Romantic Enemy Chapter 3: Decision

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"How did I find myself in this situation?" Wondered Harry as he stood in front of Draco, who had effectively cornered him in the corridor. There was a determined look on the blonde headed boy's face that could rival any Death Eater. He was clearly ready to talk and there was nothing that Harry could do to dissuade him. Harry sighed before he finally locked eyes with the one person that he had clashed with more than anyone else at Hogwarts. He still couldn't figure out what the hell was going on right now. While Draco had him essentially trapped between him and the wall, he wasn't talking just staring. The silence wasn't awkward or anything, but it definitely wasn't a pleasant silence.

"What do you want Draco?" A smile appeared on the blonde's face and Harry couldn't squash the curiosity that descended upon him. "What are you smiling about?"

"You called me Draco. You never call me Draco."

"Right….well Malfoy what do you want?"

"I think that we need to talk. Where is up to you. We can walk down to the lake but only if you promise that if I move from this spot that you want try to take off on me."

Harry knew that things would come to this at some point. After weeks of dodging the other boy Harry knew that eventually he would have to stop running and face the situation at hand. He just didn't think that that time would have arrived so soon. Begrudgingly, Harry agreed that they could go down to the lake and talk. When Draco pressed the issue yet again, Harry also promised that he wouldn't run.

As soon as they were near the lake Draco was talking, not wanting to give Harry the chance to shot him down before hearing him out.

"Harry, why are you fighting this?"

"Really, Draco? Do you really need me to answer that question?"

"I guess not. Look, I know that our history isn't the best but people change," Draco looked back at Harry and noticed that the other wizard had sat down. "I've changed."

"Draco….how do I know that for sure? I mean you appear to have changed, but all it takes is one major setback to put us back on the track that we were on before. Which, if you remember correctly, it was destructive and consuming. I don't know if I want to deal that." Harry began to play with his fingers. He had expected the silence but he had not expected to find Draco kneeling in front of him nor did he expect for the other boy to force him to look into his eyes.

"I swear to you Harry that I really want this and I am not going to revert back to old ways. I'm not perfect and I will make mistakes, but I am not going to do anything to hurt you if I can help it. Harry you don't know how long I have been craving this." Draco closed his eyes and released a shaky breath.

"Craving what?" Harry found himself entranced by the look of confliction on Draco's face. The truth was written all over the boy's features. He wanted Harry and he wanted him desperately. But Harry just wasn't sure if he was ready to go down that path but he could feel his resolve crumbling.

"Just being close to you. We can do this your way. We can go as slow as you want. Bloody hell, we can keep it a secret if that is what you want to do. Just don't push me away. Don't hold me at arm's length anymore. "

"Come here Draco." Draco looked at Harry and his confusion was evident. So Harry grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards him. Draco quickly caught on and turned around to lean against Harry. His back was to Harry's chest and almost instantly they began to breathe in unison. Draco felt Harry's fingers begin to card through his hair and the other hand began to trace meaningless patterns along his exposed skin on his arm. They sat there like that for a while neither speaking, neither wanting to break the calm that had settled around them. As the sun began to set behind the forbidden forest Harry spoke in a barely audible whisper.

"Okay Draco. I will stop pushing you away. But this will take some time to adjust to. But I'm willing to try,"

"That is all that I want Harry." Was Draco's whispered response.