I Love You, Handy.

Chapter 42. And the best is yet to come.

Christmas had come and passed after a few days later when it was about time to prepare for the next upcoming celebration. It was New Year's Eve, and everyone in Smurf Village was getting ready for the big night. It was almost sundown while all the Smurfs were preparing the decorations, the music, the catering, and of course, the best part saved for last when the clock would strike midnight for the New Year. Snow still covered the entire forest as well as the village, but everything else was still smurfy according to plan for the upcoming event.

Elsewhere, Hefty was flying on his way back to the village on Feathers along with Gutsy on another stork from smurfing a few errands earlier. The altitude was a pretty chilly, but the two were prepared as usual while they wore their winter gear. Gutsy was wearing a blue scarf, earmuffs and mittens that matched with his kilt while Hefty wore his green scarf and red fingerless gloves. Not only that, but Hefty was also wearing his golden heart-shaped locket given to him by Handy. On their way back, the two talked about a few things and caught up with how their love life was going. They never had been as happy as they ever were, especially for Gutsy. He was just too excited for tonight. And not only was he excited about the celebration...

"So, ya really gonna tell her?" Hefty said to him.

"Aye! I'm definitely gonna tell her tonight!" Gutsy cried out. "It's about time that I should smurf this to the next level. We've been together for so long now; I can't remember the first time I laid eyes on the lass. But just you wait 'til I finally pop the question! I don't know how she'll take it. By the way, thanks for helpin' me smurf the diamond ring. I couldn't have done it without yours and Handy's help!"

"It's no problem at all," the strong Smurf smiled to him. "We're happy for the both you and wish you the best of luck when you tell her."

"Heheh, and I'm happy you two still have been together after this long. But we're all glad that you guys are back here with us."

"Yeah, me too. But we might go back to Smurf Paradise someday... Maybe just to have a little quality time to ourselves. Good thing the house there has been resmurfed smurfily with some modifications thanks to all of ya."

"Anytime, lad! It's what we do to make everysmurf happy! And we're all happy everyone's together again!"

"I think I see home close ahead," Hefty said after turning his head straight ahead.

"I see it too!" Gutsy turned as well.

"And just in time too, the sun is already smurfing down!"

And as they made their way back flying through the invisible portal which lead them to the village; all the other Smurfs down below had already set up the last of the preparations for their New Year's party. Not too far from where they were standing, both Ashli and Handy were chatting until Ashli looked up and witnessed Hefty and Gutsy already about to land. She had been wearing her new earrings along with one of the hair pieces shaped as a wild flower smurfed with studded gold and silver rhinestones made from Handy himself. She also wore a purple scarf around her neck while Handy wore his red one.

"Hey, I see your man up there!" she smiled happily.

Handy looked up as well and began to smile too. "Ahh, they're finally back!"

"I better go let Shini know Gutsy's back! She's been ranting and raving when he'll show, hahaha!"

So, Ashli hurriedly went to go smurf Shini while Handy still looked up and waved to Hefty. The muscled Smurf noticed him not too far as he too waved back, smiling to him.

"Heheh, I see your man is lookin' quite smurfy for this evenin'." Gutsy said to him, "Bet'cha can't wait what you have to say to him too later?"

"Yeah, I just have to tell him," Hefty replied while he still stared down to Handy.

Soon, both Smurfs finally landed close by as they both got off their storks. Hefty afterwards, went up to Feathers and stroked her head gently as she cooed a little and nuzzled against his head. He chuckled a little and then gave her a soft kiss before he turned his head and saw his mate, standing close by. The little inventor with his new studded, diamond pencil on his left ear and his heart-diamond sapphire necklace showing just a bit with his scarf covering it, made his way up to him with his eyes shimmering as his jewels. Then he took a hold of his hand and kissed his cheek softly.

"Welcome back!" Handy said.

"I didn't keep ya waitin', did I?" Hefty smiled after giving him a kiss in return.

All Handy could do was giggle and shake his head a little. "Oh, Hefty, I'm so excited for tonight already!"

"Heheh, me too," Hefty chuckled. "But I don't think Gutsy could wait any longer to let Shini know about his proposal. The poor guy is all in pins and needles waitin' for midnight."

"Hey, I ain't nervous!" the Scotsman called out, walking up to him. "I got the guts to tell her how I really feel about her. Just have to say it at the right moment and not screw up."

Then the engineer looked to Gutsy and smiled saying, "Well, I wish you the best of luck then!"

"Thanks, lad," he replied smiling and put his arms around both Hefty and Handy's shoulders. "You two are the greatest Smurfs we've ever smurfed."

"Hey, boys!" a voice called as Ashli suddenly reappeared walking up to them along with Shini.

"Hallooo!" the German brunette Smurfette said. She had been wearing a visor, just like Handy's, with a scarf and fingerless gloves on with a mix of grey and black in them. And she too was also wearing her necklace smurfed from the handyman himself.

"Oh, hey!" Handy said, looking to them.

"Gutsy, you didn't tell me you were gone!" Shini spoke a little hastily until the Scottish Smurf turned to her.

"Hefty needed my help and I told Jokey to let you know that I was gonna be a bit before the party started." Gutsy explained, "Didn't he tell you?"

"Jokey? No, I haven't seen him in a while. But hey, I stole one of your kilts again while you were gone!" the brunette grinned.

"You what?!" Gutsy cried out. "That's the fourth time this month! Seriously, what's up with you smurfin' my kilts?!"

Hefty couldn't help but snicker a little at Gutsy's reaction as Ashli giggled along too.

"I don't know, they're just too smurfy!" Shini laughed. "Just wait until I start to steal your shorts!"

"Not my I Heart New York shorts, yer not!" the Smurf with the reddish-brown sideburns shouted with a hint of blush coloring his cheeks.

"Oh yes, I will!" Shini replied laughing more. "And then I'm going to wear them myself!"

"Shini... So help me if ya smurf a hand on my only best shorts..."

"Aww, c'mon Gutsy!" Ashli interrupted as she giggled. "Live and let little while it lasts."

"Yeah, Handy always messes around with me whenever he smurfs one of my hats," Hefty recalled. "In return, I snatch one of his. Although his hats are rather small..." He then turned to Handy and started to laugh a little.

Handy had too looked to Hefty, laughing as well. "Yeah, and you always look so funny when you're wearing one of them, hehehe!"

"Ohh, see?" the bespectacled Smurfette said, turning to Gutsy. "They steal each other's clothes too. So it's totally normal, and I am not sick! ...Or am I...?"

She then began to laugh as Ashli too started to laugh along with her. And with bitter defeat, the Scotsman sighed and said to her, "Alright, I get it." Then he walked on over to her and took a hold of her hand and smiled. "Well, now that I know that the boys are playin' fair, I'll just have to do the same to you, hehe..."

"Ohoo, this sure will start to get interesting then..." Shini implied with a smirk on her face.

Gutsy had given her a devilish look for a mere second until he wondered about something. "But what I don't get is, why Jokey Smurf didn't tell ya I was goin' to be gone for the day. I told him to let you know. Where in smurfs is he anyway?"

"It's a good thing you didn't tell Lazy to tell her." Ashli added. "I think he would be too lazy to even smurf her the message. Haha, get it?"

"...Best joke ever, Ashli..." Shini said a little sarcastically until she turned back to Gutsy and shrugged. "I have no idea where he is or where he could be."

"Maybe he got a little excited gettin' ready to set up the preparations for the big event," Hefty mentioned. "You know how smurfy he gets when it comes to surprises. He even set up the last one last year."

"Yeah, that Jokey could be a handful..." Gutsy agreed, turning to him.

"I wonder what he smurfed up this year! I wish it would already be midnight, hehe. I just love fireworks!" Handy said excitedly and giggled.

"Hehe, me too," Hefty replied. "Speakin' of, I gotta go find him and help out with that surprise! I'll bet he's still at the clock tower where all the fireworks are gonna set off. Good thing I already know what it is."

"Hmph, you always seem to know what it is!" Handy said, folding his arms. "Can I help too?"

"Sorry, babe." Hefty replied, "If I told ya, then it wouldn't be a surprise. Plus, I already have somethin' planned that is part of the fireworks."

"A plan huh?" Ashli had wondered. "I don't see why you can't tell us what it is."

The muscleman then turned to the Smurfette with the long, black tresses and said, "Well, it's somethin' I've wanted to plan for a long time now. I had done so last year for last year's, so I thought I come up with somethin' even better."

"Aww, come on Hefty... Ya killin' us!" Gutsy cried.

"Yeah, please tell us!" Shini demanded.

Soon Handy began to remember what Hefty did last year and blush a little, smiling at him.

"Heheheh, you will all know when it is by midnight," Hefty replied. "The only thing you could all do is wait. This is somethin' that everyone will be awed about until they know what it is."

"Okay, okay. But I hope it won't take you too long," the inventor said to him.

"Don't worry, it won't," the strongman turned to him and smiled. "And I'll be done before ya know it."

"Hehehe, alright then." Handy responded and then kissed his cheek again.

"I love you, hon." Hefty blushed a little.

"I love you too." Handy replied, smiling at him.

"I'll smurf you all later tonight!" he exclaimed, turning to the others.

"We'll be seein' ya then!" Gutsy said.

"And don't keep us waiting!" Ashli called out.

"Yeah, and especially don't keep me waiting!" Handy giggled.

All Hefty could do was chuckle and turn to him as he then kissed his cheek. "I won't," he replied until he walked off to find Jokey. Before he finally left, he turned back to Handy and the others and waved to them. The mechanic soon waved back after him and watched him walk away.

"Aaaannnd... What are we going to do now?" Shini asked, wondering.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna go find Farmer and see where he's at," Ashli said. "I wanna make sure I look extra smurfy for him for tonight."

"Farmer will surely like you just the way you look now, lass," the Scotsman turned to her. "Just as long as he looks smurfy for you."

Ashli soon began to giggle and said, "Well, you know Farmer. There's always work for him no matter what season it is!"

"Why don't we go and search him?" Shini suggested.

"I think that's a smurfy idea!" Gutsy cried, "That way we can all go together!"

"Great! Then we should get a smurf on!" Ashli agreed. "And maybe we can catch Smurfette and Vanity if they're just about ready to go too!"

"Yeah! Come on then. Let's go, let's go!" Shini said excitedly. She then took Gutsy's hands and pulled him a little, jumping around. "I'm also starting to feel hungry already!"

"Speaking of hungry, I'll bet Greedy is dyin' to have what Chef and Baker prepared for the party!" the dark-haired Smurfette said with a grin.

"Just as long he doesn't smurf them all that is. Heheh!" Gutsy chuckled until he then turned to Handy. "Ya wanna smurf along with us 'til Hefty returns?"

"Sure! I'd love to!" Handy replied, smiling to him.

"Heehee! I'm sure this is going to be the best night ever!" Shini cried.

"Like Greedy always says, 'Oh yeah! So excited!' Hahaha!" Ashli laughed.

"Then what are we all waitin' fer?" Gutsy smiled widely, "Let's get smurfin'!"

Shini then nodded and said, "Let's find Farmer and the others!"

As they all headed together to go smurf the others, Handy couldn't help but look back where Hefty had gone. He had stood there for a short minute as he cracked a small smile and let out a happy sigh. Afterwards, he turned back and caught up with the others to go find Farmer and the other Smurfs.

Meanwhile, Hefty was smurfing his way to find Jokey by the clock tower. On his way, he saw all the other Smurfs getting ready for the party now that everything was set. A few other Smurfs had seen him smurfing by as they all waved to him. The strongman noticed and waved back to them. Some of the Smurfs who saw him were truly amazed by his new tattoo he had gotten days ago. Nobody else but he and Handy knew of where he got it from. But they were surely shocked to see that his new tattoo had Handy's name written down passed his arm. However, they all knew how much he loved him and couldn't be any happier for both him and Handy.

As the muscled Smurf saw that he was not too far from where he was, he was suddenly stopped by a voice who had called his name close by.

"Oh, Hefty!" It was none other than Papa Smurf who then walked up to him while wearing his green fingerless gloves.

"Papa Smurf," Hefty responded turning to the elder. "I was just smurfin' my way help Jokey for t'night."

"And I was just looking for you, heheh." Papa replied while he was holding a little gift box in his hands.

"What did you want?" Hefty wondered as he soon noticed the gift box.

"Well, I wanted to give you a little something, since I know what you've planned for tonight. Papa smiled and handed him the box.

"But... How did you know...?" Hefty questioned as he curiously took the box from him. "No one else knows what's happenin' unless..."

"Unless what?" Papa said, smiling more at him.

"...Unless you somehow knew all along like the time we convinced Grouchy to love Christmas again."

Papa then chuckled a little and said, "I guess you're right about that."

Afterwards, Hefty smiled and laughed a little. "Ahh, Papa..." Soon after, he looked down to the gift box and slowly began to open it. And as he opened it, his eyes suddenly widened and couldn't believe what he saw. He looked back up to his father and stuttered saying, "Papa... Y-you really shouldn't have..."

The leader in red laughed and nodded slightly replying, "But I did. I thought you might need something like this if you're gonna ask him tonight."

Before Hefty could respond, he looked back down at what was inside the box. "It's beautiful... I... I dunno what he'll say when he sees this..."

"You'll have to find it out then." Papa said, smiling again.

Hefty had then looked back up to him and closed up the gift box. He smiled and suddenly hugged him in a strong embrace and whispered, "Thank you, Papa..."

Papa after put his arms around him and pat his back gently. "You're more than welcome, my son..." he spoke softly.

"I love you..." the strongman replied, holding him a little tighter.

"I love you too, Hefty... And I just wish the best for you two..."

Later after Hefty hugged Papa a little longer, he let go and looked to him. "Thank you, for everything..."

And all his father could do was just smile warmly at him before he said anything else. "Now go quickly and help Jokey before he doesn't need help at all anymore." He said and then chuckled.

"Will do." Hefty replied, smiling to him. Then he put the gift box inside his left pocket and hurriedly went on his way to help Jokey. "I'll see you at the party!" he shouted. Papa Smurf had then waved his hand to him and felt so happy for both Hefty and Handy. Afterwards, he decided to smurf over to where all the other Smurfs already were to join up for the celebration.

Later on, it was already night time and everyone in Smurf Village was having the time of their lives. Some Smurfs were smurfing down on some of Baker and Chef's delicious food they prepared, and even Greedy Smurf was enjoying most of it while it lasted. Speaking of Baker and Chef, they were both dancing over by the dance floor while the music was playing by the other Smurfs with their instruments. Both Ashli and Farmer were dancing too along with Shini and Gutsy. And even Smurfette, who also was wearing the other hair piece just like Ashli's, danced along with Vanity Smurf. Not only she was wearing the hair piece, but she was also wearing heart-shaped earrings studded in gold in silver rhinestones just as Handy originally made for her long ago.

A few other Smurfs also danced with everyone else like Clumsy, Brainy, and even Grouchy was really getting his smurf on. And he sure didn't hate dancing at all! While everysmurf was having a good time, Handy stood someplace close by and waited for Hefty's return. Unlike last time, he had confidence in him that he wouldn't be late. The mechanic looked all around while everyone else danced and made conversations with one another. He even looked to the large clock tower not too far from the dance area. He knew Hefty wasn't there anymore because he had already finished setting up the surprise with Jokey earlier. And neither Jokey was anywhere to be in sight. However, Handy still waited for his Smurf to come back while he let out a sigh. Soon, his mind became a blur as he thought of all the good times Hefty and him had together up 'til now. And he couldn't have been happier now that his wish was finally coming true.

A couple minutes soon passed until Handy looked down to his necklace and cupped the sapphire in his hand. It shimmered and sparkled beautifully as always when he first gotten it from Hefty. He smiled while he gazed at the diamond a little while longer until he felt the rhinestone pencil on his left ear. He had then removed it as he looked at how dazzling it was as it sparkled all over. His eyes glistened at its beauty and had never felt this special to have anysmurf think of anything that clever than he. He then placed the jeweled pencil close to his heart, knowing how much it really meant to him because of Hefty. He let out another sigh as he felt his heart beginning to beat tender and closed his eyes. Then suddenly, a pair of hands appeared from behind and was placed in front of Handy's eyes, causing the Smurf to flinch from the sudden reaction.

"Guess who?" a low voice was heard from behind the inventor.

"Oh!" Handy soon begins to smile and knew exactly who it was. However, he said a wrong name just for fun. "Umm... Smurfette?" he giggled.

"Oh, you..." the voice from behind chuckled. "Guess again."

"Hehehehe! Okay then. But you're definitely not Hefty..." Handy began to laugh.

"Oh, so ya rather it be Jokey then? Heheh."

"Hmm, yeah... maybeee... Hehehehe."

"Heheheh... Well, if ya really think it is, would you be surprised if it wasn't?"

"I think I would be more surprised if you really were Jokey!" Then afterwards, Handy took the Smurf's hands from his eyes and turned around to embrace him quickly. But once after he hugged the Smurf and took a good look at him, he realized it really wasn't who he had thought.

"Surprise! Hahahaha!" It had been Jokey Smurf the whole time! But Handy could have sworn that voice sounded just like Hefty. He looked at him with his eyes wide open and then let go of him promptly.

"JOKEY!" he cried as he blushed uncontrollably, feeling embarrassed.

"Ahahahaha! I gotcha good!" the jokester Smurf laughed.

"Th-that was not funny!" Handy yelled as he then pulled on Jokey's red scarf with his head coming into his face. The trickster had also been wearing red fingeless gloves just like Hefty.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Take it easy, pal!" Jokey said feeling a little freaked out from his reaction. "Before you do anything unsmurfy, this wasn't my idea!"

"Ohh, really? And who else would come up with such a stupid joke?" he demanded.

"Someone who was with him the whole time." Then suddenly, Hefty Smurf soon came out from hiding behind a huge decorated pillar and smiled.

"Hefty!" the mechanic cried and soon ran up to him. But then stopped right in front of him and turned around, folding his arms and pouted. "That was mean!"

"Aww, c'mon babe," Hefty chuckled. "Ya know I was just smurfin' with ya."

"It still was mean...!" Handy said as he then turned his head to him slightly, still pouting.

"Oh, Handy... You have no idea how cute ya look when ya mad, haha."

Handy resisted in trying not to smile after what he'd said. But he wasn't able to and then started to giggle. Hefty too had begun to chuckle more with him. "You'll even feel a lot better that it was me who was talkin' to ya earlier," he told him. "I was standin' next to him before you turned around."

"Ohh, you!" Handy cried. "I knew I heard your voice. And I was so sure that you'd also have been the one who was covering my eyes! Good thing I didn't decide to kiss 'you' after I turned around!"

"Heheheh, well... Are ya willin' ta kiss me now that it's really me?"

The engineer giggled again and turned to him to give Hefty a sweet kiss on his lips. The stud had soon returned the kiss and cupped his cheek in his palm. Afterwards, he rubbed his nose with his and looked into his beautiful, blue eyes.

"So, did you two prepare everything for tonight?" Handy asked, smiling at him.

"Yep! We sure did!" Jokey replied while walking up to them. "I can't wait until the clock strikes 12 in 3 hours! It's gonna be the best one yet!"

"And the best part is, is that we're all together to celebrate the upcoming year," Hefty said.

"Yes." Handy nodded. "I'm still so happy and can't wait for midnight either!"

All Hefty could do was just smile at him. Until then, he noticed and saw the diamond pencil in his hand, sparkling as ever before. "Hmm, I guess you were already missing me, huh?"

"Hehehe!" the mechanic giggled and blush a little. "I'm always missing you whenever you're not there."

And after Handy placed his studded, diamond pencil back on his left ear, Hefty had then wrapped his massive arms around his slender waist. "And I feel just the same when you aren't." Hefty replied, still smiling. The handyman smiled more and then gave him another sweet kiss on his cheek.

"So what do we wanna do until midnight?" Handy wondered.

"Well, I dunno about you but I'm beginning ta feel a bit hungry," Hefty said. "Afterwards, ya wanna dance?"

"Sounds smurfy! I'm feeling hungry as well. Let's see if Greedy left something over for us." Handy replied, beginning to laugh.

"Well, you two enjoy yourselves!" Jokey cut in one last time. "I'm just gonna go smurf a few more tricks up my sleeve, haha!"

"Well, have fun then," the inventor said, looking to him. "But please go and search some other victims."

"Hehehe... That's what I'm planning to do." And with that, the jokester soon walked off and made his way to find some other Smurf to mess around with. "Oh, Grouchy!"

"Oh, that Jokey..." Hefty said, laughing. "Always nothin' but trouble!"

"Hehehe!" Soon after, Handy took a hold of Hefty's hand as he begins to walk over to the buffet with him to look for something smurfy to eat. Hefty had soon looked around at the large catering table to see what was left as Handy did the same.

"Looks like there's still plenty to smurf left," Hefty said. "Chef and Baker really outdone themselves, knowin' Greedy almost ate most of last year's, heheh."

"Yeah," Handy giggled. "There never seems to be enough food for him."

"Heh, I wonder where that Smurf is at? Hope he's not too full already." Hefty started to laugh.

"Full? Greedy and full? Don't be silly!" Handy cried as he laughed with him as well.

"Heheheh. Man, I can't decide; everything looks too smurfy!"

"Then let's just eat a little bit from everything!" Handy suggested, smiling at him.

"Good idea!" Hefty smiled back.

"Okay then, I'll taste a little bit of that salad first."

"And I'll try a little of those mini sandwiches here."

And as Handy picked up a small bowl and a fork nearby, he then picked up a pair of tongs to scoop up some freshly made salad into his bowl. Afterwards, he begins to eat his salad. "Mmmh, this is smurfy!"

Hefty also took a bite of one of the mini sandwiches he had already picked up, savoring its smurfy goodness. "Mmmm, it is!" And while Hefty was still chewing, Handy looked at him as he too took a bite of the sandwich Hefty was holding and giggled.

"Hey, this is mine! Hahaha!" Hefty cried.

"Hehehehe, well, I don't see your name written on it!" Handy responded, giggling more.

The muscleman chuckled until he had picked up a fork close by as well. "Well, then I'll just have to do this!" And with that, he took some of Handy's salad from his bowl with his fork and eats it.

"Okay, I think this is just fair." Handy said, laughing.

"Heheh, I just love messin' with ya," Hefty chuckled and then kissed his cheek.

The little engineer soon began to blush slightly and smile at him, sticking his tongue out. The strong stud couldn't help but laugh a little more until he rubbed his nose against his. Then afterwards, he took another bite of his sandwich as Handy continued to eat his salad while he watched some of the Smurfs dancing. Hefty had finished up his sandwich until he started to feel a bit parched. While Handy was finishing up, Hefty smurfed over to the punch bowl close by and grabbed two, clean cups. He then picked up the ladle from the punch bowl and began to scoop some of the punch in both of them. When Handy had finally finished his salad, he placed his bowl where there were other dirty dishes next to him. Then he turned back to Hefty who had also come back with two full glasses of punch in his hand. The strongman then handed one of them to him as Handy gladly took the punch.

"Thank you!" Handy said.

Hefty smiled as he raised his glass up and said, "To a whole new year."

Handy smiled back in return and nodded, raising up his cup as well and clinked it with his. "To a whole new year."

Hefty then took a sip of his punch, wetting down his whistle. Afterwards, he slowly began to drape one arm around Handy's shoulders, pulling him closer and soon watched the other Smurfs dancing. Handy had drank a little of his punch as well and then snuggled up to Hefty. He sighed happily as he too watched the Smurfs dancing and having a good time.

After a couple hours later had passed, both Hefty and Handy were already dancing along with the others on the dance floor. They were all having a blast, dancing to the upbeat music the other Smurfs were playing. Hefty had spun Handy around dancing with him as he then pulled him back in. The small inventor laughed while he danced him, having the time of his life.

"Hehehe! Oh, this is so much fun!" Handy exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Hefty agreed. "This is even smurfier than last year! Heheh!"

"It is!" Handy smiled widely until he stopped dancing for a while. "Oh, Hefty, I'm so happy!"

Hefty smiled back as he stopped too saying, "Me too! This is all too exciting; I'm havin' so much fun!" Handy soon rubbed his nose against his, giggling. Then he gave him a sweet kiss on his lips with Hefty returning the kiss. "Oh, Handy..." Hefty said, sighing happily as he then held him tight and embraced him. Handy cuddled up to him and then waggled his tail a little.

"I love you..." the mechanic said after giving him another kiss on his cheek.

The handsome Smurf looked to him and saw his tail wagging and chuckled once more. "I love you too..." Then he began to stroke the back of his head a little until the music they were dancing to earlier, finally ended. After it had ended, a new song began to play. However, this time, it was a slow dance song.

While the music played, Handy looked into Hefty's gorgeous, dark blue eyes. He soon heard the music and blushed a little, smiling. Hefty begins to listen to the music as well, knowing where this was all leading to. Before anything, he looked all around him until he witnessed both Gutsy and Shini beginning to slow dance in each other's arms along with Ashli and Farmer doing the same. He also had seen Smurfette already wrapped in Vanity's arms as they both started to dance slowly too. Afterwards, he turned back to Handy and smiled. Then slowly and carefully, he placed one hand around his waist and gently took his hand with his other. He soon could feel his heart starting to race, feeling truly excited as he was about to dance like this with him for the first time. Handy also felt his heart starting to race as well and still looked deep into his eyes. Then they both soon started to dance slowly with Hefty taking the lead, letting Handy follow while he kept his eyes on him. The little Smurf gazed upon at his beloved Smurf dreamily and forgot everything around him. All he could do was just listen to the beautiful music played by the other Smurfs and carefully follows Hefty's steps.

And while the smurfy couple danced to its beautiful melody, the other Smurfs began to notice them dancing together. Both Brainy and Clumsy turned and watched them until Grouchy Smurf joined up with them and watched Hefty and Handy dancing.

"Well, I'll be smurfed..." Grouchy said with a small smirk.

"They dance pretty smurfy together, don't you think?" Clumsy smiled while wearing his red scarf and green fingerless gloves.

"To my understanding, they are a little off with their posture," Brainy lectured while he had worn his red earmuffs and green scarf. "However... they sure do look really happy."

"They seem to be the happiest Smurfs in the village!" Clumsy exclaimed.

"Heh, try saying that to Baker and Chef," the grouch in his greyish-red scarf said. "They sure seem to be hitting it off, sucking face the whole time."

And before Brainy saw the culinary Smurfs not too far from where he and the others were standing, he witnessed them as Grouchy mentioned. His eyes suddenly widened as he quickly turned his head away, blushing a little a cleared his throat. "Well, um... they sure are enjoying themselves, huh?"

Clumsy had also taken a look at Chef and Baker. "Awww!" He smiled, feeling happy for them.

"Good evening!" A voice was heard until Papa Smurf suddenly walked up to them.

"Oh, hey Papa Smurf!" the young, klutzy Smurf said, turning to him.

"Hey, Papa Smurf!" Grouchy said to him. "How's it smurfing?"

"Are you excited about the big event happening soon?" the bespectacled Smurf asked.

"Heheh, of course I am!" Papa replied. "Isn't everyone?"

"Yes we are!" Clumsy replied happily. "It's gonna be smurfy!"

"I hate that there's only a half hour left until then," Grouchy added. "But I still can't wait! It's gonna be the smurf!"

"Well, did the three of you already thought about your New Year's resolutions?" Papa asked.

"I sure did, Papa Smurf," Brainy replied. "My New Year's resolution is to improve on becoming a better apprentice for your dire needs and hopefully become just as good to smurf up my own potions. And for once get some appreciation from the other Smurfs without having them smurfing out of the village, hehe..."

"As usual..." the elder smiled at him.

"My New Year's resolution is to become more careful with whatever I am doing, and not to make so many mistakes anymore!" Clumsy said.

"Me? I hate New Year's resolutions." Grouchy replied, hating things as always. "But... If I had one, it would be that it wouldn't be so bad to admit that I don't always hate everything. And admit that I'm not always so 'grouchy'... By the way, what is your New Year's resolution, Papa?"

Before Papa Smurf could answer that, he turned and saw both Hefty and Handy still dancing to the slow music that was still playing. He soon noticed all the other Smurfs who were dancing earlier stopped as they all watched them as well. Both Ashli and Farmer finally stopped when they saw them and couldn't help but feel happy for them.

Then Gutsy noticed as he stopped as well, letting Shini know about it. "Hey lass, look at this," he said pointing to them.

"Huh?" She wondered until she turned her head to look at Hefty and Handy. "Ahww, oh my smurf!" she cried smiling widely.

Soon, Smurftette stopped as she seen them when Vanity began to notice too. "My smurfness, how beautiful...!" Vanity cried while he wore his red scarf.

"Ohh... They're just perfect together...!" Smurfette smiled and sighed.

All the Smurfs everywhere else all watched while the music still played as Hefty and Handy continued to dance. Papa still looked at them and began to smile, feeling truly happy for both his eldest sons. Then he finally announced what his New Year's resolution was saying, "I just want to be a better Papa to all of you. I want to make sure that something like what happened this year never happens again. I want what's best for all my little Smurfs and I also wish the best for everyone in the future. Especially for Hefty and Handy. They've been through so much trouble... I hope they're going to have a very long and joyful life together." Then afterwards, he smiled warmly, watching his Smurfs.

The music continued to play onwards while both Smurfs still danced to its soothing tune. Hefty had then pulled Handy much closer into their strong, everlasting embrace and let him lay his head close to his buffed chest. Handy soon closed his eyes and sighed deeply as he enjoyed every second of this wonderful moment. And while the engineer had his head in his chest, he then pressed one hand gently on it and began to listen to the muscleman's heartbeat. Hefty's heart had beat strongly as he too closed his eyes and drew in a deep long sigh. He then let go of Handy's hand, placing it behind his back and started to caress him with his soft touches.

Handy could soon feel a chill smurfing down his spine from his mate's gentle touches when goose bumps started to form on his skin. He had then snuggled up more into his chest until he looked slightly up to him with dreamy eyes. Hefty after, opened his eyes again as he too began to gaze endlessly into Handy's beautiful light-blue eyes with his very own beginning to glisten. His heart started to race faster until he moved one hand up, placing it on Handy's with which his was pressed against his chest while he continued to rub his back. The little inventor later rubbed his nose against his softly and then gave him a sweet kiss on his lips. The strongman accepted the kiss as he pulled him even closer with his face beginning to blush with a hint of purple on his cheeks. His breathing was becoming uneasy for him to handle with his heart beating much faster as he started to pant a little.

Handy started to blush as well and kissed Hefty deeper. He can hear him panting as his heart also began to race a little. They both shared their long-lasting kiss for maybe a good few minutes until the music they danced to finally ended. Afterwards, all the Smurfs cheered and clapped their hands for them while they still kissed. Hefty was so caught up with everything else while he continued to kiss Handy before he finally broke it. He then panted more with his face now completely flushed as he looked down to him and his heart skipping a couple beats. Handy gazed at him for a little while until he finally realized that all the other Smurfs were clapping and cheering for them. He suddenly looked around quickly seeing all the Smurfs very happy. Feeling embarrassed, he quickly hid his face in Hefty's chest.

Hefty couldn't help but laugh as he still looked down at him hiding his cute face. He then too looked all around him, seeing the other Smurfs cheering while some blew out a couple of whistles. The brawny Smurf smiled and then turned back down to Handy as he cupped his chin to bring his head back up to look at him.

"You're so cute..." Hefty said softly to him.

"...D-did they watch us the whole time...?" Handy asked still feeling embarrassed.

"I believe so," Hefty replied with a small chuckle. "I guess everyone wanted to see us rather than dance to this."


Handy had then turned his head away shyly and looked to the ground, blushing deeply. Hefty laughed once more as he brought the mechanic's head back up again and smiled lovely at him. He sighed wholeheartedly and then gave Handy a quick kiss on his nose before embracing him in a strong, bear hug. The little handyman afterwards slowly put his arms around him and cuddled. However, he still was feeling a little embarrassed from before.

"There's no need to feel ashamed," the hulky stud whispered in his ear. "I'm here with you..."

The little Smurf soon looked up to him and said, "...They still could have looked somewhere else..."

Hefty chuckled again and replied, "They're just happy 'cuz we're all together. And that's what you always wanted, right?"

"Yeah, you're right." Handy said beginning to smile a little.

Afterwards, Hefty smiled more and rubbed his nose affectionately on his. Handy too smiled wider and began to giggle. Then he began to wonder what time it was and took a look at the large clock centering the village. There was at least fifteen minutes left until the countdown as some of the Smurfs started heading to the clock. It was still early, but they were all too excited for it to strike midnight for the big surprise.

"Looks like some of the Smurfs are already headin' on over to the clock," Hefty said. "I guess they're all anxious for the big night."

"Hehehe, so am I!" the engineer nodded. "It's just too exciting!"

"Then why don't we smurf on over?" the muscleman smiled. "There's still time left 'til midnight."

"Alright then!" Handy replied, smiling back at him. He soon took a hold of his hand as they both began to follow some of the others over to the clock.

Some of the others like Farmer and Ashli decided to head on over as Greedy also tagged along with them. Smurfette and Vanity too followed them until Gutsy and Shini did the same. On the way over, Gutsy held Shini's hand and wondered about his future with her and thought when was the right time to let her know. He desperately couldn't wait another fifteen minutes to finally ask for her hand in marriage. The suspense as already smurfing him! He soon looked to her, seeing how smurfy she was and felt his heart beginning to race a little.

Shini had then turned her head to him and smiled saying," Ohh, only fifteen minutes until we can see some smurfy fireworks! Are you as excited as I am?"

"Uh... Y-yeah...!" the Scotsman stuttered. "I sure can't wait!"

"Heehee!" Shini jumped around excitedly.

As they were almost nearing the clock, Gutsy already had pins and needles all over, feeling his nerves starting to get to him about his proposal. And just when he couldn't take it much longer, he stopped walking, causing Shini to make an abrupt stop as well. He quickly turned her around and then held both her hands in his and gazed down at her with his eyes already glistening.

"Shini...?" he began to speak with his voice stammering. "Th-there's something I really need to tell ya... And it's something that I've been itchin' to smurf for a long time now..."

The bespectacled Smurfette looked at him, confused and wondered what he had to say. "Really? What is it?"

It was all or nothing now. The Scottish Smurf soon took in a deep breath and suddenly got on one knee, still holding her hands. He looked up to her and cracked a small smile while his heart now was beginning to beat stronger than ever.

"For almost nearly a year now, I have always known that you and I would be together for a very long time." Gutsy said, "And when I first laid my eyes on your smurfy beauty... I just knew that I had already fallen in love with ya right there and then. Yeah... the first couple of months may have had a few complications after what the boys been through, but we all still stuck together during their time of need. And now that we don't have to worry anymore, we can finally think about what is best for us."

Shini began to blush a little and just stared at him while he continued.

"And the thing is... what I want to say is that..." And before he could tell her, he let go of her hands as he reached into his pouch. He fumbled a little since he was wearing his mittens. But he finally found what he was looking for as he revealed out a small box. He cleared his throat and soon opened the box up, showing her the engagement ring that both Hefty and Handy helped him with sparkling beautifully. "Shini...? Will... willst du... du mich... willst du mich heir..."

Shini's eyes soon widened as she saw the ring and covered her mouth with her both hands and her heart beginning to race. She had then blushed deeper and looked into Gutsy's eyes while he was still trying to finish his sentence. Gutsy's cheeks had too started to blush deep as he tried to pronounce his proposal in her native language.

"Willst du mich heir... heiraten...? I-is that right...?"

The German Smurfette still couldn't believe what he just said. Her eyes soon begin to fill with tears and slowly took her hands from her mouth again and whispered, "... Ja..." She had then let herself fall down onto her knees and embraced him tightly, while her body was shaking. "Ja, ich will!"

Taking the answer as a 'yes', Gutsy hugged her in return and laughed in victory, smiling happily.

"Ohh, Gutsy... I... I..." Shini was speechless as she cried more tears over his shoulder, smiling happily as well.

"I love you, Shini! You mean everything to me. And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you as long as we smurf."

Shini then looked at him while tears still streamed down her face. She sighed and smiled at him and replied, "I love you too..."

Gutsy soon gazed deeply into her blue eyes. Some of her tears dampened her glasses as he wiped some of them away from her face. Then he pulled her in closer until he closed his eyes and planted an everlasting kiss upon her lips, cupping her cheek. The little Smurfette accepted the kiss, still holding him tight as her tail started to waggle slightly. The Scotsman never had felt this happy than ever now that the two were finally destined to wed while they spent some time to themselves before they hurried to go watch the countdown.

Later after a few minutes passed, all the Smurfs finally gathered around the square as they looked to the clock with only five minutes left to go. They were all now really excited for the huge surprise while Jokey Smurf was already setting the timer for the fireworks to go off. After he had finished, he went to go join up with the others with his happy grin on his face as usual. From where the others were standing, Smurfette and Vanity were waiting along with Ashli, Farmer, Greedy, Grouchy, Brainy, Clumsy, Papa, and of course, Hefty and Handy all standing together for the celebration.

"Oh, I can't wait much longer!" Ashli exclaimed happily, holding Farmer's hand. "I wanna see the fireworks now!"

"Soon enough, sugar!" the countryman replied. "Just only four more minutes to go!"

"Oh, I just can't wait what's in store for this year's event!" Vanity said, "Can't you, darling?"

Smurfette shook her head, smiling at him and said, "I'm sure it's going to be even more beautiful than last year!"

"That maybe, but nothing's as beautiful as you, Smurfette."

"Oh, Vanity..." the Smurfette said, blushing a little.

"Isn't it just smurfy, Brainy?" Clumsy said to him. "A whole new year will begin in just a few minutes!"

"Yes, this is absosmurfily a huge sensation for everyone!" Brainy replied. "Speaking of... where in smurfs are Gutsy and Shini? They're going to miss this!"

"Yeah, where the smurf are they?" Grouchy wondered.

"Here we are, here we are!" a voice cried. They all turned and saw Shini running up to them together with Gutsy, holding his hand with a big grin on her face.

"Sorry, we took so long, fellas!" Gutsy said catching his breath.

"You just made it in time!" Hefty said. "Jokey just set off the timer two minutes ago."

"Oh, that's great! But there's something we all have to tell you, first!"

"Really?" Grouchy asked, "And what is it?"

"Get ready everyone," Gutsy began with a huge smile. "Tell them, lass!"

"Okay okay!" Shini said as she soon took a deep breath in. "... He just asked me to marry him! And I said 'yes'!"

"Oh my God!" Ashli gasped and cried as she ran up to her and give her a huge hug. "He finally proposed to you! I'm so happy for the both of you!"

"You son of a Smurf...!" Grouchy said, walking up to the Scotsman and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Congratulations!"

"Oh! Can I see the ring?" Ashli said all excited.

Shini smiled at her and gladly showed her the diamond ring, wearing proudly upon her ring finger. "Here it is! ...But, uhh... Ashli...?" Then she whispered to her asking, "Do I really need to wear a dress then...?"

"Well..." Ashli explained along with a devilish smile on her face, "It is tradition... And every gal has to wear the smurfiest gown for their big day. Tough luck for you, sweetie, but you have to, haha!"

"Oh smurf... I should've better said 'no' then..." Shini replied as she began to laugh.

Afterwards, Greedy looked to the clock and quickly pointed to the time. "Hey Smurfs! There's only one minute left!"

"Only one minute left?" Farmer cried out. "Yeehaw!"

Ashli giggled as she suddenly embraced him, feeling more excited than ever with only 50 seconds left. And as Shini too cuddled up with Gutsy, Hefty placed a hand on his shoulder and looked to him with a smile. The Scotsman turned to him and smiled back, knowing that Hefty was definitely happy for the both of them. Soon after, the strong Smurf turned and went back to Handy. The mechanic took a hold of both his hands and smiled at him, gazing into his eyes. Hefty smiled back as he let out a sigh and felt his heart skipping a couple beats. While the two gazed at one another, Papa turned and saw how happy they were now that everything was as it should. He smiled softly and had felt truly happy for the both of them, knowing that there's still so much ahead for them later in the future.

"It's getting close!" Grouchy suddenly cried, "Only 15 more seconds!"

Both Smurfette and Vanity held each other's hand real tight as they started counting to the New Year. Ashli, Farmer, and Greedy also began counting down as well as Shini, Gutsy, Grouchy, Clumsy, Brainy, everyone who had waited for the big finale yet to come.

"6...! 5...! 4...! 3...! 2...! 1...! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

All the Smurfs cheered as the giant clock had finally struck midnight. And after the timer set off, the top of the clock opened up as rockets began to shoot up clear across the night sky. Then all off a sudden, one of the rockets exploded into huge, colorful sparks as more began to do the same all over the village. The Smurfs cheered more with a loud uproar while more sparks blossomed and beamed in bright, beautiful colors as smurfier than last year.

Soon some smurfy couples as we knew like Chef and Baker shared their New Year's kiss, holding each other's hands. Ashli and Farmer had already begun to kiss with her arms wrapped around his shoulders while his arms were wrapped around her petite waist. Then Smurfette and Vanity did the same as they kissed with their hands laced together. Gutsy and Shini however, added a little extra spice to their kiss now that they have a marriage ahead of them this year.

Hefty and Handy watched all their friends kissing their loved ones until they both later looked up to watch the fireworks miraculously bursting in different shapes and sizes. Handy sighed happily and rested his head on Hefty's chest, while he and him watched the fireworks together.

"It's so beautiful..." the engineer said.

"Hmm... It sure is..." the muscleman responded back. "It's finally all happening for all of us..."

"I just could watch this forever..." Handy said and soon held him tight and snuggled into his chest.

"Me too..." Hefty smiled. "And the best is yet to come. So I suggest you keep your eyes smurfed for what's smurfin' your way."

Handy looked up to him for a few seconds and then quickly looked back up to the sky. A few minutes passed while the fireworks kept soaring and bursting through the night sky. And as more shot up, suddenly two rockets blew up with something new added. Somehow, the rockets that burst had something written on it in gold and white sparks. And as Handy saw the writing, he read it carefully as it said up above...

'Handy, will you marry me?'

After he had seen it, his eyes widened and just stared up at it, even as it already disappeared. He then felt his heart beginning to race and held Hefty tighter with his body starting to shake. Handy didn't move as he suddenly started to cry softly. Hefty had then looked down to him and cupped his cheek while he tried to calm him a little. He smiled as he reached one hand down into his left pocket, taking out the small gift box Papa Smurf had given to him earlier. Then he let go of Handy's cheek and placed his hand on the top of the box and slowly opened it to show him what was inside.

Handy began to cry even more as he took a look at what had been an engagement ring inside. The ring itself was rimmed in silver with a studded, blue diamond shaped as a heart, sparkling beautiful just like his necklace. He wasn't able to say anything and shut his eyes tight. Hefty smiled more and soon felt his heart beginning to race along with his eyes glistening while he still held the ring in the box.

"Remember when we first made up on top of the hill during the night of the blue moon?" Hefty told him. "Well... this is what I've wanted to tell you all this time."

"Ohh, Hefty...!" Handy said as he held him tight again and cried into his chest.

Some of the Smurfs who had also witnessed the fireworks with the inscription turned to them. They were all shocked and awed while Handy cried more with Hefty comforting him in his strong arms. The Smurfs would have never thought that the surprise the whole time was Hefty wanting to propose to his only brother and soul mate. Most of them began to smile at them, hoping Handy would accept his offer, especially their father. Papa Smurf was more than happy to see the reaction in his second, eldest son's eyes as he knew that this day had finally come.

Hefty stroked his little brother's head for a short while until he let go of him. He looked down at the engineer once more and took the ring out of the gift box, letting it fall in the ground. But he didn't care. Then he slowly took a hold of his hand gently in his palm as he placed the ring upon his ring finger. Handy soon looked at the ring on his finger with the sparkles dancing all over until he looked up to Hefty. He began to smile slightly while some tears were still falling down. Then he finally gave him his answer and whispered...

"...Yes, I will...!"

"I knew you would say 'yes'," Hefty whispered back with smile.

Afterwards, Handy put his arms around his neck and pulled his head closer, so that their noses touched each other. Hefty had then smiled more as he wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him in even closer than before. He gazed endlessly into his eyes while the fireworks were still booming and the lights illuminating all around them. Then he drew out one last sigh and said to him softly...

"I love you, Handy..."

"I love you too, Hefty..."

And with that, Handy closed his eyes and began to blush slightly. Then he gave him a lovely kiss on his soft lips with Hefty kissing him in return. While they kissed, all the Smurfs began to cheer once more and shouted with glee for their eldest brethrens with something new to celebrate. They both could hear all their friends congratulating them while they still had their lips locked together, but they didn't want to ruin the moment. However...

Hefty broke the kiss and looked to Handy with his eyes hooded deeply and one brow raised up and said, "How's about you and me later on after this is over have our little rendezvous in our cozy little bed, huh?"

Before Handy answered him, he looked at him with his eyes hooded as well and giggled a little. "I think that's just a smurfy idea..."

"Heheheh... Ahh, babe..."

Then Hefty pulled Handy back into their long, never-ending kiss with his hand moving up to cup his cheek. They both began to kiss much deeper while the Smurfs all around them still cheered for their success in the future. And while they stayed close up in their long, lasting passion; the fireworks from up above still went off as we take part once more with every Smurf in the village happy and smurfy as they should. They couldn't be any happier, now that everyone was whole again with all their friends together as one big family once more with Hefty and Handy back home. And as for Hefty and Handy you might ask...? Well... they couldn't have been truly happy now that their love is much stronger than before. And they all knew that no one could ever separate them now... because they were now together as one... heart to heart.

The End.