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Summary: Luffy is rescued by Law, and winds up very disoriented and the newest member of the Heart Pirates. Things are not perfectly easy though, as Kuma is not willing to give up just yet. But is there more behind what the Shichibukai did, and what did he do to Luffy and Law?

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Episode 4: Confused into Joining!


Kuma jumped over her head at the very last second, causing her to run straight into the tree, not having noticed it until after she had rammed into the blasted thing.

She dropped onto her butt, shaken from her trance like state before she looked around slightly confused as to what had just happened. She didn't have time to recover though as Kuma took advantage of her surprise and lack of attention.

"Blast it all!" Law said as he jumped out from his hiding place. "ROOM!"


Luffy sat behind a man, who she recognized as Mr. Fuzzy Hat from the Human Auction House. She had no idea how she had gotten behind him, but she definitely wasn't standing, or rather sitting where she had been before hand. In her place was a very large tree branch that had snapped off from somwhere above them. When she had no idea, as she hadn't heard anything fall, then again she had no idea where the tree had come from either when she ran into it. Luffy just looked on, wondering hwen exactly she had gotten from one place to another as Kuma started speaking to Mr. Fuzzy Hat.

"Trafalgar Law. 'The Surgeon of Death', bounty of 200 million beli, captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates." he began, Luffy tilting her head as she finally knew Mr. Fuzzy Hat, Law's, name. She still thought Mr. Fuzzy Hat was a cuter name. "What are you doing protecting someone who is not in your crew?" Kuma didn't seem angry about it, just curious. Law scoffed at the Shichibukai as he responded,

"Ah, apologies, but that is where you are wrong?" he got curious looks from both Luffy and Kuma as he continued. "I find her interesting, as such, she is apart of my crew now." Law stated as if it should have been plainly obvious to the man. Luffy openly gaped at the man.

"Wait what are you talking about! I never agreed to that!" she objected in confusion.

"Ah, but you have." Law corrected.

"When!" she asked exasperatedly as the man turned slightly and smirked at her,

"Just now." and with that he picked her up and tossed her over to a giant of a man, one that Luffy recognized from being outside the Auctioning House when she and the other came out to fight.

"Hey! Don't throw me, and I never agreed to that!" Luffy whined slightly, really not liking being handled like a ragdoll.

"We're leaving, now!" With that they bailed out, taking Luffy with them.

Kuma watched silently for a minute before going after them. He was under orders after all.

Near the Docks where the Heart Pirates Submarine was-

Jean Bart gently set a disgruntled Luffy down who was pouting horribly about being manhandled at such a random moment, she was also thoroughly disoriented and confused.

"What the hell just happened?" Luffy asked helplessly as she tried to sort through the fast pace of events.

"I saved you and you joined my crew." Law supplied.

"But I never agreed to!" Luffy whined at the man, which was kinda humerous and funny.

"Yes you did, remember. Just a few minutes ago, you agreed to become apart of my crew." Law reminded Luffy.

"But-but...Fine." She gave up before suddenly getting distracted by a leaf that had floated down from somewhere above them and landed on her face. She blinked as she stared for a bit, before finally shacking her head rapidly. "Stupid leaf." she said to the pesky thing as it floated to the ground before getting carried away by a gust of wind from the seas.

"Uh-oohh..." Luffyf stated as she ollowed the path of the leaf, managing to also catch sight of their guest. Kuma had followed them from Grove 10 it seemed, persistant in not letting them get away.

Law cursed as he took notice to what Luffy was looking at before ordering the others about.

"Everyone get aboard the ship! NOW! Bepo I want us underwater soon!"

"What about you captain?" Bepo asked as Luffy continued to sit on the ground staring at the Shichibukai.

"Don't worry about me. I'll hold him off, just get her aboard the ship and get ready to go under! GO!" he ordered loudly. Bepo fumbled about for a bit before responding,

"YES SIR!" Bepo went to grab Luffy, but before he could get any closer to her, Kuma shot off, appearing in a second in front of her. Luffy's eyes widened as the Shichibukai's now uncovered hand reached for her.

"You cannot succesfully protect someone like her." Kuma stated to Law quietly.

"BLAST IT!" Law called as he lunged for Luffy. He made it just in time to grab the girl, before the feeling of no longer being on the ground registered in his mind. He faintly heard a worried Bepo call out, 'Why does he seem so far away?' he thought in slight disorientation and confusion,


It took even longer to realize that they were flying through the air. But where they were going was still unknown.

Three Days Later-

Law grunted as he felt the landing. An unconcious Luffy somehow managed to land on top of him. He carefully sat up, wrapping his arm around the girl to keep her from falling as he took a look at their surroundings.

They were definitely not in Sabaody Archipelago anymore, instead in the middle of some loud, godforsaken jungle.

"Where in the nine layers of Hell are we?" Law asked himself as he heard a groan. Luffy was beginning to stir, but it didn't seem like she'd be completely aware of everything for a while.

Law had to say though, upon closer inspection, that Luffy looked really pretty and very cute with her child-like features. He couldn't help but think how interesting she was. But he had more importent things to deal with besides contemplations concerning his newest crewmember.

Like finding his crew. That would be difficult without a Logpose and knowledge of where exactly in the seven seas they were. Suddenly voices reached his ears, shattering his thoughts as he became very alert.

"I must have pissed off a lot of gods at some point, either that or Lady Luck and Fate really have it out for me today." He said dejectedly. Today just kept getting better. NOT.

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