"What does not kill you can only make you stronger, but only if one finds the strength that resides within them to keep moving forward in life."

"So what's this about your old man wanting to make a speech?"

Sam looked over his shoulder, grinning as Mike approached him with Tina. "You should be careful that he doesn't hear you refer to him like that."

"You don't want him to give you the speech of how many decades he still has to live," Tina teased her boyfriend.

"You have a point: hearing it once because of Puck was bad enough."

Sam chuckled. "Back to the subject at hand, Dad wants to boost morale."

"Makes sense especially with Rachel waking from her coma."

"Where is she?" Tina asked curiously, only to end up following Sam's gaze when his eyes softened. The sight that greeted her had her full blown smiling. Various wolf families were lined up to exchange greetings with her and welcome her back. There were many bold ones who kissed her hand, vowing their loyalty to her, but how could they not after everything she did.

"So it seems they have come to fully accept her."

"They'd better or else Sam, Puck and I will have to start knocking on doors," Quinn said from behind them.

Sam turned around to greet her only to see her holding hands with Puck. "So it's official now?"

"It's always been official, she was the one being complicated," Puck grinned and earned a punch to the shoulder from Quinn. "You know I love you."

"Uh-huh." Quinn let go of his hand to hug Sam. "Sorry I haven't been there for you," she whispered.

Sam met Puck's gaze as he held Quinn tighter. The day before Puck had come over to his house to explain what happened with Quinn after his dad finally had the chance to tell him what Jesse had done to her. He felt guilty for not being for there as well since he was drowning in his own sorrow surrounding Rachel's coma. "I'm sorry as well for not being there." Quinn went tense in his arms. "If I had known what he did, I would have torn him limb from limb for you."

"It's okay." Quinn pulled away, smiling at him. "I shoved a dagger through his throat."

"Damn!" Mike turned to Puck grinning. "You best watch out with how you treat her that may be you next time."

"No." She turned to Mike, grinning. "I know how to get even with him without having to lift a finger."

"Puck's on a leash!"

"Screw you, Mike!"

"Who's on a leash?" Santana asked as she made her way toward them with Finn, Kurt and Blaine.


"That's what I'm talking about." Santana pulled Quinn into a hug as Finn watched amused as Puck punched Mike on the shoulder.

"Quinn, regulate your wolf," Mike chuckled as he placed Blaine in front of him as a human shield.

"Lay a finger on Blaine and I will have you pinned on the floor before Quinn can open her mouth to set you straight," Kurt warned Puck as he took a threatening step toward Blaine and Mike.

Puck paused and glanced at Sam as if to confirm if Kurt was being serious or not.

"Excuse me!" Dwight's voice echoed through the open air. "Can I have your attention?"

"No, you may not!" Puck yelled, grinning.

"Quinn, put your mate on check!" Laughter followed Dwight's statement as Puck blushed when Quinn tugged him to her side.

Rachel left Mary and Shelby's side to join Sam's as Dwight looked around to make sure he had their undivided attention.

"When I stepped up to take the position as alpha, I never imagine that such an event would occur that could not only shake Lantern Falls, but the families that resided in it. Two weeks ago in the dead of night we were attacked in our own home. In the aftermath, all that was left was blood, death and the loss of innocence. For over a week, blood coated these very streets and buildings, and reminded us of what happened. We couldn't simply turn a blind eye and pick up with our lives as if nothing happened and during that time I shared the same fear as you. What will happen to us? What will become of Lantern Falls? Do we just pick up our things and leave?"

Dwight's gaze traveled over them taking in a familiar faces. "I remember someone wise one telling me, 'what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, but only if one finds the strength that resides within them to keep moving forward in life.' And as I stand here before you, I see all these questions answered and so much more. The dawn after our darkest hour we found that strength. The first week we were able to gather our dead and give them a proper burial. By the second week, we were scrubbing blood off the windows and walls, and repairing the damages. Lantern Falls did not fall because we were able to build it back up. It will never be the same because we ourselves will never be the same. Instead we became something stronger because even when broken we were able to pick up the pieces. This not only marks a new era for Lantern Falls, but for us as well!"

Cheers broke through the crowd. Sam watched with amazement as people whistled and howled. This was the happiest he had seen his people since before the attack. He watched his father raise his hand and instantly everyone went silent.

"But promise me one thing." Dwight's voice echoed through Lantern Falls. "The people and the friends we have lost, and the dreams that have faded…" He looked over his shoulder at the cemetery and felt a pang.

Rachel reached for Sam's hand as she blinked back tears. Their fingers twined together as their gazes never wavered from Dwight's form.

Finn wrapped an arm around Santana's waist when her body went tense and pulled her near.

Kurt hugged Blaine and held him close, feeling his body tremble slightly.

Quinn took a deep breath as her eyes burned with tears, only for one to slide down her cheek silently when Puck enveloped her in his warmth.

Mike and Tina smiled proudly as they watched their alpha leader with pride.

Artie and Brittany, who arrived late with Will and Emma, were caught by surprise when they saw a glimpse of Dwight's tear filled gaze before it vanished when he blinked.

Dwight looked at his eldest son with his mate and friends. "Never forget them."

The cheers that erupted were deafening and brought about an end, but marked a new beginning as well.

The space between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you

The space between
Your heart and mine
Is the space we'll fill with time

The End

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