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Previously on Spn:

Bela had broken into the motel and pulled out her gun, pointed it at the beds with the Winchesters sleeping under the covers… but before she could pull the trigger, she broke down. She was a thief, she'd been broken and abused, she'd made all the wrong decisions and few choices that got people killed. Bela herself, well she wasn't a killer. Sure, Dean thought she was… but he didn't know her real story. She'd have to kill Dean as well, because even if Lilith let her live, killing Sam would end with Dean killing her. She couldn't pull the trigger. She wasn't going to kill Sam, even though everything inside her told her she should. She then noticed it was odd how neither of them had woken up. She almost hoped they would, and Dean would just end her life before the hellhounds came for her. All she had to do was kill Sam, and this could be over… but long ago she'd fought against the hold demons had on her. How had she given up and started letting Lilith control her life? She was taking control back. Bela finally walked to the beds, and quickly jerked the covers to find they'd gotten one on her this time… the boys were gone.

Bela sits alone on the motel bed, the tears now drying on her cheek as she spoke into the phone.

"Because…just maybe you can kill the bitch." She said, the anger she had about her deal creeping back up.

But she knew it was over. Dean couldn't help her, even if he would want to, which he didn't.

"I'll see you in hell." Dean said, and hung up the phone.

She slowly put the phone back on the hook. She saw the clock finally turn to 12:00, and then she could hear the hellhound's howls distantly.

It wasn't long before they were at the motel door, breaking through and ripping her apart. She hadn't even bothered to fight at this point.

Sam had managed to at least be immune to Lilith's powers… and was now holding on to Dean's lifeless bloody body. Not even he could avoid the few tears that fell.

After all the fighting, neither of them could get out of their deals. They'd both went to hell…but their stories weren't over yet.


In the middle of an open field, Dean Winchesters lays flat out on the grass. He's sweaty and covered in dirt after breaking free of his coffin. He finally stands, a little weak still, and very confused. What the hell happened? He looks around to notice all of the surrounding trees had been flattened.

Dean walked down an old dirt road to an abandoned gas station. His throat was raw and his legs were a little bit weak still, but he managed the few miles it took to get there. He walks to the door and breaks in through the glass. It takes a few moments, but he finds a newspaper. Dean was surprised at the date.

'September'. How? It'd really been 4 months since he went to hell? Maybe this was still hell? He was fairly certain it was not. As he looked in the mirror, he winced as he had a sudden flash of memories… the hell hounds first tearing him apart, being hooked up and the worse pain imaginable, and he shook his head as he came back to reality.

Dean made his way to the fridge, and downed a bottle of water. He then grabbed a few more things and headed outside to the payphone. He wasn't sure who to call first, but made up his mind.

He called Sam's number, but after just one ring it went into a automatic message saying that the number was disconnected. Dean decided to call Bobby.

Luckily, Bobby answers. "Yeah." Bobby said, voice rough.

"Bobby?" Dean asked. His voice was still hoarse.

"Who is this?" Bobby asked, suspicious.

"It's me." Dean answered.

"Who's me?"


Dean starts to talk, but Bobby had hung up the phone. Dean sighed, but tried again.

"What the hell is this? This ain't funny, try that again and I'll kill you, whoever you are."

"Bob…"Dean tried once more, but again Bobby hung up. Finally Dean put the phone back onto the receiver. He was just going to have to go see him.

Dean looked up to see if he could find a car, only to get the biggest shock of the day. He was not prepared for the sight of the woman before him. He slowly made his way from the payphone, still staring at her in shock.


"Dean…how'd I get here?"

"Good question. You're supposed to be dead."

"So were you…what's going on?"

"Okay, I can get me…I mean I figured maybe Sam did it…but you?"

She shrugged. "If it wasn't you or your brother, then how am I alive?"

"I don't know, I don't even know how I'm alive."

Dean stepped closer, but Bela took a step back. She wouldn't look at him. She'd been in hell too long, if she didn't trust anyone before she was pretty sure she shouldn't now. Was this all a trick, a way to get her to break? If so, she would have to admit it was a good effort, because she was freaked.

Dean spotted a car finally.

"I'm getting to Bobby's, maybe he'll know something. You can go figure it out by yourself if you want, or you can go with me since we both came back."

She nodded slowly, but didn't follow him until he was getting into the car.

She made her way to the passenger door.

"Bela, you have anything to do with this, or try to pull something, I will kill you."

She only nodded. Neither spoke a word on the drive to Bobby's.

Bobby's house

They finally arrived at Bobby's, and Dean knocked on the door. Bela stayed back further as the door opened.

"Surprise." Dean said quietly.

"Wha..how?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know, but here I am…or I guess I should say we." Dean said, looking back at Bela. "Though not sure why ."

As Dean walked inside and turned to face Bobby, he was met with a silver knife coming at him from Bobby.

"Who, hey…it's me." Dean yelled. Bela still stayed outside the front door. If Bobby was going to attack Dean, no telling what he'd do to her.

"My ass."

Dean rattled off some information about Bobby, trying to get Bobby to believe him.

Bobby still attacks, Bela makes her way through the door and shuts it behind her, still watching the two men.

"I'm no shapeshifter." Dean tried.

"Then you're a revenant."

Dean took the silver knife he'd gotten from Bobby, and cut himself with it. "Nope, neither." Dean said.

"Dean?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah." Dean whispered.

Bobby hugs him, both still ignoring that Bela was in the room as well.

"It's good to see you boy." Bobby said quietly.

"You too."

"But how?"

"Don't know, woke up in a pine box and…" Dean started, but was met with water to his face, more precisely holy water. "…I'm not a demon either." Dean finished, and spit out a bit of water.

Bela barely suppressed a chuckle at that one.

"Sorry, can't be too careful."

Bobby finally paid attention to the fact that Bela Talbot was standing in his house.

"Wait...her too? This don't make any sense."

Bela just looked at her feet. She didn't expect either of them would like that she was alive.

"I know…we have no idea."

"Dean, your chest was ribbons, insides were slop, and you've been buried for 4 months. Same for you I'm guessin." Bobby looked over to her. "Even if you two could climb out of hell and back into your meat suits, well…"

"We should look like Thriller video rejects?" Dean finished.

"What do you remember?"

"Not a lot, I was a hellhound's chew toy, then nothing. I woke up six feet under. Sam's numbers not working is he…"

"Alive, as far as I know."

"Good… wait what do you mean?"

"We haven't talked in a while."

"You just let him go off by himself?"

Bobby shrugged. "He was set on it."

"Bobby you" Dean started.

"I tried. You know these last few months haven't been easy… we had to bury you."

"Yeah…why did you bury me?"

"Sam. I was going to go with salt and burn, but he wouldn't have it. Said you'd need a body when he found a way to bring you back." Bobby looked down at his feet.


"I don't know, he was quiet."

"Damn it Sammy…"

"What?" Bobby asked.

"This had to have been him, but whatever he did…it isn't right."

"Whad'ya mean?"

"My gravesite, you shoulda seen it. Looked like a bomb went off. And then again at the gas station there was this force, I don't know. Oh, and then this…" Dean said, and lifted his short sleeve to reveal a red burn mark in the shape of a hand on his shoulder.

"And me…why me?" Bela asked.

They both looked at her.

"Somebody bury you?" Bobby asked."How'd you get back?"

"I woke up in a field, must have been close to same location as you." She said, nodding at Dean. "I don't know how I got there; obviously I'm a little far from where I died. So I don't know about anything weird next to where I awoke, but whatever force you felt…I did too."

"Marked?" Bobby asked.

"I didn't look."

She turned to the bookcase, using it as a mirror. She pulled the sleeve of her sweater down past her shoulder to reveal the red raised handprint. Bela turned back around looking at them.

"Yeah, same."

"So, thinking maybe a demon yanked us out."

"Why? Wait, you think Sam made a deal."

Bela sighed. Not another demon deal.

"Again, why would I be here if it was Sam?" she asked.

Neither of them could answer her question though.


Several minutes later, Dean was on the phone as Bobby and Bela sat around waiting. Everyone wanted answers.

"Hi, I have a cell phone account with you and lost my phone. Could you turn on the gps? Yeah, names Wedge Antilles." Bela rolled her eyes at the name choice. Dean continued. "Uh huh…socials 2472… great thanks."

Dean then pulled the system up on his laptop.

"He's in Pontiac Illinois, right where we woke up. Coincidence, yeah I don't think so."

"So then…"Bela started.

"Let's go." Dean interrupted. "You too Bobby?"

"Yeah, guess so."

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