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"There aren't many poster children for cool angst. Everybody thinks it's cool if you're the bad girl."

-Fiona Apple

Chapter 4- Cool Bad Girl

Maura's P.O.V:


Everyone was holding their breath as the doctor approached.

"Excuse me. Are you here for Jane Rizzoli?" He asked while looking at his chart. He was well toned and very chiseled.

"Yes I'm her mother. How is she Doctor?" Angela asked as we all got up and followed behind her a few feet.

"Well it seems that she is healing but slowly. Also we put in a medical induced coma, so her body can fully heal. Whether she wakes up on her own is up to her, I'm afraid."

We were all just stunned. No one knew what to say and that's when the Doctor decided to take his leave.

That was 3 months ago….

*End of Flashback*

"Maura, honey, we're going to head over to the hospital to see how Janie is doing. Do you want to come?" Angela asked as she grabbed her purse from the rack, while Tommy and Frankie were waiting in the car for us.

"Sure Angela. I'll love to visit Jane with you guys." I replied with a fake smile. Mmmh it seems as if I am doing more fake smiles now than ever.

The ride towards the hospital was quiet and awkward. It was as if no one wanted to say anything about Jane that might upset Angela or me.

"Sooo….. the doctors think Jane might wake up soon." Frankie said out of the blue trying to erase whatever weirdness had came between us.

"No offense bro…" Tommy started as he drove carefully towards the hospital side that held the long-term patients," But they have been saying that the day they told us they put her into a medicine induced coma."

Sighing as we pulled into a parking space we all silently left the car and locked the doors.

"Who knows maybe she will wake up soon." Angela said trying to brighten everyone's mood.

"I hope so as well." I said quietly as we all walked into the building and quickly headed over to the sign-in and a sly smile from Tommy to the receptionist.

Jane's P.O.V:

"Oh God!" I moaned out as my eyes tried to adjust to the lighting.

"Oh look who come back from the dead. Everyone was worried about you, Janie." Said a voice to the left of me.

*Yawn* "no offense but who are you?" I stated bluntly not even caring if I had even offended the man.

"I see that you still haven't worked on your attitude Jane, it's a shame too. I come all this way from New York and you don't even recognize me." The man said with a depressing sigh.

"I'm sorry but I really don't know or remember you. How do you even know me?" I asked somewhat uncertain of if I wanted to know. But there was this feeling, deep down inside of my soul I knew I knew him. I just couldn't pinpoint who he was.

Maura's P.O.V:

"So we have good news for you all." The doctor with a smile as soon as he saw us walking towards Jane's room. "We're happy to inform you that Jane has woken up and she has a visitor at the moment."

"Really? Jane's actually awake? Ma did you hear that!" Frankie yelled looking like a 5 year old on Christmas.

"Congrats everyone. She is making a steady but fast recovery for being gone for so long." The doctor informed everyone with a big and white smile on his face.

"Excuse me but did you say she has a visitor?" Angela asked with wonder painted on her face. As soon as she said that everyone got quiet and turned to hear the doctor's reply.

"Yes she does. He said he was part of her family. I presumed that you know he was coming to visit her." he had spoken with worried etched into his eyes but not his facial features.

"Um did he leave a name?"

Jane's P.O.V

So the guy left of few minutes ago and there's nothing on TV right now.

"Oh my god I could die of boredom right!" I exclaimed to no one, while grabbing a pillow and putting my face into it.

"Well that would be a shame now. You don't die when you get shot or when Hoyt had you or even when you tried to kill yourself, but you'll die of boredom?" a highly familiar voice said from the doorway.

And I couldn't help but smile as I turned to look at the door. "Frankie! What are you doing here?" I said off the bat while trying to sit up fully, but all I got was soreness from not moving enough.

"Relax Jane. You know if you move to much you can tear or injury from stomach muscles." Maura informed me as she came to sit next to me.

"Hello to you too." I said bluntly, but jokingly.

"Janie be nice to Maura."

"Fuck! Did everyone come to visit me or is this another party?" I asked with annoyance, crossing my arms and pouting slightly.

"Language Jane. No one likes a cool bad girl." came Maura's reply with a sly smile, and I couldn't help but let a small smile slip out.

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