It's been a week since I came here Claus is slowly begining to eat. I stare at his unnatural red eyes for a while they show no emotion what so ever. He glances at me but doesn't care of my appearance before him. I start to wash dishes and noticed that Claus began to cry. What an unexpected sight his eyes changed to a regular blue color. He spoke words like Hinawa, Lucas, etc. I couldn't understand him but something weird was happening. After a while guards who were watching the camera rushed into the room grabbed Claus and were gone before you knew it. I went into the bedroom (shared with Claus) and began to think what he was saying. I couldn't care less about a monster being taken away but those names where really unsettling almost like family, and at that moment I remembered the reason I was here. The pigmen had kidnapped my family. The war against them and the rebels have been going on for a few weeks now and I didn't really care I was just a babysitter taking care of kids whose parents were somehow helping in the war. I met one man with a cowboy hat I think his name started with an F or something. He gave me money saying one day he might need me. He explained he was looking for someone but left no description only cash and thumbs up. A few days later the battle grew closer to town and all I remember is waking up in a room of nothingness being offered gifts I couldn't care for then they pulled up a picture from the room next door my mother and my sister where there screaming in a cage surrounded by freaks of nature called chimera. They warned me that they would die if I didn't except. I was sent into a cargo truck with a tiny window but through that window I could see an explosion. HOW DARE THEY! My hand became a metal fist and I decided I wouldn't listen to them anymore and I decided to kill that monster before he kills anyone else. I grabbed rat poison from under the sink and poured all of it into his food. I cooked a disgusting meal so his last minutes could be terrible. As time passed I fell asleep and woke up with Claus by me. He seemed pretty nervous and whispered something. I couldn't hear and had to translate, I slowly cracked down the letters. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U. He thanked me? For what I obviously hate him and everyone else here yet he thanks me. I thought for a 2nd maybe there is a way to save him from his mind control I could find about it and decided to do whatever it takes he was only a child no monster or killer just a child looking for freedom. My eyes blazed with justice for the first time in my life. I slapped the food away and saw no emotion in Claus. But I couldn't give up I smacked his dinner away every day for the next week till one day it came it a annoyance to him and he ran with his food. It worked he showed emotion. I'm already one step closer to destroying his church slowly he shall reunite with his family weather it takes my life or not!

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