-Slow As Molasses-

She drops, spiralling, wings dipped, a whirling point of rainbow colour against the frost-white clouds. With a beat of her wings she arches upwards, freewheeling through powder-blue nothingness. The crowd, a pointillist picture far below, roars her name.

"Rainbow Dash is the fastest!" some foal shouts.

Pinkamena Pie hears, and her mind tumbles back through days and weeks, to juvenile blushing pranks, to talks uninterrupted by the crack of midnight, to furtive looks thrown like baseballs, not to be returned. It's a game the pegasus hasn't realised she's playing yet.

"Nope," Pinkie smiles. "She's slow as molasses."

A/N: Okay, the rub: these are proper drabbles (as in, 100 words or as close as my flaky wordcount will allow) on the Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie pairing. I'm mainly experimenting with characterisation and what kind of relationship they'd have, to be honest; I don't feel I'm getting it quite right, but that's what practice is for. Hope you enjoy.