A/N: I'm bored. It's late. True Life is on MTV. I'm eating way too much junk food. And so, I'm writing random EE AUs. This one is high school, and it's basically witty, sexual banter and a shit ton of angst and tension. Awesome. Excuse the spacing hiccup that might occur, my word processor is being a bitch.

She was there again, skin pressed against cheap Target-brand sheets. They made her want to break out in hives. They were her sheets, her filthy fucking sheets. And here she was, naked on them with her legs spread and her eyes barely able to focus on the ceiling. The ceiling had a very obnoxious ceiling fan, which spun and spun and fuck.

"You'd better get out of bed before dad and Mum Olga wake up."

Hattie immediately pulled the cheap-ass sheets up over her, and with a glare she turned to face her stepsister.

"Don't tell me what to do." The response was so simple and so curt that Hattie's stepsister scoffed.

"Oh, okay. Funny how you didn't say that last night when I basically made you my bitch."

Hattie felt her entire body flush.

"God, Ella. I like you so much better when your head is between my legs."

Ella chuckled, pulling a t-shirt over her head and running her fingers through her hair.

"I like you better when I'm there, too. That way I don't have to look you in the face."

Hattie jumped out of bed then, trying hard not to look at Ella's smug little face. She fucking hated her. She couldn't even really understand why she bothered fucking her in the first place. What was the point?

Oh, right. Ella had a magic tongue. She was like the fairy of cunnilingus.

"You're lucky you're so good at eating me out, or I wouldn't even spit in your direction."

Ella took the biting remark in stride, smirking still and stuffing her hands in the back pockets of her jeans.

"Sure, sure. Mm, if you didn't have such a nice ass, I wouldn't look your way."

Hattie had bent over, attempting to pick up her clothes, only to stand upright and catch Ella staring at her.

"Ha. Glad to know you appreciate what you smack every night. Oh, and a word of advice, dear. The next time you invite me into your room for a late night booty call, do make sure you use your good sheets."

"Why? You'll just ruin them." Hattie blushed so hard then she thought she looked like a goddamn lobster.

Ella crossed the room, hands coming to rest on Hattie's hips. The sudden closeness made her shiver, and she wanted nothing more than to push Ella to the ground and kick her in the face.

"Get away," Hattie hissed, and Ella merely dug her nails into her stepsister's hips.

"We're going to go to school today, and you're going to give blowjobs to your boyfriend

and tell all your friends how much he means to you and how much you love him. And then, you're going to get home. And you're going to fuck me."

Hattie's breath caught in her throat. She felt eyes start to water, the reality of everything hitting her like a fucking lighting bolt. Ella's lips were on hers then, soft and sweet, contrary to everything they ever did in bed. There was never anything sweet. Never anything soft. It was fucking. It was hatred. It was loathing.

And she'd never regretted it-not even once-not until now.

"Get out there and fake it. Be his baby girl. And come home and be my whore."