Author's Notes

My parents used to make me gargle with salty water when I lost a tooth. Seems like the sensible thing to do.

Stupid little fic, but hey. *shrugs* What can my brain do? Too much rice maybe. I wonder, can you get on a high from rice. Well, I'm allergic to chocolate and my family has a history of sugar problems, so...not many ways to get high, but that's beside the point.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Tooth-Fairy Plight

When someone asks what their first fight was, they say the Digital World. The real answer, the time they have forgotten, is much funnier and more innocent.

Kouji M & Kouichi K

Genre/s: Family/Humour

They didn't remember when their first tooths fell out, but that was because of the age. They really weren't in any position to do anything, but the first one they could pull out themselves came with interesting consequences.

Kouji fiddled with the bloody tooth, much to his elder brother's grimace as he stuffed tissues into his mouth.

'Don't choke on them,' Tomoko fretted, pulling the bloodied tissues away from her elder son.

Teary blue eyes stared back at her. 'Huwts,' he mumbled.

'Tilt your head back dear.' She lightly pushed the head back a little, before opening his mouth. 'Well, the tooth's out.'

'Mo toof.'

Hearing the child lisp worsened by the tissues was pretty funny. Unfortunately it was also indistinguishable.

'Your tooth hurts?'

'Head huwts.'

'Perhaps some Tyenol,' the mother acknowledged, mopping the blood away from his mouth. 'You hate blood, don't you sweetie?'

'mells yu'y.' She assumed he meant "smells yucky". Who taught him "yucky" anyway? He sniffed afterwards, feeling about as yucky as the blood.

Kouji just spat the salty water his father was helping him with into the stick.

'Baby,' he said. For his age, it was as much as an insult as he could muster.

The other's face scrunched up.

'Kouji,' both parents scolded at the same time. 'Apologize.'


Kouichi stuck out a bloodied lip in a pout, but there wasn't much blood left. Thank goodness to, Tomoko sighed, wiping the rest of the blood away before bringing the salty water to his lips. 'Gurgle and spit,' she instructed, wondering whether "gurgle" was in the boy's vocabulary or was merely an instinct. She hoped it was both, or at least the former.

He grimaced more at the taste. 'Yucky,' he repeated.

'Kouji didn't complain,' Kousei pointed out, almost scolding.

'Kousei,' Tomoko said warningly, before turning back to her children. 'Maybe the tooth-fairy will leave an extra-special gift.'

'No fair,' both twins said together, but it sounded more like "nofe air".

'Why isn't it fair?' she asked innocently, though she knew both answers.

'Fawies don't exist,' Kouji answered. A sceptic from the first. Kouichi on the other hand…

'toto deserves.'

'It's "deserves",' she corrected. Toto was Kouichi's way of saying otouto. 'And why do you say that?'

'No,' Kouji said stubbornly. 'Fawies don't exist.'



Kousei gave his wife a look that clearly said "this is all your fault". She just shrugged. They were bound to have their first fight sometime. First speaking fight she should say. There was plenty that involved squirming and the such…and a few bonks with toys. But fighting about the existence of fairies was a rather amusing one to start off the verbal fights with.