The Mark

By Notsalony

Chapter 17 - New Pack, New Rules

Let's see if I can get this out sooner then almost a year. -grins- This will not be as long as the last chapter. But hey that last one was pretty damn good.

[Beacon Hills Coffee Shop; Thursday, November 1st, 2012]

Stiles sat across from Alister sipping his coffee as he looked at the bracelet that he could sense the magic in, as Alister drank his own coffee. Twelve hours had passed since Alister had saved him and quietly left the party himself, leaving the Hale pack to deal with the fall out of new vampires, the Kanima news, Peter's return, and the rest of the fall out after he'd gone.

"You have questions." Alister said after they'd sat in silence for so long.

"What are you?" Stiles frowned at him.

"Drives you mad you can't tell, even when you're using your magic to try to read me isn't it." Alister grinned over his coffee cup. "I'm just a simple Hexen." Alister shrugged.

"Right, who just happens to have a totem that lets him control vampires." Stiles scoffed.

"Vampires and a good deal other things as well." Alister smiled. "It's an old family relic and it helps keep me safe from the dangerous creatures that roam this world." Alister tapped it. "It's not complete. Centuries ago these guys in red cloaks pried out some of the stones. All I have left is the lapis lazuli, the blood stone, the moon stone, the tiger's eye, the serpentinite, and the sun stone here in the center." He tapped each one as they seemed to spiral around his wrist. "I'm in town looking for clues to the other stones. I heard there were some red coats here." He shrugged.

"We keep cleaning them out but they just keep coming. I'm starting to think they decided to have a full on stalker hard on for me and my pack." Stiles crossed his arms.

"Yes. They do tend to be very mission oriented once they decide they want something. It took them a hundred years to trap one of my ancestors long enough to pry the stones from him." Alister said with a bitter tone. "Took my family this long just to recover this many." Alister hid his eyes with the fridge of hair as he looked into his cup.

"I'm sorry." Stiles put his hand on Alister's flinching only inside himself as he felt the power. Alister's words may be soothing and hit all the right notes to show he was sorrowed by the passing of his family, but inside. Inside there was something else. A darkness around his heart that was like a flame licking at the icy cold depths of Alister's frozen core. Stiles wasn't sure how he knew he shouldn't trust this man, but touching him gave him everything he needed to know he shouldn't.

"But I survived. Now I'm just trying to restore what belongs to my family." Alister smiled.

"Must be hard. Is that what brings you to Beacon Hills?" Stiles sipped his own coffee.

"Rumor has it one of the stones might have been brought here. Just checking up on it while I continue my quest and try to make a living teaching." Alister gave a contented sigh that made Stiles inwardly sense that something was very wrong with this man. "But where are my manors, you need to head off to practice don't you. I'll see you in class." He smiled.

"Yeah, better go." Stiles smiled and left his tip on the table. They'd officially quit the team, Scott and Stiles both, but then the couch had asked if they'd stay on as bench warmers till after the babies were born. They'd talked it over and now they were supposed to still show up to the team meetings and practices, if only to watch and to give support for their fellow players.


"Stilinski, glad you could make it. I want you and McCall to take the new guy and put him through his paces today while I run the team on the new drill." He pointed to a guy in a grey shirt that was opening one of the lockers as he turned and walked away.

"So… you got a name?" Stiles asked as the new guy pulled off his shirt, exposing pale flesh with a full back tattoo in Cyrillic writing and pictographic symbols. "And cool ink." Stiles looked at it, and felt like if he kept staring the ink would move. As he watched villagers seemed to move out of their huts and move through the fields, all of it drawn on this guy's back in ink, Stiles wondered briefly if his magic could do something similar.

"I'm called Pitor." He turned, his black spiky hair and brilliant blue eyes shining in the locker room light, coupled with his flawless skin, and Stiles felt a little self conscious about his looks suddenly.

"That's.. uh… Russian right?" Scott tried to break the ice.

"Yes. I am… from Russia originally. I have not been to my home land for many years now." Pitor smiled. "My tattoo is of my home land. I had it done to remember where I come from." His accent thick as he spoke and looked them both in the eyes, Scott was glad that he seemed to be built to play the game at least.

"So have you played Lacrosse before?" Scott asked, wondering why Stiles seemed to be off in his own world suddenly.

"Not for a while now. But I figured while we're in town I might as well join the team and give it a go." Pitor smiled.

"Nice dude. So, listen, while you're getting dressed for the field, we're going to go over here and ask the coach exactly what he wants us to drill you on." Scott smiled and nodded as Pitor smiled and went back to undressing. Scott frowned and pulled Stiles along with him. "What's up with you?"

"Something's off about him. His tattoo moves." Stiles frowned.

"So?" Scott shrugged as he walked off to find the coach.

"What you mean SO?" Stiles chased after his friend.

"They are so cute like that." Pitor said out loud as he turned and looked at Jackson who'd just come out of the showers and glared at him. "What?"

"You smell." Jackson's eyes flashed as he sniffed the air.

"You're one to talk wolf boy." Pitor smirked as his eyes went red. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shower." He walked past Jackson who stood there open mouthed as he looked after him. "And if you see something you like, be sure to lick it." He chuckled as Jackson blushed and scurried away. "I love teasing betas." He put his head under the spray.


[Mystic Falls High School; Mystic Falls, Virginia]

"Hey." Tyler leaned in and kissed the back of Jeremy's neck in the halls.

"I love that you don't care that people can see you touching me." Jeremy grinned and moved back into his boyfriend's touch.

"I'm a vampire and a werewolf. They can all fuck off. I'm not loosing anymore time touching you." Tyler ground his swelling crotch into Jeremy's ass.

"You're just happy I'm back. So my ass is there to get fucked again." Jeremy teased as Tyler groaned. "I've missed you too." He smirked. Jeremy'd been sent out of town to keep him safe while his family dealt with Klaus and his latest bout of being insanely evil. He'd had some good times but he'd missed being in Tyler's arms.

"You hear your stalker's missing?" Tyler asked as his arms tightened around Jeremy.

"Damon's out of town?" Jeremy felt his panic rise.

"You want to go looking for him already, don't you." Tyler asked, his voice as neutral as he could make it.

"Yes, no… maybe." Jeremy sighed.

"You don't know how much I miss being able to compel you." Tyler leaned in and kissed Jeremy's neck again.

"You missed being able to turn me into your willing sex puppet at the drop of a hat. But you love that I still come back of my own free will." He turned in Tyler's arms and kissed him deeply.

"Dude get a room!" Matt chuckled as he shook his head.

"You know, the supply closet is empty this time of day…" Jeremy supplied.

"I was thinking more about Senior Chem." Tyler scooped Jeremy up.

"Uh, you mean the class room full of seniors… who are going to be trying to study…?"

"Yep. Going to love getting in your pants while they watch." Tyler's eyes went golden as he kissed Jeremy, undoing the smaller teen's jeans as they went.

"God Ty…" Jeremy's voice broke.

"Oh just wait till I'm in your ass to call me God." Tyler grinned.


[Stiles' Room, Stilinski House; Beacon Hills, California]

Stiles stretched his lithe form out as he looked around the mostly packed up bedroom. They'd been slowly making the move these last few weeks. Most of his things had been moved to either his study or his and Derek's bedroom. He wasn't ready to completely leave this place, and his dad and talked about turning it into a place for his grandson when he was born. Stiles stroked his hand down the door frame where he'd been measured every year on his birthday. He liked the idea of his son growing up and being measured on this board. He crouched down and read some of his mother's hand writing and where it turned into his dad's. Smiled at how after a while Scott's measurements were added. They'd never really thought about how close they'd been over the years.

"I'm going to have to see if Derek can copy this for me in our son's bedroom…" Stiles smiled. As he was crouched down he noticed a key sticking out from between the wainscoting and the wall. Frowning he pulled the key out and noticed it had a rune "Where do you go?" Stiles looked at the key, feeling his mother's magic on it. "Why would she put you in here?" He looked at the key and decided to try it in his bedroom door. Walking out he closed the door and locked it with the key. Watching the rune flare with magic, he unlocked the door to find his bedroom was gone. In its stead was a place packed full of books and notes.

"Jack pot." Stiles grinned. Walking into the room that had clearly been shut up since before his mother's death, Stiles realized there was more hidden in this room then he'd ever dreamed. Silently he wondered if his dad had ever known this was all here. Probably not or he'd have pointed it out by now. Frowning Stiles shut the door behind him wondering why his mother hadn't told his dad about this place.

He turned around and noticed a letter pinned to the wall. He pulled it off and began reading.

My dearest son,

If you're seeing this place and I'm not here then it's most likely I've been dead for a long time. The omens talked about my death being a possibility. I was so worried that I cast the spells to protect you so that no harm would come of to you so if anyone tried to kill us, you'd survive. My darling boy I love you and your father with all my heart. But I couldn't live with myself if you died and I had a chance to save you.

If you're here you've found your powers, and found the key I left you. This is a room that's been passed down in my family for generations. A spatially warped place that doesn't exist outside of these walls. We keep our secrets here. The things we can't share with our spouses because sometimes magic requires us to do dangerous things we can never talk about. The key is the secret to get in here. Only you can see it, and only you can use it. Keep the key safe. No mater what door you use it in, it'll fit and it'll open this room to you. Add to this place and when the time comes pass it to your children.

I love you my baby boy. Know that. I love you.

Your loving mother.

Stiles sat down hard, tears streaming down his cheeks as he drew his knees up to his chest and felt a wave of panic wash over him. He slid into that wave and realized that Derek had felt him cry and had come looking for him to find his scent ending in his old bedroom and he wasn't there.

'I'm here.' Stiles sent out to Derek. He put his hand on a box as he stood up, knocking a book over, he looked over at it and frowned, it'd fallen open to a page with an illustration that looked too familiar to Stiles. 'be there in a sec… will explain when I come out, just be outside my bedroom with the door shut please.' Stiles picked up the book and decided it was time to do some reading.


[The Training Den under the Hale House]

"Whatcha reading there batman?" Erica sat down beside where a very naked Stiles was sitting reading a passage in a book. He looked up to see Erica's naughty smile as she looked over to where Derek's ass was flexing as he and Danny trained.

"Doing some research on our history teacher… you do realize he's taken right?" Stiles frowned at her. "By me. And I'm right here."

"Can't a girl look?" Erica said eyeing Derek all the harder.

"No. OFFLIMITS." Stiles growled out passively but low enough said werewolf alpha didn't hear his mate growling.

"Then how about check out the competition?" Eric sighed.

"I… wait… what?" Stiles slid down off the arm of the sofa to sit next to the girl who had the grace to look embarrassed.

"You never noticed did you." She finally said, looking at Derek the whole time as she blushed. "I had the biggest crush on you. Still do a little bit. And I'm kind of sizing up Derek to see if he's worthy of you." She said looking Stiles in the eyes.

"Hang on… you… had a crush on ME?" Stiles' eyes went wide.

"You only had eyes for Lydia. Everyone knew that. But yeah. I like you." She leaned in and kissed him. I always wanted to be the catwoman to your batman." She grinned as she pulled back.

"I am so lost right now I don't think I could find my way out of this with a utility belt and the bat cave." Stiles looked at her like she'd lost her mind. "How could you find me sexy?" He gestured to his nude body.

"You're sexy and you know it." She smiled and shoved him.

"Can't a guy fish for a compliment?" He chuckled before watching Derek's fine ass. "But yeah, next to all these glorious pieces of man flesh, I sometimes feel like the ugly sickly step sister who was in a horrific car accident that left me looking like the thing the elephant man had with a shut in woman." He sighed.

"So not even." Erica shoved him a little. "You're handsome and you've got a great body, and he's fucking lucky to have you." She looked out at Derek.

"Oh yeah, we're on the same page there catwoman. HE is fucking lucky." Stiles grinned before they both dissolved into a fit of giggles.

"Do I even want to know what's got them giggling?" Jackson asked from where he was wiping his forehead between his sparing match with Isaac.

"Probably not. But the smell she puts off when Stiles in the room, she clearly has the hots for him. Derek's put up with it because he knows Stiles isn't going to be tempted. Especially carrying their first born." Isaac grinned.

"You have a point there." Jackson smirked and shook his head.


[The Locker room, Beacon Hills High School; 9:45 pm]

"So what do you think?" Alister said as he sat on the bench in the locker room.

"He smells trust worthy. But if he suspects he'll never help us." Pitor crossed his arms as he sat where he could see Alister. "He would probably die rather then help us."

"What about you?" Alister asked as Greenberg's appearance melted away revealing a naked busty asian woman sitting in his stead, her eye those belaying her Kanima heritage.

"I watched him all week. He's very moral. He sniffs out that you lied to him, he wont stop with out stopping you." She crossed her arms, covering her expansive tits.

"And you?" He asked a punk skater who's hair was pure white.

"I followed the pack. His magic is strong. But he doesn't know how to use it all. He still doesn't know as far as I could tell, about you or us." He blinked blue iris' on a pure white eye.

"Shawn?" He asked a large figure in the shadows.

"He's too young to being a vampire to know how to taste lies. He won't know. And I doubt he'll find out." A deep voice came from the shadowy figure.

"Vargus?" Red eyes flashed in the dark.

"I don't smell any magic from my kind here. If he's got the rod, he's not using it. So he won't know about me or you from it." His voice sounded like a crackling fire.

"The rest of our pack? Tori?" He turned to the Kanima woman.

"Emelia is on her way here. Lin had some trouble clearing customs. But she and Anna have him and the package and are on their way." She smirked.

"Then we proceed with our plans with Mr. Stilinski. Till they arrive with the artifact I need. Once they arrive, then we'll announce ourselves and force Stiles to bend to my will." He smirked, the stones on his wrist seemed to hold dancing lights of power inside each one. "After so long, to bet his close to one… it's intoxicating." He grinned at his unorthodox pack and laughed.