Title: If You Want Something Done...
Author: Killaurey
Word Count: 500
Rating: T

Written for Day 8 of the 2013 Last Fan Standing Challenge on KakaSaku's Dreamwidth community.

Prompt: Breathe

Hatake collapses bonelessly, his breathing deep and slow. Ino steps around his fallen body and glances at Sakura, who is putting away a syringe, You're going to be in trouble for that, she thinks.

Sakura grins tightly. I know. But we're going to be in trouble anyway. What's a little more at this point?

Ino can't argue that. How long?

Forty-eight hours if left untreated. We've got sixteen with treatment. We'll base our lead time on that. Sakura kneels by Kakashi and coolly strips him of his weapons. Can you hide his body?

Already on it.Ino's hands fly through jutsu, carefully using only the bare minimum chakra needed to create an illusion that would be enough to pass casual inspection.

It's a dark alley already, so there's no need for too complicated a genjutsu.

Sakura steps back from her former sensei's body and stows the last of his weapons away. Ino lets the jutsu settle seamlessly into place.

They both watch as Hatake disappears from view. A Hyuuga or someone skilled with genjutsu will be able to see through it but that's alright. They've still bought themselves time.

Good, Sakura says.

Of course it is, Ino replies. I'm better than you.

You wish.

They leave the alley, in a swirl of leaves and smoke to reappear on a rooftop four blocks over.

"Got everything you need?" Ino asks. "No last minute detours?"

"Nah," Sakura says. "I'm good to go if you are. Let's just grab our bags and get out of here."

Their bags are held at a hotel near the west gate. Retrieving them takes two seconds (they go in through the windows of their room) and sling them over their shoulders. Ino perches a pair of glasses on her head. They're pink and silly. Sakura sticks a couple of whimsical barrettes in her hair.

They study each other gravely.

"It's close enough," Ino says. "We won't be able to dress for vacation until we're there."

Sakura's smile says she appreciates the discretion. It's not vacation they're going on. "It's not like we can wear bathing suits from here to Water Country," she points out as they wander casually down the street, heading for the gates to get out of Konoha.

"Well," Ino says slowly, "we could. We'd look stupid, but we could."

"I'm not," Sakura says firmly as they stroll through the gates with casual waves. The gate-Chuunin pay them no mind and they bicker idly about vacation-wear as until they're just about an hour away from the village.

Then the glasses are tucked away and the barrettes are shoved into pockets. Ready to run, Forehead? Ino asks.

As if I'd be anything else. Come on, let's go. Keep your mind open. If we get pick up a tail, you'll know before me.

True. It's going to be you they're after though. It's not every day that the Hokage's star pupil turns missing nin.

Sakura's eyes flash. Then they should have gotten the job done properly before.