Title: To Buy or Not To Buy - Tag
Author: Alice I
Beta: The Delirium Threeman, Oughtaknowbetter
Summary: This is a tag to the episode To Buy or Not to Buy. I remember thinking that when Johnny fell from that bridge holding the boy having the seizure he would have been hurt some. I mean he flopped around spinning several times like a rag doll on the end of that line. It looked horrifying and I was waiting for the line to snap with all that pressure on it. This is what could have happened afterward.
Disclaimer: It's Fan Fiction

A/N: I want to thank my Betas for helping me with the technical aspects of the story. You guys rock. This story is finished and only needs to be posted. That is my New Year's resolution! My muse has a serious case of A.D.D. and she flits around so much that many stories sit unfinished on my hard drive. Seriously she started out in Pasadena, then for unknown reasons ended up in Camelot then she took a vacation to Hawaii and refused to leave and now she has wound up in Carson City! I do have two other Emergency! stories that are currently being written, but they are both a long way off from being completed so I won't begin to post them until they are done.

I tend to stick to cannon as strictly as possible so Roy isn't listed as Johnny's next of kin in any of my stories, Dwyer could be called Bill or Charlie or what ever other name he has had over the 7 seasons of this show, and my guys will never ever end up in a 'slash' type relationship with each other. I have also tried very hard to keep more modern phrases out of the dialogue. There are phrases that we use today as a matter of course that simply wouldn't have been used back in the seventies. In one of my stories I even referenced an old toilet paper commercial that the younger folks would have no idea about, but Mr. Whipple and Charmin were a pretty commonplace reference from those days.

The details surrounding the internal bleeding and what happens to someone when they throw up nearly a quart of blood was loosely taken from real life experience with one of my kids. I could be wrong about the surgical intervention, but it seemed logical. Oughtaknowbetter set me straight on the drugs and IV's that would have been ordered and the rest I took from a combination of personal experience and what I have seen in the various ERs I've worked in over the years.

Please feel free to voice your opinion of this or any of my other stories. I put them out here because on this site there is an audience for this type of writing and I want to share these stories with those who would appreciate them.
Please enjoy,
Alice I

To Buy or Not To Buy - Tag

Equipment checks may be boring, but I really needed the mundane task to bring my emotions back into equilibrium. I had spent most of the morning really steamed at Johnny. How could he buy that house out from under me? For a while there I wasn't sure I ever wanted to talk to him again, but I was wrong. I was the one who told him over and over again that I wasn't ready to buy, that it wasn't the right time to buy, that I was just thinking about it. Why should I blame him for taking advantage of a great deal when I made it pretty clear I wasn't interested?

All of that frustration and anger that I felt toward my partner disappeared like a whiff of smoke in the instant he fell off the Johnson Canyon Bridge. When Peter Danbury went into an epileptic seizure and he dragged Johnny with him from the bridge I nearly had a heart attack. I'll admit right here and now that it scared the hell out of me. Oh sure I knew that Johnny was attached to the lifeline, but that's beside the point. Lines break, people fall, firefighters die doing their jobs. If that line hadn't held, both Johnny and Peter would be dead. There is no question in anyone's mind as to what the outcome would have been if they had fallen to the unyielding asphalt from that height.

I lowered Johnny and Peter to the ground, and Peter is fine, but the adrenaline rush of fear took a long time to dissipate. As Johnny and I performed our equipment check, my heart felt light. There was no more anger, just relief that he was still here safe and sound by my side. Cap came around the front of the squad and I looked up only to see something in his eyes that I completely understood. His gaze rested on Johnny for just a moment, but in that moment I could see that the near calamity had unsettled him as much as it did me. He raised his arm and rested it on the side mirror of the squad in an almost awkward gesture.

"Well, it bears repeating, that was nice work today," he said, in a voice that betrayed none of what I saw flash through his eyes.

"Well, thank you." I replied, and in that moment I decided it was a perfect opening. "How else am I gonna get him to sell me that house?"

Johnny pasted that crooked smile on his face and I knew that everything between us would be okay. "I'm not gonna sell you that house."

"Come on," I said, as I tapped his leg, "what are ya gonna do with all those bedrooms and all those trees?"

Johnny actually looked pensive for a moment. "Well, I must admit, I have had second thoughts," he said, as he placed the oxygen mask over his face checking the flow rate.

I glanced up at Cap who smiled broadly. He could see that we were working things out, and I'm sure he was pleased about that. I looked back at Johnny who didn't miss the silent communication between Cap and me.

"I can't sell ya the house for the same price I bought it at." He said in what I'm sure he thought was a perfectly reasonable tone. I knew he was winding me up, but after coming so close to losing him, I decided to play along.

"Why not?"

I don't think he was expecting that because he stopped and took a breath, thinking. Then he started listing off reasons that he seemed to be pulling completely out of thin air as he ticked them off on his fingers.

"Appreciation, wear and tear, points..."

"Points?" He was only parroting what Dixie and Morton said last shift. I'm still unclear what points are, and I'm positive Johnny doesn't know either.


Now he is pushing it a bit. "Profit? Profit? Profit, from a friend?" Two can play this game I thought. I stood up appealing to Cap. "From a friend? I save his life, and this is what I get."

Johnny stood up at that comment. "Yeah! You saved my life, but last week I saved your life, twice!" he said holding up two fingers.

"Once." I said just as he repeated. "Twice."

I could see Cap rolling his eyes but the smirk on his face mirrored my own. Things were back to normal. I crossed my arms, prepared to continue the good natured argument, when Johnny just stopped and closed his mouth. It almost looked like he was trying to keep from saying something. He squatted back down and grabbed the oxygen tank with a deep sigh. For a moment I thought that he was seriously upset with me over this house business. I didn't have time to ponder it as the tones went off again.

"Squad 51, unknown type rescue, 1435 Lattimore Rd, cross street Lincoln. 1-4-3-5 Lattimore Rd. Time out 13:25."

Johnny and I quickly loaded up the equipment as Cap acknowledged the call. I slipped into the driver's side of the cab and Cap handed me the slip of paper with the address. When I handed the address to Johnny he wouldn't look over at me, keeping his eyes cast down to the map book in his lap. What happened in the last two minutes to make his whole attitude and demeanor change? I wanted to talk with him about it, but it was time to work, time to push all personal issues aside and focus on the job.

"Turn right in two blocks." Johnny said, but his voice was strained.

I couldn't help looking over at him. Something was wrong and I didn't have a clue what it could be. What I saw alarmed me. He had become pale as a sheet and had broken out in a sweat. I noticed a tremble in his hands as he traced the route we were taking with his fingers.

"Hey, are you all right?" I asked him as I touched his arm. He was cold and clammy and my alarm ratcheted up a few notches.

"I.. Roy... I don't feel so..." Johnny said, panting; his breath coming in quick short gasps. "Pull over!"

I reached for the mike to call dispatch as I pulled the squad to the side of the road. "LA, Squad 51. We have a code I at Main and Lexington. Dispatch another squad to our call as well as an ambulance to this location."

As soon as the squad stopped, Johnny opened the passenger door and bolted from the cab. We had pulled up along the side of a construction site that was fenced off.

"Johnny!" I shouted as he staggered toward the fence and grabbed a hold of it trying to remain standing.

I jumped out and ran around the front of the squad to get to him. His color was grey and his body was shaking as he dropped his head down. My mind was racing. Was he having some kind of delayed reaction to the adrenalin of our earlier rescue? I could see that his knees were about to buckle underneath him so I grabbed him around the waist to try to support his weight. That was when he threw up, almost as if response to my touching his midriff.

What ever I had thought about delayed reactions washed away in a horrifying wave replaced by all of the fear and near panic I felt earlier when he and Peter fell from the bridge as I watched Johnny vomit bright red blood.