Written after re-reading "Happily" by Ms. Notebook, using one line that has stuck with me, word for word.

Rumiko Takahashi owns the Manga

You Have No Right

I won't let you win Rokudo. It'll never happen. Not while I'm alive.

Tsubasa stared through the glass into the art room. He had got to the room just a little too late, the apron that had been trying to strangle people had been taken care of by Jumonji's red-haired nemesis. Sakura was with the Shinigami boy. Tsubasa never would understand why she always seemed to accompany his nemesis. She was always at his side, wherever he went, and it sickened the exorcist. If she was not careful, she might fall for…

She tripped over an easel leg, and Rokudo was quick; Sakura fell right into his arms. He helped her stand back straight, and his arms lingered around her waist for far too long. She blinked at Rokudo. His soft eyes looked into the girl's, and she did not look away for several seconds.

You have no right.

Tsubasa gnashed his teeth. He had not thought to run into that room, he watched as a man might watch his house, filled with memories stretching through his whole life, burn to the ground.

He was startled when Sakura looked at Rokudo's arms around her. She had remained still for an eternity in Jumonji's mind, staring innocently, cutely, at the redhead. She looked back at the boy. Tsubasa watched her lips form the word of thanks. A tinge of colour came to her cheeks and Tsubasa snarled on the other side of the window, unseen to the pair.

He pounded his fist on the glass, drawing the boy's attention. He turned and looked at the exorcist. Jumonji glared. Rokudo raised an eyebrow, and in Tsubasa's mind, this insignificant gesture was a show of defiance, dishonour, and boastfulness, saying that Sakura was already his.

Tsubasa ran to the door rounded the corner inside the school building, and again into the art room, but in the ten seconds that took him, Sakura and Rinne had already left for home.

The blush Sakura had remained in Jumonji's mind. A blush towards Rinne. Was it not one of embarrassment? He should not feel this way, but Tsubasa suddenly felt he should not confront Rokudo. It would make Sakura unhappy would it not?

But, perhaps… I've already lost.

Something simple for Tsubasa-kun. I re-read Happily, and this line really, really stuck in my head. Perhaps a little weird for me, I'm not used to really short short-stories. I believe this is called a drabble? Shortest story ever, and likely will remain that way.

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