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Summary; I just wanted to write an Abby and Connor story because they are my favourites, and I miss them! Set after Series 5 episode 6. Quite short chapters but I hope you enjoy them.

Day Off

Chapter One- Aftermath

Connor stood in his lab, silently looking around at all the equipment. He slowly walked over to the empty place where his own man-made anomaly had once stood. He had been so proud of that achievement only to find it could have been instrumental in destroying the world.

He felt gutted. Numb. Confused still as to how this could have happened-how could he have allowed this to happen. He'd thought everyone would be so proud of him- and now….he ran his hand along the small machine holding the coils which created the anomaly and felt the tears well up in his eyes.

The door opened- the entry code was known to most staff now- an embarrassment in itself – 58008- his mates, Duncan; Tom and he had thought that the funniest ever when they had input those numbers into their calculators and turned them upside down at school! He remembered how he'd smiled to himself every time Philip punched that childish code in! He couldn't be bothered to change it now.

Matt entered. He stood there for a few seconds looking at an emotional Connor, who was fighting to control himself.

"Alright, mate?" he asked. Connor still wasn't able to speak just yet- tears were too close, so he just nodded.

"Hey- you've got to get over this now. You thought you were doing something good for the world. Your intentions were pure. As soon as you knew you tried to fix it- heck, you did fix it. It's over. Time to move on, mate" said Matt, placing a hand on Connor's shoulder.

"It's just hard" said Connor quietly "every time I think what could have happened- how I let everyone down- Abby- Cutter…. I should have listened. I could have destroyed the whole world! That's massive…and it was all down to me…"

"Connor! Stop! It's OK- it all worked out in the end. It was down to Philip's greed, and Helen's manipulation of him. You were just swept along- naïve, maybe. Just think of it as a learning experience- part of growing up- we all make mistakes, some bigger than others admittedly. The main thing is to learn from them, and I think you've done that!"

"Oh yeah! Big time!"

"OK here's the deal- you and Abby take the day off. Spend some time together- meet the rest of the team at the bar at 7pm. Have a good time and be ready to start afresh tomorrow- rested, confidant and ready to work. I'll get this lot sorted for you" Matt said, looking around the lab.

"What, really? Wow, thanks, Matt. I'll work really hard, I promise. I'll make it all up to everyone- I swear!"

Connor rushed out of the lab nearly knocking Lester over as he left.

"You turning soft, Anderson?" Lester said as he watched Connor excitedly telling Abby what Matt had said through the glass.

"They're great kids and they've been through so much together. Connor just needs an older influence to guide him. He picked Philip. Wrong choice. I'll look after him, he'll be fine."

"I hope so" said Lester "If you tell anyone I ever said this- you're fired- but I've really got a soft spot for that boy!"

Matt smiled to himself as Lester left the room. He looked around. Now, where to start…

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