I Love You, Handy.

Chapter 1. Please don't ever leave me...

It was a beautiful, warm, spring day late afternoon in Smurf Village. The Smurfs were doing their daily chores as usual while Lazy slept on the job, as he normally does. Ashli Smurf came along with some logs, hard for her to carry, and spotted the lazy Smurf, resting on a bench.

"Oh, Lazy... out of all the Smurfs here..." she said very aggravated.

"What be smurfin' on here, lassie?" Ashli turned around to see that Gusty had come along with a few logs in his arms himself. "What be the matter, dear?"

"It's Lazy! He's always sleeping on the job while the rest of us Smurfs have to work on such a smurfy day!" she wiped off the sweat from her forehead. "Man, I can sure use a rest... if Hefty were here; he'd smurf me a hand with these. They're far too much to smurf! And Hefty's the right smurf to do it! But the problem is, I haven't heard or seen him all day! He's usually back by now from his morning jogs, but he's been out all day! Where the smurf can he be?"

"Ahh... don't stress yourself too much, lassie." the Smurf in the blue and white plaid kilt said. "He'll be back before you know it. In the meantime, I'll help ya out with these."

"Oh... thanks Gutsy! You're just the smurfiest. Now if only we can do something about Lazy here..."

As Gutsy helped smurf a few logs, from Ashli's grip, two more Smurfs came by from the garden fields, dirty from head to toe. It was Farmer and Handy who had been working with planting and weeding the gardens.

"Phew... working out in the fields can sure be a messy job for some Smurfs." Farmer said leaning against his pitch fork, wiping excess sweat underneath his corn-straw hat.

"Yeah... I feel so dirty and unsmurfy." Handy responded looking around him, covered with dirt, soil, and mud.

"Say, if you're not doing anything else, why not go out and smurf a nice bath in the pond near River Smurf?" Ashli suggested to Handy. "Maybe you'll come across Hefty if you see him."

"Hefty's not back?" Handy questioned.

"Believe it or not, no smurf has seen him all day," Gutsy replied.

Handy, knowing that he and Hefty are never apart for this long began to worry. He thought of how much he truly cared for him since that night months ago around Christmastime.

"Handy?" Farmer smurfed him out of his train of thought. "Are you alright?"

"Oh... yeah..." he responded. "Uhm... do you two need a hand?"

"What? Oh no... You've done quite enough here!" Ashli remarked to Handy. "You've done so much for every Smurf this week. So why don't you, like I said smurf a nice bath and take as much time as you need. Besides, some Smurfs need to pamper and spoil themselves once in a while."

"I'll say..." Vanity Smurf just happened to smurf on by, passing the four Smurfs, while adoring himself as always in the mirror. "Oh, Vanity... You handsome hunk of Smurf you! Mwah!" And as always, he kissed himself in the mirror.

"Ahem... As I was saying..." the long black-haired Smurfette continued. "Just smurf along while we get the rest of the work done."

"Aye, I'm sure Papa Smurf wouldn't mind at all, lad." Gutsy said.

"And thank you so much for all your help, Handy." the farmer Smurf in the green, tattered, overalls implied.

"Awww, anytime Farmer. And thanks everysmurf! I'll be back in time for dinner! Smurf you later!" Handy then dashed off waving goodbye to the Smurfs.

"And don't forget about Hefty! He needs to smurf back here sometime!" Ashli called out to him.

"I won't!" Handy yelled back and went off.

"Hey Farmer, don't you have to clean up too?" Ashli wondered.

"Ah, no... I have quite a few more things to tend in the fields." Farmer replied. "But thank you."

"Hmmmm..." the little Smurfette stroked her chin with her forefinger, smirking with an evil expression and looked down at the ever-so forgettable Lazy Smurf, still sound asleep. "If you wouldn't mind some extra assistance in your garden... then maybe you wanna..." She gave him a gesture tilting her head to the side of her shoulder looking down at Lazy.

"Heheh..." Farmer responded with a sneer. "I reckon' I can use a little more help from somesmurf doing absosmurfly nothing..." Soon he lifted up his pitch fork making for a nice aim at Lazy's lazy butt. He had been sleeping on his stomach the whole time, with his little blue butt stuck up in the air. Suddenly...

"YEEOW!" Lazy shouted, waking up from his nap and sprinting in the air and falling back down. He smurfed around in circles rubbing his tender rear from the pointed tool Farmer had used on him. He then stopped running, still rubbing his little rump.

"Now that you're finally awake and smurf, there's work to be done in the fields." Farmer said to Lazy with a cocky look on his face. Lazy couldn't help but moan at the idea, all disappointed.

"Hahaha! That woke him up... for GOOD!" Gutsy implied. Soon both Ashli and Gutsy laughed along with Lazy in bitter defeat.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the forest, Handy had smurfed with him a new clean set of overalls and hat, along with a bath towel to a nearby lake. He set them to the side by a small sitting rock and took out his red pointed pencil from his left ear. Then he walked up to the lake and stripped off his dirty blue-denim overalls and hat. He dipped his bare blue foot into the water, feeling for the temperature. It was just right and not too cold. Handy dove right in swimming right back up to the surface. And the dirt on his face and body had washed away out of existence. He never felt so good having to have this special 'me' time to himself. Then Handy decided to take a little swim going back underwater.

Somewhere in the trees, there was one other Smurf watching Handy having his time alone. Getting closer to the tip of the branch, it was none other than Hefty Smurf looking down upon him. The mechanic Smurf soon reached back up to the surface of the water taking in some oxygen. The strong Smurf's expression caught a little smile seeing Handy coming out. The smaller Smurf then caressed his arms gently with his hands basking in the fresh, crisp, cooling water. And while he was feeling smurfy and free, he sang a little tune continuing to bathe in the lake.

Through our childhood days, when we were smurfy and young,

We would laugh and play, as we smurfed along.

You would carry me close to that one thing we both share,

Is our friendship and love, no smurf cannot tear.

But now, something has changed between us. Something I cannot see.

Is it more than we've imagined? Was this meant to be?

I found myself yearning, all through my life,

Knowing who I knew for so long, has been there by my side...

Hefty was so amazed by the sound of his voice. He had always known Handy had such an amazing singing voice. But when he heard the words carefully, he soon realized he was singing about him. He couldn't help but smile and felt his heart flutter at the same time. He then lay on his strong stomach at the edge of the sturdy tree branch with one hand holding his cheek and the other dangling down. Hefty took in a deep long sigh, listening to the beautiful lyrics Handy had sung.

"Oh, Handy... Not only you are beautiful... but your voice is absosmurfly the most beautiful thing than any other Smurf."

Handy, still basking in the lake felt chills down his spine, feeling he was being watched. But he still continued soaking in and continued his beautiful song about his one and only true love... Hefty.

When I am weak, you'll be my strength to keep me strong,

And when you are close to me, I know you'd do me no wrong.

You are the only smurf, who is proud and true,

And keeps me happy, now that I have you...

Hefty's voice began to shutter and sighed again at the mechanic's angelic voice. A shade of purple appeared on his cheeks, feeling flushed and in love at the same time looking down upon Handy. He let one of his legs dangle from the branch and closed his eyes, still listening to Handy's voice.

I have fallen in love, with the Smurf I know,

Our hearts have become one, as you begin to show,

That you'll always be there,

No matter where we go,

Our love will stay strong, true and blue, now that we're here.

And no smurf... can ever tear us apart….

Because now we are together as one, heart to heart...

Soon after, Handy finished his song and took in a long sigh putting his hand on his heart, feeling every beat. "Oh Hefty... Where are you? I already miss you so much. I need you..." The handyman Smurf stood there in the middle of the lake for a little, thinking of his beloved Smurf. "Hefty..." Then he turned to swim back to smurf out of the water. As he walked out of the lake, he wrapped his arms around feeling very cold, making his way to his towel and clothes he left earlier. He took the towel and quickly wrapped himself good and smurf, feeling warm from getting any colder.

Back on the branch, Hefty opened his eyes and saw that Handy was finally out. He then got himself up and slowly smurfed back to the tree to climb down. The ever-so-smart Smurf finished drying off and smurfed his clean hat right on along with his pencil on his ear. He released the towel from him as he made for his clean pair of overalls to put on. Handy, after getting all dressed and cleaned up exhaled, feeling much better. He then went back near the lake to smurf up his dirty clothes.

"Ahh man... I should've smurfed my clothes while I was bathing!" He walked back up with his dirty clothes and put them inside his used bath towel and sighed. "Oh well... at least I'm all clean and smurfy is all that matters. Maybe once Hefty smurfs back home soon; he'll know and see how smurfy I am."

"Oh, I think he already knows!" a voice called.

Handy jumped and gasped at the same time wondering and looking who it was. "Who's there?"

"Up further!" the voice called again.

Handy, scared and curious, walked up further and seen a big tree straight ahead. When he looked, he gave a surprised gasp. There, leaning against the tree with his legs crossed was Hefty Smurf himself, looking at him with that sexy smolder on his smurfy face.


"Hey, Handy. Ya want some of this?" Hefty then flexed one of his arm muscles, showing off his best physique to the smaller Smurf.

Handy didn't know what else to say while he admired the heart-tattooed Smurf's body strength. "Ohhhh, yes!" he finally responded with his tail wagging excitedly.

"Then come to daddy, pretty thing..." the strong Smurf said to him.

Handy blushed with excitement and came closer to him by the tree. He then held his strong arm, giving out a little coo. "Ohohoo..." Hefty flexed it more showing his strongest physique and strength to his blue lover.

"Ya like that?"

"Mhmmmm... yes." Handy sighed happily.

"How about this?" The strong Smurf flexed his other arm, showing off more than the last.

"Rawrr... you're so damn sexy..." Handy replied, feeling his other arm.

"Hehe, my little tiger..." Hefty said earning another little roar from Handy as he blushed. The muscular Smurf then chuckled and cupped the younger Smurf's cheek with his hand.

"Oh Hefty..." Handy said, as he laid his arms around him.

"Handy..." Hefty replied looking deeply into his eyes.

Handy soon closed his eyes and gave him a seductive kiss. He had already missed this Smurf so much; he couldn't fight back the feeling. Hefty had too kissed him back, giving out a little moan. "Mmhnnn..."

"Ahwww, I love you so much." Handy said to him.

Hefty smiled down at him and responded back, "I love ya too Handy..."

The little Smurf then cuddled against the strong Smurf. Hefty nuzzled his nose up to Handy's. He giggled as he nuzzled back on his. "Hahwwww..."

"You're so cute." Hefty said.

Handy blushed at being called 'cute' looking down, feeling embarrassed.

"You're even cuter when you blush, heheh..." Hefty continued with his words.

"Ahwwww, Heftyyyy...!" The mechanic blushed even more and kissed his cheek. Hefty too also blushed and sighed happily.

"Oh Hefty... I always have butterflies in my stomach when I'm near you."

"Awww, babe... I feel the same way when I feel my heart fluttering."

"I just can't tell you enough how much I love you."

"Awww, Handy..."

Hefty then felt his heart racing. Handy smiled up at him and placed his hand on Hefty's heart and sighed.

"You'll always have a place in my heart," the muscle-bound Smurf said, feeling his heart race faster.

"Ahwwww, you'll always have a place in my heart, too..." Handy responded, holding him tight. "...My dear..."

"Oh... Handy... I love ya so much." Hefty then embraced him tighter as both their hearts felt one another racing at the same time.

Handy sighed replying back, "I love you too..." when he too felt their hearts racing at the same time. "...I always will."

"Forever and always..." Hefty whispered.

"Oh Hefty... what would I do without you?"

"Question is... What would I do without you?" Hefty smiled.

The smart Smurf giggled and blushed. He then laid his head on Hefty's chest and closed his eyes. The bigger Smurf sighed deeply and closed his eyes too.

"Please don't ever leave me..." Hefty pleaded.

"I will never ever leave you..." Handy said, holding him tight. "I promised you at our first night that I'll always be by your side..."

"And I promise I'll do the same for you, my love..."

Handy later then kissed him on the lips seductively as Hefty accepted the kiss and explored his mouth deep within.

"Mhh..." Handy let his tongue in and licked over it.

"Hah..." Hefty goes in deeper.

The smaller Smurf pulled his head closer to him, licking with more passion. "Ahhw..."

"Haww... Handy..." Hefty moaned.

"Nhh..." Handy started to pant. "Hefty..."

The strong Smurf soon took him by the hips and deepened the kiss. The slender Smurf laid his arms around his neck and panted harder. "Ahh..."

Hefty started to pant faster. "Ahhnnn..." Then he moved one hand down gripping Handy's little blue butt. "Mmmhhh..."

"Ahhhw!" Handy moaned with pleasure.

Then after, Hefty began to stroke his tail and tickled it, while kissing him more deeply. Handy couldn't help but giggle and waggle his tail. Hefty chuckled at his reaction and tickled him more. Handy giggled more feeling his tail being tortured by the muscled Smurf's tickles. He then had to break the kiss because of it.

"Hehehehehe, Heftyyyy! This is mean! I'm ticklish!" Handy laughed so much and soon started to tickle Hefty's tail as revenge.

"Hahahahahahaha! Handy!" He couldn't stop laughing and wiggled his own tail. As payback, he tickled Handy's sides.

"Hehehehehehe!" Handy tried to stop him, but he failed. "Stop it! I can't breathe! Hahahahaha!"

"Hahahahahahaha!" Hefty tickled him more.

"Heftyyy!" Handy cried and then fell to the ground. "Hahahahahaha!" He kept laughing so hard as tears came bursting out from all the excitement. Hefty then hovered on top of him, looking down upon him, laughing as Handy soon looked up at him.

"Hehehehe! Oh, Hefty!" He then took a deep breath to help ease down his laughter. "Haaaahhh..." But he still giggled for a bit.

"Aww Handy, you are quite a wonder!" Hefty chuckled.

"Ahwww, why?"

"Heh... I don't know, but you sure are! Hehe..."

"Hahaha, ahwww..."

Handy then pulled Hefty's head down to his as he rubbed his nose against his. Hefty rubbed his nose back.

"Hehehehehe..." Hefty blushed.

"Hahwww..." Handy soon kissed his nose. "I love you."

"Heh... I love ya too." Hefty replied.

The Smurf in the blue-denim overalls hugged him in a sweet embrace as the heart-tattooed Smurf kissed the Smurf on his cheek. Handy blushed and stroked his hand over the back of his head until Hefty soon started to kiss his neck.

"Mhmmm..." Handy loved it when he kissed him there as he held him tight. Hefty began to suckle on his sweet neck, earning a moan from the smaller Smurf.

"Ahww, Hefty..." Handy moaned.

The strong Smurf licked over his neck more and moved down to his chest.

"Mhm, ahww..." Handy started to pant and blush.

"Hahh... ahh..." Hefty licked his chest more as Handy soon felt his heart racing.


Hefty licked the pulse of his heart racing through his chest. "Hawww..." he sighed and blushed.

"Ahwww... Hefty..." the hard-working Smurf panted more.

"Haaa... Like that?" Hefty said, huskily.

"Mhmmmm, I love it..."

"Hahhh... hawww... Oh... Handy... I want you right now..." Hefty looked hungrily into his eyes, very eager to please his sweet, admired Smurf.

"Then take me now... Do what you want with me..." Handy begged, wanting his big and strong Smurf to hurry.

"As you wish... Handy, my love..." Hefty then held him as he slowly pulled the straps off of Handy's overalls.

"Oh Hefty..." Handy cooed as he looked at him with seductive eyes.

Hefty smiled seductively, licking his lips and began to pull the straps right off his arms. Handy felt his heart racing faster and blushed more.

"You're so beautiful Handy... I wish you were always like this..." Hefty responded, then kissing his sweet lips. The little Smurf accepted the kiss and put both of his hands on Hefty's cheeks. Then Hefty put one hand on Handy's hand, deepening the kiss.

"Mhh..." Handy began to pant and tongue him.

"Hahh... haaa..." Hefty felt his tongue inside his, smurfing deeper. Handy had then explored his mouth with more passion. "Ahww..."

Soon after, Hefty used his other hand to get inside Handy's overalls feeling for his 'smurf', tonguing him with lust. Handy moaned as he felt Hefty's hand on his 'smurf' while the strong Smurf himself begins to pump it slowly, making his 'smurf' feel a little hard.

Handy panted hard as he felt a stiff smurfing in his loose clothes. "Ahh... Hefty..."

Hefty then rubbed his 'smurf' a little harder. "Oh Handy..."

"Ahh... ahhww... I need to... get rid of these overalls... ahh..." Handy felt even more smurfier, pleading Hefty to let himself free out of his clothes.

"Don't worry, hon... Let me..." Hefty then took his hand out of his smurf and overalls and soon pulled the rest of them down. Handy's smurf bounced excitedly out of his clothes as Hefty pulled the leggings out.

"Ahhh... that's better..." Handy felt relieved as he looked at him with a seductive smile.

"Feels great to be out in the open again?" Hefty smiled with one brow raised.

"Oh yes, it does..." Handy said as he then pulled his head closer to his and licked over Hefty's lips.

"Heheh..." the muscle-bound Smurf began to sigh. "You're voice is so beautiful..."

"Ahwww...Your voice is beautiful too... and your eyes... and your mouth... and your nose." Handy said and giggled.

"Aww... but Handy... the way you sing? That beautiful song I heard earlier while you were smurfing in the lake?" Hefty sighed again with sensual bliss. "It really touched my heart."

And with a surprised shock, Handy blushed realizing that Hefty heard him all this time. "You... y-y-you were listening?"

"Yes." Hefty replied as his eyes glistened. "I... I never knew how smurfy your voice was until now... and how much I really mean to you..."

Handy blushed even more, hearing those sweet words, his ever-so-strong Smurf said to him. "Oh Hefty..." Handy said, embracing him. "...Of course you mean a lot to me... I love you..." He then held him real tight, sharing this smurfy moment with him.

Hefty had soon let a single tear fall down from his eyes and felt his heart racing, hugging him back. "And I love you, Handy Smurf."

Handy sighed dreamily, stroking over his back.

"Oh, Handy..." Hefty smiled and stroked the back of his head.

"Hefty..." Handy responded happily, kissing his cheek.

"Let's 'smurf', heheh..." Hefty said coyly, wanting to give his beautiful Smurf all his love.

"Ohh, with pleasure..." Handy replied, innocently.

The muscular Smurf then slowly took off his pants, revealing his hard, strong 'smurf'. The slender Smurf took a look on Hefty's strong 'smurf' as he licked over his lips hungrily. Then Hefty lifted one of Handy's legs up feeling for his entrance, taking a deep breath and slowly slid inside him carefully. Handy then moaned as he entered him. "Ahhww..."

Hefty moaned back, pushing his way deep inside Handy and exhaled through his nose.

"Ahhh... Oh yeah... This feels good..." Handy sighed.

"Oh... and you love it, don't ya?" Hefty asked, huskily.

"Of course I do..." Handy replied, cooing.

"Mmmm..." Hefty licked his lips, seductively. "Bet'cha want more of that?"

"Oh yes..." Handy answered with hesitation, looking at him with lust.

With his eyes hooded, Hefty replied, "Then let me give ya what I've got, Handy-boy..." And with that, he slipped in and out of Handy slowly, wrapping his hand around Handy's smurf.

"Ahh... ahww..." Handy begins to pant and pressed his lower body up against his.

"Hhhmmmm... Oh yeah... Keep smurfing there..." Hefty smurfed a little harder in him, beginning to pant.

"Mhmmm..." Handy kept pressing against him. "Ahhh..." he moaned.

"Handy..." the muscle Smurf moaned as he wrapped one arm around the small Smurf, lifting him up more for stimulation and satisfaction.

"Ahh... ahh... Hefty..." the Smurf panted hard, putting his hands on the back of Hefty's head and kissed him with lust. "Hahh..."

Hefty soon tongued him as he accepted the kiss, and panted faster.

"Mhhhmmm..." The mechanic Smurf licked over his tongue until he begins to move his body up and down to please Hefty as he moaned louder. "Ahhh... hah..."

"Oh Handy... You are on fire!" the strong Smurf cried as he continued to deepen the kiss.

"Ahh... ah..." Handy then moved faster up and down. "Ohww... Hefty..." he panted and moaned hard.

"Ahhh... Ah... Ha... Oh... Baby..." Hefty moaned louder and panted harder.

"Hahh... hah... ahh... hahww..." Handy soon held him tight as he kept moving up and down, harder on Hefty.

Hefty pushed in and out of the little Smurf, harder and faster. "Ahhh... Haaa..." He soon felt his heart racing uncontrollably.

"Ahh... ahh... Hefty... Hah... Hefty..." Handy moaned louder as he begins to sweat.

"Yeah... haa... ah... Keep smurfin' my name... Haah... Haw..." Sweat began to drip from Hefty's face as he felt very close to his peak.

As granted, the handyman Smurf continued to chant his name. "Hefty... hah... hahh... Hefty... Hefty...!" Then he begins to pant harder as the muscled Smurf kept filling him up.

"Hahhh... Yes... are you close?..." the strong Smurf said to him, feeling him from the inside.

"Yes... hahh... ahh... yes I am! Hahhh..." Handy's heart was now beginning to race at the same rate as Hefty's. The heart-tattooed Smurf soon pumped Handy's smurf to the max at full speed as his smurfing, panting much faster, keeping in rhythm.

"Ohhhhww... Yeah... hahh... almost, Hefty... almost...! Ahhh... ahh..." Handy continued to sweat more, feeling very close now.

Hefty was nearly close to his peak as he kept smurfing him, and rubbing his smurf harder. "I want ta... haa... hear ya... smurf out my name... ahhh... please..."

"Ahh... hahh... hah..." the Smurf panted when he couldn't hold it in anymore. "Aaahhhh..." Handy then smurfed his load all over Hefty and himself, crying out his name. "AAAAHHHHHW HEFTY! Hefty! Ahhh... Hefty...!"

"Ahh... ah... hnnn..." Hefty soon joined his lover as he exploded inside of him, crying out his name also. "AHHHWWW HANDYYYY! Oh God...! Handy...!"

"Ahhwww... hahh..." the little blue Smurf panted fast, laying his arms around the strong blue Smurf's neck and looked deep in his eyes. "That... hah... ahww... that was amazing...!"

Hefty panted fast, feeling his heart slowdown from their excitement. "Handy... hah... You beautiful smurf...!" He reacted quickly and kissed him passionately. Handy accepted the kiss, thereafter licking over his sweet lips.

"...Ahw... Hefty... I love you so much..."

Hefty sighed romantically and replied, stroking Handy's cheek, "I love you more than anything in this world." Soon after, he looked down at the mess they made. Handy smiled and then also looked down.

"...Ohh... And I just took a bath..." he giggled. "I think we need to take one again."

"Well, I'm up for it if you are." Hefty said, smiling.

"Of course I am." Handy responded, happily, kissing his cheek.

Afterwards, Hefty got himself up and pulled Handy up from the soft soiled ground. He then pulled him along as they both ran down to the lake. Handy giggled running after him, holding his hand. And as they made it closer, they both jumped in at the same time splashing into the fresh water. Both Smurfs later popped their heads from the water and splashed at each other, laughing.

"Hahaha!" Handy giggled as he stopped splashing. Soon he took a deep breath and pulled Hefty with him down underwater. He held him and looked in his eyes with a smile on his face as Hefty looked into his eyes as well and smiled back in return. Both their eyes were blue and true, just like their love for each other as they still gazed at one another. The handy Smurf embraced him, feeling happy just being together with him. Hefty hugged him back tight as they floated underwater, reminiscing this beautiful moment. Then afterwards, Handy reached back up to the surface with him to take a breath.

Hefty breathed in, and looked at Handy all sleek and wet, and mostly, beautiful. However, he suddenly began to notice his pencil on his left ear was gone. "Uh, Handy...? I think ya lost your pencil."

Handy felt for it on his ear and knew Hefty was right and gasped. "Oh! Oh no, this was a new one..." He looked around, seeing if he had found any traces of it.

"Wait here." Hefty said to him as he then took in a deep breath and dived back underwater. He swam as quickly as smurf, looking for Handy's red pencil. He soon smurfed it down below in the sands, making his way to reach to go get it. But suddenly, he began to feel faint as if he was almost about to lose oxygen.

Handy was still back up on the surface, as he waited for him. He soon started to worry when Hefty didn't come back up in a while. So he took the chance and took a deep breath, diving back underwater as well to go look for him. He searched for him high and low until he finally found him...unconscious, and out of breath. Handy became instantly shocked, finding him like this. Then he quickly grabbed him and swam back up to the surface, pulling him out of the water.

He had then laid him on the ground of the riverside away from the lake and reacted nervously wrecked, trying to revive him. "Hefty! Oh God, Hefty! Come on, wake up!" He tried to revive him again by pressing his chest. But nothing happened, and he didn't wake up. Then the mechanic Smurf took a deep breath and performed mouth to mouth resuscitation. He kept repeating this for a while. Then suddenly, Hefty's eyes woken and coughed up the water inside him, gasping and catching his breath, taking in some air. Handy was then relieved as Hefty finally opened his eyes.

"Hefty!" He embraced him hastily and started to cry. "Are you crazy?!"

Hefty noticed how upset and worried Handy was as he embraced him back. "It's alright. I'm fine now, thanks to you."

Handy soon held him tighter while he was still crying. "Don't ever do this again, do you hear me? NEVER!"

The strong Smurf began to feel his own heart breaking seeing Handy so hurt and distressed. He had realized that he almost lost his own life for him. "I... I'm sorry..."

The younger Smurf calmed down a bit and cried, "...Just because of that stupid pencil!"

"I got it...?" Hefty responded and opened up his blue palm revealing, his pencil.

And as Handy saw the pencil, he began to exclaim, "Hefty! You're crazy! This goddamn worthless pencil almost cost your life!"

Hefty put his head down, feeling so ashamed having to jump to conclusions at a time like this. "I said I was sorry." But the young Smurf was not finished with him yet.

"My God, Hefty! Don't you know what would've happened if I had not been here?" He soon thereafter cried again, shaking him. "I... I almost lost you!"

Hefty's eyes widened, seeing Handy cry more. He then had a sad look on his face worried for his loved Smurf and held him close. "Handy..."

"You know that I would kill myself if I'd lost you, because I just can't live without you!" Handy yelled and held him tight.

After hearing that, Hefty held him really tight, letting tears burst from his eyes. "I'M SORRY HANDY, PLEASE!"

Handy then looked in his eyes, putting his hands on Hefty's cheeks while tears were still running down his face. "Please promise me, you'll never do something like this again!"

Hefty took a hold of Handy's hand gently and sniffled. "I promise... I promise I'll never do anything that'll cost us both our lives. I need you Handy... And... I'm so sorry I frightened you." Soon more tears came down the heart-tattooed Smurf as Handy wiped them out of his face and embraced him again.

"Oh, Hefty..." the Smurf replied and calmed down a bit again.

"I'm sorry..." Hefty whispered, holding Handy close, feeling an aching feeling in his heart.

"I love you... so much..." Handy said, holding him tight.

"And I love you... so much..." Hefty said with a broken voice, sobbing softly in Handy's embrace.

Handy gave him a soft kiss on his lips as the muscular Smurf opened his eyes and looked at him, with tears still streaming down his face. The mechanic Smurf then wiped more of his tears off of Hefty's face until he took his pencil from his grasp and placed it back on his left ear again.

"...Thank you..." Handy said to him, softly.

"...I don't want you to die because of me... You're too special for anything like this...' Hefty said as more tears fell upon him, holding his breaking heart.

"And I don't want you to die because of me...! ...Or in this case... because of my pencil." Handy implied pointing to it. He then put his hand on Hefty's heart and kissed away the tears on his face. Hefty soon began to smile again and held Handy tight. "I'm so glad, that I have you..." Handy sighed as he cuddled him.

Hefty sighed back saying, "And I'm glad I have you..." He then held onto him for a short while as they stayed locked up in their strong embrace. Things were quiet around here for a little while for these two until the bigger Smurf broke the silence.



"Can you smurf me that song? I want to hear your singing voice."

Handy blushed as he was asked for him to sing again. But he nodded with a gentle smile on his face and started to sing his special song, only for him.

Through our childhood days, when we were smurfy and young,

We would laugh and play, as we smurfed along...

Handy's hand smoothed his cheek with his angelic voice, singing softly to his beloved Smurf. Hefty smiled and sighed, holding Handy's hand against his cheek. Handy then looked deep in his eyes and smiled while he sung. Hefty's eyes started to glisten as he listened to the sweet words smurfing from Handy's sweet lips. He then rubbed his nose against his while he still sang.

...Because now we are together as one, heart to heart...

Handy rubbed his nose back against Hefty's as his song ended, giving him a lovely kiss on his lips.

"Oh Handy... I love you for everything. You're the most beautiful Smurf I would ever think I would have as a best friend until now... I love you with all my heart and smurf." Hefty sighed deeply and held him close to his heart.

"I love you too, my dear..." Handy said, embracing him and closes his eyes, "...I always will..."