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Yeah I could say me sitting on my own gravestone looking very much alive is a tiny bit ironic but hey what part of my life wasn't? Two weeks ago I died, in the most ironic way possible, I managed to survive nomad vampire's, werewolves, meeting the heads of the vampire world, all most being hit by a truck and drowning only for me to lose my footing on the top of the stairs at school causing me to break my neck on the way down.

However that wasn't the most ironic part of me dying oh no, the most ironic thing was who I was changed by. Leaning on the gravestone opposite with a frown on her beautiful face was my sire, the one vampire in the whole world I swore would never change me Rose.

"I have no idea how I am going to explain all this to the family. It wasn't like I had any other choice in the matter."

I nodded my head in understanding. The rest of the family had gone on a three week hunting trip, leaving Rose to watch over me. Though how Alice didn't see any of this happening was beyond me. They hadn't even turned up for my funeral as Rose had been unable to contact them until yesterday. That was why we were currently standing or in my case sitting in the middle of the Forks grave yard in the middle of the night while it was pouring with rain, we were waiting for the family to arrive.

I heard, rather than saw Emmett first. I still wondered how he even managed to hunt with the amount of noise he was currently making.

"When he wants to the big lug can actually be quiet once in a while. He is probably excited to see the new you."

I rolled my eyes before nodding my head in understanding just as said person came running out of the trees. With my new eye sight and senses I knew what was coming. I found my body being pulled from my resting place and span round as Emmett expressed how happy he was that I was finally unbreakable. Once he was done with me Rose got the same attention up to the point where he started to kiss her like he hadn't seen her in a thousand years. I was pulled from my horror by the arrival of a frantic looking Esme who pulled me into her arms before rocking me back and forwards making cooing sounds.

I couldn't stop myself from returning the gesture, being careful not to hold her to tight. Rose had been helping me learn control of my strength after she had to replace the front door three times. Less than a second later we were joined by Carlisle and Jasper who both approached me slowly. Rolling my eyes I slowly let Esme go before making my way over to Carlisle, so he could see my eyes. Much to both Rose's and mine surprise my eyes did change colour however it wasn't to the deep red nor to the amber colour that the family had but a deep purple colour.

The moment his eyes landed on mine I could see the wheels turning in his head causing me to roll said eyes at him before turning to a thoughtful looking Jasper.

"I know odd right? Oh and don't get me started on how ironic it was who landed up changing me. I mean Rose of all people, the one who has fought from the get go about me staying human."

Jasper shook his head at my rumblings before pulling me into his arms. Since my return from Italy, Jasper and I had become closer but he still found it difficult at times to be around me. I hoped now however we could become even closer. A second later I found myself face down in the mud as the little Pixie know as Alice jumped onto my back causing me to lose my balance.

"Here I was thinking that vampires had perfect balance."

I slowly turned over so I could see her face as she took in the fact that I wasn't exactly a vampire. I watched as she opened and closed her mouth a few times without actually saying anything. I watched as Rose worked her way over to us before pushing Alice off me before helping me up.

'"Well as you can see I am not exactly a vampire. We were kind of hoping Carlisle might have an idea what I am. By the way where is Edward?"

It had taken me until now to realise that Edward hadn't returned with the rest of his family. Looking around I let my eyes drift over everyone until they settled on the one person apart from Rose that would all ways be honest with me. Running his hand through his hair he slowly walked up to me before lightly placing his hands on my shoulders trying to bring me some comfort

"He's gone Isabella. He meet someone during the months of your separation and now that everything has calmed down he, has gone to join her."

For a moment all I could do was blink at him in surprise before I threw my head back and let out an ear piercing scream. I could feel my back roll as a sharp pain shoot through body before the sound of my flesh being torn to pieces filled the air. I couldn't stop myself from clenching my fists into Carlisle's jacket begging him to stop the pain.

I have no idea how long the pain lasted as the skin on my back slowly grew back but by the time it had finished all I wanted to do was feed. A moment later my wish was answered as Emmett who I hadn't actually seen leave returned back with a buck tucked under his arm.

Before I could blink I let go of Carlisle and latched onto the meal Emmett had caught for me trying to ignore the fact that I now had wings sprouting from my back. So whatever I was meant that I had wings. Letting go of the now empty carcase I turned to face the rest of my family who were looking at me in awe.

"So would some please tell what the HELLI am?"

For now I could ignore the fact that Edward was a two timing ass, after all I just sprouted a pair of fucking wings.

Jasper took a step towards me before stopping just a few feet away before running his finger along the edge of one of my wings causing me to giggle. It was Carlisle that actually answered my question

"If I didn't know any better I would say that you were part fairy but their wings are all most transparent. However if I was to hazard a guess I would say that your part dragon. It would explain a lot."

I looked at him hoping he was going to continue with whatever he was saying but we were interrupted by the arrival of the wolves.

"You know it's rude to stare you lot. You're acting like you've never seen someone with wings before?"

I turned round to come face to face with Sam and the rest of the wolf pack. They knew that Rose had changed me but since she technically didn't bite me but used syringe filled with a mixture of all the families venom they couldn't actually do anything about it. It was Paul that broke the silence

"You have fucking wings Bells. Why the fuck do you have wings?"

I rolled my eyes and watched with great amusement as Leah slapped him across the back of his head.

"Well thank you for your oh so helpful comment Paul. If you would shut a minute Carlisle was trying to explain it to me because hello I'm the one with wings."

Okay so I was getting a little peeved but what could one expect the last two weeks have been haven't exactly been a bed of roses, add what happened to night and I was ready to find the nearest cave and become a hermit.

"Don't even think about it Bella. Plus it wouldn't work; you know Esme won't allow any of her children to live that way."

I glared at Alice but at the same time I knew what she said was right. Sighing I turned back to Carlisle ignoring the fact the boys where now playing with my wings.

"As I was saying the fact your eyes changed to purple, have wings and your scent changes from person to person I would say somewhere along your family history someone was mated to a dragon."

I couldn't stop the small giggle that let my mouth at his words. Really a dragon? I mean come on they were huge and had scales.

"Dragon's were actually like the wolves are Bella. They were people who could change their forms to those of dragons. The last one was supposed to be killed over three hundred years ago from what the archives said. It seemed that one survived the mass killings."

I found myself yet again sitting on my own gravestone as I took everything in. I had no idea how long I sat there before I suddenly felt myself being pulled off as the world around me for moment blurred for a second. My eyes adjusted quickly to notice that Rose was pulling me away from the graveyard while the rest of the family stayed behind.

"Someone saw us in the cemetery and called the police. Charlie was the officer on duty."

I nodded my head in understanding as she continued to pull me further and further away from our family. By the time we reached the outskirts of the Cullen's property we were walking and talking. Rose was a little surprised how I reacted over Edward's betrayal.

"After the last couple of weeks and what happened to me tonight, what Edward did is small in comparison. Plus if I am going to tell you the truth as of late he had been driving me up the wall. I understand that he was only seventeen when he was changed but still you would swear he would have changed over the last 90 odd years. Look at Carlisle, hell look at Emmett, sure he acts like a teenager at times but he has his moments of maturity. Add everything he put me through with the Volturi and well let's face it enough was enough."

Rose nodded her head in understanding. If it was one thing that had changed in the last two weeks we had become closer after all in a weird way she was my sire, even if it wasn't the normal way. By the time we reached the house the rest of the family was waiting for us, with a complete stranger. I suddenly stopped walking causing Rose to walk into me

"Don't worry Bella, he is safe. Come and meet finally meet Peter."

I turned my head to look at her in awe. I had heard all about Peter, thanks to Alice and Jasper but every time he came to visit Edward wouldn't allow me near the house. I allowed Rose to hook my arm through hers as she pulled me alongside her to the house. The moment we hit the bottom of the stairs did I remember that I had no idea how to hide my wings or if they would even hide.

Jasper suddenly appeared in front of me using his gift to calm me back down after me little freak out.

"What happened? One minute you were displaying your normal mixture of emotions and then you hit me with a lot of fear."

I ducked my head before pointing to my wings. The next thing I knew I felt a set of fingers brush against them causing a shudder to run down my back.

"I don't see a problem with them. In fact I find them beautiful and very unique. I'm Peter by the way and I am guessing you must be the famous Isabella. Jasper and Alice have told me so much about you. Though they didn't mention anything about you having wings."

I knew if it was possible I would be blushing about now but thanks to my recent renovations I knew this wasn't going to happen, though it didn't stop Jasper from wrapping my in his arms as Alice explained that they were a very recent addition. A moment later I was swept from Jasper's arms and into Esme's as she pulled me into the house as Alice brought Peter up to date with everything that had taken place.

Instead of being dragged into the family room Esme led me upstairs and into Carlisle study before kissing me on the check telling me everything would be okay. She blew a kiss to her mate who returned it before she closed the door behind her.

"Okay honey, I just want to look at your back to make sure it is healing properly and then we can work on you hiding your wings."

I let the breath I didn't realise I was holding out as I slowly opened my all ready destroyed shirt before I jumped up on to his desk. I had to stop myself from giggling as he slowly run his fingers down my back, before moving them over my wings. Once he was done he handed me a top that had no back to it. I looked at it before looking up at him

"For the time being until we work on you hiding your wings I think it would better for you to wear tops that we don't have to destroy. Rose and Esme picked them all out for you. I swear that Alice had nothing what so ever to do with them."

I heard Alice cry out in protest as I laughed Carlisle helped me into the top before he lifted me off the desk.

"Why don't we go down stairs and see if the family can come up with a way for you to hide your wings. None of the books I have actually go into that much detail."

I sighed before nodding my head in understanding. Taking my hand in his he led me down the stairs where a pouting Alice was waiting for us. Ignoring the look on her face I did a run jump landing in Jasper's lap causing him to laugh as my wings brushed against his face.

"They really are beautiful Bells."

I could help but smile up at him before turning back to the rest of the family and Peter who had made himself at home in my usual chair.

"So any suggestions? I get that they are pretty and all but I can't exactly spend the rest of life walking around with them showing. It's bad enough I have purple eyes but at least we can say they are just a very dark blue."

It was Peter that actually spoke first

"Maybe you actually need to finish changing. I mean from what information I have gotten maybe you are only partially changed."

I looked at him of wonder. Well Carlisle did say that Dragon's were like the wolves so maybe what he was saying was correct. Maybe I was only half changed but my next question was how on earth was I suppose to trigger the change. It was Jasper who answered my question

"Anger. Your wings came out after you found out about Edward."

The moment the words left his mouth I felt my body start to shake. Before I knew what was happening I was out in the back yard as my body curled up on its self. I could hear people whispering in the back ground but the pain that ripped through my body drowned them out. A moment later Jasper was standing over me before telling me how Edward never loved me, how I was just his play thing.


I stood there watching my brother torment the woman that was my mate. I knew who she was the very first time I smelt her in the house but due to the prick I couldn't do anything about it. That was until now, however after the latest incident I knew I would have to wait a little longer before informing her of the fact.

I stood by Alice as we watched as my Isabella finally released all the anger she had been holding in and fully turned. She was the most beautiful and yet deadliest creature my eyes had ever laid eyes on. Her wings had finished growing so they stood a solid foot about her shoulders before stopping just inches from the ground. They slowly changed from a deep black to an off white the further they went along. Even though they were covered in scales they felt like silk.

Ignoring the protest of those around me I moved closer to her noticing the changes in her body. In this form she was a foot bigger than normal, her teeth for what I could see of them were defiantly longer and sharper if the tooth that had dug into her lush bottom lip was any indication. Looking up into her eyes I couldn't stop the small growl that left my mouth. They no longer represented those of a human but those one might see on a large cat. It took everything in me not to let my eyes drop down to her chest. No way was I going to allow my eyes to travel down her beautiful neck to her now near naked breasts.

I suddenly found myself being yanked to the ground by a very pissed off Jasper. I hadn't touched and I was somewhat positive I didn't look at anything I wasn't supposed to. Well yet anyway. Jasper let out another low warning growl causing me to return one of my own. He knew damn well I wouldn't do anything to harm her so why was he acting like a bear with a stick lodged up its back end?

"Jasper, can you please let him go. Peter didn't do anything and I am pretty sure that he can't control his emotions after all Mr Prozac that is your job."

I had to sink my teeth into my bottom lip in order to stop myself from cracking up laughing. Yeah it hurt like hell but at least I wouldn't be spending the rest of the night having to play hide and go seek with missing body parts.

With one last growl Jasper got off me before helping me to stand. When my eyes landed back on my mate I noticed that she had turned back to looking human and was having a conversation with Carlisle.

"I would say that you wouldn't turn fully into a dragon due to being part vampire and as long as you remain stable you should be able to be around humans once we relocate."

Ah yes the actual reason that I was here. During my last visit Carlisle had mentioned that they were looking for somewhere safe where they could take Bella for her transformation that wasn't Alaska. Both Rose and Alice were over having to deal with the sisters and the lack of places to go shopping and I could tell that Jasper didn't care where they went as long as he didn't have to deal with the lusting coming from the girls.

I was here to offer them an extra option. Recently I had obtained a large amount of land that bordered onto Yellowstone National Park. The house that was on the land was actually an old fully restored resort back from the 1920's. It had enough room for all of us; I just didn't know how I was going to bring it up. After all the last time I had lived with someone was Charlotte and well living with ones sister is a bit different than living with ones mate as well as her family.

Suddenly a loud squeal filled the air before I was suddenly leaped on by a very bouncy pixie.

"It's perfect Peter. I can't wait to see it in person."

I couldn't stop myself from rubbing the back of my neck as the rest of the family looked at me waiting to find out what Alice was going on about.

"To make a long story short I was thinking that you might want to move in with me. I have recently come into some land that backs onto a national park and is pretty remote without being too far away from shops and the like. I know Carlisle was thinking of taking a break."

I found that I was rambling so I shut up only for Alice to take over

"What he didn't tell you is that the house is an old 1920's resort fully restored. I am talking pool, casino, bar, dance floor and that is only one floor. It even has a fully functioning beauty parlour."

Yet again I was finding myself being attacked by all the woman of the Cullen clan apart from the one I wanted the most. I could hear Emmett singing in the background though I couldn't make out the words over the sudden questions that were being thrown at me by the girls. The main was what I meant by obtain.

"It's actually mine. I use to own it back before I was changed. I just had to pretend to be my own great grandson."

I watched as Carlisle nodded his head before coughing to get the girls attention.

"This house belongs to Peter, not us. If we take up this offer you are to respect his rules while in the house. You are not to change anything without his permission either. Do you think you three can manage that?"

I watched with amazement as all three of them nodded their heads in unison. I turned to look at Jasper who had his arms around my mate's waist as he whispered into her ear. Whatever he told her she looked at me from the corner of her eye before hiding behind her hair causing him to hug her closer to his body. The animal in me didn't like that at all and I knew that Jasper was trying to push me. The smug bastard could give it his best shot but I had a plan and I was sticking to it.

"So I take it that you would be moving in?"

Carlisle took one look at his family before nodding his head causing the girls to start screaming yet again. Something deep inside of me was dreading my decision but if it meant I could get to know my mate then so be it.