You know the drill people. I'm just a fan who likes to imagine things. While the storyline is mine (though I can't imagine it hasn't been done in some capacity before) I don't own the characters. Please don't sue me. Besides I'm poor so you wouldn't get far.

Arizona stretched and turned in bed; reaching out to find cold sheets in the place of her hot girlfriend. A frown pulled at her sleepy face and she cracked open an eye to lazily search for Callie. Once she'd completed a quick survey of the room, she pulled herself to the edge of the bed and checked the floor knowing that the brunette had a tendency to fall from the bed and continue sleeping undisturbed on the hardwood. But she wasn't there either. She didn't hear the shower or TV running, the smell of breakfast wasn't in the air, where could Callie be?

Callie's curly ponytail bobbed on her shoulders as she jogged down the sidewalk. The brunette had woken up with an urge to run so she slipped out without waking her girlfriend. Normally she would head to a nearby park but this for some reason this day she found herself padding down the sidewalk through neighborhoods and the store front mini malls. Looking up she recognized the diner where she had gone with the blonde a few weeks prior. Callie checked her watch noting that Arizona would probably be awake soon and decided to stop in to grab breakfast for them.

She entered the diner wiping her forehead with her sleeve and squinting at the change of light. It was much busier in the daylight hours and Callie wasn't sure where to start.

"Back again?"

Callie turned her head toward the voice and was surprised to see Nicole, the waitress from the night they'd visited.

"Yea. I was in the area and…wait don't you work at night?" Callie questioned.

"I work nights, evenings, mornings, I'm always here" the waitress rolled her eyes comically. "Do you need a seat? If you're alone I can get you a stool at the counter" she shuffled the brunette toward the counter as she spoke.

"I know what that's like" Callie said in response to her hours "I was actually wondering if I could order something to go. Arizona, that's the blonde I was with, I want to surprise her. She should be awake soon."

"Oh" Nicole said raising an eyebrow "Wooing your lady huh? That's sweet" she smiled. "Now normally there would be a bit of a wait …BUT" she interrupted Callie's growing frown "The cook? I have his ear. So I'll take care of you. What do you want…" she paused waiting for the brunette's name.


"Ok so what'll it be Callie?"

"I really liked that French Toast so Zona should try that. And…I don't know what should I get?"

Nicole knitted her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side while studying the brunette.

"What?" Callie said, uncomfortable under the thoughtful gaze.

"I'm just trying to figure out a non offensive way to say that…you look like a woman who would enjoy café con leche."

Callie's eyes narrowed slightly not sure how to take that comment but her confusion gave way to surprise "You have café con leche?Here?! In Seattle?"

"Yes" Nicole laughed clearly relieved that the brunette wasn't offended.

"Who makes it?" Callie scanned the diner skeptically for a familiar or rather, familial face.

"I do." The waitress answered quickly "and since you seem receptive to it, I'm guessing you wouldn't turn down tostadas and…" she lightened her tone comically "ham croquetas?"

"Sold!" Callie smacked the counter jokingly. "Fry 'em up."

Nicole gestured to a seat and turned to place the order. Callie sat tapping her fingers on the counter and taking in her surroundings. The diner was emptying as people hurried off to work and the brunette found herself alone at the counter in a matter of minutes. A few of the booths were still occupied and 2 other waitresses hustled back and forth filling cups and moving plates. She turned her attention to Nicole who was a few feet away quickly organizing receipts and counting tips.

Callie took this opportunity to study the woman. Nicole was tall, almost as tall as she, and just as if not more curvy. She had shoulder length, wavy black hair and deep set almond eyes framed by impossibly long lashes. Her skin was a deep, roasted, almost almond brown. That's when Callie saw it. Familial. She chuckled out loud.

"Hmm?" Nicole's head sprung up, "I'm sorry I'm actually going to make your food myself. Well the croquetas and tostadas…and the coffee of course. He just has to get out the last few orders that were ahead of you."

"Its fine" Callie laughed "I just…I'm searching for the PC way to say that you look like a woman who would know how to make café con leche" she quirked an eyebrow. "¿Eres cubano?" (Are you Cuban?)

"No" Nicole laughed. "Cerrar. Esto debe ser divertido. Tomar una conjetura." (Close. This should be fun. Take a guess.) she urged planting her elbows on the counter in front of Callie.

"Well…" Callie tapped her chin "since we've established that we're family here. I'm just going to come out and say that at first glance I would just say you're Black."

"Did you think that would be offensive to me?" Nicole smiled. "I am of African descent" she finished before Callie could answer.

"And this is America so that means you could be a bit of everything" the brunette laughed.

"Too true. But you were headed in the right direction" Nicole said.

"Puerto Rican? Brazilian?" Callie paused for a second to think "Peruvian!"

"Those are much more intelligent guesses than I normally get, I'll give you that. But all wrong. I am Domincan and Cape Verdean. And Black of course."

"I want to say I would've guessed that but…"

"Its ok. I wouldn't know where Cape Verde was if my grandma wasn't from there" the waitress laughed. She took a quick look around the now calm diner. "You want to help me make the croquetas? Or watch?"

"Yea! Can I… I can do that?"

"Sure. I have a bit of freedom around here. And you work at the hospital right? I assume you wash your hands well."

"I literally took a class on it."

"Ok." Nicole turned her attention to the waitresses "Guys start your breaks whenever you're ready. I'll go last today." Turning back to the brunette she said "Come on Callie. Let see how in touch you are with your Cuban roots" she laughed.

Walking into the kitchen she nodded her head toward the sink where Callie could wash her hands and tossed her a hairnet.

"Gina! Where is our wonderful head cook?" Nicole spoke to a stout older woman.

"Smoke break" the woman answered eyeing the brunette and silently questioning her presence in the kitchen.

"Well why don't you join him? My friend Callie and I are going to make some croquetas. You want some?" she winked comically at Callie over the woman's head.

Gina shook her head and made her way out of the kitchen for a break. Nicole took Callie's place at the sink and quickly washed her hands.

"Will you grab the dough out of the refrigerator? You can choose chicken or ham" she called to Callie while putting two pans on the fire.

The two women spoke in Spanish while Nicole moved swiftly around the kitchen preparing the croquetas, tostadas and French Toast breakfast. 15 minutes later Callie was staring hungrily at the piping hot fritters while Nicole fished the coffee and packed the To-Go containers.

"Here you go" Nicole handed over a bag with the meals inside "Go surprise your girl. Sorry it took so long."

"I've been in here less than 30 minutes. It wasn't long at all. How much do I owe you?"

"Oh." Nicole looked almost as if she'd forgotten that she should expect payment. "Its on the house. I think its cute that you're surprising her. It reminds me of my girlfriend. It would be nice if someone tossed her a freebie on some of the surprises she's always getting me so, karma or whatever" she finished handing Callie the drink carrier.

"Your girlfriend does this sort of thing all the time?" Callie asked as they walked to the door. "Maybe I need to take some tips from her."

"I'd try to make you feel better by saying no but, everyone should. She's pretty amazing." Nicole held the door open letting the brunette pass onto the sidewalk. "Hurry and get home before its me know how you guys like everything."

"Thanks" Callie tucked a folded bill into her palm "What? I have to tip" she smiled as she started down the sidewalk.

Ok I know what you're thinking: No Calzona moments BOO! Patience, young ones. I have a plan. A loosely developed one that a creative block is attempting to thwart but…I have one. I used a translator for the Spanish and did some quick internet research on Cuban foods. I'm sorry if I got it all horribly wrong and someone is offended. I tried. I know you have thoughts. Let me hear them.