Title: Game
Author: Killaurey
Word Count: 437
Rating: T

Written for Day 30 of the Last Fan Standing Challenge on KakaSaku's Dreamwidth community.

Prompt: Got Your Hotdog

Sun beat down on them, hot as a forge and heavy as a hammer, and that was entirely too depressing. She wished she'd thought to bring a wider-brimmed hat.

Help! Sakura sent the text and then looked dubiously out at the eager crowd. Down below was a field and beside her was Kakashi's empty seat-he'd gone to get them munchies.

She still couldn't figure out why they were here. Kakashi, when she'd started dating him, hadn't seemed like the type to like sports at all unless he was playing in them.

Her phone beeped.

Ino's reply was simple and entirely unhelpful: you could have said no.

Sakura wrinkled her nose. he pulled puppy eyes!

Weak, forehead, weak.

Like you could have refused.

I have, Ino's text seemed to be mocking her and Sakura wasn't sure if that was really Ino or just… Sakura's mood. You don't see ME getting stuck places I don't want to go.

Shut up. Deciding that Ino was going to be no help whatsoever, Sakura put her phone on silent and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. She should, she supposed, at least try to enjoy herself.

Kakashi had probably paid a fair bit for their tickets after all. She could always drag him to some exhibit later to make up for today. Feeling a little more at ease now that she had made up her mind to enjoy this as much as possible, she waited for Kakashi.

And speak of the devil…

"Here," he said, passing her two drinks that were way too large in her opinion as he juggled their food. "Got your hotdog, just like you asked-"

"And enough candy to sink a ship," she observed. "I hope you're sharing."

His eye-the one not covered with an eyepatch-crinkled with amusement. "Let me sit down," he said, "and I'll consider it."

In short order they got themselves sorted, Sakura laughing at how much junk food he'd bought them and Kakashi insisting it was tradition, and both of them settling in for the game.

Despite herself, she thought, as the game got started and she nibbled on chips, it wasn't that bad a night.

Not, Sakura thought, that she'd tell Ino that.



"Thanks for this."

He looked mildly bemused. "What brought that on?"

"I just like spending time with you," she said, with a shrug. Her bad mood had quite evaporated. "Just had to figure out that extended even to… this."

He kissed her cheek. She could feel his smile. "I'm glad," he said, "and the game is starting."

Sakura just shook her head.