy voice of a disgusting looking man. He gave a toothy grin as she turned around to face him fully. Or at least it would've been a toothy grin, had not nearly all his teeth been missing. What teeth were there were infected and looked about ready to fall out at any second. The man was fat, and reeked of dead fish and other crap that Luffy didn't really want to guess or know. Flies buzzed around his head, and his hair was greasy with filth and dirt. 'Has this man ever heard of toothpaste? Or a bath, or soap, or any of that other hygiene crap?...Or new clothes...' Luffy thought the last part as she got a good look at his outfit.

"Well Lil' Missy? If yur lost, don't worry. I can show you a real ni-" he didn't get to finish as Luffy pulled out a bow staff, smashing it in his face and knocking out what little teeth he had left in one swift movement.

Let it never be said that Luffy didn't have her moments where she acted like a stereo-typical blonde, which were frequent and often enough that people often wondered whether she was truly smart enough to take care of herself, but she was no fool. Even a weaker girl, unexperienced in self-defense unlike herself, could tell that the man she had just knocked out was badnews.

"And stay down!" Luffy said as she went back to trying to find her way out of her current location. She'd made it several groves over before trouble finally found her again. And this time it wasn't just one filthy man. But a bunch of them.

Luffy could handle them, that went without a doubt, but even she had her moments where she got beat by those weaker then her. This was one of them. She hadn't been paying attention, too busy thinking about food and how hungry she was at that moment in time, when a group of men appeared out of nowhere.

They quickly disarmed her causing her to drop her favored bow staff and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. She could still fight even in this position, and managed to recover enough to knock out a good number of them before they finally got the better of her. One of them got behind her and managed to knock her out with blunt force trauma. She hit the ground out cold.

(End Flashback)-

"When I came to, I was here, this stupid collar around my neck." Luffy finished explaining. She was still hungry, as she hadn't eaten, and lord knew how long it'd been since she last ate! The old man couldn't help but laugh,

"Well that was quite careless of you." Luffy grinned mischievously,

"Says the man who got himself thrown in here because he lost a bet."

"Touche." The old man conceded. "I didn't think you had been listening to that."

"Mmh, I'm hungry, and there's nothing else to do in here." she stated with a bored shrug. "It took my mind off of my stomach for a while."

"How long has it been since you last ate?" the Giant asked. Luffy thought for a moment before she answered,

"An hour." The Giant gaped at her slightly before just shaking his head, the old man just laughed.

"How can you be hungry?...Ugh, don't answer that." Luffy just shrugged.

"So what's your name miss? I'm Rayleigh." Luffy tilted her head as she shuffled about so she faced the old man, now known as Rayleigh.

"Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy. Nice to meet you Rayleigh!" Rayleigh seemed to blink for a moment in shock at her, before finally shaking his head and responding.

"Nice to meet you too Luffy." The giant didn't bother introducing himself, and if he didn't feel like giving them his name, then Luffy wasn't going to bother him for it. The temptation was still there though.

"Ah, they've started...I wonder how long it's been since the 'show' began." Luffy blinked as she looked around the room. There were some people missing that had been here before Luffy had started talking with the old man. Now all that was left was a mermaid, a dancer, some men of varying degrees, Rayleigh, the Giant, and Luffy herself.

"Wow, how time flies. Wonder who's next..." Suddenly the men came back and opened the cage. The men combed through the remaining numbers of unsold slaves. Some of them went to the mermaid, picking her up and carrying her out of the prison. But the others didn't leave. Instead, the remaining number of men walked over to where Rayleigh, the Giant, and Luffy were sitting. Suddenly two of them reached over and grabbed Luffy, dragging her out of the prison, and leaving Rayleigh and the Giant to stare worriedly behind her.

Luffy looked back at them before giving them both a mischievous grin and winked. She disappeared from her new friends' views as they took her around a corner, leaving them sitting there blinking slightly bewildered.

The Human Auctioning House-

Luffy was dragged on to the middle of the stage. Disco, the host of the Human Auctioning House stood off to the side slightly, grinning excitedly as he crept a bit closer. He whispered in her ear,

"Now behave you, we've already had problems with one of the items, we don't need anymore." His tone was warning but Luffy just scoffed at the man. She'd seen and dealt with scarier.

"You think you had problems before. You ain't see nothin' yet." Luffy whispered with a smirk. She eyed the whole crowd, proud despite her current situation. Her whole body held no shame for what was about to happen, as if this was nothing and it didn't affect her what so ever. She eyed each and everyone of the buyers, daring them. She didn't flinch, not once.

"Well now folks! We've got a feisty one here! She's young at the age of 17 and a skilled fighter! A will as hard as steel! She should be fun to break no? We start the bid and five hundred thousand beli!" People hesitated somewhat before several started yelling out their bids. Luffy decided that she would wait a bit to see how high people were willing to bid for her, before she actually did anything.

For once she was glad of her older brother's crazy sciency brain. It had done some good with these stupid collars. Hers had been deactivated for the better part of her time spent in the dank cells in the back.

"600 million!" Somebody yelled out breaking her from her thoughts. She blinked in shock, when had they gotten into the millions, last she had checked, they were still in the thousands. Some of the bids went higher until finally somebody finally broke the bank, most likely literally.

"900 million Beli!" Luffy grinned, glad to know she was oh so special. Luffy tested the strength of her chains before grinning, just as Disco was about to bang the hammer signaling that she had been sold, Luffy jumped into action. Everyone screamed and began to panick as Luffy secured the chains around her wrists around Disco's neck, putting as much pressure as she could without killing the fool.

She tightened her hold on the man before spinning him slightly and then slamming him onto the stage. She then gave a good size tug, shattering the chains completely. Everyone panicked as they realized two things. One, Luffy did indeed know how to fight. And two: She had no chains on, and her collar wasn't working. That meant that there was no stopping her. She could do as she pleased right now, unimpeded.

She grinned as she delivered a vicious kick to one of the men that had appeared in order to detain her. They failed miserably.

She planted her foot on top of one of their faces, and used it as a springboard to get herself into the air. She laughed maniachly as she shouted at the top of her voice.


Back at the cells-

Rayleigh blinked as the noise from the stage reached him. He chuckled as he realized that their little friend must be causing a mess up there. That meant it was time to get themselves out of there.

"Well Mr. Giant. Looks like it's time to go. Our little friend appears to have grown quite bored with this place and is spicing things up a bit." He heard Luffy's voice echo back from the stage, she sounded like she had lost her mind, but was having loads of fun at the moment.


"Looks like I was right. Let's go." He took off the collars around his and the giants neck before they both made their way to the stage. Rayleigh took a slight detour on his way though. He was low on money and needed some for gambling.

In the audience, a half an hour before-

A young man, around the age of 18, sat in the audience leisurely watching as the next 'item' on sale was brought aboard the stage. It was a young girl, no older then 17 at best, with long black hair that reached the back of her knees. Despite the fact that she was about to be a sold as a slave, she had this air of utter defiance about her, and the look on her face just screamed that she was plotting something.

He could just tell that she was going to be even more trouble for the poor fools then the last one who caused problems. Only this one, had full intention of causing as much chaos as physically possible for her.

"Interesting..." He stated quietly, leaning on the edge of his chair as he watched the host introduce her to the audience. She had intimidated them all into hesitating, before they all started making bids on her. She stood there silently, as if she was waiting for something.

He found out what soon enough when the final bid was placed. The host went to go bang that hammer of his against the stump of wood protruding like a pimple out of the stage, and that was when she jumped at him.

The girl had managed to wrap her shakles around the mans neck and now had him a death hold. She didn't plan on keeping him as she spun him above her head for a bit before slamming the host onto the stage. She then gave a bit of a pull with her wrists, completely shattering the shackles that kept her arms and wrists bound.

She was indeed a skilled fighter, more then skilled actually.

Things just got even more chaotic when everyone realized that the collar that was supposed to detonate should she act up or try to escape wasn't working at all, and with the shackles around her ankles broken, she now had free reign to cause as much havoc and destruction as she pleased.

She kicked two of the workers for the auction house that had come to try and detain her before she caused any more trouble, before using a third as a springboard and jumping into the air. She laughed as she hollered out for all to hear,


He couldn't help but grin at the sight of it. His grin grew wider as she went about attacking whoever came up onto the stage trying to stop her.

"Oh so very interesting..."

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