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The rain pounded the windows and created an eerie glow in the room lit only by two small bedside lamps. Callie and Arizona had planned to spend the rare night off together out on the town but had opted for a quiet night in after noting that the rain wasn't going to let up. Though they were accustomed to Seattle's rainy weather this downpour seemed a bit more…aggressive and neither was in the mood to get all pretty only to wind up looking like drowned rats minutes later.

So here they were in bed after a delicious dinner that Callie had whipped up from their sparse groceries. Both women were deep in their own world Callie in devouring an orthopedic medical journal and Arizona studying for a particularly difficult surgery. Neither spoke too often but it was a comfortable silence. The kind that single people hope to obtain and most couples work toward for years. They no longer felt the need to fill silence with incessant chatter, they knew how to just be.

A beeping sound pierced the silence and caused them both to jump slightly. The contented smile that Arizona had been wearing quickly turned into a small frown as Callie removed the hand that had been resting on her thigh in order to reach for her cell phone. The screen showed a text message from Mark and Callie rolled her eyes at the thought of what her best friend could be texting about.

"Hey whatcha doin' Torres? "

Callie sighed as she searched her brain for ways to keep Mark out of their apartment for the night. She loved her friend but right now she was comfortable and Mark wasn't a sit still and be quiet type of guy. Not that she would let him sit in the bed tonight anyway. She'd since learned her lesson about allowing Mark into her bed in more ways than one.

"I'm in bed Mark. Why?"

Satisfied that her vague response might do the job Callie returned the phone to the night stand, picked up her journal, and placed a hand back on her girlfriend's thigh. Arizona's smile returned with the contact and she resumed studying. Not two minutes later the same beeping cut through the silence and Callie quickly snatched it up once again making Arizona frown at the loss.

"Ooh…you and Blondie having pound cake? ;)"

"That's none of your business you perv!" Callie typed while smiling slightly. She and Mark had always shared details about their sex lives but when she met Arizona she stopped. It just never felt right to share that part of their relationship. Besides most often she'd been complaining or asking for advice when she talked about sex with Mark. With Arizona…there was nothing to complain about.

"Well it can't be that good if you're texting lol. Want me to come over? Maybe she could use a lesson in the Sloan method."

"TRUST ME. No one over here needs a lesson in the Sloan anything!" Callie typed careful not to appear too upset so that Arizona didn't ask what she was talking about or with whom.

"Well obviously someone does or you wouldn't be texting me during sex. Seriously if its that bad you could just stop and we could go to Joe's for a drink."

"Oh my God Mark stop it! I never said we were having sex I said we were in bed. We're reading you perv."

"Well that's just…wrong and sad."

"What is wrong with reading Mark? We're surgeons. We do it a lot."

"Yea but not in bed. Bed is for sex and sleeping. Especially when there are two hot chicks involved. You two act like an old married couple. I'm disappointed in you Torres."

Callie started to unleash her Latina temper on her friend via text but unfortunately he had a point. While she and Arizona still had regular sex it was definitely less often and much less adventurous than it had been just a few months before. Were they getting boring? She slowly started typing a new message to Mark: "Disappointed? Why? And did you just call me old?"

As soon as the phone beeped again Callie snatched it up to read Mark's message. "Yea you're wasting a perfectly good night off reading. Reading! I know I'm a new man and I'm all for relationships but only the good kind with good sex."

"We have GREAT sex all the time! Shows what you know." Callie countered

"I know that six months ago I could hear moans and Spanish curses coming from your place every night. Its been a while since I've had my sleep interrupted…"

"You listen to us have sex? Gross! You better hope Arizona never finds out or she will kill you."

"No I USED to listen to you have sex. It's not like I tried to. You guys were LOUD. But I don't anymore because you two are busy READING lol"

Reading that last text Callie could almost see the mocking smirk on Sloan's face. Why was she letting him get to her? She knew they had great sex, in fact they'd had an amazing wake up call in the shower that same morning. But…she'd be lying if she said that things were the same as they'd been six months ago. Before they tried new things all the time but now that they were well acquainted with each other's bodies the frantic kinky sex had all but taken a back seat to regular, dare she say it…vanilla sex. It was still plenty passionate and no doubt the best sex of her life but more often than not the opted for the fast and simple way so that they could get more sleep.

"I'm not having this conversation with you Mark. Its creepy . I'll see you at work tomorrow."

Determined to make that the last text of the night Callie turned the phone on silent and returned it to the night stand. She tried to get back to the article she had been reading but she was suddenly aware of just how hot Arizona's thigh was beneath her hand. She read the same sentence 20 times as she thought about the crazy sex that she had shared with her girlfriend in the past trying to remember the last time that they'd thrown caution to the wind or canceled plans for reasons other than the weather.

No this article definitely wasn't going to get read tonight…..