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Lala's POV

"Rise and shine sleepy-head! If you don't get up you're going to be late for work." A sweet voice rang out over my sleep dazed mind. I heard the sound of wooden wheels leaving the room right before what felt like a ton of bricks landed on my chest.

"Wakey wakey! We gotta go Lala. We gotta go or we'll be late!" My eyes sprung open to see Niche sitting on my stomach. Her golden hair was already brushed and her wide ocean blue eyes were wide with excitement. Steak, her pet/food reserve sat perched on her head. The Maka child leaned in closer to my face. "We gotta go or be late."

Sometimes the things Niche says don't always make sense, but I understood 'late' all too well. With a mighty shove, I removed the girl from my bed, jumped out, dashed to my closet, grabbed my clothes as well as some wrapping bandages and headed to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, I let out a silent scream. My hair, which usually reached the mid of my back, now came up to my shoulders in knots and tangles. Brutally, I attacked it with a brush until it was nice enough to stuff into my Letter Bee hat. I took extra care to hide my red amber eye behind a wall of my silvery hair. It was a while before I was satisfied with it. Next I slipped on the pants and the shoes, nearly falling over in the process. Now came the hard part. I took the wrapping bandages and secured my chest. It was difficult to reach around my back and keep the bandages tight enough. When I could hardly breath, I knew it was tight enough. Finally I put on my shirt and raced out the door.

Running down the stairs, I saw Ms. Sylvette, my land lady. I could smell her cooking and knew right away what she was making.

"Funny lady make nasty soup again. Nast, nasty, nasty." Niche jumped down from the top floor to the bottom in one gracious leap. Steak gave a 'Ni-Nyu' as they landed.

"Come on, Niche. Steak. It's time for work." I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

"Wait, Lala-chan, don't you want breakfast." Thinking about the soup, my stomach flinched.

"Later." I called over my shoulder.

"Fine then. Be safe. Come home safe, Lag!" I smiled at the name.

Walking down the street, I caught a glimpse of myself in a window's reflection. I stopped and stared. I really did look like a fifteen year old boy. Who would have thought that I would have gone as far as cross-dressing to get this job.

"Lala, we're going to be late!" Niche called again.

I sighed and started walking again. "Niche, I told to call me 'Lag' when we go outside and work, remember? I can't be a girl and be a Letter Bee."

"Niche doesn't understand." She said with a frown.

"Niche," I patted her head. "Remember, the Hive only accepts male applicants. I really wanted to be a Bee so I dress like a boy. Only me, you, and Ms. Sylvette know that I'm a girl. No one else can know or we can't deliver letter anymore."

Niche stared at me really hard. "So no more working? No more letters with people hearts? This would make Lala sad?"

"Yes, very sad." Both Maka child and Steak seemed to puff out.

"Then Lala is a boy. Lag. !" She seemed to sing the name.

"Yes, yes. Thank you Niche." I smiled but I could feel my mind begin to wander.

It had been nearly eight months ago that I came here to become a Letter Bee, but I had wanted to become one much sooner. I'd wanted to become a Letter Bee since the time I was seven. That was when I had met Gauche Suede. He had saved my life and delivered me to my aunt. After that, I idolized him and wanted to be a Bee ever since. But, with the gender restrictions, there was a time I thought I would never be able to join the Hive. Cross-dressing wasn't my favorite choice, but it was the most effective. I spent nearly a year and a half begging my aunt to let me come to the city and saving my money. When I finally did get here, not only did I find Gauche's sister, Ms. Sylvette, but I also started living with her. But, Gauche has been missing for quite some time now. Part of me wants to leave disappointed, but I know that's not what Gauche would do. He'd stick it out and deal with it. And so will I and I will find him.

"Yo, day-dreamer, look where you're going." I did look up just in time to run into the chest of another Bee. He put his hands on my shoulders to steady me.

"Z-Zazie! I'm sorry!" I stepped back but not before Zazie seemed to hold me for a bit longer than necessary.

"I told ya before, kid. It's Zazie-'senpai' to you. I am older that you ya know." I felt a blush creep up into my face.

"Yes, Z-Zazie-senpai. Forgive me." I heart fluttered like a caged bird. Why did this always happen around him? Every time I look into his cat-like eyes or see his smile, it's like my heart wants to jump right out of my chest. I couldn't like him. Despite his good looks, Zazie is arrogant and has a short fuse. Nothing at all like Gauche.

"Hey, Zazie, you aren't being mean to Lag again, are you?" A very portly man came up behind me.

"Connor!" I turned around to greet with a really smile. Connor had helped me so much, he'd become a really good friend.

"Heya Lag. Hi Niche, Steak." He took a large bite out of what looked to be a huge slice of pizza.

"Isn't it a bit early for pizza Connor?" Zazie asked with a sigh.

"It's never too early for pizza." Connor happily snacked away as he walked by them with his dingo, Gus, following.

"I'll never understand that guy." Shaking his head, Zazie turned back to me. "So, you ready for work, kid?"

"My name's not kid, it's Lag!" Nothing at all like my Gauche.

"Hmmm." Zazie smiled like a cat and leaned in closer to me so that we were only a few inches apart. "Well, Lag, you ready for a hard day of work." I swallowed and hoped he didn't hear it. He was so close. "Well?"

"O-Of course I am, cats-for-brains!" I stomped off with an angry Zazie in hot pursuit.

Taking deep breaths and making sure Niche hadn't wandered off, I tried to calm myself. It was time to work. Time to deliver letter that people had put their hearts into. Time for….

"All right everyone!" I craned my neck up to see Mr. Largo standing at the top of the stair case. "It's time for our annual Bee Ball! Due to the demands of the public, we will once again host a grant dance here at the Hive." There was some groans and muttering about clean-up from the other Bees. "Also, to liven things up, we will have a Queen and King Bee of the Hive for the party. The names for the King and Queen have already been randomly drawn."

An excited murmur raced through the crowd of Bees. Some were praying to be chosen as King, others were pray from someone else to be Queen.

"This is interesting but bothersome." I jumped. Zazie had appeared out of nowhere

"It…could be fun." I shrugged.

The cat boy smiled. "Not if you're Queen." He was right, but for different reasons. If I become Queen, they might find out that I'm a girl.

"The King," Mr. Largo paused. "Is…Letter Bee Zazie!" Everyone turned. My mouth was open in disbelief. Now I really didn't want to be Queen.

"Damn, I thought I was going to get out of this one." Zazie muttered. I had to admit though, he was kinda cute when he pouted like a child.

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will go fine." I patted his arm and he gave me a weird look. Confused I looked back up to Mr. largo who was asking for silence.

"Now, for your Queen, it's…Letter Bee Connor Kluff?" There was a gasp in the crowd. Others began to laugh. I looked at Zazie and nearly flung myself off a cliff. He was pissed.

"Sir, that can't be right!" He yelled. Mr. Largo shrugged.

"It was a random draw. Fair is fair."


"If you have that much of a problem with it then how about this." He cleared his throat and raise it again so that it could be heard by all the Bees. "To help guide Connor into become a…decent Queen, I appoint…Lag Seeing as the Queen's assistant!"

"No…." Was all I was able to whisper.

"Lal- I mean lag, what's wrong? Are you hurt? Can Niche lick to make it better?"

"Haha, Queen's assistant." Zazie laughed. "Good luck with that." I turned towards him.

"Zazie, I could just kill you."

"Don't be so glum. Now that we're both in this mess together with Connor, we can all look foolish together."

"All I wanted was to deliver letters." Sighing I followed Zazie and a still bemused Connor up to Mr. Largo's office where we'd receive our duties as the 'Royal Bee Hive Court'.

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