Rapunzel can trace back her royal heritage almost three centuries. The proud portraits of her blue-blooded ancestors adorn the Royal Gallery in ornate and gilded frames. Their brave acts and important deeds have been carefully recorded and cataloged. They have been preserved in the history books that are housed in the Royal Library. Eugene can even recall some of these historical events from his grammar school lessons back at the orphanage.

Eugene can only trace his roots back one generation. Even this is a recent accomplishment. With the King's help, Eugene has been able to obtain sealed records whose existence had previously been unknown to him. Still, he is no closer to discovering his past.

The records are sparse but he does learn that his mother was a local farm girl and that she never wed. There is no mention of a father but Eugene has always suspected that his tanned skin is not entirely due to the years he spent battling the elements. Perhaps his father had been a merchant or a sailor from a distant land just passing through. Eugene learns that his mother died of consumption at the age of 16, almost a year after his birth. This grim fact is strangely comforting to him because he had long assumed he was unwanted. It suggests that perhaps she might have kept him if it were not for her untimely death.

Eugene contemplates all this as he stands rigid in the Throne Room, clad in a ceremonial military uniform. It consists of an empire red jacket, black pants and shiny black riding boots. He wears a navy blue sash over his left shoulder down to his right hip. The sash is secured by one of the goldenrod epaulettes on his jacket. The emblem of Corona, a solid gold sun, the same medallion worn by the King at his own coronation almost a quarter of a century prior, rests on the top left corner of Eugene's sash.

Six months have passed since the wedding. Eugene is in the presence of his father-in-law, his mother-in-law and his resplendent new wife. The Queen and the Crown Princess are seated in the center of the room on a small antique love-seat that was specifically brought in for this occasion. Pascal sits proudly on Rapunzel's lap with his chest puffed out and his head held high. The King and the Prince Consort stand tall behind the love-seat.

The Royal Family is sitting for an official portrait commemorating the 275th year of the reigning monarchy. The Princess is adorned with her crown and wears a deep lilac ball gown that sets off her eyes. She is more beautiful than ever. The happy couple is beaming with the recent news that the Princess is expecting.

Upon it's completion, the Royal Portrait will be unveiled at a formal ball in the palace commemorating the King's Silver Jubilee. Regents and other heads of state will be present to mark this important occasion. The Royal Portrait will then be expertly wrapped and carefully transported to the Royal Gallery where it will be prominently displayed for ensuing generations.

Eugene may not be able to trace his past but he is certain about his future.


AN: In case you are confused by my murky descriptions, Eugene's portrait attire is inspired by concept art from the Art of Tangled and Prince William's wedding day uniform.