Epilogue for this series of micro fanfictions:

Well, of course there will be far more micro fanfictions of KunZoi~ But I found that if I kept adding them in one story, it would be just endless...so I decided to make it twenty micro fanfics per series.

Hence, this series is completed~ ^^

Well, the moment of clicking on the "complete" button of a work is one of my favorite moment, I guess that completing a fiction would bring an author happiness and confidence that even beyond imagination~ ^^ So I make this series completed~

New micro fanfictions would be add to a new series, well, still each stories are independent, the ideas just came to me in a random order~

Names of the micro stories of this series:

"What does he stare at?"

"A Ring on Kunzite's Ring finger"


"Is there 'enemies'?"

"The most Delicate Piano"

"A Yellow Rose"

"The most Important"

"When Kunzite was Writing Fanfictions..."

"Sick and Cure"


"Be my Love"



"Swimming Lesson"


"My Dangerous Beauty"


"Keep it Fresh"

"Spoiled Boy"

"Zoisite's New Uniform"

-20 stories in total.

Thank you for enjoying them, and please expect the next series~ ^^