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Summary: Jack Harkness has been from school to school over the years and none of the teachers have had such an influence unlike Mr Jones...

Chapter 1 – The meet and greet

'So... 8 different schools in one year... Wow, so what I want to know is why I'm his new 'helper' as you would say?'

Ianto Jones had been working at Torchwood high for a year now and had already impressed the head with his standard of work.

John smith had only met the teacher once before this past year at another school in London sadly there was a fire there which meant the school had to shut down. Quite a few died, both teachers and pupils, one of them was Ianto's ex-girlfriend Lisa Hallett.

However Ianto carried on teaching and eventually signed up for head of the English department, in a year the whole English department had improved by 15% for GCSE's. All because of one man, Ianto Jones.

'Ianto, I've read your files and I know that you have helped with kids like him at your other schools and I do believe that Mr Harkness would feel more comfortable to talk to you rather than Miss Tyler, seeing as you went through a few tough years as a kid...'

Ianto slowly began to realise that it wasn't such a bad thing and that he should at least give the boy a chance because no one ever gave him one.

'Fine but if things don't work out you'll have to find someone else... Maybe your right though I mean maybe the boy just needs someone who understands...'

'Right well now that that's all sorted, do you mind making us a brew? I kind of heard your coffees are to die for...'

'Oh trust me they are... But may I ask sir-'

'Ianto, its John. No sir, just John...' he interrupted

'Sorry sir, I mean John, Sorry John.'

'It's okay... Well, Carry on... What were you going to ask me?'

'Ah yes, anyway, do you think I'm actually Capable to help this lad? Honestly...'

'Well if I didn't think you were capable i wouldn't have put you forward in the first place... Ianto you are without I doubt one of the finest teachers I have ever met, and you're not too bad looking either...'

'Thank you for the comment sir, I mean John... Anyway here's your brew...'

Ianto slowly placed the fresh cup of coffee on his desk then said his goodbyes and left the office heading towards the staff room. This was going to be one heck of a year, he could feel it.


'Come on Jack! You're going to be late! We need you to stay in this school, otherwise it's off to military school for you and you know we don't want that.'

Jack Harkness was a 16 year old boy who has moved from school to school most of his life, it all started in Year 6, after being kicked out for getting into fights and swearing and just generally being a nuisance. No one knew what brought it on exactly but they guessed it was to do with his Father beating him; sadly they hadn't enough proof to lock him away as Jack wouldn't testify so they kept moving around until he found another school. This was his last chance to stay with his family and get an education. Whether he stayed or not was up to him, no one could change his mind if he disliked it.

'I'm coming!' Jack stomped down the stairs with a scowl on his face; he hated it when his mum threatened him with boarding school. He could probably get kicked out of there too but he didn't want to risk it. Not really the type to do much work, although he did remember everything he had heard from teachers so if he did decide to work he understood it all.

As they both jumped into the big black SUV, Jack made a promise to himself to at least get through one term, it couldn't be that hard. 'Mum, I promise to try my hardest to stay in school but just in case I do something stupid I'm sorry...'

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