Hermione's eyes met Draco's the minute his wand pointed towards her and Remy. She saw the indecision, she saw the pain and she saw it was the only option. She reached for Remy, grabbing her shoulder and trying to wrench her away from The Chest. She was a second too late; all she managed to do was knock Remy's wand from her hand. As Remy ripped the lid off, Hermione screamed and a layer of blue suddenly covered everything in a four metre radius.

It was like walking and breathing in soft jelly for the first few moments; then it cleared somewhat. Hermione looked outside of the bubble which had sprung up around her and Remy, and saw Draco fighting off men – lots of men. His split second decision saved the entire Wizarding world from exposure. He'd used a containment bubble. It was not perfect and felt a little weak, but at least it would hold all the spell particles in the small space so it couldn't get out. The main problem with Draco's bubble – it wouldn't hold for long. Hermione had to get the Revelation spell back into the box in the next three or four minutes or else it would escape.

The trouble – it took a lot of energy to place even a normal spell back into containment. A spell of this magnitude if not done properly could kill Hermione – and worse – her wand was nowhere in sight. If she hazarded a guess – it would be on the opposite side of the room, bollocks.

Remy decided at that moment to finally get physical. Due to the bubble's current density, Hermione wasn't as quick as usual and Remy had managed a small run up. She slammed into Hermione's side; knocking her off her feet. She slid until she hit the side of the containment ward hard. It was like hitting a brick wall. Hermione groaned a little at the shock of being hip and shouldered to the floor. Before Remy could make her way over, Hermione stood up and took two large steps towards her; meeting her in the middle of the blue haze. Remy's eyes widened a little at the look on Hermione's face.

"Right, I have had enough of your bull-shit. I was purely here in New York for the damn Chest; an easy operation you'd think, hey? Then you and your elaborate plan to destroy the Wizarding world waltzes in and screws up my mission. Though you didn't expect the two of us did you? You want world domination? Well how's that working out for you?" Hermione yelled as she punched Remy in the face. It shouldn't have felt as good as it did.

Remy squealed and held her nose; Hermione couldn't help think it was such a girly thing to do and almost rolled her eyes. It was all the moment Remy needed; and she swung out her arm - clipping Hermione on the cheek. The impact was unexpected and made Hermione spin a little and gasp as a sting ripped over her cheek.

Looking at Remy's smirk in shock; Hermione touched her cheek and came away with blood all over her palm. The bitch held her fingers up wiggling them proudly. A massive diamond ring was inverted so it tore Hermione's cheek as she slapped. Hermione let out a yell of frustration and stormed forward.

"Oh – poor little Ministry monkey – did I mar your imperfect skin?" The mocking tone was all Hermione needed to hear and she punched forward; Remy blocked like a pro. Damn it – did she also have training of some form? Hermione was hoping she would be all soft and squidgy when it came to fighting. It seemed she was wrong; Remy knew how to spar.

They stood in-front of the other, watching for a sign of weakness – neither gave an inch. Hermione kicked towards her and Remy blocked it with a growl. Then she grabbed Hermione's knee and spun herself past until she ended up behind Hermione - where she unceremoniously kicked her in the back of the leg.

Hermione dropped with a grunt to one knee – it hurt like a mother. Before Remy gained the upper hand; Hermione fell to the side – Remy's foot flew through the air missing where Hermione's head was moments earlier. It unbalanced Remy and she fell against the ward; hitting her shoulder and hip.

Hermione jumped up. "Is that all you've got? Come on!" Yelling, she motioned for Remy to stand up straight. "I've been fighting your pathetic goons for the better part of 24 hours – bring it."

Remy scowled; it made her face contort and Hermione couldn't help but wonder what Riley had seen in this vapid witch in the first place.

"Fuck you." Remy spat; then stood in a fighting stance; bouncing on her heels slightly.

"I don't think so – pathetic and psychopathic is not my type."

Remy screamed and ran forward; Hermione jumped to the side and held her foot out. Remy was too incensed at Hermione's mockery and missed the move – she tripped and fell head first into the ward while Hermione used the back of her arm to hit her in the neck as she fell. Then she backed up and crouched again – waiting like a lion in the grass.

"I will kill them you know – just for your meddling." Remy looked up through a veil of dark hair – her words seething in hatred. Hermione started a little at the venom. Sure, Hermione wanted to win this fight – wanted to stop Remy; but she wasn't personally invested in this hatred of each other – not yet anyway.

"Who – the Muggle Community? You really are mad." Hermione said shaking her head like Remy was a petulant child.

Hermione continued to crouch lightly as Remy made it to her feet unsteadily. "No; you simple minded bint; Lily, Riley and I may even throw in your parents, friends, neighbours – hell even your post man; and especially my estranged cousin; I'll save him for last though. You do not fuck with me without any consequences."

Hermione stopped and stood up from her stance. She was dead serious; this maniac unbalanced woman in-front of her meant to hurt everyone in her life – just because she'd stopped her crazy arse plan of unleashing magic onto the world. Well that would not do – not at all.

A war cry tumbled from Hermione's throat – it was full of anger, resentment and complete and utter fury. She would not let this woman win anything. They sparred back and forth for a minute or two; blocking and striking when possible. Hermione couldn't even see their limbs moving they were fighting so furiously with each other.

She received more blows to the face and neck, but always managed a counter attack and saw Remy start to slow from some of Hermione's more merciless strikes. Then she saw an opening and kicked as hard as she could into Remy's stomach.

Remy doubled over holding her torso while gasping for air, but was recovering quickly. While she continued to splutter for breath, Hermione elbowed her in the back of the neck as hard as humanly possible. She fell at her feet completely knocked out. As Hermione yelled out in triumph, she spied Remy's wand lying near the wooden coffee table the Chest was situated on. Perfect.

Hermione stepped over Remy to pick it up, and felt a small shock run up her arm as the wand reacted to her touch. It wasn't painful and she didn't drop it; so she knew the wand would work for her. She was thankful Remy hadn't put wards up all over it; obviously she wasn't a forward thinking witch, and assumed she would never get disarmed.

Hermione was completely sick of power hungry megalomaniac Witches or Wizards who thought they knew what the Wizarding world needed. Voldemort thought purebloods were the answer; Remy thought everyone should be aware of magic, if only so she could control them. Hermione – she just wanted to go home and live in a safe world where she could be who she wanted without any repercussions.

Although if Hermione couldn't get the spell back into The Chest of Revelation; life as she knew it would be completely obliterated. The whole entire world would be stripped of its magical glamour. Streets and shops now hidden would suddenly appear – magic would still work but it would all be out in the open. Muggles would be awed at first – but it would soon turn to fear and prejudice. Hermione only saw death and destruction for the future of the Wizarding World if their secret came out - for both the Muggles and Wizards. It was much better to remain a mystery and live their lives out in secret.

Her mind rested on Draco for a moment – how different was her life going to be? It didn't matter whether the Wizarding world remained a secret or not - things had definitely changed between the two of them. It was too late to try and pretend otherwise. Naively, Hermione wondered if New York would be their only connection and when they returned to England they'd go back to their normal sniping and hating each other.

Surprised, Hermione felt her stomach lurch a little at the thought; then the realisation smacked her straight between the eyes a moment later. She didn't want to go back to the way things were; she liked The Pillock and had a mad urge to explore this relationship of sorts. How or why or even when this happened she couldn't say. All she knew is that three days ago she couldn't fathom touching the git and now – she couldn't imagine not being able to run her hands through his blonde hair. Was she insane? Probably.

Hermione was no fool – it was obvious Draco seemed drawn to her. If he wasn't none of this would have happened in the first place. But what were his intentions? A joke seemed a little far fetched – but was he truly slumming it like Remy had intimated back at the Warehouse? Or did he actually genuinely like her; it felt like he did – but Hermione had been wrong before. And why was she going through this deep thought process right now, while time ticked away and Draco's containment ward started to weaken even further? Oh – maybe the fact she may never issue another thought again, this could kill her.

Hermione looked out at Draco one last time; there was only one of Remy's guards left to fight; he spared a quick look over at her and mouthed 'see you soon'. She hoped he was right. She took a moment to enjoy Malfoy's lithe form moving swiftly as he attacked. She couldn't help the selfishness which ran through her; wishing she had more time to explore what might have been between them. But, what she was about to do was infinitely more important than the two of them.

This was it, this was the moment Hermione Granger saved the Wizarding world – or failed miserably. She felt the ward around her deteriorate even more and knew she could stall no longer.

Gripping Remy's wand tightly, she thought of the spell she would need. It was complicated and involved a huge amount of concentration. When she had it stored in her mind, she pointed the wand and began.

The Latin-like words sounded strange to her ears – they were not the usually quick phrases most spells consisted of; this was long and drawn out. She felt the pull of energy through the wand and felt herself weaken slightly. Sweat beads popped out across her brow within seconds and she longed to wipe them away – but knew it was pointless. She clenched her jaw when the pain started in the base of her brain. It was a small spike of stinging which felt like pins were being inserted one by one.

The spell was almost pure white – the energy manifesting itself into a physical line as it captured every facet of the spell; trying to trap it in the Chest again. Everything was moving so very slowly and the particles didn't seem to want to gel together. Hermione suddenly knew she didn't have the strength to complete this spell and felt despair pool in her stomach. She had failed – she would die for her efforts and it would be for nothing. The spell would be loosed into the world and Hermione had tried, she really had.

As a sharp lance of agony ripped through her mind, she fell to one knee – refusing to give up. She heard a muted yell through the bubble and Draco appeared before her. He raised his wand intending to burst his containment ward.

"No!" Hermione managed to yell. She caught Draco's wavering gaze and shook her head vehemently. It had to be this way. Maybe, if she gave the spell her life force – maybe, just maybe it could be contained again.

Draco hit the side of the ward in exasperation, his face screwed up for a moment as he let out what Hermione knew was a litany of swear words. If she ever got the chance to talk to Draco again – she would have to help clean up his language – it was filthy. She smiled a little through the hurt at the thought of trying to get Draco to listen to her.

As her vision began to blur she saw Draco once again banging the side of the ward; pleading for her to give up. She lowered her gaze and slumped even further to the floor. She was doing the right thing – the only thing she could do. Draco now understood what the spell would cost; there was no point trying to change it. They were Operatives first, and both knew at some point in their careers they might have to give their life over to the cause. It was best for one to die – to save many. Although Hermione never thought it would actually happen to her.

The charged particles of spell sparked around her – making her think of being in the middle of a swarm of glowing fireflies. It was actually very beautiful. Hermione screamed as a sharp rip seared her brain. Tears tracked down her cheeks, she could do this; she knew she could.

Looking back up at Draco who now sat on his knees touching the ward before her – she smiled; he gave her a half smile in return; lifting only one corner of his mouth. She thought he'd never looked more beautiful to her than in that moment; she shut her eyes against Draco as the pain grew too much.

It was then she heard a small moan beside her. Lord, she'd almost complete forgotten about Remy. Hermione had one moment to panic before Remy grabbed her ankle and yanked.

Amazingly, Hermione didn't fall – actually; instead, she heard a surprised gasp of distress from Remy. Then the spell flew through her with ease. The pain in her mind lessened considerably. It still felt like claws were raking through her very brain matter – but it didn't feel like blackness was threatening to take over.

Then she understood; Remy had unwittingly leant her strength to the spell through contact. Since the wand was her own, – it was attuned to Remy's genetic makeup and now Hermione was merely a conduit.

Remy screamed and tried to let go, but it was as if she was now bound to Hermione by touch. Hermione felt the spell ripping through her and the sparks around them grew in intensity as they formed one solid ball. Through bleary eyes Hermione watched the spell return to the Chest. Then pain rent itself through her body as the lid shut – Remy's agonised shriek tore around the bubble as Hermione's vision failed and she flopped to the ground in blackness. Her last thought was of grey eyes and soft lips.

Hermione slowly awoke to darkness; in fact, she couldn't open her eyes for a moment as they felt glued shut. Light began to creep around the edges of her vision and she felt the beginnings of a headache assail her. She had no idea where she was – not on the hard wooden floor where she fell; that was for sure. Maybe they had lifted her onto the couch – because she was decidedly comfy.

She managed to crack one eye and the other soon followed; squinting at the light in the room. And what a room – it was huge. Hermione knew then she was definitely not in the apartment anymore. This one room would have been the entire size of the penthouse suite. The roof was so high she had to squint to make out the brocade decorations adorning the light fixture. Where the hell was she?

Deciding the headache couldn't really get any worse she made up her mind to try and move her head. Very carefully she turned to the left and saw she was in a bed as big as her entire bedroom. Redwood cupboards and wall hangings graced the side wall – tapestries of hunts and horses hung from the ceiling. Frowning, Hermione slowly turned the other direction.

Windows which reached from floor to ceiling littered the wall – there were at least four; each with a window box full of cushions. Hermione immediately thought it would be the most perfect place in the world to curl up with a good book – or with a special someone to watch storms race across the sky. She truly was a romantic at heart; though she tried to keep it hidden.

When her gaze rested on the last window she spied a figure – hands clasped behind their back as they gazed outside; still as a statue. She could see the tension lining every part of their body even though she was on the other side of the room.

"Draco?" She croaked; then coughed. Her throat was so dry.

He spun quickly; face in shadows as he strode over to the side of the bed where he immediately placed a glass of water to her lips. She lifted her head off the cushions and drank deeply; it felt like she hadn't eaten or drank for weeks. She coughed a little as the water took away the scratchy feeling in her throat.

"How long have I been out?" She asked when he placed the glass down.

"Three days." Draco's grey eyes found hers and she saw the dark rings under his eyes. He looked exhausted and strung out; and still completely gorgeous – damn him.

"Merlin - you look like shit – when was the last time you slept?"

Draco scowled at her observation then let out a long sigh. "Probably about three days ago." He said quietly.

Hermione stared at him for the longest moment; he stared back, a wry smile lifting his lips. She gulped and looked around the room again.

"Where the hell am I? I don't recall the hotel room looking like this."

Draco looked a little sheepish for a moment. "You're in Malfoy Manor - in my room."

Hermione sat bolt up then grabbed her head as pain assaulted her temples. "What? When? How? Malfoy Manor – in England?"

Malfoy gave a small chuckle which made the pain recede slightly as it reminded her of other more pleasant things. She looked at his amused face, liking the way it made him appear younger – he should laugh more often. "Yes, in England – I'm exceedingly rich; Granger – but even I can't afford more than one of these bloody castles."

Hermione sat up straighter and rested her back on the soft headboard; then something he said finally infiltrated her foggy brain. "Your room?"

The look he gave her was enough to make her knees even weaker than they already were. Merlin, his eyes undid any barrier she may have put up around herself. She was in Draco Malfoy's bed; while he looked at her like she was the only Witch in the world. Hermione coughed again and found the glass of water back at her lips.

"Thanks." She murmured. "What happened – Remy? Did we get the spell back in The Chest?"

Draco nodded tiredly. "Remy's in St Mungo's – in the same ward as Longbottom's parents – the spell ripped almost all of her energy out; leaving just a bumbling shell – she won't be going after Riley any time – ever."

Hermione let a breath out, relieved beyond measure that the Wizarding world was still secret from Muggles; and the fact Remy would no longer be troubling any of them. "Well, its good things worked out."

Draco narrowed his eyes at her; and she saw anger behind them. What the hell? He was angry at her? What bloody for?

"That spell you used – it could have killed you; are you stupid? The amount of energy needed would have ripped you apart; thank fuck you had Remy's wand. If you'd used yours, it would be you in St Mungo's blubbering about 'why the sky is blue', you daft Witch."

Hermione frowned incredulously at him; her blood pressure rising. "So, let me get this straight. You're pissed at me for saving the Wizarding world?"

"No, I'm bloody pissed you risked your life to do it."

Then he grabbed the back of her head and leant towards her; his mouth covering hers sweetly. There was no demand behind it; just a sort of desperation which Hermione couldn't put her finger on. As he deepened the kiss, Hermione felt most of the pain turn into a dull throb as his tongue delved deeper.

He broke away and rested his head on her forehead, eyes closed; Hermione took a deep breath, trying to calm her raging hormones. This felt different; this wasn't the fast, hard and furious coupling they'd experienced in New York, this felt real.

Draco opened his eyes; exhaustion apparent. Hermione still felt like she had been put through the wringer non-stop for a week. Even after three days of sleep – she still needed more. "You need sleep, Draco."

He nodded and made to move away. "I know."

Before he left the bed she grabbed his wrist; he looked down at her weak grasp then up into her eyes, questioning.

"No, I mean I want you to get sleep now, here – with me." Gods was that her voice so quiet and unsure of herself? Why did she feel more vulnerable in this moment than if she was spread eagled and naked before him? A look passed over Draco's face, was it relief? Hermione didn't know – all she knew is that she didn't want to be alone, and Draco was the only person she could think of to keep her safe and warm. It was a child's wish to feel comfort and safety – one she needed right now. The future was a tricky and sometimes cruel place; but right now – right here; she wanted Draco beside her and to hell with the world if they thought that was wrong.

Draco climbed onto the bed next to her; his weight shifting her position so she was lying on her side. Almost hesitantly at first Draco curled up behind her – his body fitting to the folds of hers. Then he hugged her tightly for a moment, his face nuzzling into her neck as he kissed her once under the ear. Not even ten seconds later Hermione heard the steady breathing which meant he was sleeping. Snuggling into his embrace, Hermione shut her eyes and let sleep take her; feeling safe, warm and needed.

A warm hand cupped her breast through the tank-top she wore. Hermione moaned sleepily and stretched like a cat – the top slipping up her torso. It continued to slide up as a pair of hands pushed it up over her head. She murmured lazily until lips wrapped around one nipple sucking and licking. Then she was awake – sparks flowing through her stomach.

The room was in semi-darkness, the flames from a large fireplace the only light. She looked down and saw Draco perched on one elbow – mouth completely busy, sending shock waves through her chest. He looked up at her and smiled, squeezing the nipple between his lips lightly.

"Morning, or is it night." He growled deep in his throat, then leant up and nibbled her lips. Hermione sighed into the kiss and wrapped her arm around his neck – pulling him closer.

His body moved up, aligning itself with hers – his hand replaced his mouth and tormented her with its soft caresses. Hermione let her hands trail down his back, feeling the taut muscles just under the skin either side of his spine. When she reached his arse she squeezed him cheekily earning a small chuckle from him.

Draco kissed her softly on the corner of the mouth. "Are you feeling better?"

She looked down at his hand which was now trailing feather light circles around her pebbled nipple, and smiled. "Even if I wasn't – I don't think I want you to stop just yet."

He grinned at her and kissed her neck, sucking at small intervals as he pinched her nipple. Hermione stretched out again and arched into his hand. His kisses trailed across her collarbone and Hermione shut her eyes; enjoying the sensation of being touched.

His tongue soon found her nipple again and she cried out as his hand trailed down to her wetness, sliding through it with ease. Hermione shook slightly from the contact – there was no urgency, Draco was taking his time. Hermione sighed and let one knee drop to the side, leaving herself open to Draco's touch.

His fingers tickled and teased her clit, until she was arching in earnest – so close to the edge of control she couldn't believe it. Her responsiveness to him was completely surprising, she had always enjoyed sex – but rarely came with a new partner. Draco Malfoy was much more than just a novice; and she could tell by the confidence he brought into bed with them.

He lifted his head and with one last nibble, moved down the bed quickly until his mouth covered her. Hermione cried out as he licked her until she couldn't form a coherent thought. Draco held her hips and shifted her so she was arched off the bed slightly; his hands underneath her cupping her arse cheeks. Then he didn't hold back – he assaulted her with a single minded determination which left her gasping. Hermione cried out – her whimpers rebounding in the large room. This only made her moan louder – it was so sexy to lose control while Malfoy flicked her clit with his tongue.

Then she was coming; writhing against his face and calling out his name. As Hermione's heartbeat threatened to explode, he was above her; nestled between her thighs, his hard cock nudging her. He slid in without any preamble – sliding until he could go no further; Hermione yelled out again and nipped his neck. He thrust harder and harder until she thought they would break the bed. Draco's grunts of pleasure making the heat rise in Hermione's stomach again. Lord – she felt like she could come again just from his groans.

Once again his pace was relentless, his cock almost sliding all the way out before slamming back inside. Hermione raised her hands above her head trying to find purchase. All she could do was place her palms against the soft headboard as he pounded. Small whimpers grew in the back of her throat as she felt the tightness take over again. Merlin – Draco was phenomenally talented; she thought as she screamed out her delight again.

"Shit, Granger." Draco groaned as he came – Hermione only a few seconds behind him – stunned she was still able to come at all.

She was a bundle of tired nerves and moaned in contentment as Draco pulled her close and rested her head on his chest. They both drifted off to sleep again.

Hermione opened her eyes once more to an almost dark room. She felt well rested and clean – the result of Draco she assumed; who was not in bed with her. She looked across the large room and saw him standing by the fire place – stoking the flames. She guessed only an hour or so had passed since he'd woken her to one, hell two - of the best orgasms she'd ever experienced.

Draco was still naked, the glow of the fireplace making his athletic body all angles and soft skin. Hermione quietly got out of bed and padded over to him, not at all concerned about her own lack of clothing – they had gone too far for modesty. When she reached him, she stood by his side watching the flames dance across the large piece of wood he'd thrown on top.

He was deep in thought; that much was clear. Hermione didn't want to disturb him; but when she went to move away, he stopped her by pulling her in close to his side and placing a soft kiss to the top of her head. Hermione sucked in a deep breath. This was too intimate, too nice for her and Draco. Hermione knew in that moment she didn't want to be a casual fuck – she wanted more. Was it love – she didn't know; but she felt a strong connection to him and didn't want to lose it. But, what did Draco want? It didn't matter what her feelings and wishes were if he only wanted to play around; she couldn't change his mind.

So she did the only thing she could in that particular moment – she leant up and kissed the corner of his mouth and trailed her hand towards his already hardening cock. He growled again and turned her towards him; lifting her slightly as she grasped him in her hand. As her tongue darted into his mouth she started to slowly fist him – keeping a steady pace until he was quivering in her hand.

Draco suddenly pulled her hand away and roughly pushed her around so he was behind her. He grabbed her hands and made her grasp hold of the fireplace mantel; she clung to it like a life-line as he spread her legs and ran his fingers through her warmth again and pinched her clit. She once again cried out; like the wanton Witch she was turning into.

He stood behind her, holding his cock in position; arrogant, cocky and with every right to be. Hermione whined a little as he teased her with his hardness, pushing in only an inch before leaving her again. He did this over and over until she was nothing more than a crying, frustrated ball of tension. Then as she thought she couldn't take it anymore he thrust into her. He took her in-front of the fire place hard; the heat from the flames and from his body tipping her over the edge within seconds – though Draco didn't slow down or stop for respite.

Her body cried out for more as his hands trailed from her hips to cup her breasts. He pinched her nipples brutally as he drove into her. Hermione couldn't do anything but scream out her pleasure as she came for the second time. Draco tightened his grip on her breasts as he tensed and came with a throaty yell.

Tears of pleasure flowed down her cheeks as he removed himself and she sagged to her knees. Draco fell next to her on the rug. Then he looked at her and alarm flew over his face.

"You're crying – oh fuck, Hermione, I'm so sorry – you're just so… – damn hot, responsive – I lost my head." He pulled her towards him so she was half sitting in his lap; hugging her against his chest, stroking her hair.

She laughed and he looked down at her; the look on his face making her laugh harder; he truly was worried. "Not tears of pain, quite the opposite actually." She smiled up at him, the relief in his eyes made her realise what a good man Draco had turned into.

Hermione knew what she was going to do next could be a monumental mistake – but she was never one for sitting idly when she wanted something. So she reached up and cupped Draco's cheek with her hand; leaning up capturing his lips in a soft kiss.

"I don't think I'm going to be sated for some time." She whispered into his ear.

She felt Draco still in shock at her words, he then pulled her out away from his chest so he could look into her eyes; his face was full of questions. "What does that mean?"

"Just that, – I'm not sated yet. Wasn't the deal – to screw until sated? Well, I'm merely stating I'm not there yet."

Draco frowned at her words. "Granger…I don't want to fuck around with you."

Hermione felt her heart drop in her chest – oh crap, she had put herself out there and he had completely shot her down. Ignoring the shooting pains filling her chest, Hermione decided to go with blasé. "Oh…okay, well I hardly think Neil will place us together on another mission – so no hard feelings…"

Draco shook her. "Bloody hell, Granger – don't go all cold on me again. I meant…" He stopped and ran his fingers through his hair; if Hermione didn't know better she would think he was nervous.

"It's okay, Draco." She said, saving him from an embarrassing explanation, even though she desperately wanted to hear it. She was a masochist and needed Draco to put in plain words exactly why he didn't want her. It was so typical of her – she decided she wanted to be with Draco the minute he decides not to want her. Her lungs felt devoid of air as he continued.

"No it's not okay. What I'm trying to say is – I don't want to just fuck you." Hermione frowned at him as he huffed in exasperation. "Why is this so hard?"

Hermione just sat there; sure the look on her face indicated he was a lunatic. She had no idea what he was trying to say now; and wanted to save herself from further embarrassing clarifications which would most likely end up with him saying – I can't screw a Mudblood. "Seriously…"

"Shut it, Granger – you always did talk too much." He ignored Hermione's grunt of annoyance. "I like you – have for a while now; against my own better judgement."

"Oh that's real nice." She retorted with a small smile, her stomach jumping in excitement. He liked her?

"Oh bollocks." He said as he lifted her back onto his lap so she was straddling him. Hermione looked down into his grey eyes; the firelight flickering around them and the beginnings of dawn trying to creep through the curtains. "Just – date me, Granger – for a while. No pressure; I know you want to keep it casual; whatever pace you're comfortable with…"

She cut off his almost incoherent ramblings with a kiss; the whole time she tried to keep the smile off her face. He liked her – Draco actually liked her in return. Crap – she hadn't really thought where this could lead. The Wizarding world would be in an almost uproar they were dating. The press would hound them at first; she would once again be under public scrutiny. Could she do it?

Draco's tongue slid between her lips and she felt the rush run through her veins again. Gods what this man could reduce her to; a bundle of nerves wound so tightly she was liable to come with one swipe of his tongue. Her decision was the easiest thing in the world.

"Yes." She whispered against his lips; finally listening to her heart and letting her brain and fears come in a slow second. The relief she felt was immense and she was almost giddy with the unknown future she had began to carve out for herself.

Draco opened his eyes again and stared at her; then smirked. "I knew you couldn't resist."

Hermione hit him on the back and grinned at his laughter. "You conceited, arrogant, uptight, rich freaking pra…." He cut off her rant with another bone-melting kiss, which Hermione returned with equal amounts of lust; happier than she had been in years.

Much later, Hermione couldn't believe Draco's prophecy had come true. She didn't leave his bed for almost a month – then after that; they tried hers.


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Well until next time - I bid you farewell - stay safe, happy and make sure you smile as much as you can! :)