Days like these were Kiki's favorite kind. The air felt cool and crisp, the sky looked a hazy grey blue, as if it may rain any minute. She loved basking in that feeling, the feeling of uncertainty, the feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next. Her skin braced itself for oncoming drops as she lazily floated through the sky, feeling her dress whip around her legs softly. Lately, it had been easy for Kiki to appreciate the simple things in life, like uncertainty, like the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through Ohsono's bakery, the feel of Tombo's back against her chest as they biked down to the beach. That was the simple thing she appreciated the most. Any interaction with Tombo seemed to awake her to everything around her, trigger her senses into overdrive, make her aware of all the beauty she overlooked when he wasn't beside her. She knew that he would prefer to fly...but Kiki liked to ride on his bike with him, to remind her of the first day she met him.

When he sped up beside her on his bike, distracted the police from catching her and ruining her one chance at proving herself to be independent...if it wasn't for him, would she even be this happy, in this beautiful town? She liked to remember the way her cheeks got hot when he whispered, "What a cool witch!," when he thought she was out of earshot.

She was so taken aback, so nervous to be approached by someone that way. He's never been anything but kind to her. Lately, Kiki's mind has been wandering to Tombo much more frequently. Images of him in his pink button down shirt, hurrying into the bakery and buying sweets and breads nearly everyday, just for a chance to talk to her.

To her. The plain, boring, witch with a sour personality and eyes like mud.

She wasn't pretty like the other girls, and she was reminded of that every time one of them spoke to him. Why didn't he crave to be around them, instead of wasting his time trying to talk to her? Ever since she moved to this town, ever since she saw him being swept away into the sky by a runaway blimp, heard his screams through the crackling television speakers, ever since she saved his life, grabbed his clammy hand and gave him years and years of life left to do with what he chose...she wanted him to choose her. To choose her to live those years with. The feelings still confused Kiki, still made her cheeks hot like the day she met him. They keep her from telling him, because of how sick she feels when she imagines his freckled nose crinkling as he pushes his glasses back and shakes his head no with a solemn expression plastered on his face. She can't lose him as a friend. She can't lose his goofy grin and infectious laugh, his flying machines and closet full of colored scarves.

She can't lose someone so unique, so mesmerizing. Never could she do that.

What she can do is nothing. She can let the feeling fester inside her gut like a disease, let them overtake her entire body, feeling her bloodstream with tingles and warmth. And when one day, she lets them fade away as she watches Tombo kiss a faceless, nameless girl on the forehead...she can rebuild herself, and find a warmth that won't shake it's head no