This fic popped into my head yesterday night, right as I was falling asleep. It refused to go away until I wrote it up, so here it is. It's my first attempt at a drabble fic, but I think it's actually turned out very well. It was a challenge, but hopefully well worth it!

It covers Rose and Dimitri's time together in the cabin before the attack. It's all written and saved, which means there won't be any huge waits in between chapters for updates.

It's a loving, intimate, drabble style fic, which means each chapter will be exactly 100 words, but it will be updated several times a day until it's completed and I hope you'll enjoy it. It's rated M for a reason, so don't be offended by the content in later chapters. I want this to be sweet and sensual, so hopefully that's how you'll view it.

Huge thanks to untamed00notbroken for beta'ing this on such short notice. She's just completed her fic, and it's amazing, so as thanks for this being beat'ed so fast, check her fic out too! :) xx

Sit back, relax, and read.

Nicia. xx

The only noise in the cabin is the soft crackle of the fire Dimitri had built, and us in the bedroom.

Our clothes rustle as we slowly pull them off of the other, and form crumpled piles on the floor.

The bed creaks as we stumble over and fall onto it, skin against skin, our hands roaming the other's exposed bodies.

Hard muscle.

Smooth skin.

Soft lips.

Hushed whispers.




His mouth finds mine, again and again as we move up the bed and slip under the covers, our arms already stretching out to hold the other closer.

So what do you think of it so far? Chapter Two will post in a few hours. I'm going to update three times a day, for six days and that'll be this story done.