OK so im starting a new fan fic

This is a Without A Trace Fan fic

It is a MartinXOC

Hope you like it

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Ok so I will start

OC Info

Name: Miriam Sanalias

Age: 4 Years younger than Martin

Occupation: Antique Shop Owner.

There will be some other Ocs in this story because it is a crime scene show but I will introduce them.

Ok so lets start


"Martin," yelled Danny from across the room as he saw his best friend coming in to work.

"We got a case already," yawned Martin.

"AS a matter of fact we did," laughed Elena.

"Nice," yawned Martin again.

"So who went missing," asked Sam?

"A girl name Miriam Sanalias," replied Jack. AS soon as Jack said that it struck a nerve at Martin and became stuff.

"Are you ok Martin," asked Vivian as the whole team turned.

"Yeah I am," Martin said quietly.

"She is 24 and an Antique shop owner," said Danny.

"Who would kidnap an antique shop owner," asked Elena.

"Someone who wants revenge," Laughed Jack.

"Dammit," said Martin under his breath.

"Are you sure you are ok," asked Danny a bit worried for his bestfriend.

"yeah I am fine," replied Martin.

"Ok than, Viv and Sam check through her phone calls in the pass 45 hours, Danny and Elena go to the antique shop and talk to people who have seen her, and Martin you come with me because you been an egg all day so he will come with me and look into her background crime records," said Jack.

"She doesn't have any," replied Martin.

"And how will you know that," asked Jack?

"Ah no reason, lets go," replied Martin.

"He is a bit weried," said Sam.

Everyone got up and started to figure out what was going on

- Antique Shop-

"Hey, You are Carly right," asked Danny?

"yeah I am and I work with Miriam and I don't know why she disappeared or what happened," replied Carly.

"Um we didn't say anything," replied Elena.

"Does she have any enemies," asked Danny.

"She usually keep to her self but she talks about her ex a lot," replied Carly.

"Who is her ex," asked Elena.

"Some guy name Martin Fitzgerald, they broke up about 5 years ago, but I think she still likes him," replied Carly.

This gave Elena and Danny both a shock and Danny took out his phone and showed a pic of Martin and him.

"Is this Martin," asked Danny?

"yeah you know him," asked Carly?

"Yeah," replied Danny.

"Thanks for your help, we will get back with you," replied Elena.

Elena and Danny both got to the car.

"Is that why Martin had that shock thing when he saw her," asked Elena.

"I don't know, he never mentioned her, and I don't think he even has anything to do with it," said Danny.

"We don't know that we need to question her more about this," replied Elena.

"I know but I just don't think Martin would do something like that," said Danny worried.

"She did say Martin was her ex," said Elena.

"Lets go back to fine out what the others got," said Danny and drove back to the office.

Elena and Martin came back looking worried and Martin had a blank expression

"Any news," asked Vivan.

"Yeah this girl is like a goody tissue," replied Sam.

"She really is," said Jack.

"Well we found out about her ex," said Danny calmly.

This hit Martin and he tried to get up.

"Sit down Martin," said Elena.

"Whats up," asked Jack?

"You guys look worried," said VIvan.

"Her ex was our Martin," said Elena.

"What," said Sam.

"Dammit, What the hell," yelled Martin.

"Martin listen," said Danny.

"No I don't want ive been in a lot of pain because of her and I don't want anything to do with her, she broke up with me," snapped Martin and got out of the room.

"What was that," said Sam.

-ok that was the first chap-

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