So this is awkward... I feel that I should start this by saying sorry.

sorry that i'm not going to write any more stories on ; the reasons for this are numerous but I'll give the 2 biggest ones

1.) writers block: and not the type of writers block that all of us get because we can't figure out where our stories will go from the point that we last left off writing, my writers block comes from... the fact that I haven't written anything fanfiction related for 3 whole years... and I've lost all of my notes of where I was going with any of my stories... so yeah I'm sorry :(

2.) lack of free time: I am 20 years old going on 21 and I'm trying to get a job; trying to get through college... and I guess that the number 1 killer of fanfiction writers has struck again... I'm sorry...

so just to be brief (I don't want this to be a huge thing that is longer than my chapters) I will say, thank you; I spent way too much time trying to write my stories; and I still do things on this site, I remain in contact with writrers like Admiral Muffin, and Star of Fate; both great writers with way more free time than me... and both of them have even incorporated ideas that I have given them into their stories (Muffin more than Star but it still counts)

so to be honest I hope you'll give them a look I'm sorry that I couldn't give you more of my fanfictions

so if any of you want to give your best try at writing my stories here is what you have to do.

1.) ask me if you can write my stories; if you can give me an outline of where you think it would have gone had I continued writing it and I like it it's yours; but remember first come first serve.

2.) copy/paste the story into a text document

3.) upload the story to your account and write them how you want to write them...

I'm sorry that I'm doing this... I really am...

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I'm sorry...

I feel bad for doing this and I'm sorry... I wasn't that good of a fanfiction writer but you guys liked my stories anyways... I'm sorry and thank you for supporting me... I'm sorry