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The flashing sequence of multi-colored light shone on the stage as Vocaloid after vocaloid came out to demonstrate their voices. Miku Hatsune, Kaito Shion, Luka Megurine, Len and Rin Kagamine, Gakupo Kamui, SeeU, IA and even Ring was spreading melodic voices of tunes throughout the arena. The sheer number of vocaloids that stepped out of their hidden zones never failed to disappoint the crowd.

One of the audience who was given the priority seat in the front row was Lui Hibiki. A Vocaloid too but one without vocals. At least, not yet at the moment.

He sat there, eyes widening in the mixture of awe and envy. He wished to be up there. To share the joys of having one's voice lingering within the atmosphere even when they are switched out. When would his voice ever come?

In the midst of the concert, Lui looked down at his feet in disappoint of himself. His heart clenched tightly in desire as his eyes stung painfully. He blinked his eyes, trying to rid away that stinging feeling only to realized afterwards that he was… crying.

Lui, without a voice, cried.


After the concert was over, the Vocaloids were gathered at the backstage, preparing to be sent home by a limousine. Lui, on the other hand, was led into another limousine by his 'caretaker'. As they drove past the arena, Lui gazed outside the window at the still forming crowd outside waiting for their favorite vocaloids to emerge.

"How was the concert, Lui?" His 'caretaker' asked while smiling, completely oblivious to Lui's current turmoil.

Lui merely nodded his head while his gaze was fixated at the Vocaloids who emerged from the doors to greet their fans.

The smile of his 'caretaker' soon became sympathetic at the realization. "Lui… I hope you know that they are trying their best to search for the most compatible voice for you." She comforted as she rested her hand on his head. "It just… takes time."

How long had they been saying that?

They had downloaded the voices of Vocaloids except for him.

Lui shook his head to shrug off the comforting hand on his head. Comfort wouldn't do much for him now. He wanted to get his voice. So that he would be able to sing every pent up emotions he had bottled up in his tiny body. He needed to get rid of every weight inside. He wanted to feel light.

Right now, he only felt as though his entire body was made of lead.

Months passed by and there was still no luck in finding for a suitable voice for Lui. The mute Vocaloid was alone in the laboratory, feeling as though he was beginning to deteriorate. What if they had already given up? What if they were now planning to cross him off the list and send him to scrape yard? His anxiety only increased day by day until… everything vanished.

Lui didn't care anymore. No matter how many days he survived through, everything would repeat itself. Like an endless cycle. Ever since the faithful concert ended, his life was nothing more than a tiresome routine. He was sick of it. Even though there were people who came in to talk to him, to comfort him, to reassure him, Lui had given up.

"Lui, I have news for you." One of the staff spoke as she walked into the room.

Lui felt his heart clenched once again. Had they finally found a voice for him? Are they going to download a voice into his system?

"We… haven't found a suitable voice yet." She announced sadly.

He looked at her with wide eyes that were soon clouded by disappointment and emptiness. So that was it?

Realization rung through within him.

Maybe they sent the staff here to inform him that he would be scraped. His entire life of waiting had resulted in a place in the scrape yard. The hope he had held to be able to join everyone up on stage would be reduced to nothing but rumbles.

He didn't want that.

Even though he had felt nothing but emptiness these past few days, the dream of being able to present his voice to not only everyone but himself as well always remained. And now the realization of the possibilities of it being crushed awoken every ounce of energy in himself.


Lui shook his head roughly in retaliation and shoved the staff away hard. His eyes reflected the new emotion that rose within him like a tidal wave. Betrayal. With one last stare at the shocked still person before him, he made a break for the door.

"Lui! WAIT!"


He didn't know how long he had ran but he headed anywhere his legs would take him. Anywhere other than that dreaded laboratory which he was made to wait for nothing. He wanted to get out. To be able to feel everything outside. Not only the concerts he was brought to attend to build up his hope and anxiety but also everything he was made to enjoy.

Soon, he felt something knock the wind out of him from the front, forcing him to fly backwards until an arm caught him around his slim waist.

Amber eyes opened with newfound emotions at the stranger before him.

Kagamine Len.

It was not as though he had anything against Kagamine Len or many others for being up on stage instead of him. It was that the one he was compared to mostly was the blonde haired Vocaloid before him. The reason why the hate went towards him was because he was assumed to resemble Kagamine Len greatly.

"Are you al- Hey! You're one of the new Vocaloids!" Len's eyes brightened up in excitement in meeting him. "You really look a lot like me! Nice to meet you, my name is Kagamine Len. Weird, they didn't say anything about having found your voice. But it doesn't matter, I'm glad to have you join us!"

The blabber went on while Lui was still trying to catch what Len was saying ever since the start of his sentence. Man, this person can really talk. Lui even felt a slight wind slamming on his face as he was being talked at. With small vein popping on his forehead, he quickly shoved the other away.

Len blinked curiously at the sudden show of hostility before he had realized what he had done and apologized, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to go on so quickly. The others always say that I tend to do that when Rin wasn't around. Usually, Rin is the one who talks everyone's head off." He laughed joyfully.

Lui shook his head as if to say 'it's okay' before steering his way past and away from the blonde.

Of course, Len didn't understand the sudden hostility radiating from the amber eyed Vocaloid and quickly moved towards him to match his accelerating pace. "Hey, are you alright? Where are you heading to now?"

With a twitch of his eyebrow in annoyance, Lui turned his head to glare at him as if saying 'It's none of your business.'

Len frowned at the unfriendly gesture and folded his arms across his chest. "Why don't you speak? I'm not annoying you too much for you to feel as though I am not worth hearing your voice, right?"

Staring at him in exasperation, Lui pointed at his throat and gave a small shake.

"You can't speak?"

Lui nodded.

It only made Len's frown deepen in confusion as he commented, "But hadn't you gotten your voice yet?"

Lui shook his head.

"I see. Sorry for assuming things. I guess… you must be very angry." Len winced after that having said. "But I don't think it really matters! You're still one of us after all!"

Amber eyes widened slightly in confusion as his head tilted to the side.

"So I don't think that you're any different from us just because you haven't gotten your voice yet. It just takes time." Len smiled brightly and held both of Lui's hand. "By the way, what is your name? We've only been able to look at a few pictures of you until you had been released."

Lui opened his mouth to voice his name before realizing he couldn't speak. Instead, he took one of Len's hand and traced his name on his palm with his finger.

Lui Hibiki.

I know that Lui hadn't been fully released due to not having a voice actor yet but after reading some fics, I had grown to love this character! Please review. ^^