Title: Living Luck
Author: Killaurey
Word Count: 200
Rating: T

Written for Day 21 of the 2013 Last Fan Standing Challenge on KakaSaku's Dreamwidth community.

Prompt: Good luck charm

"Can I have a kiss for luck?" Kakashi asks.

Sakura glances over from her desk, where she's mired in paperwork about a new vaccine they're introducing, and glowers at him. He manages to look penitent while lounging against the window sill, packed and ready for a mission.

She's mad at him. They'd had a stupid fight that morning and even though she's cooled off enough to concede that was stupid, she hasn't cooled off enough to forgive him.

Pushing the chair away from her desk, Sakura stands and makes her way over to him.

"One kiss," she says.

It's sweet and precious and heated.

She's mad at him but, when he asks, she knows his mission is one he might not come back from.

Sakura can't deny him a good luck charm. Just in case.

"Come back," she orders. "So I can finish being angry with you."

He smiles, brushes her cheek with the pad of one thumb, and is gone.

Sakura looks out the window to see if she can spot him (she can't) and, eventually, goes back to her paperwork.

She's in a bad mood now, like before, but with him gone there's a different reason for it.