A/N: This is AU, with two little OC's. Bruce is about twenty-eight here, and has been Batman for about five years. Hope you like it!

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"Ah Master Bruce, I thought you would have returned by now."

Bruce looked up from the car, raising an eyebrow at his mentor/butler. "I would have been home sooner; I had a run in with Luthor on one of the league missions."

"I expected as much sir." Alfred's hand reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a crisp white envelope. "You have a letter sir, from Miss Hart."

Bruce's brow furrowed. "Sarah?" He stood, taking the letter.

"Indeed sir, I'll put on a lot of tea." Alfred left without another word, giving him his privacy.

He tore it open after making sure that it was indeed Sarah Hart; his eyes scanned the letter, wondering why she would contact him after so long...

Dear Bruce,

I'm dying.

Morbid right? But you know me; I've never been one to beat around the bush.

But anyway, that isn't why I'm writing to you now. I'm writing to tell you that you're a father. I should have told you sooner, I know that now. But, you have to understand that I didn't know what to do. We were both so young, and when you told me about what you planned to do, about your mission…well I'll admit I was skeptical. Gotham is a dangerous city; you know that more than most. I didn't want my child to grow up in a city like that, with all those crazies. So I ran away from Gotham, and from you.

Our boys need you Bruce, they need someone who will understand and love them, and I know you will. The twin's names are Thomas Anthony and Nathan Robert Wayne. Our firstborn, Thomas was named for your father and Nathan for mine; they just turned four on Halloween. They're both so smart Bruce, and they look so much like you it makes my heart ache.

I only have about a month left. The doctors have told me its cancer. The bad kind, although I suppose any cancer is bad cancer.

If you agree to raise them, which I pray you will since I have no one else, I'm at St. Peter's Hospital in Metropolis.

I love you Bruce, I always have.


Sarah Hart

His mouth dropped in shock. He was a father. He was...a father? He had sons. Not only one, but two; two twin boys.

And Sarah, his first love. They had dated on and off throughout their high school years, and well into college. They had broken up again when he had traveled to Asia, and trained with Ra's al Ghul; he had reconnected with her nearly five years ago, although it hadn't lasted. But at least it would explain the boys….

He couldn't think like that now, he had two rooms to prepare.

"And you be good for your Daddy, okay? He's gonna' take you places and buy you toys..."

"Toys!" An excited scream.

Bruce stood outside the hospital door, his heart hammering against his ribcage. He was going to see Sarah again after five long years apart; and his sons, he was going to see his children for the first time.

"You may as well come in Bruce! I can see you lurking behind that door."

He pushed it open with a somewhat sheepish smile. Two children, his children played on the floor, their raven heads bobbing as they babbled to each other. He looked up, his blue eyes locking with Sarah's green.

"Meet your sons Bruce, already making a mess of themselves." She giggled hoarsely, pointing at the two toddlers who were now busy throwing their toys in the air.

Bruce swallowed nervously, taking a few steps toward them until he was only a foot or so away. One of the boys looked up, his bright green eyes widening. "Daddy." He babbled, patting his twin on the leg until the other boy turned as well. The other blinked, a smile making its way onto his face. "Daddy!" He screamed. He stood up, walking with wobbly steps until he was under the TV. He pointed up at it, "Daddy!"

Bruce looked back at Sarah. "I may have pointed you out a few times when you were on the news." She giggled.

"Hi, I'm Tommy." A small hand pulled at his shirt, making him turn. The small boy blushed, his feet shuffling nervously.

"Hi Tommy." Bruce grinned, somewhat surprised when Tommy grinned back at him.

"Nate!" Tommy shouted suddenly.

"Huh?" The other boy toddled over. "What?"

Tommy gestured to Bruce, making complex motions with his hands as he babbled.

Bruce looked back at Sarah again, his eyebrow raised. She shrugged, "They have their own language. Maybe you can figure it out; they won't tell me their secrets."

"Are you really our Daddy?" Nate demanded, pulling on Bruce's shirt until he faced them again.

Bruce nodded, "Yes."

Tommy and Nate grinned, murmuring a soft, "'Kay." And then Bruce's arms were full of snuggling, giggling little boys. "Mommy said you would buy us toys." One of them whispered impishly.

Bruce chuckled. "Lots of toys." He agreed, pulling both boys tighter into his embrace. These were his sons, his boys.

After a few hours spent together at the hospital and somewhat tearful goodbyes with their mother the two boys arrived at Wayne Manor.

"Tommy! Look!" Nathan squealed, grabbing his twin's hand and dragging him to see yet another statue or painting. Tommy 'Ooooed', looking back at Bruce with a big smile.

"They do resemble you very strongly Master Bruce."

Bruce looked back to see Alfred descend the stairs. He grinned, "You think so?" They certainly looked like him, tall for their age with thick black hair. They had their mother in them too though; their green eyes and bubbly laugh were proof of that.

"Daddy?" A small hand pulled at his pant leg.

"Yes Nate?" He leaned down, picking up the toddler. Nathan snuggled into his shoulder, wrapping small arms around his neck.

"I'm sleepy." A small yawn accompanied the words, making Bruce tighten his hold with a small smile. He rubbed the boys back comfortingly.

"Alright." He glanced over his shoulder. "Tommy! Let's go see your room!"

"My room!"



His head shot up, eyes blinking sluggishly in the harsh light of the meeting room. Had he fallen asleep? That had never happened before, he was growing careless...

"Rough night?" Superman teased.

He grunted; Clark didn't know the half of it. Who knew that two four year olds had so much energy? Add that to his already hectic schedule of business meetings and nights of flying around Gotham and he was beat. And it had only been two months….it was no wonder he had fallen asleep.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Wonder Woman placed a comforting hand onto his shoulder; he shrugged it off.

"I'm fine."

"If you say so; so anyway..."

The rest of the meeting faded away as his mind drifted. The boy's first day of school was tomorrow. He had promised them McDonald's for breakfast. He mentally snickered as he remembered the look on Alfred's face when the boys stated that they preferred McDonalds over 'Grandpa's cooking.


"What?" He snapped, glaring at Clark's innocent looking Boy Scout face.

"What do you think?"

"About Luthor or about Joker, Clark? You need to be more specific."

Superman glared, he had almost gotten him. One day he would finally bust Bruce for not paying attention in a meeting.



"Daddy?" A small hand pulled at his covers.

He sat up, opening bloodshot eyes to look blearily down at the small boy. "Nathan? What's wrong?"

"I-I wet my bed." Tears trickled down his son's cheeks as he stared at his socks.

"Oh… that's okay. Come on, we'll go get cleaned up." He rolled over, stretching before rising and taking his son in his arms. The wet patch on his pajamas confirmed what the small boy had told him. He grimaced, but tightened his hold on Nate, rubbing his back soothingly.

One laundry load and shower later, Nate was snuggled against his side, snoring softly.

Nate and Tommy munched happily on their hash browns, licking their fingers.

Bruce nursed his coffee in the front seat, listening to his sons babble in their secret language with each other. "What are you two saying?"

Both boys looked up. "We're talking about school."

"How did you come up with that language?" Bruce looked back at them in the mirror, his eyebrow raised.

"I dunno." Nate shrugged, opening his milk and gulping it down.

"We could teach it to you. It's not that hard."


"Okay so school is tchool. You just make the first letter be the next one instead."

"I see. And you were how old when you came up with this?"

Both boys grinned, "Uhree."


"And they lived happily ever after, the end.

"It can't end like that!"

Bruce looked over at Nate, his brow furrowing. "What? Why not?"

Nate crossed his arms, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. "Mommy always made it end with 'and they lived happily ever after…until the giant dragon swallowed them.' So the dragon lives happily ever after, not the princess and prince Daddy."

Tommy rolled over in his sleep, snoring loudly.

Bruce chuckled, running his fingers gently through his son's raven hair. "Of course he does." He leaned down, giving the small boy a kiss on the forehead. He then walked over to Tommy's bed, adjusting the blankets to better cover him before planting a kiss on his forehead as well.

"Night Daddy, love you."

Bruce's chest tightened with emotion. "Love you too Nate."

The end for now! This will just be a series of one-shots surrounding Tommy and Nate and their interactions with Bruce and eventually the rest of the league. If you have any ideas feel free to let me know and I'll do my best!

Oh, and this is a crossover because of a certain character who comes later :D