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Oh this one-shot is dedicated to TheTruthBetween from a ficlet she wrote that was déjà-vu to this dream I had the night before. #weird :D


It was a sunny day, the sun so bright it gave you a headache to look at directly. It suited her, he thought. There was no greater brightness in this world as Emily Prentiss, or Lauren Reynolds as he had only known her…

He stood behind a wide tree in the cemetery, watching as a shiny black coffin was being spoken over. The priest talked, and even though he couldn't hear, he got the gist of it. Emily Prentiss was a brave officer of this country, served her country faithfully for years, and one of the best friends a person could ask for…blah blah blah.

Looking around him again to make sure he was alone, he let his mind drift backwards, he had never known Emily Prentiss, the Agent, Emily Prentiss the Ambassador's daughter, Emily Prentiss friend to all…

No, he had known Lauren, the intelligent; god given, earth shattering beauty; Lauren the lover… He remembered their warm nights tangled in each other's skin. The shape of her breasts, the way she arched her back, her brown eyes that could soften the coldest bastard dead in his tracks. Yes, Lauren, he had known, and known her well. He knew the secrets that she had probably not made up, true secrets too ashamed or embarrassed to tell even her family. And he had told her his.

He opened his eyes again, and while he remembered Lauren in all her glory… He had come to watch them put her in the ground…

For every loving, warm, peaceful thought he would ever have of her… It would never be as golden, dampered by a soul shattering reminder—the one person that had made him good again, made him whole again…he'd killed.

It didn't matter that despite the fear she felt that he really had planned on her untimely death, he'd never planned on doing it. Cold, evil, twisted as he was, he could never have pulled a trigger, blowing her brains all over the concrete… Somewhere in her, he knew she WAS Lauren, his lover. He could never have— but slowly he looked up at the casket and the people standing around it, one by one they laid a single red rose across it, and said goodbye to their friend.

Ian Doyle's voice cracked a little as he halfway turned away, with one last glance at the casket, and said softly, "Goodbye, My Love."

And walked away into the sunny cemetery to the car parked on the other side, and just…disappeared.



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