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Clicking noise could be heard throughout the room as Lui clicked away on the mouse while his artificial eyes scanned across the screen with a tight frown on his face. Vocaloids fans were at it again. Truthfully, no one could tell whether they were fans with the way they were still criticizing on Lui's appearance. Ever since Ring got her voice, her criticizers had lessened somewhat but that doesn't mean that they didn't exist.

Someone should change his clothes!

Horrible. I hope they wouldn't waste their time on him.

It's going to be productive anyway. Why bother?

Just shut up… Lui thought with an irritated look on his face. Why were they judging even before he was fully completed. Are all humans this judgmental? Why couldn't they be like some of the friendly Vocaloids here. Why can't they be… perfect?

Lui had known that Len and Rin didn't get favors immediately but they managed to topped the charts some time after gaining their own voices. Fans just didn't realize that things weren't always what it seems. That Lui wasn't a copy of Len. He was of his own self. He was Lui Hibiki, not Len Kagamine. Why couldn't such simple common sense get through those people's heads. And they seemed to enjoy shooting off because Lui was just a robot. Just like the rest of the Vocaloids.

Speak all you want. Lui gritted his teeth and pulled the plug without properly switching off. He just felt… furious with the way people were acting so thoughtlessly. Everyone had gotten their share of hatred but it was alright to react negatively to it, right? If not, they were expected to smile as if goddess two are smiling down on them? Ridiculous.

Lui's ever changing train of thoughts were interrupted when he heard Miku's voice, announcing that they were home. Although he had claimed that he didn't hate Len yesterday night, it was still awkward talking with him. Nevertheless, this was something that was definitely unavoidable.

"Lui-nii, I'm home!" Ring ran over and gave her brother a hug when Lui came within their sights.

Welcome home.

"How was your day? Did you managed to keep yourself occupied?" Kaito asked in a friendly manner while trying to avoid certain touchy subjects.

Lui nodded while unconsciously forming a depressed frown on his face which left Kaito confused. He was sure that he kept his question as vague and simple as possible. So what made Lui gave that look on his face? Unless something had happened while they were gone. Kaito felt tempted to ask in attempt to make Lui feel better but he didn't want to prod around. So he tried to get it off the younger boy's mind.

"How do you feel now? You blacked out yesterday night while you were out and Len had to carry you home." Kaito changed the subject.

I'm fine now. Sorry to worry you. Lui mouthed.

After being with Lui around for some time, they had managed to catch most of Lui's mouth movement without Ring's help. On top of that, they were programmed to pick up most of the things that humans would have trouble with.

"Len was struggling the whole time as he was still wearing platforms." Gakupo chuckled at the memory.

Len huffed with his personality back to normal. "I was supposed to…"

"You were not." Gakupo reminded, "I guess we should be grateful that it was Karakuri Burst that was installed in Len's drive yesterday. I really wouldn't know what would happen to Lui if it was 'Spice' instead."

"Is Len even legal to sing that?" Kaito muttered.

"I'm not a small boy!" Len protested.

Lui, instead, tilted his head slightly in confusion. Spice was one of the songs he didn't manage to listen while he was at the laboratory. For some reason, it was one of the songs that he had seen on the list but didn't obtain from the staffs. Karakuri Burst was one of them due to it's violent contents. They really wanted to keep Lui safe before he could be fully initiated.

Lui pulled on Kaito's sleeves to get his attention. Spice?

"It's… something you wouldn't want to listen," Kaito simply replied.

"I heard it and I think it's weird. The lyrics said something about 'skin on skin' and taste?" Ring recalled aloud while not noticing the looks of horror on the adults' face. Len, on the other hand, merely looked peeved that he was still treated like a little boy he is.

I don't get it.

"You don't have to," Kaito said a little bit too quickly while mentally glad that Len hadn't burst out the meaning of the lyrics.

But I want to. Explain it to me! Lui had a stubborn look on his face while wanting to know what was the meaning of the lyrics that had gotten the adults so worked up. He also didn't like the fact that he was treated like a kid.

"Let's just say that… it holds some perverted stuff," Luka explained carefully while being reminded of the time they had to explain it to LEN.

Perverted? Lui cocked his head to the side while blinking robotically. Something like holding hands?

He is even more innocent than Len! All of them except for Len thought in shock.

"B-But Lui-nii… we held hands before," Ring stuttered shakily.

But we are siblings.

"L-Lui. It goes way far back so I think maybe you should ask again after your contents are fully downloaded," Gakupo tried to dissuade the young Vocaloid from asking any more questions regarding the topic.

"What's wrong with telling him?" Len asked after he got himself back into their conversation. "It wasn't that hard."

"No. Len," Gakupo ordered strictly.

Lui, which Len found was quite adorable, and griped onto the sleeve tighter. I want to know. Or I'll search in the internet…


Who knows what kind of detailed explanation the internet would give to the innocent young boy? Hell, the boy might accidentally clicked some videos for demonstration. No doubt the Master would have their throats when he found out that they had tainted the new Vocaloid even before he was fully initiated.

"Argh! You all are such wimps!" Meiko cried out loud and apparently, she was drunk again. "If you lot are not going to explain, I will!" And before anyone could stop her, Meiko had already burst into explanations. Anyone who tried to ran towards her to cover her mouth, was immediately smacked into the walls. "And that's all."

I don't get it.


And before Meiko could interrupt anymore, Kaito quickly stopped her. "I think. We should all get changed before we do anything else. Agreed?" Kaito smiled painfully while urging Meiko back up to her room. "Lui, why don't you make for us lunch in the meantime? Just forget everything for now."


Definitely weird people.


While Lui was preparing their lunch, Len headed back to their bedroom to change. When he stepped into the room, he noticed that the plug to the computer was out of its sockets. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem but the switch of the socket was still on. Grumbling to himself something about mistreating electronic devices (He is one of those devices after all), and put the plug back into its socket.

I should check my emails. Len thought and turned on the computer.

After he done that, he clicked on the internet browser and decided to browse around for some fun. Before he managed to get into any browsing, he noticed that the computer had automatically saved the website which was previously on but was never closed properly. Curious at what Lui might be looking at, he clicked on the link and scanned his robotic eyes throughout the words on the screen

His lips was pursed into a small frown as he scrolled down the pages.

No wonder Lui seemed as though he was a little off. He was looking through these horrible comments on him. It made Len sigh in frustration. Both at the criticizers and also at Lui. He thought that Lui would stay clear of that page. Len had told him before that he needed not to pay attention to it until his first song was released,

Great. Because of all those people making stupid comments, Lui is going to get upset again. He thought in frustration as he plugged the plug out roughly, somewhat like how Lui did. All because of me.

During dinner, Gakupo felt that not only Lui was acting a little weird, Len was too silent for his own good. Even when Rin took his portion of his favorite food, he hardly put up a fight. In addition, he felt that the tension between them was awkward. Not like when Gakupo had confessed to Kaito before they started to secretly going out, it was something more ominous and frankly, it was starting to choke the system out of him.

Sensitive Vocaloid.

"Kaito… do you feel anything weird?" Gakupo whispered to the person behind him.

"Mmm?" Kaito still had some food in his mouth as he spoke, "Not really. Why?"

Gakupo sighed and shook his head. Kaito was so dense unless what was before him slapped him across the face. He looked around at the other Vocaloids, mainly females, to find them chatting happily among themselves. They had been caught up in their own world that they didn't even notice the two shotas' dilemma. Hell, even Rin who was originally making fun of him, didn't feel anything weird when Len hardly reacted to her teasing. This was becoming worrisome.

Gakupo coughed and tried to grab Len's attention. "So Len… how was the food?"


Gakupo had to raise an eyebrow to that.

"But you hadn't taken a bite yet."


Lui glanced at Len from the corners of his eyes with his eyebrows raised. Was the food he cooked so bad that Len had to use a lie to coverup without even tasting it. Sure, the others were eating happily but all Lui could focus for the day, was Len and the insults directed to him.

Well sorry for being incomplete. Lui thought before he stood up.

"Lui?" Gakupo called out as he looked up at the silently fuming Vocaloid. Even that caught Len's attention.

Lui cleared his plates and went back to the kitchen silently to wash them. He thought that Len was angry that he had to end up with no dinner because of his second rate food. Whatever. If he wanted to starve, then he could jolly well become a stick for his life. Forever remaining as a shota.

Len, on the other hand, was confused as to why Lui would leave so abruptly until the memory of what he had caught on the computer came to him. He frowned while thinking that Lui was starting to become angry at him because he was being compared to him. Yes, even after they had cleared that up before, Lui's attitude towards Len just now was unbecoming.

"I'm full," Len announced and headed back to his room.

Have a nice meal. Lui mouthed to the others before heading up to the room as well.

Gakupo shook his head in exasperation at the two's behavior before turning to the still happily eating Kaito. When it comes to food, there was almost nothing that could pull him away. He was surprised that either of them survived the sharp tension that could cut an iron in half.

"Kaito, I think there is something wrong with the both of them," Gakupo concluded and sneaked his hand underneath the table to intertwine with Kaito's to catch his attention.

Always works.

Kaito blushed when he felt Gakupo's larger hand on his and immediately stopped eating. "Gakupo," Kaito hissed quietly. "What are you doing? The others are still here."

"They won't notice," Gakupo reassured and leaned his face closer to his ears. "You weren't listening to me."

Kaito gulped before frowning. "Can't this wait?"

"Already happened," Gakupo pointed out before letting out another sigh at the other's confused look. Instead, Gakupo sprouted a smirk. "Besides, how sure are you that we're going to talk when we go back up to our room?"

"Shhh! S-Stop being a pervert during dinner!" Kaito hissed quietly while giving his secret lover a small slap upside the head.

Gakupo frowned and rubbed the spot where Kaito had hit him. "I was just telling the truth," He grumbled.

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