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I. Am. Dead. Literally.

Normally, I hate it when people use the word "literally" when they don't really mean it, but I just had to put that word for emphasis. Because, y'know, my life kinda flashed before my eyes when I realized what happened. So I didn't really die. It's just that…

I lost the poem I wrote for Mio.

Actually, there were two of them, and I lost the second one. Yes, the itch-inducing one. Oh god, I can't imagine the embarrassment that I'll have to deal with if someone sees that shitty writing! I could've done a better job if only I knew that I would lose it!

And what if Mio finds it? Will she make fun of me? Will I disgust her? Will she tell Mugi about it and then they'd talk about me all day?

Is this how people feel when they are anxious to get an answer after they confess?

I'm about to have an asthma attack from this. I tried to look calm, but deep inside, I'm panicking like hell. It's almost time for homeroom, and I haven't found the poem yet.

Gah. Maybe I should just relax and stop worrying about it. I'll look for it later.

It was in the second period when I noticed a certain piece of paper near Mio's foot. My heart skipped a beat. I knew at first sight that it was my poem. I have to go get it before she sees it!

And so, with that little sentence, I tempted fate. Just as I had thought of her seeing the poem, Mio really saw it and picked it up.

"I want a prince!" a 5-year-old Mio cried.

"But princess, even though I am just a lowly knight, I am always here for you. Surely, you don't need a prince, yes?" Chibi!Ritsu, acting as a knight, said.

"But Ricchan, princesses always end up with princes, so you can't play with me forever! I will be sad! I have to have a prince with me when you're gone! Uwaaaah!"

"I'm not going anywhere! Stop crying! If you cry… I… I-I'm gonna cry, too! Uwu.. uwaaaa!"

We only stopped crying when our moms arrived and lulled us both to sleep. This is what I was talking about when I said that my life flashed before my eyes, you see. I randomly remember little snippets of it.

I watched Mio read my writing. I saw her freeze up, maybe at the sight of her name. Then, her ears began to turn bright red. She's shaking by now. If she's embarrassed, well, I'm more embarrassed! I wrote that after all! Damn, my face is freaking hot.

Then, she froze up again. Has she read my name? Slowly, she turned her head... And looked at me.

She looked at me with... Surprise? Bliss? Sadness? Thankfully, it didn't feel like disgust. I would've cried right then and there. She looked away immediately when she saw that I was staring at her, too. This shit of what seems to be a random romantic comedy plot line isn't really the best time, but I have to say that she's really cute.

Mio didn't look at me again all day. I was right. She talked it out with Mugi. Mio only talked with Mugi all day, with a permanent red tint on her face, while Yui was trying to eavesdrop. I didn't know where it came from, but she gave our hyperactive band mate some cake to distract her.

And wow, Mugi sure looks happy.

It was already time for our regular club activities, and Mio still hasn't talked to me all day. I understand, really. I know that it's awkward. We've been friends since forever, so by having these feelings, I just ruined it. Even if she does stay friends with me, I know that it'll never be the same again.

Fuck this sitcom.

I just sat behind the drums, and played my heart out.

One by one, they started to play along.

"Ricchan? Are you sad?"

"Eh? Why, Yui?"

"Well, it seems like you and Mio-chan had a fight again."

Yui is an airhead, but she's suuuper intuitive at times. It's kinda scary.

"Hm. I guess you can call it that."

"Ah, Ricchan. I'm sure she'll forgive you. She loves you. Byeee." Yui chirped and merrily skipped away.

What the eff, my life.

Soon enough, everyone left the club room. Like a typical high school drama, we were left alone. Act natural, Tainaka.


Surprisingly, she was the one who said that. And then she burst out laughing. I was confused. But before I even knew it, I was laughing, too. Suddenly, it was as if nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. It felt like a conversation, only with laughter.

And then I remember what happened. I mustered my courage to bring it up.

"Mio… well… You know, about that poem… Well, I'm sorry. Not for having these feelings, but because you had to find out that way. I wish was brave enough to tell you myself. But please, don't be burdened with my feelings. I just want to be friends."

That last line was a lie.

"Um. I'm just a normal girl who wants a normal boy. I've always wanted a prince on a white horse, who'll sweep me off my feet and carry me away…"

I couldn't bear it. Tears started to stream down my face. I'm no prince. I'm no boy. I won't ever stand a chance on anyone who's such.

"This isn't exactly how I pictured my first love. But I guess... I have to make an exception."

She was crying now, too. So she liked me all along?

She smiled, and hugged me. I hugged her back. I've never been this happy. She would've actually been swept away by some guy if this didn't happen.

I stared into her eyes, and rejoiced in the moment.

Because I lost her.



Yui: you're making a scary face, Mugi-chan!

Mugi: Ah, well… I can sense the circumstances around the paper I "accidentally" found, and "accidentally" dropped. Teehee.

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