Gamble lost his balance and fell towards the train. Jim realized in a gut wrenching second that Gamble could die right here, right now, under the wheel of a train. Sure, Gamble had asked for it, but they had been friends, what if Jim hadn't done all he could to help Brian? All this filtered through Jim's mind in the split second as Gamble fell towards the train.

There was a dull ping as Gamble's head collided with a bar protruding from the underside of a train car and he was thrown away from the tracks and face first into the gravel. He was still. Jim moved forward to check his vitals. The back of Brian's head was bleeding profusely, but his pulse was strong. He quickly cuffed his ex-friend's hands behind his back in case he decided to wake up and then called for his team to help him move Gamble.

As he waited for Deke and Hondo he inspected his hand, more concerned with his pain than the well being of his ex-friend. He was alive and breathing, he thought that was good enough. It would take a long time for him to get over all the crap he had just gone through because of the man lying motionless in front of him. He may never get over it.

"Got 'em" He heard Deke's voice as two men jogged towards him between the two trains.

"Street, you alright?" Hondo asked when they finally reached him.

"Been better. Everything secure up there?"

"Tight as a drum." Deke said as he inspected Brian. "How'd you do this?" He said pointing to the wound in the man's head.

"Hit him with a train."

"Huh." He started lifting Brian by one arm and Hondo got the other and they dragged him across the gravel where an EMS truck was waiting. They all piled in the back after Gamble was loaded up on a gurney and one of the EMTs started attending to him. It was a little close, but they needed to have people there if Gamble woke up. Another EMT attended to Jim's hand.

A groan stirred the relative silence that had descended on the truck a minute into the ride. They all stared at Brian on the gurney as he started to stir. The woman attending to him stopped what she was doing and squared herself up in front to of him.

"Brian? Can you hear me?" He shifted but his eyes didn't open. "Brian?" No response. She grabbed a bottle out of a nearby holder and unscrewed the cap releasing the sent of smelling salts into the air. She waved it under Brian's nose a few times and his eyes flashed open. Out of natural reaction he tried to grab at the woman, but his wrists were shackled to the gurney. Trying to clear the fog that engulfed his mind he shook his head.

"I'm gonna need you to sit still." The woman said reaching for Gamble.

"Get away from me!" He barked at her and she flinched but didn't move away.

"I say again, lie back for your own safety." But her words fell on deaf ears as Gambles blurry gaze locked on to Jim.

"You prick." Jim turned his head to show Gamble an emotionless face. "You rotten bastard, you can go straight to hell!" With his voice rising to a bellow, Gamble pulled and banged on the bars his wrists were tied to. Deke and Hondo awkwardly moved to restrain him in the small back of the truck, the EMT pulling herself out of the way. Gamble continued to try and do everything in his power to get at Jim, to hurt him, to make him flinch, to make him show some emotion, to make him feel what he had felt the second he found out that his partner of five years had sold him out to the brass.

After a while he gave up trying to fight off cuffs and two grown men and settled down, but his words did not.

"You played me, Jim. We were partners; you were supposed to have my back. You saw the situation in that bank, you knew that if we didn't move people were going to die."

"You shot a hostage, Bri."

"But I didn't kill a hostage! Did I?" Jim didn't respond. "Fuck." Brian blinked furiously as the fog started to close over him again. "Fool me once, shame on me…" He laid his head back. "Fool me twice, shame on you." He didn't move, didn't speak, didn't even look at Jim after that. Jim was left to process what his ex-partner had said. He had screwed Gamble over when he didn't back him for the bank situation; he knew that. He hadn't even thought of what he could have done tonight though. He could have left Gamble to run, to get out of dodge. There was no one with them there on those tracks when he had one bullet trained on him. He could have told him to get out, never come back to L.A., or the States for that matter, to vanish. Would Gamble have done that? Was that what he was referring to, or was it just his cloudy and concussed brain spewing words?

He decided he didn't care. The EMT finished his hand and he got off the truck without a look back at the unconscious Brian behind him. He met up with the rest of the team and got back into the S.W.A.T truck as the EMS pulled away to take Brian to the hospital.