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They managed to sneak Harry back into the hospital wing during the early morning hours just before Madame Pomphrey came for her rounds,all the while pretending as if Draco had just come in for a visit. After she left and while others were still asleep, Harry sat up in bed and pulled Draco in for soft kiss.

"Eww morning breath!" Draco said laughing softly, screwing up his face in mock distaste when Harry grabbed him again and was about plant a wet one when Draco looked up in horror and saw Darren standing at the entrance of the room glowing a bright red color!

"Ugh my eyes, my eyes!" Darren said theatrically and walked over to the bed grinning awkwardly at them.

"Not a word Potter or I'll deck you!" Draco said, ducking his head to hide his own blush.

"Aww you two are so cute!" Harry said grinning and falling back against his cushions still holding Draco's hand in his own ignoring his scowl completely.

"Darren…you here?" Hermione called out softly from the next bed "What happened? Why are you guys laughing?" she asked.

"Umm…nothing important kiddo" Darren said shooting a pointed look at his brother's hand that was still clasping Draco's "You okay? Need anything?"

"No no, I think my bladders about burst though" she said and heaved herself off the bed to stagger to the bathroom without looking anyone.

"Let go Harry!" Draco whined, trying to pull his hand away and only succeeding in making Harry tighten his grip further when they heard Ron sleepily call out a good morning to them and only then did Harry let go Draco knowing that Ron would not be so understanding.

Luckily the entire school had been let off that day so they all sat around on the beds after been given permission from the strict school healer and were soon joined by Cho and Ginny who woke up Cedric by accident.

Ginny on seeing Draco and Harry immediately noticed the subtle change in atmosphere and her eyes widened in surprise and then she clamped her own mouth shut to stifle the urge to crow loudly in delight.

Draco rolled his eyes at her and swatted her on the shoulder but otherwise smiled softly in acknowledgment while Harry simply beamed.

"How's the leg Ced?" Harry asked looking over the others heads.

"Thought I was going to lose it forever Harry, trust me, I will never ever say a bad thing about Madame Pomphrey for as long as I live!"

Ron, who had been sitting down uncharacteristically quiet until then, cleared his throat and looking thoroughly sorry apologized to him stammeringly.

"Ron you didn't know what you were doing so I don't blame you in the least" Cedric said placatingly.

"I dunno" Ron said quietly "I…I was a bit jealous that you guys got selected for the tournament, maybe I made it easy for Mood…Rookwood to control me."

"Stop over analyzing things lil' bro" Fred said coming into the room followed by George "We were all pretty green ourselves, the maniac chose you because you're Darren's best friend."

"Still…" Ron tried to talk when George caught a pillow and smothered him with it.

"Okay, okay let go!" Ron said laughing and panting "I guess I really was not to blame."

"So tell us Potter boys what the hell happened after your vanishing act?" Fred asked helping himself to a piece of toast that the house elves had brought in.

Suddenly the room fell silent and everyone turned to the Potter twins looking very very interested.

So Darren and Harry taking turns explained the entire situation and to Harry's horror they started looking at him with something akin to awe.

"How did you escape Harry?" Ginny asked looking shocked.

"Umm…dunno, I think it was a bit of accidental magic that helped" Harry said uncomfortably. There was no way he could tell them about his wand or his ability to disapparate and then he remembered to speak to Professor Snape about it too the next day when he came back before he spoke to Dumbledore.

Fortunately no one asked about Draco's father or Snape so Draco didn't have to feel bad or ashamed. Still, he looked pale and slightly nauseous when Harry spoke of the bloodletting and almost reached out to touch him.

Nobody spoke about the coming war, and nobody spoke about Voldemort it was too surreal, too frightening and no one was ready to discuss that yet. So they lolled about talking about other things when Harry was called to Dumbledore's office.

Taking Draco's help, Harry slowly walked across the school avoiding looking at people and thankfully reached the office without further incident.

"Need me to come?" Draco asked questioningly, looking happy when Harry nodded.

The door opened and Dumbledore called them in, after sitting down he wasted no time in asking Harry what had happened and Harry hoping that this was the last time he'd have to explain told him the whole story except for the part about his wand.

"Would you give me your memory to look at in the pensive Harry?" Dumbledore asked him, but Harry shook his resolutely no and apologized not saying anything further. Knowing that the boy had clamped up, Dumbledore nodded and thanked him, informing him that the prize for the tournament was to be split between the two brothers.

Outside the room Draco looked at Harry with a puzzled expression and finally said "What really happened Harry? How did you escape? And don't say accidental magic or I'll thump you!"

"It wasn't accidental" Harry said looking guiltily at him.

"Then wandless magic?"

"No-o, I can't tell you now but I promise soon" Harry said pleadingly, when Draco nodded and kissed him on the cheek on the stairs outside Dumbledore's office.





Dumbledore sat behind his desk drumming his fingers testily on the surface of his table looking at the beautiful pensive in front of him lost in thought.

He had seen Darren's memory of last night and had witnessed the effortless way in which Harry had rescued Darren. So fast, so neat, so powerful not at all the work of a mere fourteen ear old.

Looking at Fawkes in his perch Dumbledore softly spoke "Why won't he let me see his memory Fawkes? What is he hiding? Have I been wrong all along? What if I have made a terrible mistake? What if Harry is the real…."

And then he remembered Darren's bursts of power and shook his head no, Darren was the chosen one; he'd seen it right off. Harry did not have an aura around him at all. He was a very average wizard. So Dumbledore firmly squelched the burgeoning doubt and got up to go to the great hall to tell the world that Voldemort was back.



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