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Ch 1: Awakening and Escape

Here we find Konohagakure no Sato, the greatest ninja village in the Elemental Continent. It was widely known for its ninja like Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato, Hatake Kakashi, and most recently, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. He was the jinchurikii to the legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune and then one who had a hand in ending the Fourth Great Shinobi. You see, whether they like to admit it or not, he had actually defeated the immortal Uchiha Madara, and the snake Kabutomaru.

He was also known across the countries for his efforts as well. He had a hand in liberating Yuki no Kuni, or Haru no Kuni as its known now, Oni no Kuni, Ocha no Kuni, Nami no Kuni, and many other small villages. In fact, one may say that if you were a part of these countries, you could say that he is the greatest hero ever. But that isn't important to the story now.

Now, the ex-ruined city of Konoha was still repairing itself from its past attack from Pein of the Akatsuki, but it was now a more bustling town. In fact, some were celebrating on something that happened a while ago. The celebration was the return of Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto had actually fulfilled his promise of bringing him back, which was good in all, but apparently not to their standards. He had returned the rogue ninja battered, bleeding, and beaten within an inch of his life.

Not many people, in fact you could say the whole village, didn't appreciate that. It would be the start of a reaction that would end up with them losing their most valuable asset. You see, we now find Naruto walking down the street, heading to the Hokage's tower. He was wearing his usual clothing along with his sage cloak that he earned after completing his sage training. Unfortunately, all wasn't well with him. You see, after bringing Sasuke back, he was met again with constant hate filled glares, thrown insults, etc. from the citizens and shinobi. In fact, his 'friends' were actually scorning him. Forget the fact that he saved the entire Kami forsaken world from being ruled by a madman, but apparently it is a big no-no that he injured the Uchiha.

Right now, he was irritated at it all. His 'friends' had just kicked him out of their 'circle', saying that he shouldn't have the privilege to have friends, and that is putting it nicely. He was also depressed over what a former friend had done. Hyuuga Hinata actually rejected him for a date. Now, he knew about her crush for him since it started, contradicting to what people actually know, but he had to keep up appearances with his mask, so he had to ignore it for now. After hearing her confession during the Pein invasion, he had decided to try and pursue her for a relationship, but he never found the time to do so. Now that the war had ended, he now had time, but when he did so, he was hatefully chewed out buy the bluenette. He didn't understand why she would say such things, but what caused it all to go downhill was her showing that she liked Kiba instead now. Now, he was heartbroken, which brings us to why he was going to the Hokage's office. He was going to request a mission to leave the village in order to get away from the hate.

He was in crappy spirits, but he had high hopes that Tsunade would allow it. He comes up to the tower and opts to come through the window this time, so that he can avoid the secretary. He umps to the window and opens it slightly, only to stop suddenly at the conversation going on inside. Wondering what was going on, he opted to open it slightly and listen in, but what he would hear would forever change him.

Inside the office, Tsunade, Kakashi, and a revived Jiraiya were talking about a certain blonde. For those of you who are wondering, when Naruto had destroyed the statue that Madara was using to revive Jyuubi, it had caused a backlash that actually revived the dead, including Jiraiya.

Tsunade looks to them and says, "Alright, now what did you do Jiraiya?"

Said man looks to Tsunade and says, "Well, as I said earlier, I had the toads remove Naruto from their contract. They were more than happy to do so"

Kakashi nods and says, "That is good and all, but how are we going to deal with him?"

Tsunade looks at them and says, "We are going to have him execute him and extract the Kyuubi's chakra and infuse it into another one. that way, we can still stay in power."

They both nod to that, but Jiraiya asks, "Do you know how you are going to do that? I doubt that the other countries are going to allow you to do that."

Tsunade puts on a smirk and says, "Oh, don't worry, we'll just cover it up with something so that they can be ignorant to it,"

Everyone nods, and Kakashi asks, "Well, what charges are we going to put on him?"

"Assaulting a loyal ninja, that is what he did to Uchiha. Easy," Tsunade says with mirth in her voice.

"That would bring a good reason to do so. Now, I believe we need to figure out how to get him to fall into our hands," Jiraiya says before he throws out some ideas.

By now though, they would never notice Naruto crying profusely while holding his chest, trying to stay alive through the physically breaking of his heart. White hot tears were flowing down as he hears what they were talking about. He falls down to his knees in agony of the betrayal of his former 'godparents'. He knew his heritage, and wondered what would cause them to do this. Before he could make any noise, he runs off to the nearest training ground that was isolated.

Coming to an abandoned one, Naruto collapses down onto the ground as he grasps his chest in pain, tears flowing down. The pain of betrayal now was completely shattering his trust in humans, and probably damaging his soul. As he tries to come to terms to this, he thinks to himself, Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT! WHY? Why are they doing this? Never did anything wrong? I did my mission EXACTLY as it was said to be done? First the villagers, my friends, and now my family. What the fuck do I have left to live for?

As he tries to figure out what was going on, he would never notice a creature moving towards him. It had heard the anguish cries of something during his journey and opted to find what was the source of this. What it comes upon was a teenage blonde boy crying in pain over something. it tries to listen and figure out what he was crying about, but was never able to due to Naruto talking in his mind. As he lets out an anguished scream, he would never notice him unconsciously focusing chakra and youki into his eyes.

The creature feels chakra building up from this young hatchling, so it summons up smaller versions of it and orders them to set up a chakra barrier. It didn't know why, but it had an instinct to help cover this boy as the chakra and apparently youki building up within him. As the smaller versions do their job, the creature looks on in sadness at the crying young hatchling.

As Naruto cries in anguish and pain, hen remembers what they wanted to extract out of him. Contradictory to what they knew, Kyuubi, or Natsumi as she let him know during her last moments, was the real reason he was able to beat Madara she had sacrificed herself and gave Naruto her entire youki network, knowing that he would be able to finish the job. He had tried to keep he alive, but she accepted her death with a smile as she says that he had changed her, a biju, for the better, and that she never regrets now being sealed up inside him. With her gone, and Madara momentarily distracted, Naruto was finally able to beat the immortal madman.

As he remembers Natsumi's sacrifice, he lets out another cry in anger as more chakra and youki is focused in his eyes. What he doesn't know, was that a certain doujutsu was being activated. Feeling pain in his eyes, he scratches it to get the irritation out. When it doesn't happen, he continues to rub them as more tears flow. He then cringes in pain as his chakra and youki networks were changing all of a sudden. As he tries to grip with the sudden pain, chakra and youki erupts from within him and skyrockets skyward. The color that and power that they were emitting were largely contradicting to normal chakra and youki. The chakra was pure white as snow. It felt warm, welcoming, and protective to Naruto. The youki although was pitch black. It was powerful, foreboding, and cold.

The two energies were conflicting with each other, struggling for dominance from within and out, but Naruto was having enough of the pain. With a pain filled scream, he takes control of both of them and intakes them back into him. The energies that were being shot upwards were now being sucked down back into the boy. The energies were still struggling, but Naruto found it actually easy to combine them. Although they were supposed to conflict, they were actually merging easily, as if they were meant to coexist, not for one to dominate the other. Taking in the new energy, het lets out one last scream as the chakra and youki combination is blasted outwards, uprooting trees and blasting them and rocks into oblivion. As he relaxes and the tears stop flowing, the creature looks upon Naruto's eyes to see what changed, only for his own to widen. It immediately recognizes the legendary doujutsu, but notices that it looked different from the original, but it was definitely more powerful. Wondering what had caused this, he waits for the hatchling to collapse in pain and exhaustion before it makes its move.

Seeing that he won't move again for now, the creature treks up to the blonde and observes it. It sees the faint whisker marks, indicating his former jinchurikii status. He also takes note of the sage robes and wonders what caused this to occur, and if it was destiny that it were to find him. Wanting to satisfy its curiosity, it performs some handsigns and taps Naruto's head, allowing it access to Naruto's memories. For the next few moments, the creature sees the young hatchling's memories, remaining stoic in appearance. But on the inside, it was infuriated. How dare these pathetic humans treat this young man like a demon, when they were being demons themselves. It sees the last moments that caused the reaction, and now, it was beyond angered. It lets out an outraged roar as it snaps out of its trance. Calming itself down, it looks at Naruto, thinking on what to do. It wonders what the energy was that emitted and combined only for him to absorb it back into him. It remembers a prophecy that its elders had foretold about one having these qualities, and how he would be able to venture across the starts as they are able to.

Thinking that this may be the boy of that prophecy, it decides to aid the young man, which it refers to him now since he gained its utmost respect. It summons up numerous smaller versions of itself, and tells them of its plan. The smaller ones acknowledge it without hesitation and left to do their respective assignments. He tells another one to inform the boss of the developments and to ask for permission for what it would do upon Naruto's awakening. The smaller creature leaves immediately to do its mission, only to return shortly with a large scroll, it signifying that the boss agreed. The creature smirks at this and now waits for Naruto to awake.



That was all Naruto was doing. After he had absorbed the strange energies, he had collapsed onto the ground and now finds himself falling aimlessly to nowhere.

That was all he was doing. Falling into an abyss. Not wanting this to continue, he wills for something to happen, which does happen when he splashes into water, knocking him unconscious.

(Insert music: Station of Awakening theme)

He awakes shortly and finds himself on a platform that seemed to be floating in an abysmal darkness. He looks at the platform and sees a weird symbol on the floor. It looked to be stained glass, which was decorated with strange symbols all around. One such symbol he recognizes as the symbol of the Uzumaki. He walks around, wondering where he was. He was about to voice out a call, but was then startled by an appearance of a voice.

So much to do, and so little time to do so. And our journey has only begun.

Naruto jumps in fright and looks around for the source, only to find nothing. He relaxes a bit, but not before the floor shakes and three pedestal rise from beneath. Then one flashes, only to reveal a rod with a symbol of a mouse as its head. Another flash on a different pedestal appears, only to reveal a red and black shield hat had a mouse symbol on it. Lastly, the last flash comes, and reveals a sword that looked sharp enough to cut through anything. It also had the symbol of a mouse at the hand guard. He looks around, wondering what this could mean. The voice comes again to answer his question.

Here are three powers to choose from. You can pick one, but you then must forsake one other. Now, choose which power you wish to have.

Understanding the request, Naruto moves to the rod and observes it. The voice comes out again and explains, The staff of wonder and ruin. It brings untold wisdom upon the user of this power.

Nodding to that, he thinks on his smarts and intelligence. Again, contradictory to what everyone believes, Naruto is actually the one of the smartest persons in the elemental countries. Hell, he was rumored to be smarter than his dad, which is saying something, as the Mizukage, Raikage, and Kazekage have said. Naruto turns and walks to the shield and looks at it. He sees that it is a sturdy shield that could defend him against a good number of attacks.

The shield of friendship. The power to protect one's precious people. The power to keep people safe.

Naruto thinks about what friends he has now, since they had all betrayed him for the traitor. If he were his old self, he'd take that in a heartbeat, but now, he wasn't sure on it. Yes, he would want to protect his friends when he would get some, but now he is just skeptical about it. He turns again and moves towards the sword. He looks at the glistening blade and sees the very sharpness of the blade.

The sword of power and destruction. To bring strength to the user in order to vanquish one's foes.

Naruto looks at this and wonders if he had this to begin with, he could've had been able to save Natsumi, but remembers that power corrupts. Hell, he was the victim of the such corruption since it had captured the Uchiha and Konoha now. He moves to the center of the platform and looks around, wondering what to choose. Yes, they were all good qualities to have, but he didn't want to forsake one in order to keep one. it is just illogical. He gains a determined look, now having made his decision. He holds out his hand and calls out all of them. At first, nothing happens, but then, all three weapons turn into balls of light and are absorbed into Naruto. His answer in his head was that he would never sacrifice a quality in order to gain another. He would fight tooth and nail to defy this rule to keep it, in order to survive and protect his friends. Naturally, that is what caused the reaction.

Just as Naruto was about to ask the voice on what I next, to pathways emerge on the edge of the platform, them ascending into the heavens. The voice then says, Now, you choose your path of your journey. Will you take the warm and welcoming path of the light? Or will you take the path of the cold and powerful darkness?

Naruto again thinks on this. This was a 50-50 choice on what to do, but he knows that this is contradictory in itself. Light cannot exist without darkness, as does Darkness can't survive without the light. Coming to a decision, Naruto starts to walk, but not to either shown path. He walks on to in between the paths. Just as the platform ends, Naruto steps onto another pathway, unseen to the normal eye. This was the path of both light and dark, the path of twilight, that path that acknowledges the fact the one cannot exist without the other, but they must coexist while they clash.

In a bit, Naruto comes upon another platform. It was decorated in the same manner, except that there were two enormous insignias. One looked like some weird heart with wings and a black 'X' on it. It gave Naruto a bad vibe. The other one wasn't much better. On the bottom, it could have the beginning of a heart symbol, but it moves upwards and branches out into three points, one pointing upwards, the other two pointing left and right.

Naruto looks around to see what was going to come next, but fins something moving along the floor. It looked like a moving shadow that crawled along the floor. It then stops about 10 yards away from Naruto and shifts out of the ground. The creature was pure black, with clawed hands and beady yellow eyes. Then, another creature morphs in. it wore what looked like an all-white jumpsuit with the symbol on its head. All of a sudden, a zipper moves, opening its mouth and letting out a hiss sound. (Seriously, if you can't figure out what these are, you need to go watch TCproductionsx on Youtube and gouge your eyes and ears out as you do so as part of you torture. And yes, though it is irrelevant to the plot, I think that they SUCK! It is completely utter bullshit.)

Naruto gets into a defensive stance, ready to attack. Just then, the sword from earlier appears into his hand. Then another forms in his left hand, except that the blade was pitch black. Taking note of what he was supposed to do, he launches himself at the two beings. The creatures also launch attacks, which Naruto dodges nimbly. He slashes the black creature with ease, but finds the other one annoying. It kept on avoiding his strikes and slashes. When he tries to use a jutsu, Naruto finds that he can't call on his chakra. Though it scares him, he didn't have time to worry as the creature attacks. Acting on a reaction, he skids around the creature and slashes at it, destroying it. Blinking a few times, he wonders what he just did. Before he could relax, more of the same creatures appear.

Naruto curses himself for his lack of awareness and that these damned things are attacking. Seeing fighting the only way, Naruto goes into action. The creatures didn't put up much of a fight this time. Opting to act on instinct and reactions, Naruto nimbly and quickly decimates the creatures. As he finishes off the last black creature, he sees that the floor was literally breaking. Before he could react, the floor shatters, making him scream as he falls.

Seeing another platform coming, he opts to try and land softly. He does with ease, which causes Naruto to pause in puzzlement. Before he could wonder, the voice comes back.

You have done well, Naruto. Your journey here is almost completed. But be warned, as the light grows, so does your shadow. (Naruto's shadow grows larger and actually pulls out of the ground, startling Naruto into a defensive stance.) But don't be afraid, for you can conquer this foe with both the powers of the light and dark.

(Change music: Station of Awakening Battle theme)

Naruto's shadow then morphs into a grotesque monster that looked like an upgraded version of those lesser shadow creatures with a touch of it being merged with that white creature. It stood to about 20 ft tall; its body is pitch black mostly. Its head had a white zipper head covering it, which only revealed its yellow beady eyes. It had a heart shaped whole oin its chest, indicating it having no heart whatsoever. Its arms were longer, but different. The right one looked the same as the shadow creature due to it being clawed and longer, but the other one looked like the arm to that white creature.

It crouches down and lets out a roar. Seeing the impending fight coming, Naruto sets off to attack first. The creature tries to smash Naruto, but he evades with ease and slashes at the beast's arms and legs. The beast then summons black balls of energy and launches at Naruto, who would defend by deflecting them back at the beast. Staggering from being hit by its own attack, Naruto again more slashes at the beast.

It roars in pain before it uses its snake-like arm to grab Naruto suddenly. Trying in a futile effort to get free, the beast throws Naruto upwards. It looked about to try and smack Naruto down but he counters by grabbing the beast's hand, launches himself at the beast's head, and bashed it in the head. This causes it to fall onto the floor, which Naruto takes advantage of it by mercilessly slashing at the beast's head. The beast then lets out another cry as it throws Naruto off the platform.

He flips in midair only to find himself falling towards the platform as the beast charges a ball of energy to launch at Naruto. Opting to wonder on how he defied the laws of physics later, he retaliates by throwing the sword in his left hand hard. The sword clashes with the ball, making it explode. The blast further injures the beast and causes it to fall to the floor again. Wanting to end it now, he takes a nose dive towards the creature, preparing for his strike. Just as the beast gets back up, it finds it being stabbed in the face by Naruto and his sword. The beast screeches in pain as it tries to shake off Naruto, but he stays string and stays put on the beast's head. He then pulls it out, and uses the momentum to slash down towards the ground.

As he lands, he pulls his other sword out of the ground and readies himself for another attack. That was put to rest as the beast is seen being split in half from Naruto's slash through the middle. The beast lets out one last screech before it disappears into oblivion. Seeing that the beast was killed off finally, Naruto finally relaxes.

Before he knew it, his two weapons disappear and he was being engulfed into a light. He tries to move, but finds it impossible. Before being induced into the light and unconsciousness again, the voice makes its last appearance.

You have fought well. Remember your path, and never forget what you are fighting for. Don't be afraid of the coming trials. As you are the Child of the Prophecy in this world, you will are one across the worlds. You must persevere through the pain and surpass your limits. As it is what you are meant to do. Remember one last thing, Naruto; you are the bridge that can forever bring light and darkness together.

(Dream ends)(End music)

Naruto stirs about and slowly opens his eyes. He slowly gets up and clutches his head in pain. He wonders what that was all about and what it could mean for him. Especially the 'across the worlds' bit. Was there other worlds beside this one?

Before he could continue wondering, a voice says, "I see that you are awake, Namikaze Naruto. I must commend you on surviving the Station of Awakening. Not many have survived it."

Naruto jumps up and turns around, only for him to have his eyes widen at the sight. Before him, there was a dragon standing there, with an amused look in its eyes. Naruto gets into a defensive stance, in case the creature attacks. He has heard stories of dragons before as a child, be he had opted to state them as speculation, as no one has ever met one before. Now, there was one standing before him.

The dragon holds out its clawed hand and says, "Stand down, Namikaze Naruto, I am not here to harm you. In fact, it is the opposite. I am here to aid you."

Naruto stares at it wearily before he relaxes and asks, "Okay, what do you mean aid me?"

"I have seen your memories Naruto. You see, I was traveling in search of a potential summoner for our kind. I have traveled across many towns, cities, and countries to find one worthy of us. I was venturing here when I heard a cry of anguish. I looked to where the source was, only to find you crying your soul out about something. I was about to go and ask you what ailed you, but then you summoned an enormous amount of youki and chakra, so I opted to stay put and have some subordinates to make a barrier, in order to protect you. What I saw astounded me. You, Naruto, had summoned white chakra and black colored youki, which is in fact unheard of at all. I had thought that you were going to die, but you were able to combine the conflicting energies and will them back into you.

It was then you collapsed out of exhaustion. I took the opportunity there to see what caused you to be in so much pain. That was when I observed your memories. And I have to say, I am appalled by the cruelty of that damned Konoha. I also saw what caused you to be in so much pain. Rest assured, our boss will make sure that the toads suffer his wrath. After seeing your memories, I had ordered some subordinates to gather your belongings, including those of your family, from across the countries. I have also transferred what I saw into another in order for her to ask our boss permission for have you as our summoner. As you can see there, (He gestures to the giant scroll lying by a tree.) you have indeed been chosen to be the summoner of our clan, for you have gained something we dragons barely give: respect. There is also the traits you have."

By then end of the dragon's explanation, Naruto was shocked beyond belief. He looks at himself and wonders if this is karma in its brilliance. He then remembers one thing the dragon had said and asks, "Wait. You said traits. What do you mean? Does it have to do with the fact that I can somehow see four more dragons in a square formation making the barrier?"

The dragon nods and says, "Yes, apparently, you anguish, pain, and the usage of you youki and chakra has activated a doujutsu. I can recognize it, but it has greatly changed, more than likely due to the change in you energy and soul. There is also the dream you experienced as well."

Naruto then asks, "What? I have a doujutsu? And what do you mean by my dream? Do you know what it is?"

"Patience Naruto, and follow me. There is a river. You can see for yourself there."

Naruto complies and does so. In a few moments, the two come upon a flowing river. The dragon gestures towards it, so Naruto walks to it and looks at his reflection. He sees that his eyes weren't cerulean blue any more. They were a deep dark purple and had five black rings. The most distinguishing characteristic was that there was a gold eight-pointed star. One word comes to mind.


"Yea, technically," the dragon says, "it is a mutation of it. I don't need to be an expert in it to see that it is more advance and powerful than the original. I would suggest forgoing the experimentation until later. Just pull the chakra from your eyes. (Naruto does so, making his eyes go back to their original state.) Good. Now, on to your other trait. The dream you experienced wasn't an ordinary dream. If you were to have failed the test, you would've become like that shadow creature and/or that white creature. I do not know what they are, but they are more than likely your enemies. I do know about the dream you experienced though. It is called Station of Awakening.

What it entails is the birthing of powers beyond anyone's comprehension. For one, focus into your heart. Find power within. Once you do, pull it out, and then you'll see."

Naruto nods and closes his eyes. He focuses on his heart and finding the strength that he felt in the dream. It didn't take long for him to find it and start pulling on it. The power kept on growing and growing until in a flash of light, two weapons appeared. Both of them were swords all in their own, but the designs were perplexing. In his left hand, the blade was mostly a dull, metallic silver and gold. It was about 3 ½ ft in length, and at the end was what looked like some sort of black wing. At the butt end, there was a keychain that had a runic circle with three protruding points. The blade gave of a presence of power and darkness. The blade on his right greatly contrasted the first one. It was about the same length as the first one, but this one gave off a light and warm feeling. It had a silvery white glow, and a wiring design weaving in and out of the blade. At the end, there was what looked like a crown of sorts that extended to about half an inch. At the butt end, the keychain was connected to a symbol of a moon with a wired heart in the middle.

(Credit goes these people at .com/art/Keyblade-Redemption-2039272 for the first one, although he only found it and posted it, and the other one goes to .com/art/Lunar-Eclipse-138623779 and a word for that person, please release another Dead Fantasy soon. The suspense is killing me here. For those that don't know, look it up because it is the most badass thing I have ever seen.)

Naruto gazes at them, wondering why on earth they look like keys, so he says, "They look cool and all, but they look like keys."

The dragon nods and says, "Yes, that is why they are called Keyblades. They are legendary swords that many seek to wield, but the keyblade actually chooses the wielder. When obtained, that person gets the power that can either save worlds or ruin them."

"Worlds? You mean to tell me there are aliens out there?" Naruto asks.

"No Naruto, not aliens, for they are as much human as you are. Let's just say that there are many worlds that differ from this, but can constitute a scholar for decades," the dragon responds.

Naruto looks up at the stars, which indicate that night had begun, and says, "Wow. So there are other worlds out there. I can't believe it."

"Neither could I then Naruto, but it is true. In fact, due to you obtaining them, you have the right to jump worlds now," the dragon says as he mimics Naruto.

Naruto stares at the dragon and says, "What? I can do that? How?"

The dragon says, "Well, normally you would have to use a special vehicle to go through the space, or use a special kind of portal to traverse it. Luckily, you can do the second option."

Naruto thinks on it and says, "Well, do you mean like this?"

Naruto holds out his arm and will a portal to open hopefully. In a few seconds, a dark portal swerves into existence. The both of them just stand there, marveling at its appearance. Naruto then wills it away, which it does.

The dragon looks to Naruto and says, "Well, I have to ay, according to our elders, only those who have obtained the Mark of Mastery can do something like that. Apparently though, you have it already, without going through the test. Heh, you do live on with your unpredictable motif."

Naruto scratches the back of his head as he blushes, so the dragon continues on by saying, "Well, you can also traverse to worlds via by us. There is a reason as to why dragons are known as legendary creatures across the worlds. It is because we can do that. And when you sign the contract there, you can enlist the help of one of our clansman to help you."

Naruto looks down and says, "I don't know about signing anything yet. I won't know if you won't betray me or not, unlike the damn toads."

The dragon shakes his head and says, "You need not worry about that. We never abandon our comrades. It is considered a treasonous act to us and it is punishable by death."

Naruto sighs in relief and asks, "where is the contract?"

The dragon beckons a call to a subordinate, which one answers, bringing along the contract. The small dragon sets it down and the elder one gestures it to Naruto. Seeing what he asked, Naruto unrolls it and finds that no one has ever signed it before. This marks him as the first summoner of the Ryu clan. He enthusiastically pricks his thumb and does the signing. In a few moments, the print glows and turns black, indicating that it is permanently sealed into the scroll. Naruto rolls it back up and looks to the dragon.

Said creature says, "Congrats Naruto, you are now the summoner of the Ryu clan. May you do us proud."

Naruto smiles softly before he asks, "Hey, I forgot to ask, but what is your name?"

The dragon responds by saying, "My name is Kashikoiryu. By the way, what will you call your Keyblades?"

Naruto says, "Kashikoiryu. That is a good name that represents you. As for the names, I think that I will call them Redemption and Lunar Eclipse."

(Again, they are owned by the same people in the same order that I put them in my last AN.)

Kashikoiryu nods and says, "Good. Now Naruto, there is the situation with your clothing and training. Allow me to augment your clothes into something worthy of a Keyblade Master."

He rears back and lets out a dark blue flame, which engulfs Naruto. It swirls around him, changing everything. In a few moments, the flames dissipate, revealing the newly clothed Naruto. He now wore black loose pants, running/combat shoes, a tight brown shirt mostly covered by a black and silver vest that had long sleeves extending to his hands. On his left arm, there was the tattoo of a roaring dragon, indicating the summoning tattoo. On the back of him, it had the kanji for Dragon and Keyblade Master. He had guards on his shoulders for protection and pouches for his ninja weapon and items. He also wore a necklace that was the symbol the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. Lastly, his whisker marks were fully gone, making him look like a carbon copy of his father. In his hands, which were covered by black fingerless gloves, he was holding the tattered headband that Iruka gave him so long ago, back when it mattered. He looks to his new companion with a determined look.

Said dragon looks at him and says, "Now, that is an improvement. For your training though, I would suggest you hold off for it until you get to your first world."

"Wait, what about my stuff? I don't think that I can carry all of that stuff in the seal on my clothes," Naruto said.

"You need not worry about that. We will store it at our mountain for safe keeping until you have a need for it, which then you will call for one of the smaller hatchlings and they will bring you what you will need," Kashikoiryu says.

"Good. When do I leave this Kami forsaken world?" Naruto asks, wanting to know when he can get out of here.

Kashikoiryu looks at Naruto and says, "The soonest you can leave is tomorrow. By that time, we will have decided a good world for you to start training and get used to the business of saving them. Until then, I will take my leave back to our boss to discuss on where for you to go. Until I appear, I suggest that you prepare."

"But what if Konoha makes its move? Do you want me to retaliate?" Naruto asks, hoping for the right answer.

Kashikoiryu smirks and says, "Yes. I believe that you are even entitled to paying back those scums with large amounts of interest. If the need of calling for us is needed, you can either use the standard way or spread some of your blood along with you chakra along the tattoo. If you need to summon our leader, think of the name, Tenrairyu. She will aid you for sure. Until then, I will see you later." Kashikoiryu then pops back to his domain, as do the other small dragons that were keeping up the barrier.

Naruto looks at his keyblades and thinks on all of the adventures he will get to do. He then thinks on what people he will get to meet. This causes him to smirk, but then a thought flashes in his mind. What would his parents think? Well, knowing his mother, she would flip shit and tear apart the entire village. His father, well, he may do the same. It is debatable. He decides that his parents would have respected his decision and goes off to sleep at his favorite place.

It was now morning, and Konoha was now becoming bustling with people again. Naruto could be seen sitting with a few empty instant ramen cups on top of his father's head. He stares off at the village, wondering what exactly made this place so damned special. As far as he knew, the 'Will of Fire' Hiruzen had talked so valiantly about was diminished beyond recognition. In fact, he even questions what his grandfather figure had done.

Here, Naruto had to suffer multiple beatings, neglect, poisonings, and assassinations, only for him to save the day at the last moment and tell Naruto to not hate them and some other bullshit. Now, he realizes the folly of his words. He may as well have been manipulating Naruto from the start.

Naruto continues on with these thoughts until he is disturbed by a calling of "Naruto!"

Said blonde scowls deeply at the sound of his voice and immediately recognizes who is calling him. He turns to find Sakura along Hinata, Kiba, Sasuke, and Kakashi standing there.

"What do you want?" Naruto asks, feigning surprise as best as he can.

"WE have to meet up with Shishou for a mission come on," she says in a condescending tone.

She would've walked away back to the tower, but Sasuke asks, "What is with the clothes dope?"

Everyone looks at the newly dressed Naruto in wonder, as Naruto says, "Do I have to answer you traitor? I don't give two fucks about your opinions. As for your mission, piss off."

Everyone's eyes widen at that. They had never expected Naruto to respond like that. Kakashi narrows his eye, thinking that their plan may have some trouble. He puts on an eye smile and says, "Now come on, don't be that way. We have to go sooner or later."

Naruto stares at Kakashi and says, "You know what Hatake? I must wonder what my parents think of someone lower than trash like you. I mean, here you are, still trying to bullshit me into a fake mission of sorts. Hell, I bet Obito and Rin would probably spit on your face before tearing that monkey eye of yours out."

Kakashi narrows his eye and says, "Watch your tone Uzumaki. I am you superior an I-"

"You are far from being my superior Hatake. Have we forgotten who beat the immortal Madara? Or Kabutomaru? Hell, did you forget who the ninja was who decimated the ENTIRE DAMN Zetsu army? I am WAY more your superior than you could ever hope to be," Naruto says, with an extra dose of venom in his voice.

Kakashi stiffs at that as he remembers that he was right. Sakura, getting pissed off at Naruto's attitude, strides forward ready to pound Naruto into submission. She rears back and says, "Uzumaki Naruto! You-"

She was stopped by Naruto grabbing her fist very tightly and crushing it. She lets out a pain filled gasp as she feels the sudden cracking of her bones being crushed. Naruto makes her look at him in the eye as her says, "You have no room to talk about my attitude Haruno. You are by far, the WORST kunoichi I have ever known. Hell, even now, you are STILL the pathetic, waste of space, fangirl that follows a TRAITOR because of some stupid crush that should have been destroyed 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO. Grow the fuck up, and lastly, that is NAMIKAZE Uzumaki Naruto to you, wench."

Naruto then punches Sakura hard in the stomach making her double over. He then kicks her away towards the group. He stares apathetically at the startled group. Apparently they didn't expect him to retaliate to the coming beating for Naruto. He then decides to add salt to the wounds and says, "You know Haruno, I have a confession to make. I never loved you. Hell, I never liked you. I felt sorry for you back then when kids made fun of your forehead, but apparently, you decided that it is better for you to do the same to others, mainly me. Pathetic. That is what you are. Also, Hatake, if you didn't listen, which I highly you did the first time, I am the son of YOUR sensei, Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, and Uzumaki Kushina, the Aka Shi. Guess what that means? You just spat and planned the death of Konoha's greatest hero."

Kakashi just stands there, unable to comprehend what he had heard. His head tries to convince him that he is lying, but with his new look now, he might as well ne Minato now. He would never notice Naruto punching him away, with him hitting Kiba and Sasuke on the way out. Naruto then looks at the trembling Hinata. He decides to put his former feelings to rest and rant on to the trembling bluenette. To add salt to injury, he activates his doujutsu by muttering it.

"Tengen Hoshi Rinnegan."

Hinata was trembling in fear. Here, she reluctantly chose to go on a mission with Team 7 with her beloved Kiba, and she expected things to go smoothly, but apparently Naruto wouldn't allow that. She had never expected him to act like this, and to go on by saying that his 'love' for Sakura was a lie. He even stated his status as the son of the Yondaime. This makes her remember her mother mentioning something about a marriage contract between her and the son of the Yondaime. She put two and two together and came into a revelation. She could have been married to him all along, and she threw it away. She quickly tries to think of a way to mend their relationship, but that was stopped when she heard Naruto call out to her in a tone that gave her a shock.

"Hyuuga Hinata."

She stiffens at the tone, remembering the Pein invasion, and how the man had scared her nearly into death. She had nightmares about that encounter for weeks, and had thought that she was rid of it, but apparently Naruto had perfectly emulated his tone. She looks up to look at him, only for her eyes to widen in fear at his eyes. They were the same as his.

Naruto stares on at Hinata, doujutsu activated, and says, "Ah, it seems you remember, eh Hinata? That day, where you fought for me and confessed your love. It was probably the most hardest one, but also the most happiest. That is because you had declared your love to me then. Now though, the love that I had gained is gone, and now it is rage. Do you know why I ignore you all those years, when I in fact KNEW that you had a crush on me?

(Hinata's eyes widen again at the revelation that he knew.)

Think about it, I was hated by the whole damned village all my life. What do you think would've happened if I had confessed to you? You would've been beaten, scorned, hated, and probably killed. I couldn't live with myself if that were to happen. That is why I had played the ignorant fool. It was for your Kami damned safety. But, you had to crush it, by going with the mutt of all people. Hell, he is the same as Jiraiya. Do you think that you would've been treated right, huh? Did you think that you would be the princess there? No fucking way. He would've cheated on you as soon as you didn't want to have sex one day. I can see it now. You crying due to the fact that your love had cheated on you for a floozy, well, it serves you right. Now that you know about this, you will have to live with it."

Hinata could only collapse and cry her heart out at his cruel, true words. She had failed him, and herself, from getting the life she had wanted all along. Now, she had to live with it. She never notices Naruto cancelling his doujutsu and walking next to her, only for him to say, "Your loss, slut", and knock her out with a strike to the back of her neck.

Naruto looks at the downed Hyuuga, fully cleaned out of any leftover feelings of her. He just shakes his head and jumps down the Hokage Mountain. With the use of the Gravity element, he lands softly at the ground and starts to trek around the village. He meanders around, while putting on a smirk at the shocked expressions and starry eyed stares from the females. He shakes his head again at the sheer stupidity of the female populous at the thought that they couldn't even tell that he was the 'demon brat'.

He was brought out of his musings as an ANBU, Cat specifically, appears and says, "Uzumaki Naruto, you are required to-"

"First off, Uzuki Yugao, that is NAMIKAZE Uzumaki Naruto to you. Second off, I am not going to that damned wench of a Hokage that USED to be my 'godparent'. Lastly, don't look so shocked. After all, I am a fucking carbon copy of Minato. And you know what, my mother, Kushina, your sensei, would beat the shit out of your behavior with me. You blamed me for the death of Hayate, which I NEVER HAD A HAND IN. That was Baki of Suna. Get it through your skull and wallow in the fact that you failed Kushina."

Naruto walks on pass the stunned ANBU. He smirks as her hears the sobs of pain and sadness coming out of the kunoichi, knowing she got what she deserved. He keeps on walking on until he finds himself at the gate to outside of Konoha. He wonders if he should just leave, since he was basically quitting and moving across worlds. He shrugs and decides to get it over with.

He walks on to the gate, with the intent to leave. He was stopped by the calling of "Naruto!" again.

He shakes his head and turns to find Tsunade and Jiraiya leaping towards them. His eyes flash from his doujutsu to Natsumi's eyes to his regular ones. He takes several calming breaths before he turns and asks, "What do you want?"

Tsunade comes up and says, Naruto, what the hell are you doing? You have evaded my summonings and had hospitalized Kakashi and Sakura. Hinata is more than likely better off with Inoichi because her mind is so damaged."

Naruto raises an eyebrow and says, "Really? I thought that I was just giving what is due for them, which is an ass whooping and a hate filled rant on their person. It makes perfect sense that they were the benefactors in making my life a living hell."

Jiraiya then says, "What are you talking about gaki? They didn't do a thing."

"Oh, like either of you had done for me, sense I am you FCKING GODSON!" Naruto says as his chakra flares in anger.

Both Sannin are pale at his statement, so Naruto continues by saying, "Really? You don't think that I am smart enough to figure something like that out? Pathetic. Hell, I don't know why dad chose the both of you to fill that position. You're whole experience with me is an EPIC FAIL!"

Snapping out of her stupor, Tsunade tries to save herself by saying, "Naruto, I have no idea-"

"SHUT IT, YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Naruto screams out as his doujutsu instinctively turns on, and he continues on by saying, "You have no idea? Really? Is that the best excuse you can come up with? Just shut up. I can't even look at you. Hell, I wonder if Dan and Nawaki are ashamed at you for, I don't know, planning to assassinate the Hero of the Fourth Shinobi War. Your grandparents must be ashamed to know that they are related to you. The same goes for you Jiraiya. You have lost any respect left. You think that I am alone without the toads? What makes you think that I don't have a back-up or another summoning contract?"

"Gaki, watch you mou- (He sees Naruto's eyes.) R-rinnegan? How? How can you have it?"

Tsunade looks and gasps in fright at the sight of the legendary doujutsu. Naruto smirks and says, "Oh, this is just a gift from Kami herself for all of the shit that I have to deal with. Plus, it is even more powerful than the one Nagato had. How ironic is that? I also got these. (He shows his keyblades, further petrifying the two Sannin.) Oh, it looks like you two recognize them. I guess you can out two and two together and get what is happening. As of now, Konoha has lost the heir to both the Namikaze and Uzumaki, along with the Senju clans. I hope you are proud of yourselves."

Before anyone could react, Naruto sprints in blinding speeds and appears next to an unsuspecting Sasuke. Next thing he knows, he was met with a quick death, due to him being decapitated. As Sasuke's head falls, he stabs it with Redemption and sets the rest of the body aflame, killing off the Uchiha permanently.

Seeing that there was nothing left to say, he puts lots of chakra into his legs and readies to run off, but not before saying, "So long fuckers!"

Naruto disappears in a flash. Everyone was now in a mass panic or too stunned to move. What wakes the two Sannin was Sakura's scream in horror. They look to see the burning remains of the Uchiha. Jiraiya curses himself for not seeing that and runs off to catch up with Naruto. Tsunade just collapses as she realizes that he was right. Konoha had been fucked sideways now. Only though, it was only the beginning for them.

(Insert music: Fate of the Unknown (KH2 FM Secret ending))

Off in the distance, Naruto was sprinting off of trees as he escapes Konoha finally. He scowls as he senses Jiraiya following him and figures that he could use some more payback. He stops at a clearing where he waits for the gamma-teme. He doesn't wait long as the said bastard appears breathing hard from the pursuit.

Naruto looks at him and says, "Really? Do you think that YOU can bring me back? I have bigger plans to do, and they don't involve you."

Jiraiya just growls out, "You don't know what you are talking about gaki."

Naruto, thinking that he could bait him to summon the toads, says, "Really? Remember that I was the one who mastered Sennin Munnen. Not you. Hell, I bet you still ant fight with them."

Jiraiya takes the bait as he hastily summons op the two elders and Gammabunta. The boss summon looks down at Naruto as he asks, "Gaki? What are you doing here?"

"Stuff it you three. I know that you had annulled my contract with your clan. In all seriousness, I thought that you all had more sense, sense my dad sacrificed himself to seal the fox, not make it into a human reincarnation. But tell me this. How does it feel to be one of the most hated summoning clans out there, along with the slugs? Hell, I bet the Hebi clan is more popular than you are now."

Fukusaku screams out, "What do you know? You killed Minato-chan?"

Naruto raises an eyebrow at that and says, "Ha ha. That is just too funny. You think that I am the Kyuubi? Take a look at me now. No whisker marks. That marks the end of Kyuubi's influence on me, although SHE was more of a help than any of you lesser beings were. By the way, (He rools up his sleeve, revealing his tattoo.) I have someone who is dying to meet you. Say hello, to the Ryu clan. Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

In a puff of smoke, an enormous dragon appears. She lets out a terrifying roar that could be heard all the way to Suna and Konoha. She crouches low, ready to attack, as Naruto says, "You must be Tenrairyu. Nice to meet you."

Said boss dragon says, "Ah, Naruto-kun, nice to meet you as well. As much as I would like to get to know you now, I would surmise that these toads are from 'that' clan? (Naruto nods.) Well, well, well, look what we have here. I was planning to meet with the three of you and turn you into my next frogs legs cuisine for you betraying the Child of Prophecy. Really, if he was the Kyuubi, no offense Naruto-kun, he would've wiped Konoha off the map after the first beating. Not only did he didn't he had saved us from being ruled by Madara. And yet, you banish him due to him being the 'Kyuubi'? Don't make me laugh."

The three toads were now trembling in fear, along with Jiraiya, as he never expected Naruto to have acquired the Ryu contract. Before they could do or say anything, Tenrairyu launches a blast of energy at them, causing Gammabunta to disperse back to Mt. Myobuku. As Jiraiya and the toad elders recover, Tenrairyu says, "Naruto-kun. I believe that I can properly send you away. The drawback to it is that I will be incapacitated for a while before I am battle ready, plus the aim is never accurate. Wherever you land is where you land. Do you accept?"

"Yeah, just get me out of here!" Naruto screams as he sees more Konoha forces coming at them.

Naruto jumps off the dragon and preps himself for battle. He pulls out his keyblades and twirls them around, getting the feel for them. He finds them practically weightless, which is a plus to him. Sensing an attack, Naruto effortlessly deflects kunai and shuriken that were thrown at him. He sees two unfamiliar chunin try to jump him, but he evades again and cripples them by cutting their legs off.

Naruto then sees more arrogant chunin and jonin trying to charge Naruto, to which he rewards their foolishness with multiple the ninja collapse from wounds, he hears rapid footsteps. He feels a reaction feel coming up, so he follows it. He jumps into the air, throws his keyblades up, and forms two Rasengans in his two hands. As he descends, he meets with Lee coming in blindly into an attack. Before he knew it, Naruto calls out, "Rasenrendan!"

Lee could only look up in wonder as his rival hits him with his famed jutsu. As Lee skids away, Naruto engages in a taijutsu battle with Gai. Apparently, he had removed his weights and was moving at break neck speeds, but much to his shock, so was Naruto. Each hit between them would actually cause a shockwave from the collision to form. Unfortunately for Gai, Naruto was short on time, so he exposes a whole in his Goken as soon as he finds it and practically punches the living hell out of him. As he casts away Gai's downed body, he grabs the falling keyblades and intercepts an attack from Tenten.

Tenten looks at Naruto's weapons, only for her eyes to widen. She recognizes them as something from a story that her father had told her, but she couldn't remember. Before she could ask, Naruto pushes her away as Tenrairyu calls out, "Naruto! I am ready!"

Naruto nods and wills the keyblades to disappear. Tenten raises an eyebrow at that, wondering what just happened. Naruto then puts a lot of chakra into his legs and sprints back to the boss dragon summon. As he nears it, a runic circle appears, glowing with chakra and other energies. Seeing the portal made, Naruto pushes hard, inadvertently activating his jinchurikii mode. The extra boost gives g him enough energy to dash right to the circle.

As soon as he steps in, the runic circle glows brightly and condenses. Naruto is engulfed by this light, constricting his movements. In a few more moments, the light disappears. Naruto was now gone, gone to a different world. All that was left was the tattered headband that belonged to him, with a slash mark on the Konoha symbol.

(End music)

AN: Well, that is the end of the first chapter. Many things had happened. Naruto is betrayed by everyone in Konoha, and in turn receives the Tengen Hoshi Rinnegan. Also, he may have lost the toad summonings, but he now has the Ryu clan to back him. Also, there was a LOT of bashing on Konoha. And once again, teme is dead. Just to let you know, Sasuke will die in all of the fics that I write and will write. Now then, let me say a few things about this fic. First, the original worlds in Kingdom Hearts, such as Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, Twilight Town, and Castle Oblivion, will be featured. This is NOT in line with Sora, although it is in the timeline. Naruto has a different destiny than him, but it will largely contrast what his role is. They WILL meet though. Also, there is the concern on what worlds he will visit. I have already wrote down two definite put ins. Maybe three. Now, here is the interactive part concerning you all. It is your choice as to what worlds Naruto will travel to. I want YOU, the readers, to suggest what worlds he visits. It can vary to games, Disney worlds, other anime/manga, movies, and/or books. It is YOUR choice. That said, leave them in the reviews or PM me about the suggestions. With the pairing, it will be a Naruto/OC pairing, so no Elemental Countries world pairings. I am opting to make it a small harem, about four to six, if I feel like it. That said, I want you to put in suggestions about the qualities of the OC. A forewarning, she HAS to be a Keyblade master or wielder, be aligned to light, dark, or both, and have a personality that will compliment Naruto, as she is the MAIN pairing. NO, it cannot be Hinata-ish or Sakura-ish. Be Original please. If not, let me know where you base it off of, so that I can get an idea on what to do. Also, lay out a design on the Keyblade that she will use and whether she is like Naruto/Sora/Terra, a fighter, or like Kairi/Aqua, a magic user, or any other thing you can think of. Hell, she can even be from an original world of our creation of you see to it, but make it believable. I believe that covers everything. If you have any other questions, concerns, suggestions or compliments, leave them in the reviews or PM me about it. Also, for those of you who are knew, check out my other three fics and review them. Until then, Ja ne!