Ink In My Blood

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I own nothing.

My dad, Raife Davies, has been in the business for nearly thirty five years.

I'm only twenty five, and I've been in the business for four years.

I grew up in the business, though.

When I was still too little to actually tattoo people, legally, I worked the front desk at the parlor.

I am now tattooist number two.

My dad is number one.

My older brother was in the business too.

He quit last year.

He said he didn't like to do it anymore.

Dad was really disappointed.

I was too, but I didn't blame him.

If I ever stop liking tattooing, I will quit too.

But I really enjoy it.

I have a twelve o'clock appointment today.

We usually open at one o'clock, but I caved to the girl on the phone about coming in an hour early.

I live in the apartment above the parlor.

My dad used to, but he built a new house a couple years back, so I got the apartment.

I'm not complaining.

I love it.

Anyways, back to today.

When I finally drug myself out of bed, I went downstairs and got stuff in order.

I unlocked the door just after twelve and there was already a car in the parking lot.

I went into the back and made some coffee.

When I finished fixing mine, I went back out to the front.

There is a blonde girl looking through the flash when I walk by.

I pull the clipboard with the forms on it from underneath the counter and set it on top.

"I'll need your ID to make a copy of it." I say to the back of the blonde chick's head.

I turn around and look at today's schedule.

No appointments today, besides this one.

I turn around and the girls ID is on the counter and a filled out form.

I grab it and run to the back to make a copy.

I lay the girls ID back on the counter when I come back out.

"Here's your ID. Is there anything specific that you're looking for?" I ask the girl and then turn around to power up my laptop.

"Flowers. With fangs. Scary, but beautiful." Blonde girl says. She has a nice voice.

I laugh.

"Wow. That's hot. Umm. I can draw something up, but I haven't got anything already drew out." I tell her without looking away from my computer screen.

"Okay, that's cool." I turn around to see her walking away towards the lounge.

"Is there a particular color of flower you're looking for?" I ask loud enough for her to hear me.

"Like purple-ish pink?" She asks without turning around.

"Yeah we have that. Magenta. Awesome. Take a seat or something and I will yell for you when I've got it finished." I tell her as I grab my things and go into the back.

I sketched the thing out and then went from there.

Almost half an hour later I had it perfected.

Not perfect.

But pretty damn close, I think.

I put two fingers between my lips and whistle.

"It's done!" I yell towards the front.

I hear her footsteps before I see her.

She sounds light on her feet.

The footsteps stop and I turn around with the demonic bunch of flowers drawing in my hands.

I nearly fall off of my rolling chair.

Dear God.

Killer blue eyes.

Long, silky-looking blonde hair falling onto her shoulders.

Pretty pink lips.

To die for legs.

She laughs and it makes me look back up to her face.

She has a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"I'm sorry. Don't mind me. If I stare or start drooling, just slap me." I try to laugh off my embarrassment.

She laughs. "No problem, Miss…?"

How stupid am I?

"Ashley Davies, Miss…?" I question back.

Yes, I am that stupid.

I copied her ID and didn't once read the name or check the birthdate.

Damn, someone should fire me.

"Spencer Carlin, but didn't you make a copy of my ID and all that?"

Thank you for asking that question, Spencer.

"Yeah, I admit that I didn't once look at it. I'm sorry. I really should be fired." I laugh.

She laughs. "That's okay. I asked you to open up an hour earlier. I understand the difference one hour can make."

Is she being a smart ass?

I can't tell.

"I'm serious, it really does make a difference." I tell her seriously.

"Here is what I drew up." I hand the paper to her and she instantly starts smiling when she sees it.

"It's exactly what I pictured! Thank you, Ashley. You're amazing at what you do." She hands the drawing back to me and I walk to the other side of the room to start making a stencil.

"It's what I do, no need to thank me." I tell her sincerely.

Stencil finished!

I walk back over to her and take a seat on my rolling chair again.

"Where do you wanna stick it?" I ask her holding up the stencil.

"My right forearm." I shave her arm where the tattoo will go and apply some clear deodorant.

It makes the stencil ink stick to the skin.

I put the stencil on and it looks straight.

"Go look at it in that mirror over there on the wall and tell me what you think." I tell her and point to the mirror.

She walks over and looks at it at different angles in the mirror.

She walks back over to me smiling.

"It's perfect." Oh, isn't she sweet.

"I'm glad you like it." I've got all my ink cups filled and I'm ready to work. "Ready to get inked?" I ask her with a grin as I grab my gun.

My tattoo gun.

She laughs. "Yes, I'm ready."

I start her outline off slow and then I stop.

"Are you doing okay?" I ask her.

"I'm fine, you can just go at it. You're not going to hurt me."

I laugh. "Okay, I'll go at it then." I start back on the outline.

I get the outline done and stop again.

"Do you need a break or anything?" I ask her.

"Not really, but it's fine if you do."

"Nah, I'm good. I'm going to start coloring it now."

We don't talk much during the whole time I'm coloring it in.

An hour and some change later, I finish it.

"All done! Go look at it if you want before I bandage it up." She goes and looks at it in the mirror and is smiling the whole time.

"My mom will hate it. I love it! Thank you so much." I laugh.

"I'm glad you like it." I tell her with a grin as I put my supplies away and clean up.

"So how much do I owe you?" Spencer asks me when I make it back up front.

I smirk. "How about buying me dinner?"

Her eyes nearly bug out of her skull and her jaw drops to the floor.


"Like…a date?" She asks me timidly.

"If you want it to be a date. If not, I'd still like to go as friends, although I really want it to be a date."

"It's a date then. When should I pick you up?" She asks with a smile.

"Right now, if that's okay with you? I'm starving."

"Me too. I'll wait outside then." She walks out the door and I run around to get everything I need to close up.

Hell fucking yeah.

How did I get so lucky?

I have completely no idea where this is going to go. I'm just going to go with the flow. No promises on updating really quick like, because I just can't do it. I'm slow. Sorry. Any suggestions or ideas of where this should go or twists that would be interesting, lemme know. It would be of much help and appreciated. Thanks for the read.