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Operation Bad Date

It was coming up to 8 o'clock and with only one hour to pull himself together and get ready Ianto was on edge. He needed to make this work. If John still likes him by the end of the night, he will have failed. Jack would never forgive him if he let John continue to pester them. The big problem he was struggling with now was simply what to wear? The plan was all carefully constructed including back-ups however what it didn't include was clothing.

Slutty. That's the one. Ianto wasn't the type to be nervous for a date. Hell he wasn't even really a dating type of guy. One night stands became his nightly hobbies. Well that was until he'd started this 'thing' with Jack. Speaking of which he really has fallen hard for the young boy, anyway back to the clothing. Tight black jeans slightly faded with an equally tight, open neck red polo shirt. The club will be drooling tonight. Too bad Jack can't be there to see.

After he'd showered and gotten ready the doorbell rang and before he'd even realised it they were getting out of the car and heading towards the club. John hadn't told Ianto which club they were going to but Ianto was so glad it was this one. The newest (apparently hottest) club in town and it was owned by an old friend of his. He doubted that John knew that, I mean Ianto only found out because he'd come across it the other day. However he wasn't complaining in fact it could even help with matters regarding the plan.

'so, what do you think then?' John asked excitedly.

'We aren't even inside yet, i mean have you seen this queue? This better be worth it.' Ianto moaned in reply.

'oh quit your whining! Rose said that this was the place to be and that it will be. Plus we all know how much of a party animal you are so think how much better it will be at the hottest club around!' John continued to enthuse.

'well the queue better hurry up cause I'm freezing my balls off here.'

25 minutes later...

'John, we've hardly moved and it's been ages! Are we even going to get in tonight because it doesn't look that way?'

'We will do! I promise you're gonna love it.' John replied however all enthusiasm was gone and it sounded as though he was trying to convince himself more than Ianto.

Ianto suddenly felt all the guilt hit him hard as he realised how much John had been looking forward to tonight and as he was about to apologize but was interrupted by a cry of surprise.

A well dressed man strolled over surrounded by bodyguards. 'Ianto Jones! What are you doing here?! Not seen you since the other week?! Thought that the clubbing scene wasn't your thing eh?' A well dressed man strolled over surrounded by bodyguards.

'You've been here before?' John asked however Ianto had to strain to hear him he was so quiet.

'I'm so sorry John, I didn't want you to think it wasn't special bringing me here, because to you it is so that makes it special.' Ianto apologized before quickly turning to the newcomer giving him a hug as greeting. 'Mark! How are you doing? And i am sorry that I didn't stay for feedback but im pretty sure it was a school night and my social life as its always been is a little crazy! Anyway im here now...'

'With a date no less I see!' mark interrupted.

'Ah yeh Mark Lynch meet John Smith. John meet Mark. Mark and old friend.' This comment caused Mark to snort and John to narrow his eyes in distaste as the millions of implications swam through his mind.

'Anyway Yan you don't need to queue up! I thought I'd made it clear that you had all access to my doors, when you were here the other week.' Mark exclaimed chuckling to himself as Ianto blushed.

'Right! Thanks Mark we both appreciate it!' Ianto accepted, taking hold of Johns hand and walking to the entrance.

'Yeh well maybe you and I can do a little more than appreciation after your date here has left.' Mark leered.

'Mark, Stop it, John here is a good friend and I do not want you making him feel degenerate in any way thank you.' Ianto smirked as he took hold of John's hand dragging him into the club.

'So... he seems nice.' John brought up, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

'Can we not do this here please?' Ianto replied hoping to just get this night over and done with. Hopefully Mark will be willing to help him out with his little problem and take John off of his hands. Although knowing mark that won't be the problem it will be keeping his hands in the appropriate places that will be the problem.

However before Ianto could continue to think on the plan the lads had entered the club and all that could be heard was the bass vibrating throughout the hall and they overlooked the room that was filled with adolescent youths only just old enough to buy a drink wasting both their time and money on alcohol and drugs all for a buzz.

'Let me get you guys a drink, on the house?'Mark continued smirking as he realised yet again how annoyed he was to realise mark was sticking around for a while.

'Thanks Mark. What do you want John?' Ianto questioned.

'You know what I want' John leered until he saw that Ianto was not impressed and quickly told his date he'd let him choose the drinks. Apparently only the overzealous ex can get away with leering at Ianto which John was not at all pleased about but for the mean time nothing could be done. At least not without ruining his one and only shot with Ianto.

'We'll both have the usual please.'

'Alright then usual coming right up! Although you sure your old man's gonna be able to handle the pressure?' mark scoffed as he quickly looked over at John. 'Leaning towards Ianto's ear 'he's hot Yan but he's definitely not your type he's too old for starters! Where'd you pick him up the bingo parlour down the road?' At this Ianto decided to swat him across the arm. John may not be his lover but he certainly was his friend and Mark really needed to learn to play nice.

'He's my boss and a good friend play nice!' Ianto warned back as he scowled in Marks direction.

'Ianto Jones are you ditching a dating?! That poor man... just like the good old days. You really haven't changed as much as you thought have you.' Mark continued to whisper making sure that there partner couldn't eavesdrop this is one conversation you do not want a date to hear. 'Oh here you go! Two very strong yet sweet Long island Ice tea cocktails! Yes I know we live nowhere near long Island but Ianto here likes to pretend he's been abroad. Let me warn you though that drink is strong as fuck! Don't let him lead you astray.'

'Excuse me but I'm very sure it was you who decided the name I was just the one to mix it! And you've got to admit it is a great way to get drunk fast, think about it honestly to pint of this and you're already gone. Perfect date, cheap and drunk don't you think John?' Ianto interrupted taking a sip of his sweet concoction and trying to make John feel more welcome after all this was supposed to be there date even if it has been sabotaged before it began. John just nodded in response chocking on his own sip of the drink.

Mark must have seen this as an opportune moment to get under the other mans skin as he quickly took hold of Ianto's drink placing back on the table and spun him off to the dance floor chucking a 'you don't mind if I borrow your date do you?' over his shoulder to john.

'So how are we doing this then?' Mark questioned excitedly, as they spun around on the dance floor to Barbie girl-which may I say was requested by mark- it seems as though he's missed more of the old days than he's let on.

'Drink, ditch and date' Ianto stated as if that explained it all. Which once again to mark it made complete sense but he was not happy in the slightest.

'And what makes you think that I want a drunken date while you go swanning off and dump him. I was expecting more of a swoop and steal type of plan. You know where I swoop in and steal you from the desperate floozy. I want my fair share of you, boyfriend or not. It's not like you to be monogamous Yan come on! Just tonight. Swoop and steal, please?' Mark whined quietly into his ear. Ianto knew that mark was playing with all his weak spots and knew exactly how to get his own way so there was no point arguing with his deal.

'Fine swoop and steal but if it's not working then were changing plans and no further than the necessary groping please. Meaning your hands stay out of my pants!' Ianto warned. 'Now then where's my drink?' Ianto demanded strolling off to find John and his drink.

After finally finding John both men were extremely surprised to find that he had already chosen to drink both of the ice teas, or at least he'd tried as there was still about half of Ianto's drink left but this was not going to go down well at all Mark realised as he saw Ianto's eyes blaze.

'John, why is my drink almost gone?'Ianto questioned furiously, who drinks their own dates drink?!

'Why are you shouting at me?! Anyway why did you take so long with your dance? You found someone better?!' John retorted obviously the alcohol had begun to slip through his demeanour as he was shouting aloud as possible.

However before Ianto could respond Mark decided to butt in and interrupt the moment. 'Maybe he did. But you getting rat arsed only shows him how much better I am for him than you mate cause right now who looks better; The gentleman who bought him the drink or the alcoholic that drunk it for him?'

'Oh get lost will you. You're so thick you know that? Your Mr. Thick thick thickity Thickface from Thick town, Thickania... and so your Dad! He's my date not yours! Obviously you missed out on your change with him so let me have mine!' John whinged loudly.

'Apparently judged by the look on YOIUR dates face you've just lost him as well.' Mark chuckled to himself until he realised that the games were over and Ianto was scowling at the both of them.

'You two are ridiculous! Get over yourselves the both of you! All I wanted to was a nice quiet date where we could talk but no you both obviously know what I want in my men! I'm sorry John but tonight really has not been the best date even you can't deny that so I'm gonna put you in a taxi and then get myself home. Mark it was nice seeing you again.' Ianto ranted before winking at Mark and dragging John out of his seat. He quickly swigged the rest of his drink; trying to get at least something positive out of the night and dragged John out towards the cabs, ignoring his sad expression and his apologies.

It certainly wasn't how anyone's plan of the night had gone but for Ianto it was a perfect result.

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